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Topic: April 10

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  April 10 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
April 10 is the 100th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (101st in leap years).
There is also a song called "April Tenth" by Garbage.
April 9 - April 11 - March 10 - May 10 -- listing of all days
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/April_10   (1266 words)

 April 10 and the "Continuing Contract" Statute
Most educators are aware of the significance of the April 10 deadline contained in Oklahoma’s “continuing contract” statute, 70 O.S. § 6-101 (E), and the requirements of a local board of education to avoid the automatic renewal of a certified teacher’s contract for the ensuing fiscal year.
Once a continuing contract is established, a teacher who wants to subsequently resign from employment with a school district must submit a resignation, and the local board of education has the sole discretion to accept or reject the resignation.
If the local board does not accept a resignation submitted after April 25 from a teacher employed under a continuing contract, the teacher cannot enter into a teaching contract with another school district and must honor the contract that is created by the continuing contract statute.
www.okea.org /Legal/Focus/april10andthecontinuingcontractstatute.htm   (325 words)

 indymedia.us :: April 10th 2006
April 10, 2006: As Many as 2 Million Converge on US cities for National Day of Action for Immigrant Justice
On April 9th and 10th 2006, immigrants and their allies gathered in cities across the US to oppose the harsh and unworkable House Resolution 4437, and call for the full enfranchisement of all immigrant workers.
Hundreds of protests were planned nationwide on April 9 and 10, while in Boston numbers doubled since last week as ten of thousands marched from the Commons to Copley Square.
indymedia.us /en/topic/april10-2006/archive.shtml   (1148 words)

 April 10   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Born 10 Apr 1917; died 8 Jul 1979.
Argentine physiologist and corecipient, with Carl and Gerty Cori, of the 1947 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.
Loyd's 15 puzzle is the familiar 4x4 arrangement of 15 square numbered tiles in a tray that must be reordered by sliding one tile at a time into the vacant space.
www.todayinsci.com /4/4_10.htm   (2293 words)

 Search Results for "April 10"
...1919, April 10 After struggling to defeat Zapatista forces for years, Carranza approved a plan to lure Zapata into a phony meeting with a "defecting" officer.
[This charter, granted by King James I. on April 10, 1606, to the oldest of the English colonies in America, is a typical example of the documents issued by the...
...1984, April Massive demonstrations in Rio (April 10) and Sao Paulo (April 15, with 1.5 million marchers) called for immediate direct popular elections for the presidency;...
bartleby.com /cgi-bin/texis/webinator/sitesearch?FILTER=&query=April+10   (311 words)

 April 6 - 10
She passed away Thursday (April 3, 2003) in Carson City, Nev. She was a resident of Hampton for 24 years, lived in Mesa, Ariz. from 1976-1990 and had resided in Carson City for the last 13 years.
On July 10, 1935, Lucille was united in marriage with Willard Ward at Albert Lea, Minn. They farmed together in the Swaledale and Sheffield areas for more than 51 years.
Gordetta was preceded in death by her parents, Clarence and Zoe Warner; her husband, Virgil in 1985; a daughter-in-law, Donna Hubbard Mosher in 1977; her son, Willis in 1989; a granddaughter, Melanie; one brother, Ceo Warner; and a sister, Lucy McCauley.
www.pafways.org /obituaries/mcgg/2003/apr2.htm   (8052 words)

 April 10 2005 tornadoes in NW Kansas associated with 500mb cold core low system ...
April 10 2005 tornadoes in NW Kansas associated with a 500mb cold core low system by Jon Davies
March 30 (n IA/se MN) and April 5 (sw KS) also produced tornadoes associated with 500 mb closed lows, but from storms with much higher cloud bases that were less typical of such systems and that appeared nonsupercell in nature.
As will be seen in graphics below, the April 10 case matched the basics of this composite well, though both the 500mb low and surface low were southwest of the surface "focus" area, with an occluded front extending back southwestward from this focus to the surface low.
members.cox.net /jondavies4/041005nwks/041005nwks.htm   (1945 words)

 April 10 - Voyager, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
april ca:10 d'abril ceb:Abril 10 cv:Ака, 10 co:10 d'aprile cs:10.
Abrëll li:10 april hu:Április 10 mk:10 април nap:10 'e abbrile nl:10 april ja:4月10日 no:10.
april oc:10 d'abril pl:10 kwietnia pt:10 de Abril ro:10 aprilie ru:10 апреля se:Cuoŋománu 10.
www.voyager.in /April_10   (1211 words)

 ze's page :: zefrank.com: i want one
Posted by: A at April 10, 2006 09:41 AM those kinds of clouds are usually precursors to tornados.
Posted by: Gavinci at April 10, 2006 01:31 PM I have two of those and if your nice I might just give one up to you.
Posted by: Danielle at April 10, 2006 09:41 PM Looks like the bums of all the gods sitting down to their annual board meeting.
www.zefrank.com /zesblog/archives/2006/04/i_want_one.html   (304 words)

 BANDOLERO CARS ON THE SCHEDULE FOR "FAN APPRECIATION DAY" ON APRIL 10   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Once these popular racers make their first appearance of the year on April 10, they will return for practice sessions on May 21 and 28 before their Friday night racing season officially begins on June 4.
Once again, the racing on April 10 will be free of charge to the public.
Some of the activities planned for April 10 include the introduction of the speedway's new mascot, "Wally," who be will at the track on race nights to entertain fans, host childrens' activities and help with occasional victory lane ceremonies.
www.wallspeedway.com /news/nw/article.php?id=18   (413 words)

 April 6 - 10
His funeral was held on April 2, 2002, at Del Norte Baptist Church in Albuquerque, N.M., with the Rev. Francis Wilson officiating.
She was preceded in death by her parents; both husbands; two sons-in-law; five brothers, Melvin, Herman, Arthur, Wilmer and Ruben; one sister, Irene; and several nieces and nephews.
Mary Lou Osborne was born on April 16, 1929, in Chicago, Ill., the daughter of Martin James and Martha Louise (Rexroat) Dwyer.
www.pafways.org /obituaries/mcgg/2002/apr2.htm   (8271 words)

 Challenge -- April 10
Los Angeles, Ca, April 1st - In the video you can see the fascist sheriffs beating two workers over and over with their batons and kicking them after they were already lying on the ground, face down, with their hands behind their backs.
On the other hand, there is the Progressive Labor Party which says that bosses like Beta Steel must be destroyed to avenge these murders, not just of the three last week, but of all the others who have died so the bosses can live in luxury.
However, the economic and political stakes are so large that there are no guarantees that the election will actually be held, and the possibility of a violent political explosion exists.
www.plp.org /cd96/cd410.html   (9861 words)

 Today in History: April 10
Nebraskans planted more than a million trees on April 10, 1872, in celebration of the first Arbor Day.
The occasion fulfilled the dream of Julius Sterling Morton, a newspaper editor and former governor of the Nebraska Territory.
In 1885, thirteen years after Arbor Day was first celebrated, Nebraskans changed the date to April 22 in honor of Morton's birthday.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/today/apr10.html   (324 words)

 Parks Board Meeting Minutes - April 10, 2003
The agenda consent items were approved as submitted including approval of the April 10 agenda, minutes of March 27 and acknowledgment of correspondence.
As conditions such as the square footage to be leased by Audubon and the valuation of rent to be paid, cannot be identified until the design of renovation is completed, a "Form of Lease and Access Agreement" will be executed when this information is available (Exhibit D of the Use and Occupancy Agreement).
The next PEL meeting is scheduled for April 23 but he has not heard if he is on the agenda.
www.cityofseattle.net /parks/ParkBoard/minutes/2003/04-10-03_Minutes.htm   (8098 words)

 Police Log: April 12, 2000
At 12:41 p.m., April 10, a Kearsarge Way caller reported a Doberman pinscher was running loose in the area.
At 2:47 p.m., April 10, a Blue Heron Drive caller reported that when she went out for the mail someone stole her pocketbook.
At 3:15 p.m., April 10, a Greenleaf Avenue caller reported spotting a tan Husky puppy running in the area.
www.seacoastonline.com /2000news/4_12_p1.htm   (179 words)

 Presidential Primaries 2008: April 4, 2005 - April 10, 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
This year, while Bush is in Crawford, Texas, collecting his magazines for the presidential library, and Rumsfeld is scanning maps of Tehran, many are focused on what may be the greatest political event in American history.
Rudy Giuliani's decision not to run against Hillary Clinton for the Senate or to seek the governorship of New York means he's running for president in '08, according to Pulitizer Prize-winning columnist Michael Goodwin.
Just as Bush was the only one who could stop Dole from clinching the nomination that year, so Rudy may prove to be the only hope of the GOP true believers to whom McCain is anathema and Hillary is the adversary.
primary2008.typepad.com /presidentail_primaries_20/2005/week14/index.html   (1354 words)

 Think Progress » ThinkFast: April 10, 2006
No party stays in power forever, and the GOP has proven they are massive failures when it comes to their particular brand of partisan politics and “quid pro quo”.
You and your fellow reichwingers still haven’t given a reasonable explanation of why 4 and 1/2 years after 9/11 the Bush administration still hasn’t developed a program to increase the number of US intelligence agents capable of translating/interpreting the languages likely to be used by potential terrorists.
It is a well-documented fact that a call intercepted on Sept. 10, 2001 between the terrorists referring to “tomorrow as our day of glory” wasn’t translated until months after the event.
thinkprogress.org /2006/04/10/thinkfast-april-10-2006   (7392 words)

 MWP Newsletter for April 4-10, 2003
A University of Mississippi alumnus and faculty member from 1905-1907, Young was born in Como and reared in Oxford in the historic Walton-Young House, a Mississippi landmark at the corner of University Avenue and Fifth Street.
April 16: Barnard Observatory lecture hall, The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, 12 p.m.
April 23: Barnard Observatory lecture hall, The University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, 12 p.m.
www.olemiss.edu /mwp/news/nl/2003/0404.html   (2167 words)

 April 10, 2006
Madeline DeJong was born to Ann and Pete in Springfield, Oregon on April 2
The arrangements are $15.00 and you may sign up for them on the bulletin board outside of the office.
House to House has proven to be an excellent means of reaching thousands of women and their families with important information.
www.firstcongregationalkazoo.com /yourti106292.html   (2398 words)

 The Weekend Report: April 10, 2005
It was a swing and a miss commercially for the bow of Fever Pitch that ranked third with $13.2 million and the best news was in the niches where Kung Fu Hustle generated a very potent $39,000 average from seven engagements.
Overall business was the lowest thus far in 2005 and theater owners are crossing their fingers that lamb-entable early April will in fact exit like a lion.
The week was anticipated to be a tight race between the debuts of the adventure yarn Sahara and the romantic-comedy with Red Sox, Fever Pitch.
www.moviecitynews.com /columnists/klady/2005/050410.html   (611 words)

 eBay - april 10, Women's Clothing, Magazine Back Issues items on eBay.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
NWT April Cornell Cornelloki ERICA Sweater Coat~Sz 10
NWT April Cornell Fabulous Sketch Pen Flower Dress M 10
NWT April Cornell White Cotton "Purity" Nightgown M 10
search-desc.ebay.com /search/search.dll?query=april+10&newu=1&krd=1   (483 words)

 The HooK: Cultural Calenar April 10-17   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Rail ride: On May 10, 17, and 31, the James River Rambler takes trips through the springtime scenery of some of Buckingham County's most beautiful rolling hills and deep forests.
A reception at noon, April 13, welcomes the figurative and landscape paintings of Barbara Finn, which will be up until May 5.
From April 25 through April 27, the historic streets of the proud little city will be alive with 21st century Victorian vitality-&endash; people in period costumes, old-timey activities (horse and buggy rides, boxing, Victorian tea, carousel rides), live music, arts and crafts, foods, and special walking tours.
www.readthehook.com /stories/2003/04/16/culturalCalenarApril1017.html   (5924 words)

 WTC Environmental Monitoring: April 10, 2002
One sample, taken on April 2 at Location "W" (Wash Tent Common Area) showed 80 structures per square millimeter, which exceeds the AHERA standard.
Air Sampling for VOC's - Sampling for volatile organic compounds (VOC's) was conducted on April 9 in the direct area of the excavation at ground zero.
All samples taken on April 9 at EPA's Wash Tent (West and Murray Streets), Austin Tobin Plaza, and the North Tower and South Tower excavation areas showed no detectable levels of VOC's.
www.epa.gov /wtc/summaries/epa-osha041002.htm   (532 words)

 April 2003
On April 9 Borislav Paravac is elected as the new Serb member (and chairman) of the Presidency, taking office April 10.
On April 9 Rüütel approves the new cabinet, which retains Kristiina Ojuland as foreign minister, while Margus Hanson becomes defense minister, Margus Leivo interior minister, and Tõnis Palts finance minister.
In the new cabinet named on April 17 Mahmoud Hammoud becomes defense minister and is replaced as foreign minister by Jean Obeid.
rulers.org /2003-04.html   (942 words)

 NASCAR.com - NASCAR Top 10: Martinsville - April 5, 2004
The series is off this week due to Easter Sunday, and returns April 18 at Martinsville (Va.) Speedway with the Advance Auto Parts 500.
The drivers who are in the NASCAR Top 10 or within 400 points of the leader after those 26 races will vie for the series title.
Martinsville Speedway has been a bit of a puzzle for Sadler; in 10 races, he has only one top-10 finish, a fifth in last year's spring race.
www.nascar.com /2004/news/headlines/official/top_ten/04/05/martinsville/index.html   (924 words)

 April 10
A Saturday morning April 2 EXTRA was issued by The Producer reporting the death of Harvy Shepherd who was stabbed to death "on lower Main street in front of The 49 Dance Hall." Peg Stockton, former deputy sheriff of Hughes county gave himself up to Peace Justice Heath.
They arrested 10 or 12 persons for various violations, some of whom were fined and others forfeited their bonds in police court Thursday.
Seminole high school broke even on the football season, of the 10 games played five were victorious and five were defeats.
www.seminoleproducer.com /1927.htm   (16233 words)

 asia information news   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
On April 10, we gathered all over America to make our voices heard.
One month ago, immigrant-rights activists despaired over what appeared to be a foregone conclusion -- the passage of a national immigration bill that would militarize the border, criminalize...
About 20,000 of them marched from a downtown park to the state capitol building, which was engulfed in a sea of waving flags, brown faces and Spanish...
www.asiapages.com.sg /April__10.php   (216 words)

 Re: No steam in Sydney til April 10...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Darren Yates wrote: > > Having looked at the schedules, it appears as though there will be no steam > in Sydney til April 10 at the earliest...
Prev by thread: No steam in Sydney til April 10...
Next by thread: Re: No steam in Sydney til April 10...
www.railpage.org.au /ausrail/98dec/msg01752.html   (162 words)

 AmeriScan: April 10, 2006
As the Red Cross continues responding to the April 2 tragedy in northwestern Tennessee, its Nashville Area chapter has opened three shelters in the affected central part of the state — in Goodlettsville, Gallatin, and Hendersonville.
Trinity Industries Inc. and Bindas are each charged with three felony counts of unlawful management of hazardous waste under Pennsylvania's Solid Waste Management Act, including the unlawful storage, transport or disposal of hazardous waste, unlawfully owning or operating a hazardous waste storage or disposal facility and transporting hazardous waste without a license.
Each of those counts is punishable by a term of two to 10 years in prison and fines of up to $100,000 per day, for each violation.
www.ens-newswire.com /ens/apr2006/2006-04-10-09.asp   (3363 words)

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