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Topic: Application programming interface

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 Application programming interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An application programming interface (API) is the interface that a computer system, library or application provides in order to allow requests for service to be made of it by other computer programs, and/or to allow data to be exchanged between them.
Interfaces intended for the fastest execution often consist of sets of functions, procedures, variables and data structures.
Many types of systems and applications implement APIs, such as graphics systems, databases, networks, web services, and even some computer games. /wiki/Application_programming_interface   (762 words)

 High-Tech Dictionary Definition
(API).An interface between the operating system and application programs, which includes the way the application programs communicate with the operating system, and the services the operating system makes available to the programs.For example, an API may make it possible for programs that run under it to open windows and display message boxes. /resources/dictionary/definition.html?lookup=6564   (52 words)

 Messaging Application Programming Interface from FOLDOC
Because workgroup applications demand more of their messaging systems, MAPI offers much more than basic messaging in the programming interface and supports more than local area network (LAN)-based messaging systems.
The programming interface and subsystem contained in the MAPI DLL provide objects which conform to the Component Object Model.
Applications can, for example, format text for a single message with a variety of fonts and present to their users a customised view of messages that have been filtered, sorted or preprocessed. /?Messaging+Application+Programming+Interface   (393 words)

 MQSeries Application Programming Interface
If the application requested that the queue manager generate the contents of the message identifier field in the control information section of the message (by using the constant MQMI_NONE), the call inserts the value in the field before the structure is returned.
The definitions of the calls, structures and constants are given in header files for each of the supported programming languages.
Similarly when a program gets a message from a queue within a unit of work, that message remains on the queue until the program commits the unit of work, but the message is not available to be retrieved by other programs. /MQSeries/api.html   (2368 words)

 A Critique of the Windows Application Programming Interface
Applications have to continuously process events posted by the operating system in order to exhibit the requisite liveness properties and be compliant with the provided interface.
It is therefore difficult to port existing system-programming applications directly to it without resorting to the use of a relatively thick compatibility layer that isolates the application from the Windows system.
As a result major library interface changes, such as the transition to 32 bit code, rely on a haphazard mixture of simple renaming and replacing of library modules for satisfying the new linkage requirements. /dds/pubs/jrnl/1997-CSI-WinApi/html/win.html   (3699 words)

 application program interface - a definition - see also: API, application programming interface
An application program interface (API- and sometimes spelled application programming interface) is the specific method prescribed by a computer operating system or by an application program by which a programmer writing an application program can make requests of the operating system or another application.
application program interface - a definition - see also: API, application programming interface
An API can be contrasted with a graphical user interface or a command interface (both of which are direct user interfaces) as interfaces to an operating system or a program. /sDefinition/0,,sid43_gci213778,00.html   (172 words)

 MAPI - Messaging Application Programming Interface
Mail API A programming interface from Microsoft that enables a client application to send to and receive mail from Exchange Server or a Microsoft Mail (MS Mail) messaging system.
Messaging Application Program Interface - Microsoft Windows program interface that enables you to send e-mail from within a Windows application and attach the document you are working on to the e-mail note.
An open and comprehensive messaging interface used by programmers to create messaging and workgroup applications—such as electronic mail, scheduling, calendaring, and document management. /acronym/MAPI.asp   (779 words)

 The BOINC application programming interface (API)
Most of the functions have a C interface, so that they can be used from programs written in C and other languages.
BOINC applications may consist of several programs that are executed in sequence; these are called compound applications.
Applications should initialize diagnostics before any other BOINC calls. /api.php   (918 words)

 Application Programming Interface
Although existing applications can be used unmodified, it is desirable to provide new API calls to allow modified and new applications to be developed that have some degree of awareness of the new security features.
Such application policy enforcers would still be controlled by the kernel mandatory access controls but could further refine the granularity of protection provided by the kernel.
Applications that use these new calls need to be able to convert between SIDs and security contexts. /selinux/papers/freenix01/node11.html   (485 words)

 TMAPI - Common Topic Map Application Programming Interface
The TMAPI specification defines a set of core interfaces which must be implemented by a compliant application as well as a set of additional interfaces which may be implemented by a compliant application or which may be built upon the core interfaces.
TMAPI is a programming interface for accessing and manipulating data held in a topic map.
For an application developer, this leads to non-portable code; the need to learn a new API for every topic map implementation he or she uses and the lack of a community of supporting developers.   (581 words)

 Application-level Programming Interface
With this interface, the application is able to associate its data flow with a particular cluster application and interact more directly with CP-related mechanisms in two ways.
First, the application may use the interface to communicate configuration information to the transport-level.
Such configuration is made possible by a set of system calls which allow applications to pass functions to the transport layer which operate on reported CP values in order to calculate an instantaneous sending rate. /events/usenix02/full_papers/ott/ott_html/node18.html   (195 words)

 NExS conNExions API Manual
The only prerequisites for creating a client application which utilizes the NExS connection library are a C or Fortran compiler and the X11 (release 3 or higher) object library.
The Fortran interface to the NExS connection library is written to conform to the Fortran 77 standard.
This could be useful in sophisticated applications where a NExS instance is connected to several client programs, perhaps running on different computers on a network. /manuals/conNExions-manual.php3   (13170 words)

 Telephony Application Programming Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Telephony Server Application Programming Interface (TSAPI) is a similar standard developed by Novell for NetWare servers.
The Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) is an API, which enables PCs running Microsoft Windows to use telephone services.
The biggest enhancement of TAPI 1.4 was support for 32-bit applications. /wiki/Telephony_Application_Programming_Interface   (307 words)

 Extensible SNMP Application Programming Interface
There are also network management application programs (usually running on a host somewhere on the network) that send SNMP commands to the various managed devices on the network to perform the management tasks.
The subagent is usually embedded within an application, such as a router daemon.
program defaults to using MIB groups as the level of granularity for method routines; that is, the assumption is made that all MIB variables within a group should be serviced by the same method routine. /docs/base_doc/DOCUMENTATION/V51_HTML/ARH9UCTE/SNMPCHXX.HTM   (10072 words)

 Application Programming Interface
This event notifies applications when a user changes the layers currently being displayed in a view (that is, moves a window on top of or underneath another window).
This event notifies applications when the user (or another application) changes the view that the Network Views tool is currently displaying.
This class is used to identify the application to which the predefined messages are sent, and inherits properties and methods from the /source/816-2003/API_api.html   (3675 words)

 The C Application Programming Interface to SVL
MOE was developed around an embedded programming language, the Scientific Vector Language (SVL), which is used by both applications developers and MOE users to extend and customize existing features of MOE, and to rapidly design, test, and deploy entirely new features and methodology.
A non-trivial, but straightforward example of programming with the C API is the interface to the Daylight Toolkits and is distributed with MOE 1997.09.
Since SVL is used both as a programming language and as an interactive command language, it is quite common that a function is presented with a "wrong" argument such as an invalid expression or variable name. /feature/capi.htm   (1812 words)

 Telephony Application Programming Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Telephony Server Application Programming Interface (TSAPI) is a similar standard developed by Novell for NetWare servers.
The Telephony Application Programming Interface (TAPI) is an API, which enables PCs running Microsoft Windows to use telephone services.
This version enables IP telephony by providing simple and generic methods for making connections between two or more computers and now also offers the ability to access any media streams involved in the connection. /wiki/TAPI   (297 words)

 Application Programming Interface - Computerworld
To accomplish this, the asking program uses a set of standardized requests, called application programming interfaces (API), that have been defined for the program being called upon.
Application programming interfaces (API) can seem vague, and vendors or developers might wave them around like magic wands that solve all problems.
Application developers and vendors must constantly be thinking about whether their APIs will be understandable to future developers. /softwaretopics/software/appdev/story/0,10801,43487,00.html   (1666 words)

 Application Programming Interface
The SEAN API implements an object-oriented interface to non-blocking functions for creating native ATM applications.
Third, it uses the driver interface to bind the (vpi,vci) pair identifiying an ATM connection to a file descriptor so that data can be sent and received on that connection.
There is also a way for applications to schedule periodic self-events inside applications, and this does not require the services of an SD. /ccs/project/public/sean/node16.html   (373 words)

 Application Programming Interface
An external program that uses the API to communicate with the Dispatcher is called a Director.
External programs use the API to monitor and control EnFuzion operation by sending queries about the execution progress, by changing the execution through changing variable values, and so forth.
The program Enfdirector provides an example of the use of the directing protocol. /cluster/enfman80/x7450.htm   (1897 words)

 MAPI: Messaging Application Programming Interface
Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) defines a complete architecture for messaging applications, which allows client programs to become (e-mail) messaging-enabled, -aware, or -based by calling MAPI subsystem routines that interface with certain messaging systems and message stores.
MAPI is made up of a set of common application programming interfaces and a dynamic-link library (DLL) component.
The interfaces are used to create and access diverse messaging applications and messaging systems, offering a uniform environment for development and use and providing true independence for both. /software/mapi.php   (418 words)

In the RAPI interface, the application is given some choice of data formats.
The RAPI interface is one realization of the generic API contained in the RSVP Functional Specification document, and it is being published for information only.
The calling application should supply the appropriate form, sockaddr_in or sockaddr_in6, and cast it into a sockaddr for the call. /rsvp/DOCUMENTS/rsvpapi.txt   (1340 words)

 Axis Communications - Network Camera Developer pages
This document specifies the external HTTP based application programming interface of the Axis camera and video servers.
Bypasses the presetpos interface and tells the device to go directly to the preset position number stored in the device, where the is a device-specific preset position number.
Bypasses the presetpos interface and tells the device to save its current position as preset position directly in the device, where is a device-specific preset position number. /techsup/cam_servers/dev/cam_http_api.htm   (5487 words)

 Application Programming Interface
Application Programming Interfaces are pivotal in the landmark judicial case about Microsoft's integration of Internet Explorer into the Windows 95 operating system.
An appellate court ruled that such an integration is not illegal if it benefits consumers. /313049/api.htm   (172 words)

 Java Application Programming Interface
The index entries are linked to their corresponding entries in the application programming inteface which immediately follows.
The superclass and interface references at the beginning of the class are links.
This level provides links to the classes and interfaces in a given package. /products/servlet/2.1/api/API_users_guide.html   (497 words)

 SIO Low-Level Application Programming Interface
The parallel data laboratory has been an active participant in the development of the SIO low-level application programming interface.
Consequently, the API is primarily one for "tool writers" or highly sophisticated application programers.
The interface was formally introduced to the parallel computing community at Supercomputing '96. /SIO/SioAPI.html   (183 words)

 CONCERT - Application Programming Interface
The following subsections describe the low-level programming interface on which concert scores are based.
Native code of external applications may be stored in the database and retrieved on demand by the corresponding concert instruments on demand (thus avoiding local installations of the program).
Their primary role as a special concept is that of a nice interface to the player developing a concert that requires synchronization between different instrument ensembles. /people/schreine/papers/ipa97/index_11.html   (2348 words)

 The Google API's and their uses
As it’s name implies, it is an interface that queries the Google database to help programmers in the development of their applications.
Although mostly intended for Web developers, search engine implementations or Internet applications that query the Internet using the Google database, Google’s API could be of some help for you, depending on your general level of knowledge or expertise in Web technology and your programming skills.
As of now, the available resources to fully implement and support the program are rather limited, which explains why there is a 1,000 queries a day limit on all accounts. /google-api-s-and-their-uses.html   (1025 words)

 Application Programming Interface
This interface is generically called the application programming interface, or API.
We now turn our attention from the implementation of various end-to-end protocols, to the interface these protocols provide to application programs.
Transport protocols, however, are often directly available to application programs, and as a result, special attention is paid to how application programs gain access to the communication services they provide. /llp/book/node65.html   (104 words)

 API (Application Programming Interface) (Linktionary term)
Applications send messages to MSMQ, and MSMQ uses queues of messages to ensure that the messages eventually reach their destination.
For example, MSMQ is a store-and-forward service that enables applications running at different times to communicate across networks and systems that may be temporarily offline.
In the network environment, APIs are available that interface network services for delivering data across communication systems. /a/api.html   (311 words)

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