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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

The Arboreal XML browser is a powerful and flexible tool developed by the Archimedes Project for content-based access to, and annotation of,
Arboreal includes special features for working with parallel versions of texts, morphology and terminology, and linked images.
Arboreal supports many standards and is designed as a cross-platform tool that can be used on many different computing systems.
archimedes.fas.harvard.edu /arboreal   (160 words)

 Boaphile Plastics! Arboreal Cages!
-All arboreal cages include one perch and one pair of perch rests installed or left loose for your special location.
This is installed in the end of the cage so the Arboreal Herp can move as close to the heat source as is needed.
All the Arboreal Cages now come standard with the nice custom fl latches you see on all our other cages.
www.boaphileplastics.com /arborealcages.html   (861 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Arboreal rodents are important elements of regional biodiversity.
Hence, the response of arboreal rodents to management of young stands is an important area of investigation.
Previous research indicates that arboreal rodents may be particularly sensitive to changes in forest structure, but their response to forest management has not been fully elucidated.
www.cope.hmsc.orst.edu /projects/rocky.htm   (558 words)

 Learning to Fly: How Birds Took to the Air - EvoWiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Arboreal organisms face challenges in foraging for food and other resources which are not met by cursors, which can proceed in a rather linear fashion over terrain to find the resources needed.
Both the cursorial and arboreal theories for the origin of bird flight are historical narrative explanations and thus are not strictly deductive; only an inductive process in which favorable data is advanced in their defense can test them.
It has further been argued that the arboreal theory for the origin of avian flight is deficient as it is at odds with the inferred ecology of the earliest birds and their presumed theropod ancestors.
wiki.cotch.net /index.php/Learning_to_Fly:_How_Birds_Took_to_the_Air   (4793 words)

 Early-winter Habitat Use by Mountain Caribou in the southern Purcell Mountains, British Columbia
The species of arboreal lichen on standing or downed trees and downed branches was not recorded in data forms, but field notes indicated that it was almost always Bryoria spp., with Alectoria sarmentosa constituting <1% or occasionally <5% of the available lichen per transect.
In contrast, when snow was deep, arboreal lichen was the only available food and occurred in varying amounts on virtually every tree, so caribou may have shifted strategies to inspect more trees in an effort to locate better lichen patches.
The exclusive use of arboreal lichen during the latter part of this study was consistent with late-winter activity, but began 8 weeks before the approximate date normally associated with the beginning of late winter across mountain caribou range (Simpson et al.
srmwww.gov.bc.ca /kor/wld/reports/htmlfiles/Purcari001/Purcari001.html   (3973 words)

 Arboreal and the CDLI   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Arboreal is an XML browser, a powerful and general tool developed by the Archimedes Project at Harvard University for content-based access to XML texts.
An abridged version of Arboreal is available here as a Java applet for use with a small subset of about 90 archaic texts in the data set of the Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative.
A pop-up menu allows you to access a set of Arboreal commands including "toggle view," which allows you to switch view options between ASCII text format and XML mark-up format.
cdli.ucla.edu /progress/arboreal.html   (218 words)

 Clinton Presidential Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Arboreal ceilings, manufactured by Ceilings Plus, Los Angeles, California, are lightweight aluminum panels finished with wood or other natural veneers.
Arboreal panels qualify for additional LEED credits because their aluminum core contains up to 98 percent recycled materials, including 75 percent post-consumer content from recycled aluminum beverage cans.
In addition to providing the bamboo veneer and meeting rigorous environmental conditions, the Arboreal panels were custom perforated to provide the desired appearance and create a high noise reduction coefficient.
www.ceilingsplus.com /news/articles/C3455_Clinton   (347 words)

 Search Results for arboreal - Encyclopædia Britannica
Arboreal frogs are slender-bodied anurans with tapering legs and feet.
family of arboreal apes, most notable among which are the gibbon and the siamang (qq.v.).
The mechanics of arboreal leaping do not differ from those of terrestrial saltation; the upward thrust in both is produced by the rapid, simultaneous extension of the hind legs.
www.britannica.com /search?query=arboreal&submit=Find&source=MWTEXT   (408 words)

 SDNHM - Arboreal Salamander
The Arboreal Salamander occurs from sea level to almost 2,500 feet in elevation.
The Arboreal Salamander is a fully terrestrial species and does not need to return to water to breed, but its distribution is restricted to moist habitats.
It is unique among all of the North American salamanders in its arboreal activity.
www.sdnhm.org /fieldguide/herps/anei-lug.html   (445 words)

 Arboreal Technologies - Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
At Arboreal Technologies we specialize in distinctive Wooden PC Cases and Computer accessories for the customer who wants something a bit different in their Office or living room to the basic beige or fl plastic PC case.
Our PC cases and accessories are for the customer who wants their PC to complement the style and class they expect from the rest of their office surroundings whether it's a corporate boardroom or a home office.
Arboreal Technologies is proud to announce the launch of its range of TFTs, Mice and Keyboards all finished in hand-crafted wood.
www.arborealtech.com   (156 words)

 Anurans - Arborial
Arboreal species tend to have relatively large heads and eyes, with long legs and slim waists.
Many arboreal species contain an extra set of extensor muscles in their fingers as an adaptation to arboreality, although some non-arboreal species also contain this extra set of muscles, but they probably had an arboreal ancestor and retained the hand muscles as a conserved feature.
Arboreal species that lack this muscle would most likely, therefore, have had non-arboreal ancestors.
cal.man.ac.uk /student_projects/2000/mnzo7cas/arborial.htm   (308 words)

 Interactions of Northwest forest canopies and arboreal mammals.
My purpose was to identify interactions among arboreal mammals and canopies that have implications for managers seeking to conserve biodiversity in the Pacific Northwest.
All but one of the arboreal rodents are limited zoogeographically, or in local distribution, because of needs for specific habitat elements.
Only one species, the red tree vole, is totally arboreal; thus, the composition and structure of the arboreal rodent community is conditioned by both canopy and noncanopy features of the forest.
www.srs.fs.usda.gov /pubs/viewpub.jsp?index=6160   (369 words)

 Animal Info - Brazilian Arboreal Mouse
The Brazilian arboreal mouse's head and body length is about 94 mm (3.7"), and its tail length is about the same.
The Brazilian arboreal mouse is only known from a small area in one of the most rapidly developing parts of South America
The Brazilian arboreal mouse is one of the species that live in the Atlantic Forest Biodiversity Hotspot
www.animalinfo.org /species/rodent/rhagrufe.htm   (222 words)

 Brazilian Arboreal Mouse
The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse is a very “unmousey” color of orange highlighted with paler under parts, yellow feet, and white colored toes.
The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse lives in the trees while most mice species live on the ground or in burrows.
The Brazilian Arboreal Mouse is missing its claw from both the big and little toes of its hind foot.
www.brazilianfauna.com /arborealmouse.php   (236 words)

They have long and broad tails, are chiefly arboreal in their habits, and feed mainly on fruit.
They are arboreal in their habits, and are found in the tropical parts of America, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
Many of them are very odd in shape, the prothorax being often prolonged upward or forward in the form of a spine or crest.
www.trees4allseasons.com   (1341 words)

 Arboreal amphibians and reptiles (from locomotion) --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Arboreal and aerial locomotion > Climbing > Arboreal amphibians and reptiles
The tips of the toes (digits) are expanded into large, circular disks that may function as suction cups, although such an action has not yet been definitely demonstrated.
More results on "Arboreal amphibians and reptiles (from locomotion)" when you join.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-48455?tocId=48455   (801 words)

 Further Evidence Against Claims of Fruitarian Evolution
arboreal adaptations to efficiently harvest fruit from tall trees, appears to be the optimal adaptation set for a primarily frugivorous animal.
Humans are larger than orangutans, the most arboreal of the great apes, and we are larger than chimps.
Arboreal travel is precarious at best, and increasing size makes compensatory demands for stability increasingly important.
www.beyondveg.com /billings-t/comp-anat/comp-anat-4d.shtml   (2242 words)

 The World Of Atheris - Arboreal Vipers of the World
Note: While an attempt has been made to include most members of the family Viperidae that have largely semi-arboreal or arboreal habits, this list is necessarily incomplete due to the exclusion of some snakes subjectively declared by this author as "terrestrial".
The truth is that even some heavy-bodied mostly terrestrial species ascend bushes and trees, and it would be impossible to create a catalog of "arboreal" species that would satisfy all readers.
In the case of the widespread genus Trimeresurus, which contains both terrestrial and arboreal species and the distinction may in some cases be arguable, only the more familiar and decidedly arboreal snakes have been included.
www.kingsnake.com /atheris/arbviper.html   (961 words)

 Xindi-Arboreal - Memory Alpha
Other Arboreals, like Gralik, run kemocite production facilites throughout the Delphic Expanse.
Arboreal starships aren't very powerful; a Xindi-Reptilian starship patrol could easily destroy three Arboreal ships.
Arboreals wear belts that seem to indicate their rank.
www.memory-alpha.org /en/index.php/Xindi-Arboreal   (176 words)

 Arboreal - Definition of Arboreal by Webster's Online Dictionary   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
arboreal - of or relating to or formed by trees; "an arborous roof"
Synonyms: arborescent, arboresque, arboriform, dendriform, dendroid, dendroidal, tree-shaped, treelike, arboreous
V-shaped, Y-shaped, arborary, arboreous, arborescent, arboresque, arborical, arboriform, biforked, bifurcate, bifurcated, branched, branching, branchlike, bushlike, bushy, citrous, coniferous, crotched, deciduous, dendriform, dendritic, dendroid, evergreen, forked, forking, forklike, furcate, hardwood, nondeciduous, piny, pronged, ramous, scrubbly, scrubby, scrublike, shrubby, shrublike, softwood, tree-shaped, treelike, tridentlike, trifurcate, trifurcated
www.webster-dictionary.org /definition/arboreal   (141 words)

 Nat' Academies Press, Nutrient Requirements of Nonhuman Primates: Second Revised Edition (2003)
Nocturnal, arboreal, forage solitary, sleep 1-2 2.6 kg female, 2.8 kg male Ancrenaz et al., 1994; Andriamasimanana, 1994; Erickson, 1995; Iwano and Iwakawa, 1985; Kappeler, 1991; Petter and Peyrieras, 1970b; Pollock et al.,1985; Sterling, 1994; Sterling et al., 1993 aDiet format: mean (range).
441-464 in The Ecology of Arboreal Folivores, G.G. Montgomery, Ed.
243-253 in The Ecology of Arboreal Folivores, G.G. Montgomery, ed.
books.nap.edu /books/0309069890/html/5.html   (5854 words)

 Marc Staniszewski's Arboreal Salamander Care Sheet
Compared to other species Aneides flavipunctatus (along with Aneides ferreus) is less arboreal and is often found beneath logs and rocks on the forest floor.
There is certainly no requirement for UVB lighting (unless live plants are maintained in the terrarium) because arboreal salamanders are primarily nocturnal or crepuscular.
Handling of arboreal salamanders must be kept to a minimum.
www.amphibian.co.uk /aneides.html   (2895 words)

 arboreal of connected with trees   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Arboreal Tantric is a prototype for a newsletter about earth based spirituality
While some arboreal animals descend into short trees or to the...
a: a complex ornate design q: arboreal a: of connected with trees q: ardor a: enthusiasm q: arduous...
www.cbhost.org /odsnends/arboreal-of-connected-with-trees.htm   (668 words)

Arboreal is the tree-building font from Cascadilla Press.
Arboreal is a font which works with any Macintosh or Windows application to provide you with the pieces you need to create syntactic trees quickly and easily.
Arboreal for Macintosh works with any system from System 7 up through OS X (including 10.3 and 10.4).
www.cascadilla.com /arboreal.html   (461 words)

 info P. regalis
regalis is one of the largest arboreal species, and is certainly not for beginners, this species is very fast and can be aggressive if provoked, but will mostly run and hide.
The normal arboreal set up requirements, tall enclosure, 2" vermiculite substrate and a piece of cork bark to climb and web on.
unlike most of the other arboreal species, P. regalis will not overly web up the enclosure except when it moults.
homepage.ntlworld.com /the.tarantula.store/care-P.regalis.htm   (102 words)

 Aneides lugubris - Arboreal Salamander   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
During the dry season, Arboreal Salamanders seek out cool moist areas, usually underground, to rest until the rainy season.
Eric Boyer discovered this large group of estivating adult and juvenile Arboreal salamanders while remodeling a backyard in June in Santa Barbara County.
A careful look underneath the fallen bark of this dead tree turned up one Arboreal Salamander, two Coast Range Newts, one Yellow-eyed Ensatina, and 12 California Slender Salamanders, illustrating how dead wood and bark on a forest floor is an important microhabitat for salamanders and other wildlife.
www.californiaherps.com /salamanders/pages/a.lugubris.html   (374 words)

 Anthropogenic Disturbance Changes the Structure of Arboreal Tropical Ant Communities (ResearchIndex)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Abstract: We investigated the influence of anthropogenic disturbance on the structure of arboreal Formicidae communities in SE-Asian lowland forests.
Included were a primary forest and three disturbed forests which had been cut for crop planting and abandoned 5, 15, and 40 years after agricultural use for natural regeneration.
1 Diversity and recolonisation of arboreal Formicidae and Cole..
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /394517.html   (454 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - arboreal
birds, insects, mammals, pictures of arboreal animals, reptiles and amphibians
Unlike grassland mammals, those that live in forests are well concealed, rarely band together for safety, and are mostly nocturnal, or active at...
Nest : bird nests : arboreal nesters: Hatchlings
encarta.msn.com /arboreal.html   (86 words)

 What is Arboreal in the Archimedes Project?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The Arboreal XML browser is a powerful tool developed by the Archimedes Project at Harvard (http://archimedes.fas.harvard.edu/) for content-based access to, and annotation of XML texts.
Archimedes Project at Harvard, including Arboreal, an XML browser project.
The Arboreal XML browser is a powerful and general tool developed by the Archimedes Project for content-based access to, and annotation of, XML texts.
answerbus.coli.uni-sb.de /cgi-bin/answerbus/answer.cgi?What%2Bis%2BArboreal%2Bin%2Bthe%2BArchimedes%2BProject%3F   (119 words)

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