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Topic: Archetype

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  Archetype Publications
Welcome to Archetype Publications - publisher and bookseller of books on the conservation of works of art and antiquities.
Archetype supplies professionals, museums, universities and the book trade directly from our London office or via our US distributor.
Archetype also distributes titles published by Cotsen Institute of Archaeology, UCLA.
www.archetype.co.uk   (192 words)

  The Archetype Molded Cork Laptop Case by: TOM BIHN
The Archetype is made of 0.25" (8mm) thick closed cell foam which entirely encases your laptop, padding it on all sides and protecting your laptop from bumps and scrapes; this unique construction completely protects your laptop from the zipper closure as well.
Some carry Archetype in addition to another bag, such as the Small, Medium, or Large Cafe bags, the LUX, or Imago.
The Archetype is lined with a soft brushed tricot knit, cradling your laptop and protecting it from being scratched.
www.tombihn.com /page/001/PROD/TBP/TB1300   (702 words)

  archetype - Search Results - MSN Encarta
Archetype, image, ideal, or pattern that has come to be considered a universal model.
Archetypes are found in mythology, literature, and the arts,...
Carl Gustav Jung, one of the earliest pupils of Freud, eventually created a school that he preferred to call analytical psychology.
encarta.msn.com /archetype.html   (161 words)

  Archetype - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Archetype is sometimes broadly and misleadingly used to refer to a prototype, a stereotype or an epitome.
The use of psychological archetype reveals that it was advanced by Jung in c.
A group of memories and interpretations associated with an archetype are a complex, e.g.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Archetype   (967 words)

 CAD User Online Article Archive
Archetype provides a simple solution to the problem of organising all of the information passing through an architect's office, eradicating in the process that other bugbear that afflicts other management solutions - the inability, through laziness or ineptitude, to register documents on the system each time they are produced.
For Archetype is a document management system expressly designed for architects, which understands how they work and how they use those documents, and which automatically assigns unique references to documents enabling them to be retrieved at the touch of a button, whenever they are required.
Archetype also includes a Call Log that is used to maintain records of all calls or conversations made from the office.
www.caduser.com /reviews/reviews.asp?a_id=189   (1500 words)

Archetypes are the extensions of the phenomenon of instinct, as complexified and expressed in human experience.
The term "archetype" should be differentiated from "archetypal image." The former is the intrinsic pattern, the latter is the "clothing" of the pattern.
The archetype is the patterning tendency which is the equivalent not of the formed crystal, but of the angles at which the atoms connect.
www.blatner.com /adam/level2/archetype.htm   (5264 words)

 Wysong Archetype Canine/Feline Diet
Wysong Archetype is formulated to closely emulate the natural diet of companion animals, complete with meat, organs, bones, essential fatty acids, probiotics, enzymes, plant nutrients, and other vital micronutrients.
Archetype can also be used to mix with other foods and offered as a treat and training aid.
Archetype may be fed dry or soaked with the specified amount of water.
shop.robbinspetcare.com /cats/wysongarchetype.html   (420 words)

 The Dragon as an Archetype
Though an archetype as an imprint presupposes that there was an imprinter in the first place, Jung does not concern himself with this, rather he concentrates on the image within the collective unconscious that dominates when there is no other rational thoughts.
Jung's idea of the archetype as a Primordial Image required that it was at least common to entire races, or entire epochs, the most powerful archetypes being common to all races at all times.
Whereas the Chinese archetype is that of the life-giver, the lizard which emerges with the onset of the spring rains.
www.angelfire.com /art/alara/dragons/ds.html   (4672 words)

 Jung's Archetypes
To put it another way, there are a very few basic archetypes or patterns which exist at the unconscious level, but there are an infinite variety of specific images which point back to these few patterns.
In other words, archetypes are elemental forces which play a vital role in the creation of the world and of the human mind itself.
The Child Archetype is a pattern related to the hope and promise for new beginnings.
www.iloveulove.com /psychology/jung/jungarchetypes.htm   (1296 words)

 Archetype Specialisation
As soon as an archetype is developed and released for use, there will be users who require similar archetypes, related to the original.
Finding the common parents of different archetypes is a key to being able to translate the data from one form to another, enabling data with local (or other) specialisations to be understood by requesting sites.
To have a chance of performing automatic conversions between data instances created according to related archetypes, the formal relationships between the generating archetypes must be known; from these, rules for data conversion can be inferred, hence, we will consider the possible types of technical relationship between archetypes.
www.deepthought.com.au /it/archetypes/output/specialisation.html   (1518 words)

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