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Topic: Apple IIGS

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In the News (Mon 18 Feb 19)

  Apple IIgs demos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Apple IIgs demoscene goes back to the days of the original Apple II series in the 1980s, when software crackers would put "signature screens" at the beginnings of games of which they had broken the copy protection.
However, a scene in the true sense of the word didn't emerge until the introduction of the Apple IIgs and its high-quality (for the time) graphics and sound capabilities.
Most IIgs demos were self-booting 800K 3.5" disks, often created with unique booting software that allowed for loading and playing of the demo within seconds of turning the computer's power on.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apple_IIgs_demos   (453 words)

 Apple IIGS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Apple II, the fifth model inception of the Apple II, was the most powerful member of the Apple II series of personal computers made by Apple Computer.
Apple's first internal project to develop a next-generation Apple II based on the 65816 was known as the "IIx." The IIx project, though, became bogged down when it attempted to include various coprocessors allowing it to emulate other computer systems.
Apple Records considered the inclusion of the Ensoniq chip in the II as a violation of that agreement.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Apple_IIGS   (2973 words)

 Apple II History Chap
While the capabilities of the Apple II slowly advanced as it changed from the II up through the IIc, the one thing that remained essentially unchanged was the 6502 microprocessor that controlled it.
When the IIx project was cancelled in March 1984, some of the Apple II engineers were assigned the task of reducing the cost of the Apple II.
Meanwhile, after the "Apple II Forever" event that introduced the IIc, interest in the Apple II revived and sales were quite good.
apple2history.org /history/ah10.html   (2955 words)

 Apple IIGS
The Apple IIGS was, and still is, the most impressive Apple II ever produced.
The IIGS display was a breakthrough in Apple II technology, displaying 640x200 pixels at up to 16 dithered (4 true) colors, and 320x200 at 16 true colors.
A IIGS is categorized by the ROM it uses, either 00,01, or 03.
applemuseum.bott.org /sections/computers/IIgs.html   (693 words)

 Apple IIGS computer
The IIGS CPU even has built-in MOS 6502 emulation, which is the CPU in the Apple II line of computers.
Sounds like a success - but by this time Apple was spending all its time and effort marketing the Macintosh line of computers, and the IIGS died a slow and uneventful death.
Apple Museum has an actual sound sample on their IIGS page that you can listen to.
oldcomputers.net /appleiigs.html   (1300 words)

 Apple IIgs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Apple IIgs was the last in the line of the original Apple II's designed by Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple Computers Inc.
When the IIgs was being designed the Apple company was in the midst of a retooling phase with the announcement and release of the Macintosh.
I have found that the IIgs keyboards are interchangeable with some of the SE and later series of Mac's with the ADB ports in case anyone needs a replacement keyboard in a pinch.
www.myoldcomputers.com /museum/comp/appleiigs.htm   (1007 words)

 alfter.us - Apple IIGS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
As used in the IIGS, two voices are reserved for system use and the remaining 30 are typically used in pairs to yield 15 usable voices.
Apple II History, everything you could want to know about the II and the people behind it.
Ground Apple II Software Archive, hosted by the University of Iowa on a hard drive purchased by Apple II users throughout the Internet for this purpose.
alfter.us /a2gs.shtml   (876 words)

 Apple II History Chap 11
Apple's efforts to de-emphasize the Apple II went so far as to have their developer technical support staff specifically recommend that new applications not be created for the Apple II or II, but rather for the Macintosh.
Apple representatives met with the Bay Area Apple User Group to let them know of the decision to terminate production of the II During this meeting, the news was met with a quiet resignation, rather than the anger that had often greeted Apple's anti-Apple II decisions in the past.
Apple's previously stated intent was that the Ethernet card and GS/OS System 6.0.1 would be released at about the same time, since a major reason for this minor revision was to include the system code to support the card.
apple2history.org /history/ah11.html   (5697 words)

 Ordinateur - Apple IIgs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Apple IIgs with a colour monitor, two 800 kbyte 3.5-inch floppy drives and mouse.
Up to four drives may be connected, two 3.5 inch ones and two 5.25 inch ones (each holding the traditional Apple II 143 kbytes), for a grand total of 1886 kbytes of peripheral memory.
In the end, the IIgs was abandoned even by Apple, whose policy was to promote the Macintoshes rather than the Apple II series.
www.ornitron.com /machine/afficheordinateur.asp?idcomputer=24   (614 words)

Apple II Since the Apple II is the older cousin of the Macintosh, we've always had a soft place for it in our hearts, disregarding its flaws and appreciating its strengths.
This file includes the source code, plus binaries for both Windows and OS X. is a new Apple IIgs emulator especially built for Mac OS X. It's been ported from HP-Unix and this version has a lot of optimization, both on the source code and in Cocoa integration.
Since the Apple IIgs was compatible with older Apple II titles as well, Bernie ][ The Rescue is also a great way to play regular Apple II software.
emulation.victoly.com /apple2   (1073 words)

 Apple IIgs Technical Note #67
The Apple IIgs LaserWriter driver version 3.0 and later makes use of most resident PostScript fonts in the LaserWriter when requested.
The Apple IIgs currently identifies fonts using the family number; however, this identification method may change in the future, due to the complexity of tracking unique matches between font family names and font family numbers.
This and all of the other Apple II Technical Notes have been converted to HTML by Aaron Heiss as a public service to the Apple II community, with permission by Apple Computer, Inc. Any and all trademarks, registered and otherwise, are properties of their owners.
web.pdx.edu /~heiss/technotes/iigs/tn.iigs.067.html   (916 words)

 Free Programs for the IIgs
The Apple II connection to this is that the Mac fonts can be used on the GS if the Pointless Control Panel is installed.
Apple created the first of the demos: the Sales Demo is a beautiful piece of work for both the eye and the ear.
Apple itself is a prime offender for withholding AppleWorks GS and System 5.0.4, the GS Sales Demo, and the Introduction to the IIgs (training disk).
modena.intergate.ca /personal/gslj/iigsfreeware.html   (10218 words)

 Apple IIGS - Psychology Central   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
At the time of its release it had stunning color graphics and state-of-the-art sound capabilities that surpassed those of most other computers, including the fl and white Macintosh (apart from a slighter lower vertical resolution).
These included a 640×200-pixel mode with 2-bit palletized color and a 320×200-pixel mode with 4-bit palletized color, both of which could dip into to a 4,096 color palette.
Between the late 80's to early 90's, the Apple II developed its own Demoscene very similar in vain to that of the Amiga and Atari ST, albeit much smaller and lesser known.
psychcentral.com /psypsych/Apple_IIgs   (2805 words)

 [No title]
Apple CDROM -300 and CDROM - 300 Plus General: Both the Apple CDROM -300 and CDROM - 300 Plus are the same drive mechanism, but the Plus has got a Caddyless, sliding tray loader design.
Apple IIGS RamFast SCSI card owners If you haven't got a SCSI card for your IIGS yet, the "Best" one to get appears to be the RamFast SCSI Interface Card ROM Revision D Version 3.01e (or later).
Apple IIGS and Mac SIG in Germany CD The Apple IIgs SIG and Mac SIG here in Germany have produced a joint CD which is available NOW.
www.1000bit.net /support/manuali/apple/R014CDROMIN.TXT   (2604 words)

 History of computer design: Apple IIgs
year after the Apple IIc was introduced, frogdesign began work on the next - and last - major update to the Apple II family.
When it appeared in October 1986, the Apple IIgs exemplified Gassée's plan to gain profits via technological advance - it used a unique and powerful mouse-driven operating system that was a hybrid between that of the Apple II and the Macintosh.
It was also a hybrid in industrial design, signaling a shift in the appearance of Apple's products towards the standard that had been set by IBM.
www.landsnail.com /apple/local/design/apple2gs.html   (256 words)

 Open Directory - Computers: Emulators: Apple: Apple II   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Apple ][ Mania - Links to the ApplePC emulator, basic instructions for use, and a collection of disk images of games and utilities.
Apple II Oasis - A shareware Apple //e emulator for Windows.
Rich Skrenta's Apple II emulator in C - The C source for an Apple II emulator.
dmoz.org /Computers/Emulators/Apple/Apple_II   (418 words)

 A2Central.com - Your total source for Apple II computing.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
AppleWin, the popular Apple II emulator for Windows, is now being distributed under the GPL open source license.
CNet's News.com technology news site is looking for readers' stories about Apple and how Apple's technology has affected their lives, in celebration of Apple's upcoming 30th anniversary.
Howard Katz has posted the January, 2006 issue of Apple II News and Notes, the freely-redistributable monthly newsletter covering the Apple II world.
www.a2central.com   (460 words)

Apple II was the successor to the Apple 1 on which it was largely based.
The Apple II came with 4 KB RAM, but it was possible to add 4 KB or 16 KB RAM chips.
The Apple II was followed in 1979 by the Apple II+, which brought some enhancements.
www.old-computers.com /museum/computer.asp?c=68   (313 words)

 The A2 Home Page for Apple II Emulators!
Apple II emulation, once the stuff of dreams, is finally becoming reality.
Be aware that every emulator now available for all Apple II machines will somehow require the ROM coding from a real Apple II machine.
Apple II Oasis is a shareware Apple II Emulator (65c02 128K+ //e) for 386 or higher Intel-based machines, and requires Windows 3.1x/95/98/NT/2000 or later.
www.wbwip.com /a2web/a2emul.html   (910 words)

 The Apple IIgs Portable: A Production Run of One. (Make that ][)
It visited Apple for the now infamous "Operation Apple Storm" and has been used on comercial flights, airports, a boat, several cars and hotels nationwide.
At Apple Expo West the following year in San Fransisco the portable was seen on QVision.
The Dyna IIgs was first concieved during KFest of '94.
www.apple2.org /AppleIIgsPortables.html   (391 words)

 eBay - apple iigs, Apple, Macintosh Computers, Vintage Computing Products items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Apple IIGS System Only A2S6000 Original Case and Cover
Apple Macintosh IIGS Apple II GS Machine Mac Computer
Apple IIGS rom 3 w/key drives Color Monitor Wrnty
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=apple+iigs&newu=1&krd=1   (469 words)

 Marinetti - TCP/IP for the Apple IIgs
Marinetti is the only TCP/IP stack available for the Apple II, clean room developed from the RFCs, and written completely in 65c816 assembly language.
The Apple II FAQs which are currently being posted to
The A2 Forum previously known as A2Central.com is the center of the most active Apple II users today.
www.apple2.org /marinetti   (635 words)

 HyperCard IIGS
Hypertext is, of course, one of the big advantages of the World Wide Web, but it was HyperCard (on the Macintosh) that first popularized this capability on personal computers, and it is still a good way to implement this capability.
Apple II files at University of Iowa (Ground) (ground.isca.uiowa.edu)
Apple Computer, Inc. has provided several Technical Notes and Technical Information articles on HyperCard II They are linked to below for your convenience.
homepage.mac.com /appleblossom/hq/hcgs.html   (2506 words)

 Apple IIgs
Back in '90 the Apple IIgs was still in production and they were still writing commercial software for it, so I thought it was a good investment.
I was connected to GEnie (which all Apple users know was the ONLY true home for the II) and learned of all I could get to make my computer better.
The Apple still holds a fond place in my heart, though, as I still use it to play a few games and my kids love to play on it when they come up to visit.
home.houston.rr.com /davehand/hobbies/apple.htm   (909 words)

 Welcome to the Apple IIgs Gaming Memory Fairway
The Apple II was similar, in some respects, to the Amiga and the Atari ST. This particular 16-bit machine may have been the less popular of the three, but is just as fondly remembered by its users, if not more so.
Although containing commercial software is naughty, I think it's a nice thought that users of other platforms experience IIGS gaming than worry about legal technicalities which due to circumstances of time, really enforce nothing and protect nobody.
I think the Apple IIGS and emulation of older computers is more fun than computing today.
www.whatisthe2gs.apple2.org.za /the_fairway   (363 words)

 Sönke's Apple IIgs page
The Apple IIgs was simply the best and most fun home computer ever made, or so we maintain.
To find out lots about the Apple IIgs (and find lots of links for it), look no further than A2Web, the "mother" of all Apple II pages.
Have a browse through the trenco and caltech Apple II ftp archives, where these and many many more files reside.
www.shawnbehrens.de /apple2.htm   (560 words)

 Tucson Apple Core Home Page
We are dedicated Apple II users who love any version of the Apple II.
We have expertise not only in the Apple II, but also the Macintosh and a little bit in Wintel PC's (mostly for file exchanges).
The Apple IIgs and its system of 16-bit software is already Y2K compliant.
www.tmug.com /tac   (267 words)

 A2-Web!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
A2-Web was created to answer the need of all Apple II users worldwide for a "one stop shop" of everything related to the Apple II personal computer.
What you will find here is every link, every vendor, every web site on the planet that has anything to do with the Apple II (at least the ones that I know of).
What you will find on this web site is a dynamic and diligently maintained list of the most important web links, addresses, and information resources for online Apple II users, on a web site that is updated and revised on a regular basis.
www.wbwip.com /a2web   (333 words)

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