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Topic: Appetite suppressants

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In the News (Mon 22 Oct 18)

  Anorectic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Anorectics, anorexigenics or appetite suppressants are drugs that reduce the desire to eat ("anorectic", from the Greek an- = "not" and oreg- = "extend, reach").
Indeed, amphetamine itself was sold commercially as an appetite suppressant until it was outlawed in most parts of the world in the late 1950s due to increasing exploitation of its stimulant properties ("abuse").
Likewise, association of the related appetite suppressant phenylpropanolamine with hemorrhagic stroke led the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to request its withdrawal from the market in the United States in 2000, and similar concerns regarding ephedrine resulted in an FDA ban on its inclusion in dietary supplements, in 2004.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Anorectic   (417 words)

 MedlinePlus Drug Information: Appetite Suppressants, Sympathomimetic (Systemic )   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Sympathomimetic appetite suppressants are used in the short-term treatment of obesity.
However, use of sympathomimetic appetite suppressants during breast-feeding is not recommended, because it may cause unwanted effects in nursing babies.
Taking appetite suppressants together with medicines that are used during surgery or dental or emergency treatments may cause serious side effects.
www.nlm.nih.gov /medlineplus/druginfo/uspdi/202069.html   (2361 words)

 Questions and Answers about Appetite Suppressant Medication
Appetite suppressant medications may be appropriate for carefully selected patients who are at significant medical risk because of their obesity.
Appetite suppressant medications should be used with a program of behavioral treatment and nutritional counseling, designed to help you make long-term changes in your diet and physical activity.
Long-term use of prescription appetite suppressant medications may be helpful for carefully selected individuals, but little information is available on the safety and effectiveness of these medications when used for more than 1 year.
healthlink.mcw.edu /article/933126929.html   (990 words)

 Buy Cheap Adipex-P ( Appetite Suppressants ) Online
Adipex-p is used to suppress appetite via a central mechanism (appetite centers in the brain).
Adipex (appetite suppressants) is an effective form of therapy for the obese patient that needs to lose weight to decrease diseases associated with significant obesity.
Drugs of this class are thought to suppress appetite via a central mechanism (appetite centers in the brain) although this has mechanism has not been clearly proven.
www.inetspot.com /l5adip.htm   (845 words)

 Appetite Suppressants
Appetite suppressants can be prescribed as a part of an overall diet plan for weight reduction.
These appetite suppressants are available in two forms: immediate-release tablets and controlled-release tablets.
Every appetite suppressant we carry is equal in quality, purity and potency to the FDA-approved drugs available from your neighborhood pharmacy.
appetite-suppressants.5u.com   (505 words)

 Appetite Suppressants | Weight Loss
Appetite suppressants containing PPA should be taken only according to instructions and only after consulting your doctor.
Appetite suppressants are not a magic cure for obesity or any weight problem.
Of the drugs considered suitable candidates for appetite suppressants are agents which act via peripherally satiety peptide systems (such as CCK, Bombesin/GRP, Enterostatin and GLP-1), or alter the CNS levels of various hypothalamic neuropeptides (NPY, Galanin, Orexin and Melanocortins) or levels of the key CNS appetite monoamine neurotransmitters such as serotonin (5-HT) and noradrenaline (NA).
www.weight-loss-diet-i.com /appetite-suppressants.htm   (833 words)

 Appetite Suppressants, Sympathomimetic Drug Information, Professional
Although the mechanism of action of the sympathomimetic appetite suppressants in the treatment of obesity is not fully known, these medications have pharmacological effects similar to those of amphetamines.
Appetite suppressants may decrease or inhibit salivary flow, thus contributing to the development of caries, periodontal disease, oral candidiasis, and discomfort.
Appetite suppressants are meant to be used in conjunction with a reduced-calorie diet as well as an exercise program and behavior modification.
www.drugs.com /mmx/appetite_suppressants__sympathomimetic.html   (4271 words)

 Adipex-p - Appetite Suppressants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Appetite suppressants are medications for the treatment of obesity.
Appetite suppressants decrease appetite, so they are called "anorectic" or "anorexigenic" drugs.
An appetite is the desire for a particular type of food.
www.adipex-p.com /appetite-suppressants.html   (528 words)

 A Closer look at The Use of Appetite Suppressants
Phenylpropanolamine, one of the most prevalent appetite suppressants on the market today, limits the appetite because of its effect on the hypothalamus, which is a control center in the brain.
Unless this individual is willing to take the appetite suppressant for the rest of their life, it seems pointless to take them because as soon as they stop taking the PPA, the hunger will return and they will regain the weight that they originally lost.
But, people are different and this is why appetite suppressants might not work for some individuals because they are not eating to satisfy their appetites, but eating for other reasons.
www.vanderbilt.edu /AnS/psychology/health_psychology/ppaweight.htm   (2087 words)

 Appetite-Suppressants - MyHeartDr: Heart Health Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Appetite suppressants are drugs that either decrease one’s hunger or increase the feeling of being full after eating.
Various forms of appetite suppressants have been used since the 1960s, and a number of them are no longer used due to potential health risks.
-approved appetite suppressant currently on the market for the long-term treatment of obesity, and it has only been on the market since 1997.
www.heartcenteronline.com /myheartdr/articles_about_the_heart/Appetite-Suppressants.html   (316 words)

 Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss
Sympathomimetic appetite suppressants are weight loss pills which are used in the short-term treatment of obesity.
In deciding to use appetite suppressing weight loss pills, the risks of taking the medicine must be weighed against the good it may do.
It is not known whether using two different appetite suppressants together or using a sympathomimetic appetite suppressant with a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor is safe and effective.
www.diet-pills-information.org /appetite-suppressants-weight-loss.htm   (951 words)

 Appetite suppressants and valvular heart disease
The serotoninergic appetite suppressant drug fenfluramine, its d-isomer dexfenfluramine (Redux) and the sympathomimetic drug phentermine have been widely used for the treatment of obesity.
The incidence of new valvular heart disease, occurring after the date of the first appetite suppressant prescription (or the same date for matched controls), was compared between patients and controls.
The greatest incidence of valvular regurgitation attributable to appetite suppressant use (about 20%) was found in the first study by Khan et al..
www.journalclub.org /vol2/a67.html   (1723 words)

 News in brief: Appetite suppressants in pregnancy
For individuals seeking effective methods of weight loss, including women in their reproductive years, the serotonin-modulating appetite suppressant fenfluramine and the related dexfenfluramine are commonly administered.
Although appetite suppressants are not recommended during pregnancy, the possibility exists that a woman could be taking fenfluramine before knowing she is pregnant, raising concerns about possible effects of these compounds on a fetus.
Adult female mice (dams) were exposed to either appetite suppressant or placebo from before conception until day 15 of the 19-day gestation period.
pubs.acs.org /subscribe/journals/mdd/v04/i02/html/news4.html   (368 words)

 BioMed Central | Full text | Appetite suppressants and valvular heart disease – a systematic review
Although appetite suppressants have been implicated in the development of valvular heart disease, the exact level of risk is still uncertain.
Overall, FDA AR was found in 9.7% of those taking appetite suppressants, and in 3.5% of controls (Figure 1).
[26] Furthermore, in view of the lack of comprehensive safety data, prescribers of appetite suppressants should perhaps have attempted to limit the treatment duration (as advised by the regulatory authorities) and avoided the use of unlicensed drug combinations.
www.biomedcentral.com /1472-6904/2/6   (3806 words)

 Best Appetite Suppressants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Physicians' Select Appetite Suppressant Supplements – offers formulations that have been derived from a multitude of laboratory tests and clinical studies along with advise from licensed physicians, PhD’s, pharmacists, herbalists and chemists.
Appetite suppressant properties, Bitter Orange represents an excellent appetite suppressant allowing individuals to successfully lose unwanted pounds, thus, promoting weight loss.
Bladderwrack (Fucus vesiculosus) - is a notably brown algae or seaweed that is found on the submerged rocks on both the east and west coast of North America and in the warmer coastal regions of Europe.
www.physiciansselect.com /bestappetitesuppressant.htm   (10395 words)

 The Village News :: Appetite suppressants: the big hope, the big letdown
So appetite suppressants are the most widely used of the medicines and supplements used for weight-loss therapy.
But appetite suppressants are also the most controversial because of potentially dangerous side effects.
Some appetite suppressants are addictive, and their effect tends to wear off if used over an extended time, such that people need to take larger doses to produce the same result, which in turn increases the risk of addiction, which in turn increases other risks.
www.thevillagenews.com /story.asp?story_ID=8905   (1044 words)

 Weight Management: Appetite Suppressants
Appetite suppressants are of use only as part of a program of wise eating and exercise.
In general the appetite suppressant drugs are well-tolerated and many people feel better taking them.
Diethylpropion is a pharmaceutical appetite suppressant similar to fenfluramine.
www.rienstraclinic.com /health_info/weight/appetite_suppressants.html   (2584 words)

 Info For Phendimetrazine (Bontril - Appetite Suppressants)
Phendimetrazine (Bontril - appetite suppressants) is used to curb your appetite.
Phendimetrazine (Bontril) is used to curb your appetite.
Unlike other weight-loss drugs that act in the brain or central nervous system to suppress appetite or to speed up metabolism, XENICAL (ORLISTAT) works in your digestive system to block fat from being digested.Enzymes in your digestive system, called lipases, help digest (or break down) fat.
www.weight-loss-pills-directory.com /a5phed.htm   (652 words)

 Become.com - Shop results for appetite suppressants
Appetite Suppressant 60C : Appetite Suppressant is a safe homeopathic appetite suppressant that helps curb appetite, lessen sweet cravings...
The 1-EZ Diet, Appetite Suppressant formula is a thermogenic that is among the most effective...
Phentirimine (phentirimine HCL) is a powerful pharmaceutical strength appetite suppressant used along with diet and exercise for the management...
www.become.com /shop?q=appetite+suppressants   (245 words)

 Reach4Life.com :: Health-Wellness :: Weight Control :: Appetite Suppressants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
These appetite suppressants are formulated with chromium picolinate, amino acids and lipotropics to help boost metabolism and burn fat.
This amazing ingredient is a natural appetite suppressant used for generations by tribal hunters of South Africa to stave off hunger during long hunting expeditions.
Appetite suppressants containing some combination of caffeine, green tea or another natural supplement that also stimulate metabolism.
www.reach4life.com /Appetite-Suppressants-p-1-c-89.html   (299 words)

 Buy Bontril ( Phendimetrazine - Appetite Suppressants ) At Discount   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Bontril (appetite suppressants) is used to curb your appetite.
Bontril (appetite suppressants) is best used as a short-term supplement to diet and exercise to assist in weight loss
At a basic cellular level, L-carnitine plays a critical role in the metabolism of fat, contributing to the oxidation of fatty acids and transporting long-chai n fatty acids to the place in the cells (mitochondria) where they are processed to help provide energy, among other things.
www.discount-phentermine-store.com /i5bont.htm   (592 words)

 Diet pills promise appetite suppressant properties, but low-carb nutrition and whole food supplements work far better
Appetite suppressants initially seem to be a promising strategy for weight loss.
All of this doesn't mean appetite suppressant drugs and diet pills won't be successful in the marketplace: most people would rather take a shortcut to losing weight if there's one available.
So a person on appetite suppressing drugs will only succeed if they take an active role in their own nutrition by consuming superfoods and avoiding refined carbohydrates.
www.newstarget.com /001131.html   (1864 words)

 Weight Loss Appetite Suppressants
Appetite suppressant medications are designed for the treatment of obesity patients (those with a Body Mass Index of 30+).
Weight loss results with appetite suppressants are not well documented in clinical trials.
So weight loss appetite suppressants must be combined with diet and exercise.
www.weight-loss-i.com /weight-loss-appetite-suppressants.htm   (672 words)

 Medical researchers remain baffled at attempts to treat obesity with appetite suppressing hormones like PYY
I've purchased and investigated these appetite suppressants with a great deal of interest, because I believe that suppressing the human appetite is a very promising strategy for treating obesity and avoiding all of the subsequent health care costs associated with obesity.
I think it's more powerful than any of the natural appetite suppressant pills, I think it is more powerful than any prescription drug, I think it works better than gastric bypass surgery, and of course, it's absolutely free of charge and available without prescription.
The idea that most people have about these sort of appetite suppressing pills is that they will be able to eat any foods they want, and just take one or two of these pills a day in order to automatically lose weight, and that's absolutely the wrong approach to being healthy.
www.newstarget.com /001568.html   (2885 words)

 5HTP Appetite Suppressants - 5HTP Weight Loss Pills
5HTP appetite suppressants have become very popular in recent years as a "natural" weight loss option, but there are many concerns as to their safety and efficacy.
The problem with 5HTP appetite suppresants is that several years ago the FDA found that certain brands of 5HTP weight loss pills were tainted with "Peak X" contaminant.
Although the EMS was not linked directly to 5HTP appetite suppressants or tryptophan, there is the ever-present similar risk of contamination with all of these supplements, even the top 5htp weight loss pills.
www.herbal-supplements-guide.com /5htp-appetite-suppressants.html   (389 words)

 Appetite suppressants
entrally acting appetite suppressant drugs used in the treatment of obesity fall into 2 broad pharmacological categories; those which act via brain catecholamine pathways and those which act via serotonin pathways.
They reduce appetite and food intake and are effective in the treatment of obesity.
Of the compounds currently indicated for use in obesity, dexfenfluramine appears to have the most suitable pharmacological profile, although it should not be given to patients with a history of depression.
www.amphetamines.com /appetitesuppressant   (252 words)

 Phen-Phentermine Diet Pills. Sales - Information - Free FedEx
All are diet pills classified as appetite suppressants, they work by increasing your metabolic rate and decreasing your appetite.
Xenical is NOT an appetite suppressant, Xenical actually assists the stomach avoid digesting the fatty foods; these can significantly lead to heart disease and other chronic illnesses associated with being over weight.
Appetite Suppressants such as Phentermine and Adipex should only be considered after attempts to lose weight using sensible exercise and diet changes alone have failed.
www.phen-fentermine.com   (413 words)

 Review Tenuate ( Diethylpropion - Appetite Suppressants)
tenuate (diethylpropion - appetite suppressants)stimulates the central nervous system (nerves and brain), which increases your heart rate and blood pressure and decreases your appetite.
Tenuate (diethylpropion - appetite suppressants) is used in conjunction with an overall diet plan to reduce weight./
It may be taken again in mid evening if needed to suppress night hunger.
www.fitness-queen.biz /z5tenu.htm   (745 words)

 Appetite Suppressants Appetite Control   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Control your appetite with the strongest appetite suppressant on the market Physicians Select Appetite Suppressants have combined the strongest combination of natural appetite suppressants to control your appetite.
Physicians' Select Appetite Suppressants represent an unequaled pharmaceutical grade appetite suppressant that promotes fast weight loss without the cravings for chocolate, sugar or other fattening foods while reducing water retention and burning fat.
In addition to Guarana, The Physicians' Select Appetite Suppressants have the important ingredient Bitter Orange, which has been found in clinical studies to be a very effective in increasing thermogenesis (increasing metabolism promoting fat burning qualities).
www.physiciansselect.com /appetitesuppressants.htm   (898 words)

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