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Topic: Ar Log

In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Ar Log Information
Ar Log are a well-established folk band in Wales who have performed since the 1970s.
In the early 1980s, Ar Log's horizons expanded substantially with the addition of Stephen ('Steffan') Rees (accordion, fiddle and keyboards).
Ar Log V probably remains the group's most prominent album in terms of blending the synthesiser into the traditional elements.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Ar_Log   (943 words)

  Ar Log - Wikipedia
They are the only constant members of Ar Log, which means "for hire" in Welsh.
The flame is carried mainly by Ar Log, who can be seen as the equivalent of Ireland's The Chieftains.
Ar Log I - III (1976 - 1981)
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ar_Log   (244 words)

 Ar Log mother son galleries Ar Log
They are the only constant members of Ar Log, which means "for hire" in Welsh.
The flame is carried mainly by Ar Log, who can be seen as the equivalent of Ireland's The Chieftains.
Ar Log I – III (1976 – 1981)
www.find-ask.com /Encyclopedia/Ar_Log/Ar_Log.html   (353 words)

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and doors in the log openings are mounted in simple rectangular frames, called window or door bucks made from 2 x 10 lumber, made to the inside dimensions matching the size of the window or door.
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 MP3.com Search Results for: [ ar ]
Arguably the most criminally under-recognized band of their era, the British duo A.R. Kane anticipated virtually all of the key musical breakthroughs of the 1990s a decade before the fact, with the roots of everything from shoegazing to trip-hop to ambient dub -- even those of post-rock -- lying in their dreamy, oceanic sound.
One of the most melodic guitarists in Celtic music, Dan Ar Bras has recorded as a soloist and with innovative Celtic harp, bagpipe and flute player Alan Stivell.
A pioneer of electric folk in the early 1970s, Ar Bras has continued to explore the textural possibilities of electric and acoustic guitar.
www.mp3.com /search.php?action=Search&stype=artist&query=ar   (427 words)

 Celtic Crossroads: The music of Wales
Ar Log (For Hire) is one of the most durable and best-loved Welsh folk groups.
"Ar Log VI" (Sain) is similarly diverse, and the players move from delicate pastorals, to neo-folk experiments, to ceilidh foot-stompers with their usual pluck and aplomb.
Ar Log and other artists have covered some of the same material, but George's warmly sympathetic treatments can stand comparison with the best of them.
www.rootsworld.com /celtic/wales.html   (1411 words)

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The default ports used by the Cisco AR server are ports 1645 and 1646.
During the transition from stopped to running, Cisco AR reverses this process by opening a connection with its internal database, reading configuration data, claiming memory, establishing network connections, opening files, and initializing scripts.
A core file in the Cisco AR installation directory is an indication that Cisco AR has crashed and restarted.
www.cisco.com /univercd/cc/td/doc/product/rtrmgmt/cnsar/4_1/users/trouble.htm   (1202 words)

 ACCELERATED READER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
AR books can also be found in Covington Library.
Students are required to have a book to read daily, keep a daily AR reading log, and take at least 2 AR tests per quarter.
Reading logs and tests are recorded in their English classes and AR is incorporated into their total grade for each quarter.
www.kent.k12.wa.us /staff/GlennHarmaning/AR.htm   (194 words)

 James E. Plew Elementary - Accelerated Reader
If a student is having trouble passing the AR tests at a particular level, the teacher may decide to have them try books at a different level.
The log is a tool used by teachers, students, parents, and the Media Specialist to help track your student’s progress in Accelerated Reader.
If your child’s log indicates that he/she took quizzes on two or more chapter books on a specific day, this indicates that he/she either did not read both books, or that the books were not read thoroughly.
members.cox.net /plew_ar/arfaqs.htm   (1125 words)

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LOG Technology Consulting is a young design agency and studio with a great deal of experience and capacity of response, which is devoted to provide high-quality graphic design and web development.
Today, LOG is a highly specialized team of 17 graphic design professionals and web developers, with more than 1,000 projects in our history - the result of our passion for excellence.
Every week, LOG is hired to develop spectacular projects which we convert into incredible coding and design works.
www.log.com.ar   (733 words)

 Receipts-Entering and Applying
The AR Manager is responsible for ensuring that this document is necessary, reflects actual practice, and supports University policy.
Contact the AR Billing Specialist or the AR Departmental Requester responsible for this invoice, verify that this is a cash-in-advance receipt.
Contact the AR Manager when you discover a bank deposit error or are unable to determine the reason for the out-of-balance condition.
www.virginia.edu /integratedsystem/howdoi/HTML/PRO3625U.htm   (496 words)

 Vancouver Folk Music Festival Performer Archives
On their first visit here in 1982 the group astonished us with the beauty, complexity and sheer uniqueness of traditional Welsh music and song, not to mention a clog dance performed with a broom (which is impossible to describe, let alone perform).
One of the most exciting aspects of Ar Log is the triple harp, the quintessential Welsh instrument.
With harp, flutes, violins, mandolin, guitar and voice, Ar Log performs music which is both powerful and haunting.
www.thefestival.bc.ca /archive/index.cfm?perID=1254   (195 words)

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 Logging syslog Messages
Cisco AR writes log files and session data (to persist user sessions) in the same disk partition where Cisco AR is installed.
If log files are not managed regularly, Cisco AR might not have sufficient disk space to write session data.
To avoid this, you should move the Cisco AR log files directory to a different disk partition than the one where Cisco AR writes session data, as described in Changing Log Directory.
www.cisco.com /univercd/cc/td/doc/product/rtrmgmt/cnsar/4_0/user/logging.htm   (1195 words)

Although a book is labeled A.R. in that database collection, it does not necessarily mean that we have purchased the test.
AR testing is available in classrooms, the media center, and the computer lab.
After each test, points earned are recorded on their A.R. log.
www.cabarrus.k12.nc.us /allen/accelerated_reader.htm   (645 words)

 Broadband Logs - RF Antenna, Radiant Arrow, Log Periodic Antenna
AR's log periodics are designed for high power radiated testing and can be calibrated for emissions.
From the AR family of bent element antennas comes the Radiant Arrow 80™ (AT5080 - for fields from 80 MHz to 5.0 GHz) representing a significant advance in the science of log periodic antennas.
For more lower-end frequency responses, AR developed the Radiant Arrow 26™ (AT5026A), which goes from 26 MHz to 5.0 GHz with at least 10 dB better performance at 26 MHz.
www.ar-amps.com /html/13100.asp?S=1   (292 words)

 Interval estimation of the attributable risk in case-control studies with matched pairs -- Lui 55 (12): 885 -- Journal ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
However, the research on interval estimation of the AR under this design is limited.
we obtain the estimate ^AR to be 0.252.
In summary, this paper considers five interval estimators of the AR for the matched pair case-control studies.
jech.bmjjournals.com /cgi/content/full/55/12/885   (2601 words)

 AR Requirements
The number of AR titles is growing all the time, thanks to the generosity of the Parent Faculty Club.
AR books need to be approved by the parent/guardian.
You are required to read at least one (1) AR book each quarter that is appropriate for your reading level.
mysite.verizon.net /mcmshoberman/id55.html   (539 words)

 Safle Gwe Sain/ www.sain.wales.com / Sain' Web Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Ar Log have celebrated a quarter of a century of performing Wales' best tunes.
A CD was also released in 2001 to commemorate the occasion, and the CD has the best tracks from their early recordings - Ar Log I - III.
This is to celebrate twenty years since their commemorative Tour in 1982 marking the 700th anniversary since the death of Llywelyn ein Llyw Olaf (The Last Prince of Wales).
www.sain.wales.com /english/new/news/arlog.htm   (141 words)

 Pictiwrs.com: Dark Horse (Dagur Kari, 2005)
Roedd y film honno yn ddarlun trasig-ddoniol o fachgen ar gyrion cymdeithas mewn pentref bach yng Ngwlad yr Ia. Llwyddodd i ddal unigrwydd a unigolrwydd y bachgen od hwnnw, ac mae’r ffilm hon eto’n dilyn sdori bachgen gwahanol iawn ar y cyrion.
Mae Daniel yn artist graffiti ar log, ac wedi bod yn ddiwaith ers blynyddoedd, yn wir does ganddo ddim dealltwriaeth o beth yw gwaith.
Roedd hyn yn aneglur ac yn amharu braidd ar y sdori arall yn fy marn i.
morfablog.com /pictiwrs/archif/2005/11/18/dark_horse_dagur_kari_2005.html   (534 words)

 AR System 6.x: Approved Technical Support Certification
In this course, you will learn how to troubleshoot applications based on the AR System using an approved Remedy Customer Support troubleshooting methodology.
This methodology is applied to many different areas of the AR System, including client, server, mid tier, and application issues.
AR System 6.x: Administering - Part 2 or equivalent knowledge
www.remedy.com /solutions/services/education/courses/q-ar-670-6.htm   (232 words)

 A Welsh Misic Omnibus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Artists covered, in addition to Gwerinos, include Sian James, with her beautiful ethereal voice, Saith Rhyfeddodd, Bob Delyn a'r Ebillion, Ogam, Pigyn Clust, Aberjaber, a fun a capella song by Cusan Tan, Ar Log, Plethyn, JohnRodge, Carreg Lafar, Branwen, Calennig, and Dafydd Iwan.
Ar Log's long experience showsthrough the music: the style of the music, if not the tunes, was recognizable from New England's better contra bands -- the tunes travel along at a good clip without ever sounding hurried -- or tired-- or out of control.
Ar Log has been around for 20 years, and this anniversary album sees former members Dave Burns and Graham Pritchard return, as well as guests Graham Land, Dafydd Wyn, Sian Wheway, and Eden.
www.greenmanreview.com /all_things_welsh!.htm   (536 words)

 The Session: Recordings - Ar Log VI by Ar Log
These four were brought together by the Welsh Tourist Board, eager for a Welsh traditional group to represent the Cymru / Wales in Lorient, Brittany for the annual ‘Interceltique festival’.
In 1996 ~ this album, ‘Ar Log VI’ is the result of their celebrating their anniversary with all members, past and present…with drum and bassdrummer and bassist in their performances.
"Ar Log I - III" ~ 1976 - 1981
thesession.org /recordings/display/2250   (547 words)

 Home Page: June M Moeller   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Our homework consists of the AR log and also the projects assigned.
Each child has a Reading Log to fill out and should record what he or she is reading at home and at school.
Please ask your child for his reading log so that you can see his or her progress.
reinvent.k12.wv.us /lt/homepage.nsf/14493853b89d2092802569970056b314/ca9012bb1136baa385256d45006d4f11?OpenDocument   (231 words)

 Quia - Class Page - Gaye McKinney
The students will be given a new AR Testing Log each nine weeks.
They use the log to record their AR test scores and the percent of goal they have earned.
This is particularly important if the student has been absent or is behind in their AR goal points.
www.quia.com /pages/mckinneyg.html   (322 words)

 AR Points   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Students will be allowed to read library books of their choice and will be responsible for logging their points in the AR log.
If students would like to read books that are not on the A.R. list, they may do so and earn points as long as they create their own test over the book.
The test must be multiple choice, just like the A.R. tests on the computer, with the correct answer circled on the test, and the student’s language arts teacher must preapprove the book and assign it a point value before the child reads it.
www.breck.k12.ky.us /bcms/new_page_11.htm   (550 words)

 Log Home Builders, Manufacturers & Dealers In Arkansas.
Barna Log Homes - Barna Log Homes is one of the largest log home manufacturers in America, having sold more than 13,000 homes since our establishment in 1976.
AR Homes, Inc. - AR Homes Inc. designs and builds log homes in NW Arkansas, SW Missouri and NE Oklahoma.
Log Home Connection, LLC is an independent dealer for Honest Abe Log Homes.
loghomelinks.com /states/ark.htm   (601 words)

 SchoolNotes.com - Notes Page
AR tests count three times in the gradebook.
The only homework assignment all this week is to complete the reading log that is due on Friday.
Reading log is due this THURSDAY because there is a field trip on Friday.
www.schoolnotes.com /28079/hessgrove34.html   (2409 words)

 Living Graph   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Click the log v vs. log [I] tab to see the logarithms of initial rates plotted against the logarithms of initial concentrations of reactant I.
Click the log v vs. log [Ar] tab to see the analogous plot of reactant Ar.
An alternative procedure is to plot the vertical intercepts of the log v vs. log [I] plots against log [Ar] (intercept vs. log [Ar] tab).
www.whfreeman.com /pchem7/content/livinggraphs/P725C07.html   (225 words)

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