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Topic: Archaic

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Aboriginal Peoples: Maritime Archaic Tradition: Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage
Its name derives from two words: "Archaic", which refers to an ancient pre-agricultural, or hunting and gathering, way of life found throughout eastern North America and "Maritime" for the important role that the sea and its resources played in the lives of Newfoundland and Labrador's first people.
In general it is hard to escape the conclusion that the Maritime Archaic people were remarkably well adapted to life in Newfoundland - from their technology and economy to their intellectual culture.
For the present the disappearance of the maritime Archaic people, and what seems to be a complete absence of Indian people from Newfoundland between 3,000 and 2,000 years ago remains one of the most puzzling mysteries in the Native history of the province.
www.heritage.nf.ca /aboriginal/maritime.html   (1476 words)

  TN Encyclopedia: ARCHAIC PERIOD
The Late Archaic Period begins at the apex of the Altithermal about 3000 B.C. Conditions approximating those of the present day were reached by 2000 B.C. In evolutionary terms, many changes rapidly occurred during this last phase of the Archaic Period.
Thus, the Archaic Period, including its constituent phases and traditions, is essentially defined by its great age, lack of pottery until late in the period, and projectile point forms.
Archaic hunter-gatherers explored and exploited a vast and diverse array of ecological niches across Tennessee.
tennesseeencyclopedia.net /imagegallery.php?EntryID=A030   (964 words)

  New Georgia Encyclopedia: Archaic Period: Overview
Archaic bands probably moved around in search of seasonal foods, mates outside of their social group, and sources of stone from which they could make spear points and other tools.
Late Archaic people disposed of their dead by cremation and burial, and it is during this period that we see the first evidence of mound construction in North America.
Late Archaic pottery from the Savannah River valley from as early as 4,500 years ago is the oldest in North America and among the oldest in the world.
www.georgiaencyclopedia.org /nge/Article.jsp?id=h-580   (1289 words)

 The Prehistory of Ontario - Archaic Period
The Archaic Period spans the long time between the end of the Palaeo-Indian Period and the beginning of the use of pottery in Ontario (at about 900 B.C.).
Archaic spear-points rarely reach the quality of workmanship of those of their forebears and are made from a greater variety of rocks.
Many of the known Laurentian Archaic sites are situated on the banks of major rivers where it would have been possible to intercept fish during their spawning runs.
www.adamsheritage.com /pre/preont3.htm   (2921 words)

 The Archaic Language, Arcane Spells and spellbooks
The Archaic language is a collection of runes and symbols that are subtle reminders to those who know it, of the sounds, the shapes, as well as the thoughts or ideas they represent.
Those lesser means of identification are part of the skill, and not all Archaic things are easily identified due to their subjective nature as the visible portions, or pictographs, are often merely subtle reminders at best, and not complete or whole thoughts unto themselves.
The Archaic language is, naturally enough, a unified whole and without internal contradiction, though aspects of it may seemingly be contrary to other aspects of it, or seem counter intuitive, especially if one becomes overly familiar with a small sub section of the cohesive whole.
www.frontiernet.net /~jamesstarlight/ArchaicLanguage.html   (9555 words)

 Archaic Period   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Archaic Period, 6000 to 1000 B.C., represents a technological cultural departure from the earlier Paleolithic period, but generally precedes the use of pottery.
Generally, Archaic cultures can be described as semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers who engaged in greater exploitation of local resources than had previously taken place.
Early on the Archaic cultures were slow to adapt to the regional environments depending on the availability of food, raw materials, and the ability of the small bands to move around.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/prehistory/minnesota/taxonomy/patterns/archaic.html   (715 words)

 Archaic Peoples
By the end of the Archaic period, many groups lived at the same base camp throughout the year, with brief collecting and hunting trips to more distant lands.
Archaic foragers made chipped stone spearpoints that were smaller than those of their Paleoindian ancestors.
Archaic peoples pecked and ground granite and other stones into tools such as pestles for processing plant food, bannerstones for atlatl weights, plummets used as weights for nets and bolas, and grooved axes and celts for woodworking.
www.uky.edu /AS/Anthropology/Museum/Archaic/archaic2.htm   (558 words)

 Archaic English Grammar -- dan.tobias.name
Usually what people mean by "archaic English" is the variety that was spoken around AD 1500, when the language was transitioning from "Middle English" to "Modern English", so that's what I use here.
Later, it went silent, and writers used their own aesthetic sensibilities to decide when to include or exclude it, until the dictionary writers finally and arbitrarily standardized the spellings as they are now.
People going for an archaic feel sometimes add "e" at the end of words that don't presently have it, and there really doesn't seem to be any "right" or "wrong" to it.
dan.tobias.name /frivolity/archaic-grammar.html   (784 words)

 Archaic Period
Like their Paleoindian predecessors, Archaic peoples moved around from camp to camp within "home" territories in which they hunted, gathered, and fished.
By the end of this time period, some Archaic groups were growing gourds and starchy- and oily-seeded plants.
Archaic peoples also made chipped stone tools, and antler and bone tools.
www.uky.edu /AS/Anthropology/Museum/Archaic/archaic.htm   (125 words)

 Archaic Sculpture
However, secularism begins to become evident with Archaic Greek art and culture in a subtle way as the artist,s and art patron's names appear carved on some sculptures, and also in the way that the personal virtues of affluent individuals become the underlying subject of archaic statues temples and sanctuaries.
The frontal pose, the left foot extended forward, the arms attached or close to the hips, the rigid pose, and the mysterious smile are all characteristics of the Kouros and Kore statues of the Archaic period.
The sculpture of the Archaic Greek style is evidently influenced by ancient Egypt as the commerce between the two countries was flourishing.
www.greeklandscapes.com /greece/athens_museum_archaic.html   (847 words)

 People of the Colorado Plateau-Paleoindian and Archaic Peoples
Archaic sites are common, though there have been few thorough archaeological studies of Archaic sites on the plateau.
If this is true, the hunters of the Archaic Period somehow managed to adapt to this loss of a major food resource, and their populations grew as they spread throughout the region in the early Holocene.
Perhaps the Archaic peoples were the first inhabitants of this region to live in "harmony" with their environment.
www.cpluhna.nau.edu /People/paleoindians.htm   (613 words)

 The Archaic Period, Southeast Archaeological Center
Like the Late Paleoindian subperiod, it was presumed that the Early Archaic culture consisted of small mobile bands exploiting defined territories, but the increase in the number of sites and the recovery of nonlocal cherts tend to support an increase in population resulting in larger numbers of bands that traded resources with each other.
The Middle Archaic period in the Southeast is marked by a further intensification of regionalization of prehistoric cultures.
Finally, the Archaic saw the beginning of a southeastern mound-building tradition that would be further elaborated on in the succeeding Woodland and Mississippian periods.
www.cr.nps.gov /seac/archaic.htm   (975 words)

 Archaic Period - Southeastern Prehistory.
William A. Ritchie (1932) first used the term "Archaic" in American archeological literature to describe the cultural material, primarily chipped stone tools, from the Lamoka Lake Site in New York.
Before 1960, the major goal of Archaic period research was to develop a relative chronology.
The treatment of burials at the Green River sites some containing exotic trade materials may reflect the beginnings of a hierarchy of individuals whose sole responsibility was the establishment and maintenance of these trade networks.
www.nps.gov /history/seac/outline/03-archaic/index.htm   (1278 words)

Archaic people were not as nomadic as their ancestors.  Their changed lifeways relied less on migratory animals species.
Archaic Indians made seasonal moves because different food sources were available at different places and in different times of the year.
Since the Archaic Indians had a more sedentary lifestyle than the Paleoindians, heavier stone tools, like nutting stones could be added to the Archaic tool kit.
bama.ua.edu /~alaarch/prehistoricalabama/archaic.htm   (686 words)

 archaic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Even though the sea level of Florida was continuously rising, the area became exposed to a prolonged period of drought that lasted from the beginning of the Archaic period to the middle (6000 to 3000 B.C.).
These rougher conditions forced the Archaic people to exploit many of their food sources as well as to adopt new ones.
Because the drought caused an increase in effort needed to collect food, the Archaic period involved the use and invention of many tools such as knives, scrapers, drills, hooks, pins, etc. Also during this time, the population was reduced as many people migrated out of the region to escape the drought.
www.uvm.edu /~kgarriso/nr260/archaic.html   (401 words)

 purevolume™ | Archaic Cessation
Archaic Cessation formed in December of 2005 out of Phoenix, Arizona.
Archaic Cessation has been together over a year now and they have released their very first EP which is called, "The Fallen Ones." The band hired a manager in December and his name is Bobby Bryant.
Archaic Cessation's music influences include Jerry and David's brother's band Wynterborne, legendary metal bands Megadeth, Death, At The Gates, Testament, Judas Priest, Slayer, Emperor, and Immortal.
www.purevolume.com /archaiccessation   (596 words)

 Archaeology Wordsmith
Archaeologists now realize, however, that ceramics, agriculture, and sedentism are all found, in specific settings, within contexts that are clearly archaic but that these activities are subsidiary to the collection of wild foods.
This period represents the earliest conjunction of archaeological and written evidence for the history of southern Mesopotamia.
DEFINITION: Important Late archaic tradition in northern New York and Vermont and the upper St. Lawrence valley, c 4000-1500 BC.
www.reference-wordsmith.com /cgi-bin/lookup.cgi?category=&where=headword&terms=archaic   (641 words)

 The Archaic of the Woodland Culture Area in the Eastern US. © The Comparative Archaeology WEB
The Paleo-Indian Period is succeeded by the Archaic (8000/7500 cal BC).
Early Archaic points are stemmed to facilitate hafting them to the shaft of spears, as the spear thrower or
Ultimately, this and the discoveries in the South lead to the burial (mortuary) customs found in the subsequent Woodland period, with its fascinating earthworks and large burial mounds.
www.comp-archaeology.org /USWoodlandArchaic.htm   (1104 words)

 Native Peoples of North America - Archaic Period: Spreading Out and Settling In
Since archaic cultures evolved from Paleo-Indian ones it is often impossible to draw a sharp boundary between the two periods, especially since some cultural practices remained the same: a seasonally migratory way of life, gathering and hunting as the primary subsistence pattern.
During the Archaic period we see the first evidence of many significant cultural developments among the native peoples including far-flung regional trade networks (allowing for the exchange of raw materials, food items, exotic goods), the invention of a broad range of subsistence technologies and tools, the rise of part-time (and later full-time) occupational specialization.
Not only did the Archaic people diversify their subsistence base, but they also shifted the focus toward a greater reliance on plants for food, craft materials, and medicine so that towards the end of the Archaic period (about 5,000 - 4,000 years ago) hundreds of plant species were being exploited.
www.cabrillo.edu /~crsmith/anth7_archaic.html   (2315 words)

 Civilization.ca - A History of the Native People of Canada - Early and Middle Archaic Complexes
For the Upper Ohio Valley, the Niagara Frontier of New York, and Southern Ontario, the chart is a blank between 6,000 and 3,000 B.C. (Funk 1983: Figure 8.1).
Middle Archaic, represented by the two thousand years from 6,000 to 4,000 B.C., is even less well known than the complexes of the Early Archaic.
Middle Archaic materials picked up from the surfaces of ploughed fields are simply not recognized as being early as many of the tools resemble much later archaeological styles.
www.civilization.ca /archeo/hnpc/npvol04e.html   (1725 words)

 EMLS S.I. 1 (April 1997: 4.1-14): Did Shakespeare Consciously Use Archaic English?
This difficulty of classifying and identifying archaic terms during Shakespeare's time is unavoidable, perhaps, when one considers the linguistic self-consciousness and instability of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries.
When they are used, however, it is clear that such terms would have possessed a potentially archaic tone in order to be manipulated for the desired poetic effect–the term would be recognized as "different" from the standard idiom but retrievable from within that idiom.
In some instances archaic tonality may just be a matter of recognizing that the status of old words is based on their relation to the standard idiom by the way they survive in that idiom as fossilized phrases.
www.shu.ac.uk /emls/si-01/si-01davidson.html   (2877 words)

 Archaic Period
The Archaic Period began at the end of the Ice Age.
During the early part of the Archaic Period people were always on the move.
Late Archaic groups such as the Glacial Kame people also began to trade with distant groups for copper and sea shells.
www.ohiohistorycentral.org /entry.php?rec=1286   (501 words)

 Lake Monroe Outlet Midden (8VO53) - Archaic Period   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Some of the shell middens and shell rings of Atlantic and Gulf coasts were initiated during the Middle Archaic and reflect intensive use of estuarine resources.
Not all Middle Archaic populations were on the pathway toward more permanent or redundant land use.
Although this fact alone does not resolve whether riverine settlement was permanent or seasonal, the geographic scope of exchange (and/or mortuary ritual) suggests Middle Archaic groups across northeast Florida were indeed culturally divided in ways that both enabled and regulated flows of personnel and resources among interior, riverine, and coastal populations.
www.flmnh.ufl.edu /monroe/archaic.htm   (1091 words)

 The University of Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist: Middle Archaic Period
The Middle Archaic period in Iowa dates from about 8,000 to 4,500 B.P. It is characterized by a wide range of medium-sized (averaging between 30 and 60 mm in length) stemmed and notched
The Middle Archaic period of Iowa is essentially contemporary with the Early Plains Archaic period defined further west on the Great Plains.
Middle Archaic chipped-stone tool technology relied upon a variety of local cherts and heat-treatment was commonly applied to all chert varieties regardless of their initial quality.
www.uiowa.edu /~osa/learn/prehistoric/marchaic.htm   (574 words)

 Homo sapiens (archaic)
This is a very interesting observation for this sector of the brain is responsible for planning and reasoning, movements of limbs, speech, as well as social conduct, which modern day humans are much more advanced in (1).
The social life of the Homo sapien (archaic) is still quite vague for not many clues have been found at this point.
The advancement of tools was seen, especially the presence of the hand axe(4).
www.msu.edu /~robin400/sapiensarchaic.html   (244 words)

 Definition of archaic - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Learn more about "archaic" and related topics at Britannica.com
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www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?archaic   (44 words)

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