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Topic: April 2

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  April 2 information - Search.com
April 2 is the 92nd day of the year (93rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar, with 273 days remaining.
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April 1 - April 3 - March 2 - May 2 - listing of all days
www.search.com /reference/April_2   (1221 words)

  April 2 - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
aprill el:2 Απριλίου es:2 de abril eo:2-a de aprilo eu:Apirilaren 2 fr:2 avril fy:2 april gl:2 de abril ko:4월 2일 hr:2.
apríl it:2 aprile he:2 באפריל csb:2 łżëkwiôta ku:2'ê avrêlê lt:Balandžio 2 lb:2.
april oc:2 d'abril pl:2 kwietnia pt:2 de Abril ro:2 aprilie ru:2 апреля sa:२ एप्रिल simple:2 April sk:2.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/April_2   (1073 words)

 April 2 - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
april ca:2 d'abril cv:Ака, 2 co:2 d'aprile cs:2.
april oc:2 d'abril os:2 апрелы pl:2 kwietnia pt:2 de Abril ro:2 aprilie ru:2 апреля se:Cuoŋománu 2.
sco:2 Aprile sq:2 Prill scn:2 di aprili simple:April 2 sk:2.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/a/p/r/April_2.html   (1141 words)

 April 2 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
April 2 is the 92nd day of the year (93rd in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar, with 273 days remaining.
April 1 - April 3 - March 2 - May 2 - listing of all days
This page was last modified 15:36, 11 September 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/April_2   (1196 words)

 H-L 2 In April 2004 or Earlier? - MegaGames pc
This strategy of arguing with their partners over H-L 2 announcements seems to be Valve's M.O., throughout this pre-release saga but until they do release some form of statement which makes a holiday release official you are advised to read what VU Games have to say on the subject.
At a time when Valve are keeping quiet, working on their security and conducting damage assessments no doubt, VU Games decided to speak out, crashing any hopes that the game would have made it to a holiday release.
For those of you residing in another planet, under a rock, H-L 2 was delayed from its original 30 September release due to steam bandwidth issues and other technical problems but the theft of the source code, apparently using Gabe Newell's email, will probably require Valve to rewrite a large part of the game.
www.megagames.com /news/html/pc/h-l2inapril2004orearlier.shtml   (313 words)

 April 2, 2003 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
See also April 1, 2003 - April 2003 - April 3, 2003
A satellite photograph of smoke plumes in the vicinity of Baghdad, Iraq caused by oil wells lit on fire.
This page was last modified 01:19, 2 August 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/April_2,_2003   (138 words)

 CNRFC - Storm Summaries - April 2 - 6, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In addition, the weeks of heavy rainfall culminating with the storms of early April were blamed for several mud and land slides, including the death of a Marin county man who was buried while working outside on his yard's drainage system when the adjacent hillside gave way.
As the month turned to April, another storm developed in the Gulf of Alaska and began to dive south and east toward the west coast.
With the time scale from right to left, the images show the snow levels averaging between 8,000 and 10,000 feet early in the storm lowering to near 4,000 feet toward the latter part of the storm when the colder air associated with the upper low moved overhead.
www.cnrfc.noaa.gov /april2006storms.php   (3174 words)

 Summary of April 2-4, 2005, flooding in New Jersey
Doppler-radar-based estimates of total rainfall for the 24-hour period ending at 0700 hours EDT on April 3 were 2 to 4 inches over western New Jersey, north of Mercer County.
On Saturday, April 2, six 2-person crews of hydrologic technicians and hydrologists visited stream-gaging stations and crest-stage gages on smaller streams that respond quickly to rain events.
2) damaged some of the data-logging equipment, which failed to record the peak by approximately 0.5 ft. The peak was determined on the basis of a high-water mark at the gage.
nj.usgs.gov /special/flood0405   (1765 words)

 Dating Tips & Relationship Advice with Dating Advice Expert, April Masini
April Masini -- nicknamed "the new millennium's Dear Abby" by the media, is author of the best-selling books Date Out Of Your League and Think and Date Like A Man, the two step-by-step dating and relationship manuals, 50 First Dates and The Next 50 Dates, and the critically acclaimed dating and relationship online magazine www.AskApril.com.
Ask April a question for FREE -- and get her personal advice -- with the purchase of any of April Masini's books.
April receives hundreds of questions monthly, therefore we must limit personalized responses to those who have purchased a book.
www.askapril.com   (1067 words)

 Steve & April (& sydney 2)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
She does wake up and ask politely for food in the middle of the night, so there will be some transition for us all.
We were only at the hospital for about 2 hours before she made her grand entrance.
Sydney is enjoying putting her babies into the car seat as practice for the arrival of #2.
steve-april.com /videogallery   (444 words)

 Today in History: April 2
Telegram from Robert E. Lee, in Petersburg, to Jefferson Davis, in Richmond, April 2, 1865.
At approximately 7 A.M. on Sunday, April 2, 1865, Ulysses S. Grant's army attacked Confederate lines at Petersburg, Virginia.
The Cotillion was a popular ballroom dance in both the antebellum and post-Civil War periods.
memory.loc.gov /ammem/today/apr02.html   (380 words)

 April 2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The newly-separated Anglican church was given some formal structure in 1562 during the reign of Elizabeth I. That structure is not a management process or governing organization.
If you would like a separate envelope for donations, these will be available in the narthex and in the pews on April 2.
This is also the time to pick up your NEW Blue Box (available in the narthex, outside the main office or in the Parish Hall) and keep saying those prayers of thanksgiving.
www.holytrinity.org /april_2.htm   (1384 words)

APRIL 2, 2005.........APRIL 2, 2005.........APRIL 2, 2005........APRIL 2, 2005........APRIL 2, 2005........APRIL 2, 2005........APRIL 2, 2005........APRIL 2, 2005
In a special meeting held Jan. 18, 2005, Humble ISD Trustees voted to call for a bond election to be held on April 2, 2005.
Voter registration: last day to register with Harris County Registrar's Office to vote in the April 2 Humble ISD Bond Election is March 3, 2005.......last day to register to vote in the upcoming Humble ISD trustee election on May 7, 2005 is April 7.
www.habelmath.com /april_2.htm   (614 words)

 News April 2, 2001
April 6, at which the student-artists will be present to talk about their works.
On Tuesday, April 3, Dickerson will be the keynote speaker in a forum to discuss advanced technology for groundwater exploration.
April 23 to honor individuals who are making positive impacts for people with disabilities at UK.
www.uky.edu /PR/UK_News/news4201.html   (5232 words)

 TPWD: April 2-3, 2003 Commission Meeting Agenda – Synopsis Reports
April 2 – 3, 2003 Commission Meeting Agenda
April 2 – 3, 2003 Commission Meeting Transcripts
Aransas County is requesting a 75% matching share grant in the amount of $263,465 for the construction of a 2-lane boat ramp with a 35-space parking lot to be located on Lamar Beach Road on St. Charles Bay.
www.tpwd.state.tx.us /business/feedback/meetings/2003/0403/agenda/synopsis_reports   (2304 words)

 Administrative Code Bulletin: April 2, 2003
(2) Have two or more years of successful experience in a professional field or area in which the instructor is teaching classes and in which post baccalaureate recognition or professional licensure is necessary for practice, including but not limited to the fields or areas of accounting, engineering, law, law enforcement, and medicine.
Full–time developmental education and adult education instructors may or may not meet minimum requirements depending on their teaching assignments and the relevancy of standards to the courses they are teaching and the transferability of such courses.
(2) The hospital–specific case–mix index is computed by taking each hospital’s trimmed claims that match the hospital’s 2001 fiscal year and paid through March 31, 2002, summing the assigned DRG weights associated with those claims and dividing by the total number of Medicaid claims associated with that specific hospital for that period.
www.legis.state.ia.us /Rules/2003/Bulletin/ACB030402.html   (6483 words)

 Saint Patrick's Church: Saints of April 2
Born in Peterborough, England; died at Chelmsford, England, April 2, 1582; beatified in 1886; canonized in 1970 by Pope Paul VI as one of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.
She may also be shown (1) being thrown into water with a stone around her neck; (2) as the angel brings her ashore; or (3) nailed through her feet to a cypress tree and hanged by her hair (Roeder).
Sometimes he may be shown with (1) a book with a wine vessel on it or (2) grapes on a missal as he holds the triple cross (owing to confusion in southern Germany with Pope Urban II.
www.saintpatrickdc.org /ss/0402.htm   (4563 words)

 NALC Bulletin - April 2, 2004
The U.S. Postal Service has agreed to place a moratorium on all new route counts and nspections from April 3, 2004 through August 31, 2004 while USPS and the NALC engage in a joint process to verify cased mail volume.
Route inspections that started before April 3 are not included in the moratorium.
The verification process on cased mail begins April 5 where possible, but must start no later than April 12 in all delivery units and will conclude on May 28.
www.nalc.org /news/bulletin/bull0704.html   (600 words)

 EPA Pesticide Program Updates: April 2, 2002
On April 2, 2002, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced an opportunity for public comment on the Agency's determination as to whether the class of pesticides commonly referred to as "the triazines" share a common mechanism of toxicity.
Under the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996 (FQPA), EPA is required to consider the cumulative effects of pesticides that affect the body through the same key pathways when establishing, modifying, revoking, or deciding to leave a tolerance in place.
OPP feels that these pesticides should be considered a common mechanism group for purposes of a cumulative risk assessment and as part of the tolerance reassessment process.
www.wrpmc.ucdavis.edu /Policy/LEG/epaupd040202.html   (549 words)

 REC - MIS: Green Horizon - April 2, 1999
Ministers were told to prepare materials for the government by April 30, to argue their position, according to Reuters.
At last year's meeting, the organisation concluded that all countries of the region should continue to meet and work together on their common interests in the energy sector, which include ensuring the security of energy supplies, competitiveness and efficiency, as well as environmental obligations, the report said.
A similar seminar will be held April 17-20 in Krakow, Poland, with the participation of representatives from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, and the Republic of Slovenia, the press release said.
www.rec.org /REC/Programs/MIS/GreenHorizon/GH120.html   (2906 words)

 [INFOCON] Security In The News - April 2, 2004   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The study, released on April 1, 2004, shows that people from Yugoslavia, Nigeria, Romania, Pakistan and Indonesia are the main offenders.
At least the rate of infection is down to an increase of only 2-3% per year between 2001 and 2003, compared with annual infection rates of 12% between 1996 and 2000, mainly due to increased security measures and awareness.
On April 1, 2004, a federal judge in Florida ruled that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) must file lawsuits against individual suspected pirates, rather than "lumping them together in a single suit".
www.iwar.org.uk /pipermail/infocon/2004-April/001224.html   (2571 words)

 Kent State Softball -- April 2, 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The games scheduled for April 2 against Youngstown State University were postponed to Thursday, April 18, due to poor field conditions in Youngstown.
Linder, who is in her sixth season at KSU and her 17th as a head coach, also won her 400th game in her career March 9 against the University of Kentucky.
Sophomore Marci Ridenbaugh (Canton, Ohio/South) leads the league in triples with three and junior Megan McGaughey (Massillon, Ohio/GlenOak) is seventh in RBI with 14 and tied for seventh in walks with eight.
dept.kent.edu /athletics/softball/2002/sb040302.htm   (1139 words)

 [The Harborsite] iraqwar.ru: April 2, 2003   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Previous message: [The Harborsite] iraqwar.ru: April 2, 2003
> > > April 2, 2003, 1335hrs MSK (GMT +4 DST), Moscow - Exceptionally difficult > and unstable situation has developed on the US-Iraqi front by the morning > of April 1.
After moving behind > the Iraqi positions, while simultaneously attacking them from the front, > the US troops still were unable to break the Iraqi defenses and by morning > were forced to return to the their starting positions.
grunt.space.swri.edu /pipermail/harborsite/2003-April/001355.html   (1565 words)

 April 2 2003 RussCon Report   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
There will be another Austin peace rally and march on Saturday April 5.
Also: Sunday April 6 there will be a performance art sort of protest/demo thingie.
The event will take place in the grove of trees on the E side of Lamar, just south of San Gabriel (which is the street South of 29th).
russcon.org /RussCon/2003/0402.html   (1761 words)

 Prep Roundup - April 2, 2006
Eagle Point scored the only run it would need in the second inning of Game 2 when Rob Hulla hit a one-out double and eventually scored when Johnny Harvey was hit by a pitch with the bases loaded.
Matt Hauser was 2-for-3 with an RBI and Brian Zeigler 2-for-3 for Cascade Christian (6-2) in the nightcap.
Mazama, one of the league favorites, led 3-2 and was looking for the sweep when the fireworks began.
www.mailtribune.com /archive/2006/0402/sport/stories/01sport.htm   (841 words)

 April 2, 2003
The April boat show issue of Latitude 38, our biggest of the year, has been distributed.
We think it may be our best yet, so we hope you pick one up at one of the usual places and check it out.
Our readers and distributors should be forewarned that the May issue will come out on Friday, May 2, and not on May 1.
www.latitude38.com /LectronicLat/2003/0403/April02/April2.html   (943 words)

 Newspaper April 2, 2006
This was a much smaller than many expected after the 500,000 demonstrators in Los Angeles last weekend.
Regardless, organizers said protests will continue throughout April until the "Day of Action" on May 1, when they are calling on supporters to stay home from school and work.
A couple emphasized that the lobbyist and his wife kept their end of agreements: "Despite their political and business commitments, they held up their share of carpool duties." And, some point out that, in the end, Abramoff was just human: "People make mistakes."
jamesnews.blogster.com /newspaper_april_2_2006.html   (990 words)

 April 2
Susannah and I have been invited to speak to their couple dinner on Saturday, April 21.
Other dates to be determined, but Susannah will teach on 1 Peter 3; there will be teaching on Biblical roles; the week after that Geni will teach on cultural issues; I am to teach on healthy conflict in marriage; Sue Golder and a helper will do a bit on the five "love languages."
Today, Friday 13 April, Susannah has been feeling tough, using lots of Kleenex, on an antibiotic (thanks Greg) and I too am a bit "wimpy." But the ministry opportunities are why we are here.
www.bushkillchurch.org /Our_Community/Mission_email/Dabney_041301.htm   (1548 words)

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