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Topic: Apple fruit

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In the News (Sat 15 Dec 18)

  Cashew Apple
The true fruit of the tree is the cashew nut resembling a miniature boxing-glove; consisting of a double shell containing a caustic phenolic resin in honeycomb-like cells, enclosing the edible kidney-shaped kernel.
The apple and nut fall together when both are ripe and, in commercial nut plantations, it is most practical to twist off the nut and leave the apple on the ground for later grazing by cattle or pigs.
In Goa, India, the apples are still trampled by foot to extract the juice for the locally famous distilled liquor, feni.
www.hort.purdue.edu /newcrop/morton/cashew_apple.html   (753 words)

  Apple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The apple is a tree and its pomaceous fruit, of species Malus domestica in the family Rosaceae, and is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits.
Lee said that all apples are high in the critical phytonutrients and that the amount of phenolic compounds in the apple flesh and in the skin vary from year to year, season to season and from growing region to growing region (November/December 2004 issue of the Journal of Food Science).
In the Old Testament the apple was significant of the fall of man; in the New Testament it is an emblem of the redemption from that fall, and as such is also represented in pictures of the Madonna and Infant Jesus.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apple   (3441 words)

 Apple - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The apple is the pomaceous fruit of plants of the genus Malus in the family Rosaceae, and is one of the most widely cultivated tree fruits.
Apples have been a very important food in all cooler climates, and it was probably the earliest tree to be cultivated.
Apples (or any fruit) planted on a south facing slope in the northern hemisphere (or north facing in the southern hemisphere), will flower early and be particularly vulnerable to spring frost.
www.lighthousepoint.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Apple_(fruit)   (3281 words)

 Controlling Physiological Disorders of Apple Fruit
Physiological disorders are abnormalities of the fruit that are not associated with diseases or insect pests.
Fruit with water core are edible, and may have a sweeter flavor, but their storage life is reduced.
Internal breakdown is a storage disorder that is characterized by a browning of the flesh and eventual softening and disintegration of the fruit.
www.ipm.iastate.edu /ipm/hortnews/1997/4-11-1997/applephys.html   (898 words)

 Apple - Fruit
Apples have a rounded shape with a depression at the top where the stem is attached.
Some apples are almost perfectly round, while others are more rounded at the top and narrower at the bottom.
Apple fruits are firm and the skin is shiny and smooth.
www.hort.purdue.edu /ext/senior/fruits/apple1.htm   (76 words)

 Light Scattering for Predicting Quality of Apple Fruit - Agricultural Engineering Newsletter, March / April, 2003 - ...
When a light beam is incident upon an apple fruit, a small fraction of the light will be reflected at the surface (called surface or specular reflection) and the majority of the light will penetrate into the fruit.
As a sharp, focused light beam hits the fruit, it generates backscattered light at the surface of the fruit.
We were able to predict fruit firmness with a correlation coefficient of 0.87 and the prediction error less than 1.3 lb., a minimal resolving value a trained panelist can predict.
www.egr.msu.edu /age/aenewsletter/1_march_april_03/Lu_3_03.htm   (695 words)

 botanical.com - A Modern Herbal | Apple - Herb Profile and Information
The apples every autumn were tipped in heaps on the straw-strewn floor of the pound house, a building of cob, covered with thatch, in which stood the pounder and the press and vats and all hands were busy for days preparing the golden beverage.
Apple butter is a kind of jam made of tart apples, boiled in cider until reduced to a very thick smooth paste, to which is added a flavouring of allspice, while cooking.
MAMMEE APPLE is the fruit of Mammea americana.
www.botanical.com /botanical/mgmh/a/apple044.html   (3683 words)

 Apple Growth Stages
Apple fruit are easiest to spray thin when they are 10 to 15 mm in diameter.
By the time the fruit are this size they are hard to thin and growers use higher unpredictable rates, in an effort to reduce the crop.
Final fruit size is a result of the number of fruit on the tree and the growing conditions that year.
web1.msue.msu.edu /fruit/applgrw.htm   (308 words)

In the early and mid-1980s, Apple attracted scores of bright young risk-takers, who were drawn to an idealistic vision of computers for the masses at a time when computing was still largely the province of technicians and scientists.
Apple co-founder and acting CEO Steve Jobs said letting people run with large responsibilities may be one reason so many Apple alums are running their own companies.
Champion said Apple's success as a CEO incubator is rooted in down-to-earth factors: It was an early entrepreneurial entrant in a new industry, and it exposed its executives to both success and failure in short order.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/examiner/archive/1998/02/15/BUSINESS4302.dtl   (1448 words)

 Apple Fruit Leather
Most any fruit can be used for fruit leather: apples, berries, grapes, pears, peaches, plums, tomatoes, pineapple, oranges and others.
Fruits that are not well suited for fruit leather, without some modifications, are grapefruit, lemons, persimmons and rhubarb.
The dried fruit roll can be stored for years in the freezer, for months in the refrigerator, and for up to 30 weeks at room temperature.
www.seasonalchef.com /appleleather.htm   (475 words)

 ROSE APPLE Fruit Facts
Origin: The rose apple is native to the East Indies and Malaya and is cultivated and naturalized in many parts of India, southeast Asia and the Pacific Islands.
Adaptation: Rose apples flourish in tropical or near-tropical climates, but the tree is proving to be hardy enough (to about 25° F) to be grown as an ornamental as far north in California as San Francisco.
The fruit is only moderately interesting eaten out-of-hand, and is more often used in jellies and jams or preserved in combination with other fruits of more pronounced flavor.
www.crfg.org /pubs/ff/roseapple.html   (872 words)

 Virginia Apple Page - Fruit IPM
Toxicity to Orchard Predators from Pesticides [from 2007 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers (Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland Coop.
Toxicity to Orchard Predators from Pesticides [from 2007 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers (Virginia and West Virginia Coop.
Efficacy to Apple Pests of Pesticides [from 2007 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers (Virginia and West Virginia Coop.
www.virginiafruit.ento.vt.edu /apple-fruit-ipm.html   (619 words)

 Pseudomonas syringae
The fruit’s surface is a natural habitat for many yeasts which dominate fruit microflora, especially close to harvest.
Mummified fruit and soil are important over-wintering sites for yeasts and serve as an inoculum source for developing fruit.
syringae and yeasts that naturally occur on apple and pear as biocontrol agents against fungi that cause postharvest decay of the fruits (2) was followed by the isolation of microorganisms from various fruits and the testing of their antagonistic potential in many systems in laboratories world wide.
www.nysaes.cornell.edu /ent/biocontrol/pathogens/pseudomonas_s.html   (1304 words)

 Apple Fruit Thinning   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Thinning is the removal of a portion of the crop before it matures on the tree to increase the marketability of the remaining fruit and to reduce the biennial bearing tendency of the tree.
Folger in 1921 reported, "Once a grower has carefully thinned his fruit for a few years, he needs no further proof of the fact that this is one of the most important and profitable of all orchard operations".
Since fruit trees naturally shed some fruitlets during the thinning season, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish natural drop from a chemical thinning response.
www.hort.vt.edu /graduate/daward2/thinning.htm   (1312 words)

 Hawaiian Fruit - Star Apple
There are two species of Star Apple, one producing a fruit with a deep purple skin, the other a fruit with a light green skin.
Fruit is ready to pick when gently squeezing you can feel the skin has lost a bit of firmness.
The fruit tastes very much like a cross between custard and an apple and can be used anywhere you would use other fruit, or enjoyed raw, fresh from the tree.
www.instanthawaii.com /cgi-bin/hawaii?!00butirOTMfX1m0ndooTKA3atinOTdfzIon0ro7T8Cbvf0gTNOm9Q2bauSeFFG18f2nenneXIonsdivEObbut2nhnfenm40n0rvt842ufagbozrOQtCbuboT80   (377 words)

 Apple, Food Resource [http://food.oregonstate.edu/], Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
Apple A study of the proverb, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Apple Inspection provides you with years of experience in this industry ranging from the growing, harvesting, packing, storing, shipping, purchasing and the inspection of all varieties of produce.
Apples has the history of apples, where apples are grown and how, well-known varieties, diseases and pests, uses and food values and classification.
food.oregonstate.edu /a/apple.html   (926 words)

A spur-type apple is a strain that has fruit spurs and leaf buds that are more closely spaced than on non-spur or standard types.
The apple should be removed from the spur by pulling upward and outward while rotating the fruit slightly.
Diseases common to apples are cedar apple rust, scab, fl rot, bitter rot and fire blight.
hgic.clemson.edu /factsheets/HGIC1350.htm   (2921 words)

 Tamarind, Guava, Rose Apple & Passion Fruit Photos
Because the fleshy, berry-like fruits are filled with numerous, small, hard seeds, they pass through the digestive tract of mammals and are dispersed throughout high-rainfall tropical areas, such as the Hawaiian islands.
The delicious fruit (berry) is fleshy and sweet-scented with a subtle pineapple flavor.
It grows luxuriantly in the Hawaiian islands and the fruit is used for juices and fruit punches, such as Hawaiian Punch®.
waynesword.palomar.edu /ecoph14.htm   (1157 words)

 Apple & Eve Fruit Tea - The BevNET.com Review
It's no surprise that Lemon Fruit Tea is the best flavor of the brand as lemon flavor is one of the more natural tasting available.
While Peach Fruit Tea may taste like a decent brew of iced tea upon first tasting it, the product leaves a taste in your mouth that makes you wonder how it would be possible to finish the entire bottle.
Second, the apple juice (which is used to sweeten and provide juice content to this product) is another flavor that does not mix well with the tea and peach flavors.
www.bevnet.com /reviews/appleevefruittea   (652 words)

 Mercofood: Fruit concentrate / Apple Juice
peach juice, pear juice, juice concentrate, apple juice, fruit concentrate
Mercofood: peach juice, pear juice, juice concentrate, apple juice, fruit concentrate
Agrozzi from Chile, Tomato Paste, Fruit Puree and Ketchup processor.
www.mercofood.cl /fruits/fruit_concentrate.htm   (140 words)

 Department of Horticulture
Growth and fruiting of young ‘Concord’ grapevines in relation to reserve nitrogen and carbohydrates.
Exposure of the shaded side of apple fruit to full sun leads to up-regulation of both the xanthophyll cycle and the ascorbate-glutathione cycle.
Fruit size, yield and market value of 'Goldrush' apple are affected by amount, timing and method of nitrogen fertilization.
www.hort.cornell.edu /research/publications.htm   (7923 words)

 Fool.com: Apple Bears Fruit [Motley Fool Take] July 15, 2004
That is clearly the tasty fruit of its musical harvest.
The company saw revenue soar by 30% to hit $2 billion during its fiscal third quarter -- its best showing in eight years for the June period -- but the company seems to be making as many headlines in the music world as it is in computing circles.
Apple expects the good times to continue, closing out its fiscal year in September by earning between $0.16 and $0.17 a share on $2.1 billion in revenue in its final quarter.
www.fool.com /News/mft/2004/mft04071505.htm   (484 words)

 Tree Fruit - Apple
Apples are the most popular backyard tree fruit for this area.
Scab immune (SI) varieties are resistant to apple scab disease.
For more information on apples, please visit our Apples and More website.
www.urbanext.uiuc.edu /fruit/apple.html   (94 words)

 Dole 5 A Day - We make 5 A Day fun!
I’m a Red Delicious type of apple and I am one of America’s most popular fruits.
All material on this web site is the copyrighted property of Dole Food Company, Inc. or is used with permission of the owner.
Any use of the material on this web site including but not limited to, the Dole Jammin’ 5 A Day Songs, the Fun With Fruits and Vegetables Kids’ Cookbook recipes, and the 5 A Day Friends fruit and vegetable characters used herein, is prohibited without the express written consent of Dole Food Company, Inc.
www.dole5aday.com /ReferenceCenter/Encyclopedia/Apples/index.jsp   (193 words)

 2003 NC-140 Publications
Effect of apple rootstocks on average ‘Gala’ fruit weight at four locations after adjusting for crop load.
Fruit maturation, tree ripening, and cracking susceptibility in ‘Gala’ apples.
Kushad, M.M. Perfomance of ‘Red Gala’ in the 1994 NC-140 dwarf and semidwarf apple rootstocks trial in Champaign, Illinois.
www.nc140.org /pubs/2003.html   (655 words)

 Identifying Apple & Other Fruit Varieties   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Identifying Apple and other Fruit Varieties by Dr. Rob Crassweller One of the most common occurrences in Pennsylvania is when an owner moves into a new house or farm and discovers the previous owner was a hobbyist tree fruit grower.
Fruit from a neglected tree or one not properly cared for is impossible to identify until healthy looking fruit is produced.
Sending fruit later in the week may mean that is sits in a warm room for several days.
www.penpages.psu.edu /penpages_reference/29401/2940148.html   (1049 words)

 Apple Store
The Apple Store has everything your business needs from innovative products and solutions to commercial financing programs to a range of service and support options.
As a ProCare, member you’ll enjoy a higher level of service and support at your local Apple Store, including one on one training, complete setup of your new Mac, rapid repairs, advance reservations at the Genius Bar and more.
Bring any used iPod to any Apple Store in the US for free environmentally friendly recycling and get a 10% discount on the purchase of a new iPod that same-day.
www.apple.com /retail   (440 words)

 Virginia Apple Page - Fruit IPM
Key for identification of larvae feeding internally in apple.
Fruit Insect Focus, prepared by Henry Hogmire at the West Virginia Fruit Lab
Efficacy to Apple Pests of Pesticides [from 2005 Spray Bulletin for Commercial Tree Fruit Growers (Virginia and West Virginia Coop.
www.ento.vt.edu /Fruitfiles/apple-fruit-ipm.html   (628 words)

 Apple and Apricot, Fruit Information, Health, Diet, Picture.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Round fruit with firm juicy flesh and green, red or yellow skin when ripe.
The toxic is not digested but you should be careful with the consumption of crushed seeds.
The vitamin C content of apples depends on what kind of apple it is. Most sorts contain a lot of vitamin C. Nutrition Facts
www.thefruitpages.com /apples.shtml   (222 words)

 Monthly Apple Subscription - Fruit From Washington
Subscription fruit is shipped the second or third week of each month.
Our high quality fruit comes with our return policy guarantee.
If the person receiving the box(es) of fruit is not fully satisfied with the quality of the fruit, we will send a replacement box(es) with fruit of equal or greater value.
www.fruitfromwashington.com /fruit/subscription/subscribe.htm   (520 words)

Hot News Headlines Read the latest news and information from Apple.
Shop the Apple Online Store (1-800-MY-APPLE), visit an Apple Retail Store, or find a reseller.
Copyright © 2007 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.
www.apple.com   (48 words)

 The Apple Store (U.S.) - Welcome to the Apple Store
Send your old computer, iPod, or mobile phone to Apple.
See order status, track shipment, pre-sign for your package, make a change, return items, and more.
Pay no interest for up to 90 days and earn iTunes points with every purchase.
store.apple.com   (173 words)

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