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Topic: Apostolic constitution

  Universi Dominici Gregis - John Paul II - Apostolic Constitution (22 February 1996)
With these intentions, I promulgate the present Apostolic Constitution containing the norms which, when the Roman See becomes vacant, are to be strictly followed by the Cardinals whose right and duty it is to elect the Successor of Peter, the visible Head of the whole Church and the Servant of the servants of God.
During the vacancy of the Apostolic See, the College of Cardinals has no power or jurisdiction in matters which pertain to the Supreme Pontiff during his lifetime or in the exercise of his office; such matters are to be reserved completely and exclusively to the future Pope.
During the vacancy of the Apostolic See, the Substitute of the Secretariat of State, the Secretary for Relations with States and the Secretaries of the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia remain in charge of their respective offices, and are responsible to the College of Cardinals.
www.vatican.va /holy_father/john_paul_ii/apost_constitutions/documents/hf_jp-ii_apc_22021996_universi-dominici-gregis_en.html   (8122 words)

 Ex Corde Ecclesiae - On Catholic Universities - John Paul II - Apostolic Constitution (15 August 1990)
The education of students is to combine academic and professional development with formation in moral and religious principles and the social teachings of the Church; the programme of studies for each of the various professions is to include an appropriate ethical formation in that profession.
The application of the Constitution is committed to the Congregation for Catholic Education, which has the duty to promulgate the necessary directives that will serve towards that end.
Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity Apostolicam Actuositatem, passim: AAS 58 (1966), pp.
www.vatican.va /holy_father/john_paul_ii/apost_constitutions/documents/hf_jp-ii_apc_15081990_ex-corde-ecclesiae_en.html   (8125 words)

For it is part of its duty to initiate general apostolic visitations where needed, in agreement with the dicasteries concerned and, in the same manner, to evaluate their results and to propose to the Supreme Pontiff the appropriate actions to be taken.
All this apostolate, again in all its forms, demands and includes the work and help of all those who are building the Body of Christ in the Church, be it universal or particular: the priests, men and women religious consecrated to God, and the laypeople.
The "prime basis of sustenance of the Apostolic See is the spontaneous offerings" by reason of a certain universal interdependence emanating from the Catholic family and elsewhere, which to a marvellous degree expresses that communion of charity over which the Apostolic See presides in the world and by which it lives.
www.clerus.org /clerus/dati/2004-04/14-13/PBon.html   (16767 words)

 Universi Dominici Gregis
According to the provisions of Article 6 of the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus, (13) at the death of the Pope all the heads of the Dicasteries of the Roman Curia– the Cardinal Secretary of State and the Cardinal Prefects, the Archbishop Presidents, together with the members of those Dicasteries–cease to exercise their office.
If the Apostolic See should become vacant during the celebration of an Ecumenical Council or of a Synod of Bishops being held in Rome or in any other place in the world, the election of the new Pope is to be carried out solely and exclusively by the Cardinal electors indicated in No.
43 of this Constitution, should happen to meet one of the Cardinal electors during the time of the election, is absolutely forbidden to engage in conversation of any sort, by whatever means and for whatever reason, with that Cardinal.
www.saint-mike.org /Papal-Library/John_PaulII/Apostolic_Constitutions/Universi_Dominici_Gregis.html   (9015 words)

 Ex Omnibus
The authority of the apostolic constitution which begins with the word Unigenitus is certainly so great and lays claim everywhere to such sincere veneration and obedience that no one can withdraw the submission due it or oppose it without risking the loss of eternal salvation.
Still others are known to have done something manifestly opposed to the veneration and obedience due to this constitution, and to have continued in that state; this is so commonly known that the public scandal arising from it has not yet subsided.
And We are confident that he will do this according to his own custom and that of his ancestors, so that the noble churches of France may rejoice to have retained their former glory and may soon regain the tranquillity which was disturbed for a time.
www.papalencyclicals.net /Ben14/b14exomn.htm   (1349 words)

 The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church - Guide to documents and events (76-2005)
Benedict XV in his apostolic constitution Ex actis tempore, February 1, 1915, revoked this regulation about the suffragan bishops, and cardinal bishops were again placed at the head of the dioceses from which they derived their rank in the Sacred College.
The most notable innovation introduced by this constitution was the rule establishing that a cardinal could not be validly elected pope unless he obtained one vote over the traditional two-thirds majority, thus precluding the possibility that this minimum could be obtained by the vote of the cardinal who received the necessary number of votes.
Suppressed the office of the Apostolic Chancery of the Holy Roman Church (originated in the 4th century) and its functions were transferred to the Secretariat of State.
www.fiu.edu /~mirandas/guide-xx.htm   (7179 words)

 Sacramentum Ordinis - POPE PIUS XII's Apostolic Constitution (sacraord.htm)
Apostolic Constitution by Pope Pius XII on the Essential Rites of Ordination for Diaconate, Priesthood, and Episcopacy with the valid and only words and form for Ordination, without which one is not ordained either a deacon, a priest or a bishop.
If it was at one time necessary even for validity by the will and command of the Church, every one knows that the Church has the power to change and abrogate what she herself has established.
As to the matter and form in the conferring of each Order, We of Our same supreme Apostolic Authority decree and provide as follows: In the Ordination to the Diaconate, the matter is the one imposition of the hand of the Bishop which occurs in the rite of that Ordination.
www.dailycatholic.org /issue/05Apr/sacraord.htm   (712 words)

 Important Documents and Teachings of the Catholic Church
The Apostolic Constitution is a Church document of the highest authority that is issued by a Pope or council.
An example of a Dogmatic Constitution is the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, Lumen Gentium in Latin.
Apostolic Letters are issued by the Pope for matters of lesser importance, such as the establishment of a new diocese.
www.pcentral-online.net /catholic/church-documents.html   (393 words)

 Apostolic Constitution on Penance - Pope Paul VI - Paenitemini
It is up to the bishops -- gathered in their episcopal conferences -- to establish the norms which, in their pastoral solicitude and prudence, and with the direct knowledge they have of local conditions, they consider the most opportune and efficacious.
We desire that these norms and prescriptions for the present and future be established and effective notwithstanding -- inasmuch as is necessary -- apostolic constitutions and regulations issued by our predecessors and all other prescriptions, even if worthy of particular mention and revocation.
Constitution on the Nature of the Church, no. 8 and Decree on Ecumenism, nos.
www.trosch.org /for/the/abs-paen.htm   (1499 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : On the Promotion of the Study of Latin
Apostolic Constitution of Pope John XXIII on the Promotion of the Study of Latin, issued February 22, 1962.
For these reasons the Apostolic See has always been at pains to preserve Latin, deeming it worthy of being used in the exercise of her teaching authority "as the splendid vesture of her heavenly doctrine and sacred laws."
She further requires her sacred ministers to use it, for by so doing they are the better able, wherever they may be, to acquaint themselves with the mind of the Holy See on any matter, and communicate the more easily with Rome and with one another.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=1160   (2403 words)

 OMM Library - Apostolic constitution Divini cultus of Pius XI
Apostolic Constitution of Pope Pius XI on Divine Worship
If this were rightly observed, then all who worthily sing the psalms would signify their unity of intention in worshipping God and, as one side of the choir sings in answer to the other, would seem to emulate the everlasting praise of the Seraphim who cried one to the other "Holy, Holy, Holy."
In this connection it should be observed that, according to the ancient discipline of the Church and the constitutions of chapters still in force, all those at least who are bound to office in choir, are obliged to be familiar with Gregorian Chant.
www.omm.org /documents/divini-cultus.html   (2380 words)

 Apostolic Constitution Universi Dominici Gregis
If I too now turn to this matter, it is certainly not because of any lack of esteem for those norms, for which I have great respect and which I intend for the most part to confirm, at least with regard to their substance and the basic principles which inspired them.
If during the vacancy of the Apostolic See the Vicar General for the Diocese of Rome should die, the Vicegerent in office at the time shall also exercise the office proper to the Cardinal Vicar in addition to the ordinary vicarious jurisdiction which he already holds.
The Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura and the Tribunal of the Roman Rota, during the vacancy of the Holy See, continue to deal with cases in accordance with their proper laws, with due regard for the prescriptions of Article 18, paragraphs 1 and 3 of the Apostolic Constitution Pastor Bonus.
www.ewtn.com /holysee/Interregnum/universi.asp   (5843 words)

 APOSTOLIC CONSTITUTION ON PROMOTING THE STUDY OF LATIN   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
[5] For these reasons the Apostolic See has always been at pains to preserve Latin, deeming it worthy of being used in the exercise of her teaching authority 'as the splendid vesture of her heavenly doctrine and sacred laws'.
When, therefore, the Roman Pontiffs wish to instruct the Catholic world, or the Congregations of the Roman Curia handle affairs or draw up decrees which concern the whole body of the faithful, they invariably make use of Latin, for this is the 'mother tongue' acceptable to countless nations.
It has been consecrated through constant use by the Apostolic See, the mother and teacher of all Churches, and must be esteemed 'e treasure.
www.the-pope.com /j23veter.html   (2505 words)

 Catechism of the Catholic Church - APOSTOLIC LETTER
This is occurring about five years after the Apostolic Constitution Fidei Depositum of October 11, 1992, which, on the 30th anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council, accompanied the publication of the first, French-language text of the Catechism.
We have all been able to note with pleasure the broad positive reception and wide dissemination of the Catechism in these years, especially in the particular Churches, which have had it translated into their respective languages, thus making it as accessible as possible to the various linguistic communities of the world.
The Church now has at her disposal this new, authoritative exposition of the one and perennial apostolic faith, and it will serve as a "valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion" and as a "sure norm for teaching the faith," as well as a "sure and authentic reference text" for preparing local catechisms (cf.
www.scborromeo.org /ccc/aposletr.htm   (844 words)

 His Holiness Pope Paul VI Indulgentarium Doctrina Apostolic Constitution on Indulgences January 1
To the faithful in danger of death who cannot be assisted by a priest to bring them the sacraments and impart the apostolic blessing with its attendant plenary indulgence (according to canon 468, para.
We will that these statutes and prescriptions of ours be established now and remain in force for the future notwithstanding, if it is necessary so to state, the constitutions and apostolic directives published by our predecessors or any other prescriptions even if they might be worthy of special mention or should otherwise require partial repeal.
Pius VI, Constitution Auctorem fidei proposition 40: "Propositio asserens, indulgentiam secundum suam praecisam notionem.
www.catholiclinks.org /apostindulkgetariumdoc.htm   (3535 words)

 Mysore Diocese
The Mission of Mysore was separated from the Vicariate Apostolic of Pondicherry on March 16, 1845, to become first a pro-Vicariate, and then in 1850 a Vicariate Apostolic entrusted to Msgr Charbonnaux who was, till then, Co-adjutor to the Bishop of Pondicherry.
However 15 years later, on July 3, 1955, by the Apostolic Constitution "Nuntiatur in Psalmis" of Pope Pius XII, these districts of Nilgiris and Coimbatore were again separated from Mysore and erected into Diocese of Ootacamund (Ooty) in Tamil Nadu.
On November 16, 1963, by the Apostolic Constitution "Indicae Regionis Conditio" of Pope Paul VI, three most districts, Chikmagalur, Hassan, Shimoga, were separated from the Mysore Diocese to form the Diocese of Chikmagalur.
www.cbcisite.com /Mysore.htm   (203 words)

 Pope Paul VI - Paenitemini - Apostolic Constitution on Penance
Where particular privileges and indults have been in force until now-whether general or particular of any kind-"vacatio legis" [suspension of the law] for six months from the day of promulgation is to be regarded as granted.
We desire that these norms and prescriptions for the present and future be established and effective notwithstanding-inasmuch as is necessary-apostolic constitutions and regulations issued by our predecessors and all other prescriptions, even if worthy of particular mention and revocation.
Constitution on the Nature of the Church, no. 42; Constitution on the Liturgy, nos.
www.adoremus.org /PaulVI-Penance.html   (2937 words)

 Catholic Culture : Document Library : Ex Omnibus (On The Apostolic Constitution Unigenitus)
Often too by Apostolic letters We sought the help of Louis, the Christian King of France, for the protection and defense of ecclesiastical peace.
Nor did we find any dissension among you regarding canonical rules and principles; the only differences concern the choice of means for applying the common principles in practice.
Now public and notorious objectors in the matter under discussion are those who have been so declared by the sentence of a competent judge (because they have contumaciously refused the reverence and obedience due the constitution Unigenitus) and who have admitted their guilt in court.
www.catholicculture.org /docs/doc_view.cfm?recnum=3844   (1382 words)

Indulgences attached to the use of objects of piety which are not mentioned above cease three months after the date of publication of this constitution in the Acta Apostolicae Sedis.
The revisions mentioned in N. 14 and N. 15 must be submitted to the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary within a year.
We will that these statutes and prescriptions of ours be established now and remain in standing, if it is necessary so to state, the Apostolic Constitutions and Directives published by our Predecessors or any other prescriptions even if they might be worthy of special mention or should require particular repeal.
www.ourladyswarriors.org /indulge/ac1967.htm   (3040 words)

 Indulgences - Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
In the Apostolic Constitution The Doctrine of Indulgences of January 1, 1967 we read: "Holy Mother Church has then deemed it fitting, in order to give greater dignity and esteem to the use of indulgences, to introduce some innovations into her discipline of indulgences and has accordingly ordered the issuance of new norms."
Norm 13 of the same Constitution decrees, moreover, as follows: "The Enchiridion of Indulgences [collection of indulgenced prayers and works] is to be revised with a view to attaching indulgences only to the most important prayers and works of piety, charity and penance."
Given at Rome, from the Sacred Apostolic Penitentiary, on the 29th day of June in the year 1968, the feast of the Holy Apostles, Peter and Paul.
www.ourladyswarriors.org /indulge/sapd1968.htm   (236 words)

The Catechism of the Catholic Church, which I approved 25 June last and the publication of which I today order by virtue of my Apostolic Authority, is a statement of the Church's faith and of catholic doctrine, attested to or illumined by Sacred Scripture, the Apostolic Tradition and the Church's Magisterium.
Therefore, I ask all the Church's Pastors and the Christian faithful to receive this catechism in a spirit of communion and to use it assiduously in fulfilling their mission of proclaiming the faith and calling people to the Gospel life.
It is meant to encourage and assist in the writing of new local catechisms, which take into account various situations and cultures, while carefully preserving the unity of faith and fidelity to catholic doctrine.
www.christusrex.org /www1/CDHN/apostol.html   (1571 words)

 Apostolic Constitution, Roman Missal
Just after the Council of Trent, the study of "ancient manuscripts in the Vatican library and elsewhere," as St. Pius V attests in the Apostolic Constitution Quo Primum, helped greatly in the correction of the Roman Missal.
The effective date for what we have prescribed in the Constitution shall be the First Sunday of Advent of this year, 30 November.
We decree that these laws and prescriptions be firm and effective now and in the future, notwithstanding, to the extent necessary, the apostolic constitutions and ordinances issued by our predecessors and other prescriptions, even those deserving particular mention and amendment.
www.christusrex.org /www1/mcitl/missalapostconst.html   (1327 words)

 Fidei Depositum - The Apostolic Constitution
880 When Christ instituted the Twelve, "he constituted [them] in the form of a college or permanent assembly, at the head of which he placed Peter, chosen from among them." [LG 19; cf.
Lk 6:13; Jn 21:15-17] Just as "by the Lord's institution, St. Peter and the rest of the apostles constitute a single apostolic college, so in like fashion the Roman Pontiff, Peter's successor, and the bishops, the successors of the apostles, are related with and united to one another." [LG 22; cf.
Apostolic Constitutions 34] The bishops of these groupings can meet in synods or provincial councils.
www.freemasonrywatch.org /catechism.html   (4371 words)

 Apostolic Constitutions - Didache Book VII
But do ye abstain from things offered to idols; (11) for they offer them in honour of demons, that is, to the dishonour of the one God, that ye may not become partners with demons.
Now concerning those bishops which have been ordained in our lifetime, we let you know that they are these:--James the bishop of Jerusalem, the brother of our Lord; (5) upon whose death the second was Simeon the son of Cleopas; after whom the third was Judas the son of James.
They presuppose the formulas to be found in the eighth book of the Constitutions, (1) and are such instructions as were imparted only to catechumens; the part peculiar to presbyters being withheld, of course, as esoteric mysteries, until further knowledge was canonically appropriate.
www.piney.com /DocAposConstitu2.html   (5056 words)

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