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Topic: Appalachian Spring

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In the News (Sun 24 Jun 18)

  Specialty Foods, Personal Care Products & Gift Baskets from Appalachian Spring Cooperative, From Our Farms to Your ...
Appalachian Spring Cooperative is a member-owned association of farmers and entrepreneurs creating quality, locally produced food and herbal self care products.
Your purchase of Appalachian Spring Cooperative products promotes fair trade within the United States, supporting family farms, local food systems, community access to fresh, local foods as well as creating much needed opportunity for economic viability in the small towns and villages of this beautiful part of our country.
The early spring in our valleys brings forth the most wonderful fruits for jams, jellies, and fruit butters, and recipes generations old preserve the harvest of the fall — relishes, pickles, barbeque sauces.
www.apspringcoop.com   (341 words)

 Milestones of the Millennium: Appalachian Spring
Aaron Copland’s "Appalachian Spring” captures the essence of an ideal America, one of open fields and endless possibilities.
Robert Kapilow deconstructs “Appalachian Spring” at the piano in NPR's studio.
Listen as PT host Lisa Simeone explores Copland's "Appalachian Spring" with commentary by Robert Kapilow and John Adams, and interviews with the composer himself.
www.npr.org /programs/specials/milestones/991027.motm.apspring.html   (651 words)

 Appalachian State University
Four Appalachian State University faculty members in the Walker College of Business have received the college’s 2007 Award for Excellence.
Looking Glass Gallery in Appalachian’s Plemmons Student Union presents “My Nighttime Playground Obsession,” an exhibit produced by senior Holly Thugut.
© 2007 Appalachian State University Boone, NC 28608 / 828-262-2000
www.appstate.edu   (105 words)

 ARTSEDGE: Graham's Appalachian Spring: A Study
Particular emphasis is given to specific elements that capture the flavor of place and time, as well as those that contribute to the complexity and dynamic artistry of this highly-valued work.
It supports Graham's choreography about the wedding of a young couple, who are about to begin their married life settling the land and building a home in the untamed wilderness of the early American frontier.
The assignments in the worksheet will prepare students for viewing the film of Appalachian Spring, as well as for a close examination of various aspects of the text and the performance.
artsedge.kennedy-center.org /content/3781   (3204 words)

 Appalachian Spring (Suite from the ballet)
-->Copland composed Appalachian Spring under a commission from the Elizabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation in 1944; the ballet was first performed in the Coolidge Auditorium of the Library of Congress on October 30 of that year, with choreography by Martha Graham, who also danced the leading role.
Appalachian Spring was the culmination of Copland's series of "Americana" in dance, having been preceded by Billy the Kid, with choreography by Eugene Loring (1938) and Rodeo, for Agnes de Mille (1942).
In Appalachian Spring the composer struck a deeper, more poignant note than in the two "Westerns"; here the music is illumined by an inner glow of greater warmth than perhaps any of his earlier works.
www.kennedy-center.org /calendar/index.cfm?fuseaction=composition&composition_id=3739   (930 words)

 Appalachian Syllabi and Resources for Teaching & Learning :: ASA ::
The Appalachian Studies Association's on-line syllabus archive is a resource for instructors designing Appalachian Studies courses and as well as a partial history of the teaching of Appalachian Studies.
Appalachian Folkways - Department of Humanities, Government, and Modern Language, HUM 140
Appalachian Field Practicum/Research - Soc 487 (1 of 3 classes that constitute an "Appalachian Semester cluster)
www.appalachianstudies.org /syllabi   (709 words)

 A 'fortuitous collaboration' led to 'Appalachian Spring' | The San Diego Union-Tribune
"Appalachian Spring" – the story of a rural American couple on their wedding day – is a lasting testament of their combined creativity.
What's surprising is that, when Copland worked on the original score, he had no idea it would ultimately be titled "Appalachian Spring." He wasn't thinking of either Appalachia or spring when he wrote the music.
Nowhere was their collaboration more inspired than in the use of the homespun Shaker tune, "Simple Gifts." Copland got the idea for a song-like theme and variations from Graham, who suggested that it might work well in the context of the ballet.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20050306/news_1a06graham.html   (883 words)

 Appalachian Spring Greens
Before people relied on getting their nutrients from vitamin pills and supermarkets, the first days of spring had people rushing outside to gather the fresh green leaves of vegetation known collectively as pot herbs, greens, garden sass, or sallet.
Several of the greens that are Appalachian favorites are sheep sorrel, dandelion, poke, dock, lamb’s quarters, and mustard.
Many Appalachians say that they are better than any spinach that comes canned, frozen, or even from the garden.
www.cabinsforyou.com /gatlinburg_article/appalachian_spring_greens.htm   (610 words)

 Theology Today - Vol 42, No. 4 - January 1986 - ARTICLE - Appalachian Spring?
MARTHA Graham commissioned Aaron Copland to compose "Appalachian Spring." The premiere of this collaboration by America's deans of dance and music took place in Washington, D.C. in 1944.
Born in Huntington, West Virginia, where his father was a pastor in the Appalachian region, Dr. Smylie has continued his interest in the literature on Appalachia and, in recent years, has conducted a summer tour of the area with a group of interested seminarians.
Instead of being considered descendants of freedom-loving immigrants, Appalachians have been considered offspring from the lower strata of European life who moved into the region to escape their responsibilities to society.
theologytoday.ptsem.edu /jan1986/v42-4-article4.htm   (5207 words)

 Sheet Music Plus - Appalachian Spring   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Appalachian Spring was composed in 1943-44 as a ballet for Miss Martha Graham on a commission from the Elisabeth Sprague Coolidge Foundation.
It is a condensed version of the ballet (identical with the original suite derived from the ballet for symphony orchestra), which retains all essential features but omits those sections in which the interest is primarily choreographic.
In 1945 Appalachian Spring received the Pulitzer Prize for music as well as the award of the Music Critics Circle of New York for the outstanding theatrical work of the season.
www.sheetmusicplus.com /a/item.html?item=4098341&id=79590   (230 words)

 ..:: Appalachian Spring Dermatology ::..
Appalachian Spring Dermatology reserves the right to revise the terms of these Legal Notices by updating this posting.
Appalachian Spring Dermatology will use reasonable efforts to include accurate and up-to-date information in this web site, but some materials presented could include technical inaccuracies or typographical errors.
This web site may provide links or references to other sites, but Appalachian Spring Dermatology has no responsibility for the content of such other sites and shall not be liable for any damages or injury arising from that content.
www.fusioncreek.com /wvderm/disclaimer.cfm   (441 words)

 The Appalachian Online - Appalachian students spring ahead with new experiences
There is spring weather to look forward to, a new set of classes to experience and different sporting events to attend.
For some Appalachian State University students, the semester means the experience of a lifetime as they intern in Washington through the University of North Carolina in Washington program, and for others, it is spent working in New York City for MTV.
Haley Lyons, a senior journalism major, is spending her spring in the UNC in Washington program.
theapp.appstate.edu /content/view/1931/40   (813 words)

 Classical Notes - Classical Classics - Aaron Copland: Appalachian Spring, By Peter Gutmann
Copland was amused that people often complimented his music as brilliantly evoking the Spring season and depicting the Appalachian mountains, even though the poem refers to a mountain stream, had no connection with the ballet and arose only well after the score was finished.
While Billy the Kid and Rodeo made explicit reference to American myth and incorporated actual folk songs, Copland's musical treatment in Appalachian Spring was far more subtle, as he evokes his sources by distilling their essence into original materials.
His definitive 1961 New York Philharmonic Appalachian Spring (Sony) is far more vibrant and bracing than the composer's, from its haunting opening to the animated climaxes.
www.classicalnotes.net /classics/appalachian.html   (2035 words)

 SGS - eStore   (Site not responding. Last check: )
"Appalachian Spring" appears here in its complete score (about 7 minutes longer than the familiar suite) and, more importantly, in its original, intimate scoring.
Copland himself was fond of this version, and it's easy to see why -- the clarity and intimacy is breathtaking, while lacking none of the beauty of the full orchestral scoring.
So even if you have a recording of "Appalachian Spring," this CD is worth having for the substantial additional works.
www.ljudmila.org /sgs/modules.php?name=Amazon&asin=B000000SD0   (264 words)

 Pop City - Appalachian Spring Summer and Fall
To this end, he’s taken a broad range of underground Pittsburgh artists from the ’80s to the present, and attempted to unify them under the credo of their very independence: “The Appalachian School,” he calls it, and it’s what makes Pittsburgh’s art world dynamic, radical, and unique.
To Young, homesick in Europe, this mindset tied together a diverse set of artists, musicians and writers in the Pittsburgh area and beyond, spurred on by the combination of a desperate drive to create and the constant reminder that, in Pittsburgh, you have less chance of fame and fortune.
De Muynck’s involvement in The Appalachian School acts as a nod to the globalization of these ideas: With strong connections to Pittsburgh artists such as Young, and a similar mindset to the School’s ways, national and international artists need not be shunned by the city.
www.popcitymedia.com /features/appschool.aspx   (1066 words)

 Copland: Appalachian Spring
Aaron Copland's Appalachian Spring is the best-known work by the dean of American composers, and with good reason.
Copland's gentle, jazz-influenced style always falls easily on the ear, and his distinctively ``American'' sound led to the development of a unique national idiom that has served us well for over half a century, both in the concert hall and in the less obvious venue of the movie theater.
It is one of the minor oddities of history that this phrase had never before been encountered by the composer, for it describes the music so perfectly that one would naturally conclude it had driven the creation of the work instead of being appended only as an afterthought.
fmg-www.cs.ucla.edu /geoff/prognotes/copland/appalachianSpring.html   (407 words)

 Metroactive Stage | 'Appalachian Spring'
Three months later, Yuriko was dancing as a permanent member of Graham's company, and the first piece she danced was Appalachian Spring, which forms the center of Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley's season-opening program Oct. 16-19.
Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley dancer Tiffany Glenn, who will be dancing the role of the pioneer woman in Appalachian Spring, explains her dismay when Yuriko told her to forget about technique, knowledge or experience.
Ballet San Jose Silicon Valley presents Appalachian Spring, Stravinsky Piano Pieces (choreography by Michael Smuin) and US (choreography by Dennis Nahat and Ian Horvath) Thursday (Oct. 16) at 7:30pm, Fri (Oct. 17) at 8pm, Saturday (Oct. 18) at 8pm and Sunday (Oct. 19) at 1:30 and 7:30pm.
www.metroactive.com /papers/metro/10.09.03/appalachian-0341.html   (863 words)

 Pacific News Service > News > New Appalachian Spring: Region's History Finally Blooms
Saturday Night Live aired redneck satire with "Appalachian ER." Then came New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's recent put-down: upstate rural counties had become like Appalachia, he said, "not the New York we dream of." To many, Appalachia remains the poster child of America's failure.
Carter Woodson, the legendary historian, celebrated the critical role of his Appalachian background; he did a "six-year apprenticeship" in the mines in West Virginia.
Appalachian author Edward Abbey inspired a generation of environmentalists.
news.pacificnews.org /news/view_article.html?article_id=1255d1d8888fa76c745ad1b0307f2d30   (909 words)

 Appalachian Music,instrumental folk music,american folk music,americana instrumental music
Appalachian Music,instrumental folk music,american folk music,americana instrumental music
Includes: Westphalia Waltz, Down In the Valley, Morning Has Broken, 4 Strong Winds and 8 more great songs!
- 12 of America's favorite down home melodies from the Appalachian Mountains featuring JIM HENDRICKS.
www.maplestreetmusic.com /appalachian.htm   (250 words)

 Appalachian mountains in spring picture with white dogwood tree
Appalachian mountains in spring picture with white dogwood tree
Appalachian april, fine art print on canvas, has the appearance of a
to your selecting Appalachian April spring picture for your wall decor.
www.impressionistprints.com /appalachian_april.htm   (123 words)

 Appalachian Spring   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I took some words from the poetry of Hart Crane and retitled it Appalachian Spring.
Appalachian Spring is essentially a dance of place.
You choose a piece of land, part of the house goes up.
www.lichtensteiger.de /appalachian.html   (166 words)

 Amazon.com: Bernstein Century - Copland: Appalachian Spring, Rodeo, etc / Bernstein, New York PO: Music: Aaron ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For the complete Appalachian Spring (all 36 minutes in one track), I recommend Michael Tilson Thomas' version on a CD with the San Francisco Symphony called The Populist.
His warm, truly heart-felt interpretation of "Applachian Spring" is truly mesmerizing, and the best I have heard from a recording.
This is the definitive recording of Copland's Appalachian Spring.
www.amazon.com /Bernstein-Century-Copland-Appalachian-Spring/dp/B0000029XG   (1669 words)

 COPLAND: Appalachian Spring / Rodeo / Billy the Kid, MP3 Album Music Download at eMusic
But the America he returned to was on the verge of Depression, and despite its once-limitless reaches, communities like the cowboys, or even Appalachian dwellers from far western Pennsylvania, would be an endangered species within these months leading to another world war.
For Copland the west represented the most American of myths, an endless space to throw a body around in the great raw-bone outdoors; by this time, though, they'd been conquered enough to become their own vanishing way of life.
For Appalachian Spring, in 1944 (it would win the Pulitzer Prize the next year), the physical narrative was propelled by Martha Graham, who choreographed these suites of song, and the music's sense of movement, through her own angularity and severe majesty, betrothing herself to Copland and his shining Americana.
www.emusic.com /album/10871/10871955.html   (578 words)

 Pro Arte: Copland; Appalachian Spring   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Copland called the work simply "Ballet for Martha." It was Graham who suggested the title from a phrase she had found in a poem by Hart Crane (though it had nothing to do with the scenario of the ballet).
The scenario is a simple one, touching on primal issues of marriage and survival, on the eternal regeneration suggested by Spring.
All of Copland's three major ballet scores make use of old folk melodies, but Appalachian Spring uses the least; the only tune to pre-date the composition is the Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts," which serves as the basis of a series of variations near the end of the ballet.
www.proarte.org /notes/copland.htm   (515 words)

 NYCO’s Blog » Appalachian Spring
This is the second day in a row where the NYT has taken a “Hey, did you know?” approach to the big picture, as they look at the fact that, yeah, technically, the Southern Tier is a federally designated part of Appalachia.
The Appalachian Regional Commission was for years an active participant in improving the region, though it seems to have gone quieter in the last few years than it once was.
Attention might be focused on the Southern Tier because it has some of the largest natural gas deposits east of the Mississippi coupled with proximity to one of the country’s largest natural gas markets in metro NYC.
www.silent-edge.org /wp/?p=211   (1280 words)

 Wild Writing Women | Appalachian Spring by Pamela Michael
Maggie's featured dish, a regional favorite, tells you all you need to know about southern Pennsylvania cooking: chicken with waffles and gravy.
My weekend workshop was held at Bitter Goose Lodge, a huge, rustic, renovated barn with a deck overlooking a long, sloping meadow accented by a circular pond and--beyond that--a broad valley and in the distance the forested ancient mountain ridges of the Appalachian Mountains, which stretch from Maine to Alabama.
After spending two days at Bitter Goose helping teachers from around the state learn techniques for teaching their students how to write poetry, I took off to explore the surrounding villages and rural cemeteries.
www.wildwritingwomen.com /dispatches/appspring   (1003 words)

 Amazon.fr : Copland: Appalachian Spring; Rodeo; Billy the Kid; Fanfare for the Common Man: Musique: Aaron ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Amazon.fr : Copland: Appalachian Spring; Rodeo; Billy the Kid; Fanfare for the Common Man: Musique: Aaron Copland,Leonard Bernstein,New York Philharmonic
Copland: Appalachian Spring; Rodeo; Billy the Kid; Fanfare for the Common Man [Import]
Appalachian Spring - Rodeo - Billy the Kid - Fanfare for the Common Man.
www.amazon.fr /Copland-Appalachian-Spring-Fanfare-Common/dp/B0000029XG   (543 words)

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