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Topic: Apple IIc

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  Apple IIc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Apple IIc, the fourth model in the Apple II series of personal computers, was Apple Computer's first endeavor to produce a portable computer.
The new machine was proclaimed as proof of Apple's long term commitment to the Apple II series and its users, an assurance the company's older technology would not be forsaken or dropped with the recent introduction of the Macintosh.
One Apple II machine would be sold for users who required the expandability of slots, and another for those wanting the simplicity of a plug and play machine with portability in mind.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apple_IIc   (3176 words)

 Apple IIc revealed.
Apple has built a computer that is to be used as an applicance--like a telephone or a tape recorder.
The layout of the Apple IIc keyboard is identical to that of the IIe, with the exception of the RESET key.
It makes the IIc a "closed system." This is the kind of environment for which software developers like to program, since they don't have to worry about all the different cards and hardware kits that you may or may not have in your computer.
www.atarimagazines.com /creative/v10n10/30_Apple_IIc_revealed.php   (2562 words)

 Apple II History Chap 8
Apple's introduction of the new IIc came at an "event" at the Moscone Center in downtown San Francisco on April 24th, 1984.
Apple's objectives here were to introduce The Apple IIc, describe how it fit into the company's marketing strategy, show off new software that was made to work with the new computer, and emphasize that Apple was still firmly behind the Apple II line of computers.
Apple even included code in the new ROM to patch DOS 3.3 so it could be used as a RAMdisk with that system (400K maximum size), and did the same with Pascal v1.3.
apple2history.org /history/ah08.html   (4141 words)

 Apple IIc
The way the Apple IIc stores data on those disks is absolutely incompatible with the way the PC floppy disk drives does it.
The Apple IIc use a 5 pin DIN connector (identical to the MIDI or AT keyboard connectors).
You start the Apple version on the Apple, and the PC version on the PC, insert a blank floppy, and on the appleIIc, you type the file you want to transfer (filename of the file on the pc side), and then wait a few seconds and it's done.
www.raphnet.net /divers/appleIIc/appleIIc_en.php   (1473 words)

 ::: larwe.com - apple iic+ :::
The IIc+ is capable of 40-column and 80-column text, color graphics, and a split-screen mode (most useful for text/graphic adventures!) with four lines of text at the bottom of the screen and a graphic area above.
Apple didn't have a lot of time to devote to this project (and they probably didn't want to throw a lot of engineering effort into it), so they licensed an off-the-shelf 4MHz accelerator card, integrated it into the IIc's architecture, and called it the IIc+.
Unfortunately, the Apple II emulation and nostalgia scene is held back significantly by a number of troublemaking busybodies with loud voices, an inability to mind their own business, and nothing productive to occupy their time.
www.larwe.com /museum/appleiicplus.html   (761 words)

 Apple IIc computer
In April 1984, Apple unveils the Apple IIc with an intense publicity extravaganza, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.
The Apple IIc (the "c" means compact) is pretty much a portable Apple IIe computer, with its most obvious feature being its small size.
In 1988, four years after the Apple IIc was introduced, Apple introduced the Apple IIc Plus, a faster system with an internal 3-1/2 inch drive instead of the 5-1/4 inch.
oldcomputers.net /appleiic.html   (1137 words)

 apple-history.com :: Apple //c & //c+
The Apple //c+ was discontinued in November of 1990.
Apple licensed the add-on technology from Zip Technologies to incorporate the accelerator as standard in the IIc+, though in doing so, broke it out into an ASIC, SRAM and a faster 65C02 (the ZipChip had all that intergrated into a tall 40-pin DIP chip).
The Apple //c was offered by Apple not only with the two displays listed (9" monochrome and LCD), but also was avilable a special RGB 13" monitor in snow white and with a stand to make it fit the //c.
history.eis.net.au /aIIc.html   (904 words)

 Apple II series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Apple II sparked the beginning of the personal computer revolution, as it was targeted for the masses rather than just hobbyists and engineers; its introduction and subsequent popularity also greatly influenced most of the microcomputers that followed it.
The Apple IIc was the first Apple II to use the updated 65C02 processor, and featured a built-in floppy drive and 128 KB RAM, with a built-in disk controller that could control external drives, composite video (NTSC or PAL), serial interfaces for modem and printer, and a joystick/mouse port.
Apple decided not to create an open architecture with the initial Macintosh models, and this is widely seen as having hobbled its success; however, the IBM PC provides an object lesson that success for the platform does not necessarily equate to success for the company that invented it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apple_II   (5877 words)

 History of computer design: Apple IIc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Though portable, with a handle on its back that also folds down to tilt the keyboard into a comfortable typing position, the Apple IIc does not have an integrated display and can be considered a direct descendent of the previous Apple II design.
The Apple logo on the left is balanced with the model name on the right at the back from these lines, while the front setback in behind the keyboard similarly balances three buttons on the left with two LCD lights on the right.
This popularity was driven in large part by its appearance; the IIc was the first Apple product to receive formal recognition for its industrial design, for which it won several prestigious awards (Kunkel, 40).
www.landsnail.com /apple/local/design/apple2c.html   (556 words)

 myoldmac.net - FAQ - Apple IIc - Existing Versions
Apple IIgs or GS or best (if you have the fonts) GS The Apple //c is the compact (the "c" means compact) version of the Apple IIe.
The Apple //c was mainly used as a desktop computer and was replaced with the Apple IIc+ in 1988.
The Apple IIc+ was the finest Apple 8-bit computer ever built, but lack of marketing, the apparent de-evolution in technology compared to the 16-bit Apple GS, and the aggressive sale of the Laser 128EX/2 made the IIc+ the most short lived of the Apple II models.
myoldmac.net /FAQ/appleIIcexisting.htm   (862 words)

 Wired News: 30 Years of Apple Products
This monster gallery of Apple's computers features most of the major products from the last three decades, and is adapted from the vast library at Apple-History.com.
Introduced in April 1984, the Apple IIc was the first compact model in the Apple lineup.
The Apple IIc+ was discontinued in November 1990.
wiredblogs.tripod.com /applehardware/index.html_i=8   (218 words)

 Apple IIc
The Apple IIc was released in April 24, 1984, at the Apple Forever Conference held in San Diego.
The IIc+ included the new 800k 3.5" floppy drive, 65C02 running at an option of 1 or 4 MHz using a built-in processor switch, memory expansion capability, and ports with mini DIN-8 connectors (same as IIGS and Mac Plus).
The IIc+ was discontinued in November of 1990.
applemuseum.bott.org /sections/computers/IIc.html   (597 words)

 System Source - Computer Museum
The IIc (released April 24th, 1984) and IIc+ (released September 1988) are 'luggable' versions of an Enhanced IIe, with many built-in 'cards'.
The IIc+ has a built-in accelerator that runs at either 1 or 4Mhz (switch built into case), an internal power supply vs the 'brick on a rope' design of the IIc, and a built in 800K 3.5" drive vs the 140K 5.25" drive of the IIc.
The IIc had a number of internal revisions; the best way to check is to go into Basic and type "PRINT PEEK (64447)" and press return (no quotes).
www.syssrc.com /museum/html/apple2c.html   (393 words)

 Apple ][ Historical Information   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
However, the Apple III was late and suffered from poor backwards compatibility and a nearly 100% hardware failure rate.
The IIc was very similar to the IIe, but came in a compact case that included the most popular peripherals, such as a disk drive and serial card, built in.
However, the public did not embrace the Apple IIc, partly because it was not expandable like the IIe and partly because people incorrectly equated the small size with a lack of power.
apple.duke.net /history.html   (668 words)

 Apple II computer
In the spirit of the original computer hacker, the Apple II was also available as a circuit-board only, without keyboard, power supply, or case, as seen here on the right.
The Apple II was one of the first computer with a color display, and it has the BASIC programming language built-in, so it is ready-to-run right out of the box.
One month after the Apple II was released, BYTE magazine published an article about the Apple II computer.
oldcomputers.net /appleii.html   (1292 words)

 This Week in Apple History - April 19 - 24: Apple IIc Beats Mac, Mission: Impossible, & 5 iMillion Macs || The Mac ...
Apple took orders for more than 52,000 Apple IIc systems in a single day, surpassing the number of Macs the firm had sold in the prior three months.
Apple unveils Workgroup Servers 9650/233 and 7350/180, two of the last dedicated hardware server solutions from Apple until the launch of Xserve in May of 2002.
Apple also officially announces a "music related event" for April 28th that further fuels speculation that the company will be launching an online music store.
www.macobserver.com /columns/thisweek/2004/20040424.shtml   (1713 words)

 Mouse Type For Apple IIc Plus Computer | Applefritter
Also, the Apple logo is an engraved outline and not the sunken square of the Mac mice.
The plug is the same smaller and smoothed style as the later Plus mice, and it has the mouse icon on one side, and the Apple logo and the numbers KPT-0044J-03 on mine.
Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, Mac, MacOS, Classic, and Powerbook are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. All other brands, product names, logos, images, multimedia elements, and technologies are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders, and are hearby acknowledged.
www.applefritter.com /node/10818   (467 words)

 Apple IIc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Apple IIc was built as a little brother to the simultaneously-introduced Apple IIe.
When you reached your destination, you could plug the IIc into a TV set (using either an optional RF modulator for channel 3 input, or one of those newfangled sets with direct video inputs that were just becoming widely available).
The IIc was usually paired with either the space-saving and portable Apple 9" green-screen composite monitor with its special stand, or with an Apple monochrome or color RGB monitor.
www.computercloset.org /AppleIIc.htm   (214 words)

 Apple IIc
Here's a portable Apple IIc system, with a battery pack for use when away from a wall socket, and with the legendary LCD screen.
Location: Williamsburg, VA The Apple //c was Apple's portable version of the Apple II series.
I have an old Apple IIc with the LCD display and just thought you might be interested in seeing it.
www.obsoletecomputermuseum.org /appleiic   (975 words)

 [No title]
It requires that an Apple Super Serial Card or compatible card be installed or that the Apple II be a //c or IIc+ (which have SSC-compatible serial ports).
Note: This procedure may be modified to work on a IIc or IIc+ computer as they have SSC compatible hardware built in, the trick is getting the cable wired correctly.
Below is the pinout for a IIc NULL modem cable for use with the ADT disk image transfer utility.
www.apple2.org.za /gswv/a2zine/faqs/Csa2T1TCOM.txt   (7942 words)

 VAW: Computer Collection: Apple IIc
The IIc, which debuted in 1984, is basically a "luggable" version of the IIe.
The IIc OS makes things like formatting disks (in DOS or ProDOS), copying disks, copying/deleting files, identifying the contents of a disk, and configuring the printer port or modem port very easy.
The IIc has its own special "snow white" external disk drive but other than the design, it is basically the same as any other Apple II disk drive and will work with a IIe.
homepage.mac.com /vectronic/collection/iic.html   (549 words)

 Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Telecom Hardware & Transfers, Part 20/25   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Message-ID: X-Last-Updated: 2004/04/28 From: rubywand@swbell.net Newsgroups: comp.sys.apple2, comp.sys.apple2.comm Subject: Apple II Csa2 FAQs: Telecom Hardware and Transfers, Part 20/25 Summary: Comp.sys.apple2 (Csa2) is concerned with the Apple II series of computers.
Apple II's with accelerator cards or chips can usually achieve better transfer rates than unaccelerated machines.) Set the same format (8-N-1), baud rate, and protocol (e.g.
A 1MHz Apple II with the SSC and Turbo ASB should be good for 57.6k baud.) IIc and IIc+: These machines have built-in serial ports which are generally compatible with software specified as requiring a Super Serial Card.
www.faqs.org /faqs/apple2/faq/part20   (8285 words)

 apple //c pc museum
Apple II The personal computer family from Apple that pioneered the microcomputer revolution and has been widely used in schools and home.
April of 1984, Apple Computer unveils the Apple IIc with an intense publicity extravaganza, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.
The IIc weighs 7.5 pounds, includes a 5 1/4-inch floppy drive, supports 40 or 80 column screens, and allows both QWERTY and Dvorak keyboard layouts.
www.fortunecity.com /marina/reach/435/apple2c.htm   (162 words)

 Apple II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Apple II along with the Radio Shack TRS-80 were the impetus behind IBM's introduction of the IBM PC.
The fact the Apple II was attractively designed and incorporated several new technologies not found in other personal computers, established the Apple II as a serious business machine.
The big advantage to Apple was that it was much less expensive to produce than the II and the combination of improvements plus cost made the IIE the cash cow Apple needed to fund its Macintosh development.
www.backthruthefuture.com /appleii.htm   (244 words)

 YouTube - 1984 - Apple IIc
If an Apple was better than a IBM personal computer.
Apples of that time WERE better than their IBM counterparts, no question.
Apple //c was an awesome computer in its time.
youtube.com /watch?v=2BxnT4hkzO8   (187 words)

 Apple IIC Plus model A254500 ( pre-owned, collectible )   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Introduced in April of 1984, the Apple IIc was the first compact Apple II.
It had 12 kB RAM, (expandable to 1 MB) a built-in 5.25" floppy drive on the side, and could be used with a mouse.
The Apple IIc+ was introduced in 1988, with a 4 MHz 65C02, RAM expandable to over 1 MB, a larger ROM, and an optional internal 800 kB 3.5" drive.
www.topmic.com /apiicplmoa2p.html   (175 words)

 Applelinks.com Macintosh News
On January 10th, Apple Computer announced withdrawal of support for selected Macintosh computers, PowerBooks, printers and monitors, including the thousands of parts that make up those products (see list below).
Pre-Owned Electronics, Inc., a Massachusetts-based provider of remanufactured Apple products is the largest source for educators around the country who are in need of discontinued Apple parts.
Although identified by Apple as "obsolete/vintage," the discontinued products represent an install base of 1 million plus units, primarily in schools across the country.
www.applelinks.com /articles/2000/01/20000117125846.shtml   (403 words)

 Amazon.com: Apple IIC Technical Reference Manual (The Apple Technical Library): Books: Apple Computer Inc   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
If you own an apple IIc and need a definitive resource, this is it.
Also, a full listing of the firmware source code is more interesting than one might think (seeing the Woz listed as a programmer in the source listing takes one back...).
One of the more interesting things I got from this book was how to peek at certain memory locations to determine what flavor of Apple IIC I owned (I didn't know there were different versions).
www.amazon.com /Apple-Technical-Reference-Manual-Library/dp/0201177528   (623 words)

 Brad Choate: An Apple IIc
If you read my Newly Digital post, you would know that I wanted an Apple IIc 20 years ago.
I still break out my old Apple on occasion and it really takes me back to "a good place," as a psychatrist would say.
I had a dream about two weeks ago that I was at a giant garage sale and one of the items for sale was an old Apple IIe with dual disk drives and a monitor...
bradchoate.com /weblog/2004/01/25/apple-iic   (336 words)

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