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Topic: Archimedean point

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Archimedean Point
NC I, 8 (fixed point from which we form the idea of the totality of meaning), 11, 12 (cannot be sought in philosophic thought itself), 34
The Archimedean point is where we choose to stand in order to form the idea of the totality of meaning.
Steen relates Dooyeweerd's idea of Archimedean point to the idea that our supratemporal heart exists in the aevum.
www.members.shaw.ca /jgfriesen/Definitions/Archimedean.html   (439 words)

Crib Point Crib Point is a suburb in Shire of Mornington Peninsula.
Pin Point, Georgia Pin Point is a village in 2002 the population was 275.
Point Leo Point Leo is a suburb in Shire of Mornington Peninsula.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/point.html   (6804 words)

 Archimedes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He was the first, and possibly the only, Greek mathematician to introduce mechanical curves (those traced by a moving point) as legitimate objects of study.
He proved that the area enclosed by a parabola and a straight line is 4/3 the area of a triangle with equal base and height.
Note that his fluids are not self-gravitating: he assumes the existence of a point towards which all things fall and derives the spherical shape.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Archimedes   (1912 words)

 Special Plane Curves: Archimedean Spiral
Archimedean spiral is defined by the polar equation r == θ^n.
The inverse curve of an Archimedean spiral with respect to the center is another Archimedean spiral scaled.
The closer the point is to the origin, the farther is its corresponding point outside the circle.
xahlee.org /SpecialPlaneCurves_dir/ArchimedeanSpiral_dir/archimedeanSpiral.html   (375 words)

 Archimedean Solids
The 60 points where these pairs of edges cross one another are the vertices of a polyhedron whose faces consist of 20 triangles, 12 pentagons and 30 rectangles.
By slightly displacing the points towards the mid-points of the edges of the triacontahedron, the rectangles can be distorted into squares, and we have the small rhombiicosidodecahedron.
In Maple, one can define an Archimedean solid by using the command Archimedean(gon,sch,o,r); where gon is the name of the polyhedron to be defined, sch the Schläfli symbol (Maple's Schläfli), o the center of the polyhedron, and r the radius of the circum-sphere.
www.cecm.sfu.ca /~hle/polyhedra/archimedean.html   (666 words)

 Findings: Polytopes and optimal packing of p points in n dimensional spheres.
Since the points all reside at an n-dimensional sphere the structures, mostly having triangular faces with edges of maximal mutual distance are forced to be convex.
Some of the structures found are so-called n dimensional semi-regular convex polytopes or Archimedean solids, being built up out of different (n-1) dimensional regular convex polytopes, such as the (n-1)-simplex and (n-1)-cross-polytope.
These structures which have a double no. of points as their simplex counterparts are sometimes also referred to as diplo-simplices.
presh.com /hovinga/findings.html   (1621 words)

 Archimedean Dynasty for PC Review - PC Archimedean Dynasty Review
Archimedean Dynasty gives computer gaming a good name even when you don't know what the hell is going on.
Archimedean Dynasty is the kind of game that automatically makes you long for the extended weekend, the random holiday, the traffic-paralyzing blizzard, the three-day flu, or perhaps the odd death in the family - anything to justify staying away from school, work, or other responsibilities long enough for a serious immersion into an onscreen world.
Point-of-view combat and undersea action are the other half of Archimedean Dynasty, and they constitute the links between the undersea cities and installations you will encounter; while the "cityside" adventure-style dealings (with over 100 characters) is where you do all your talkin', the real-time navigation/combat is where you do your walkin'.
www.gamespot.com /pc/sim/archimedeandynasty/review.html   (754 words)

The second point is that because human life, lived experience, is temporal, the categories by which we understand man and human productions will have to involve this temporality.
The interpreter does not interpret and understand from an Archimedean point but is always immersed in his or her own historicity.
Focusing on the analyst's reworking (along with the patient) of the presenting narrative into a more psychoanalytically framed narrative, Schafer recognizes, one, that narratives are meaning structures and not force fields, and two, that the narrative developed by each psychoanalyst will be determined by the model from which he or she is working.
philo.8m.com /phillips.html   (4328 words)

 UUCF - 2002 Sermons
I use the metaphor of the Archimedean point to speak about the illusion, or in some cases the arrogance, that convinces each of us that our perspective on the world is the correct perspective to have.
The points on either side of these points are variations of these three primary centers, thus the nine points of the enneagram.
Point nine is the center for the Instinctive triad.
www.uufarmington.org /uucf/sermons-2002.asp?SERMON=sermon-20020922.html   (2592 words)

 Searching for a gendered (Archimedean) point   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The core focus of this reformulation then must be seen in her emphasis on the gender analysis: even when this kind of analysis is not frequently and literally highlighted as a central point and dealt with accordingly it nevertheless plays a substantive role in Youngs’ vision.
Simply put, the stress on gender is seen by Youngs as the determining element behind the formative influences in the modern theories of international relations and the discipline’s views of the state.
This is a prime illustration of her failing: Youngs cannot see that, while the state is really not unified and coherent from an internal point of view, it is usually its external actions which naturally define its position within the international system.
www.fdv.uni-lj.si /JIRD/backissu/jird/vol4/pseja.htm   (1249 words)

 Defining anthropological truth (Martin Holbraad) - Abaete
At this point it is useful to introduce the concept of ‘definition’ because, I argue, there is a sense in which ‘definition’ may yield the concept of truth we need to make sense of divination, and anthropology too.
Their point is that treating the truths that oracles pronounce as representational is a category mistake.
The second point, rather less dire in my view, is that the version of anthropological truth for which I am arguing puts clear blue water between anthropology and science, without thereby throwing us into the arms of soft interpretivism.
abaete.wikia.com /wiki/Defining_anthropological_truth_(Martin_Holbraad)   (3476 words)

 Point Vantage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Archimedean point - An Archimedean point is a hypothetical vantage point from which an observer can objectively perceive the subject of inquiry, with a view of totality.
The ideal of "removing oneself" from the object of study so that one can see it in relation to all other things, but remain independent of them, is described by a view from an Archimedean point.
Station point - A station point is a location or vantage point from which an artist or exhibitor intends an observer to experience an artwork.
be53.muscyberspace.com /pointvantage.html   (763 words)

Structures that lack infinitesimals are called Archimedean; those that possess i...
Archimedean solid An Archimedean solid or semiregular solid is a Johnson solids, which need not be vertex-uniform.
Archimedean spiral The normal Archimedean spiral occurs when x = 1.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /topics/archimedean.html   (76 words)

 Time's Arrow & Archimedes' Point: New Directions for the Physics of Time (Huw Price)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
And Price is right in pointing out that many of our "explanations" seems to fall to our anthropocentrism, given that we start out by assuming what it is that we seek to prove by introducing a time asymmetric ASSUMPTION.
I certainly do not agree with the author on a number of points, but the publication is worth your while if you have the patience to slog through it, and it surely does afford some new perspective on the subject.
He makes some excellent points along the way, and certainly just the exercise of working through his arguments is good for the ol' brain, but some of his arguments and conclusions are invalid.
www.interference.com /webstore/us/product/0195117980.htm   (1572 words)

Clearly this point is part and parcel of the in the circumstances condition alluded to earlier, and serves to underline the fact of the dilemma.
This rather important point may be put differently: while the activity of being an editor is capable of being done without regard to its theoretical meaning and validity, it is well-nigh impossible to do that "job" in terms of the theoretical account that may be offered about it.
This is yet another point about which we cannot have any certainty, for the degree of the success or the failure to do so is implicit in a judgement which is, as such, unlikely to be concerned with that particular point.
www.psa.ac.uk /publications/psd/1995/nash.htm   (5760 words)

 The Wonder of the World: Chapter Five
Society lacked an essential artificial character and was increasingly centered on natural processes—processes which, however, had become unnatural, that is, liberated from their basically circular rhythms and re-launched on a linear and limitless course of dynamic movement which threatened to consume all the durability left in the world.
Arendt points out that the design of objects is no longer considered in terms of human standards of beauty and utility but in terms of the capacities of the machine and the function they fulfil was to serve the “human animal’s life process.”
Arendt admits that in practice these limits can today, up to a point, be transcended as in the past they have always been transcended in the imagination—but, she says, it is only by transcending limits that we realize that there are limits.
www.angelfire.com /folk/richardjgill/five.html   (9247 words)

 Suvin (background) - On Cognitive Emotions and Topological Imagination
Jaggar points out that the concept itself of emotion, both as paired off against reason and in its inner articulation, is not only different in different societies but indeed invented as a closed semantic field only in some of them.
The Archimedean point from which the fruitful intricacy of cognition may be raised is the proposition that our social existence is both source and goal of human concepts and emotions.
Yet at this point I have to confess that we seem to be caught in an unresolved halfway house between two discourses, the old emotion vs. reason one and a newer one on conceptual imagination in mutual induction with topological imagination.
www.focusing.org /apm_papers/suvin.html   (11727 words)

 Psychology and the Abolition of Meaning
Even though at a certain point, pragmatically determined, most of us stop the analytic process, at some level we and our patients know, or at least sense, that our understanding of selfhood, its very integrity, has been unalterably changed and even damaged.
And indeed, the study, for example, of ego psychology (which came later in psychoanalytic history), of pre- oedipal influences, of individual differences, of family patterning, of intrauterine milieu, of the genetics of mental disorders (and of character itself) all whittle away at whatever remaining area of true choice there might seem to be.
And even if this theoretical end point is never quite achieved, the remaining proportion left unexplained is apt to be so small that we shall dismiss it anyway.
www.leaderu.com /ftissues/ft9402/articles/satin.html   (2944 words)

You can make a spiral by two motions of a point: There is a uniform motion in a fixed direction and a motion in a circle with constant speed.
Let P be a point of a circle with the radius R, which is given by an equation in the centre position.
The radius is the distance of the point from the origin (00).
www.mathematische-basteleien.de /spiral.htm   (1598 words)

 Escape from the Cartesian Theater
The point we would make--and we gather Shepard, Roskies and Wood would agree--is that a motion signal is not to be confused with a motion picture, even when it is accomplished by a process (which is not itself accessible to consciousness) that generates intermediate states.
Our point is that when we turn to the only imaginable source of "independent" evidence for the distinction--the judgments of subjects, as expressed in their protocols (or our own judgments, if we use the autocerebroscope)--we find the Janus-faced evidence of Orwell/Stalin.
Libet points out that there were three factors in addition to the one we cited for his estimate of the time of "neuronal adequacy" for consciousness, but the other three are more obviously question-begging in the context of fending off Orwellian alternative models.
ase.tufts.edu /cogstud/papers/escape.htm   (6874 words)

 [No title]
Given the absence of an archimedean point, the production and use of knowledge is essentially a bootstrap process.
So a certain validity claim may be acceptable as a starting point for further scientific research, whereas the same claim is not acceptable as a basic assumption underlying certain practical decisions; the reverse may also occur.
A research grant application may at one point stress how much is already known to suggest likelihood of success, and at another point emphasise how little is known to make the project sound sufficiently ambitious and non©trivial.
www.liacs.nl /TechRep/1999/tr99-15.doc   (3252 words)

 Archimedean point   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
An Archimedean point is a hypothetical vantage point from which an observer can objectively perceive thesubject of inquiry, with a view of totality.
The ideal of "removing oneself" from the object of study so that one can see it inrelation to all other things, but remain independent of them, is described by a view from an Archimedean point.
The expression comes from Archimedes, who supposedly claimed that he couldlift the earth off its foundation if he were given a place to stand and a long enough lever.
www.therfcc.org /RFCC/archimedean-point-183959.html   (104 words)

 20th WCP: Coping with the Uncertainty beyond Epistemic-Moral Inability: Rethinking the Human Self-Understanding with ...
From this point of view, science should be considered first as a practice of experimentation, namely the fabrication of phenomena, rather than theories as systems of true representational propositions.
While, so far, the author has pointed out the technoscientific world-laboratorization, action into nature, as the source of modern worldlessness and the epistemic-moral inability, for Arendt, it is only a half of the story.
First, in the aspect of technoscience, human is (X) an "Actor standing at the Archimedean point" at which he could assume transcendence from the worldly relationships of things and humans on the earth, from which he freely acts into nature and constantly starts unprecedented, uncontrollable and irreversible processes through the world-laboratorization.
www.bu.edu /wcp/Papers/Tech/TechHira.htm   (4825 words)

 Dialogue and Antithesis, Yong-Joon Choi
This point cannot be found within philosophical thinking itself because it transcends the boundary of philosophical thought, just as the Archimedean point of support would have to be located outside the earth.
With this idea of a fixed point, Dooyeweerd concludes that a view of totality is not possible apart from a view of the Origin of both the totality and the diversity of meaning because this point of reference has to be sought in the sphere of religion.
Consequently, this Archimedean point transcends the coherence in the modal diversity as well because the immanent coherence lacks in itself the inner concentration point in which all the modal aspects meet in a radical unity.
www.isi.salford.ac.uk /dooy/papers/choi/ch2.critq.thought.html   (9668 words)

 Beyond the Archimedean Point: 3.9 microlectures on performance process
From the Archimedean Point it is in these dualist terms that the objective world is scrutinised, defined, framed and categorised in ever-more precise ways.
However, Heidegger observes that if such a science of perceptual reality is the "theory of the real," (4) that is to say, the "real" is that which in modernist terms is measurable, whatever remains outside of the measurable casts a shadow.
To understand performance, masterful or otherwise, we need to move beyond the Archimedean Point not simply to describe what is done from the multiple viewing points of the collaborators, but to learn to recognise its complex processes in the expanded field.
www.mdx.ac.uk /www/epai/virtuosity/jaynerichards   (1788 words)

 Archimedean Duals
In these Archimedean duals, the faces are not regular polygons; there are different lengths and angles within each face, but each face is identical and the vertex figures are regular.
The relationships between the Archimedean solids and their respective duals is nicely brought out by studying a compound of a solid and its dual.
The edges cross at right angles at a point which is the midpoint of the Archimedean solid's edge, but not always the midpoint of the dual solid's edge.
www.georgehart.com /virtual-polyhedra/archimedean-duals-info.html   (436 words)

 AllRefer.com - deconstruction (Philosophy, Terms And Concepts) - Encyclopedia
Extending the philosophical excursions of Nietzsche and Heidegger, Derrida criticized the entire tradition of Western philosophy's search to discover the essential structure of knowledge and reality, ultimately confronting the limits of human thought.
As an extension of his theory of logocentrism, Derrida posited that all texts are based on hierarchical dualisms (e.g., being/nonbeing, reality/appearance, male/female), where the first element is regarded as stronger and thus essentially true and that all systems of thought have an assumed center, or Archimedean point, upon which they are based.
In a deconstructionist reading, this unconscious and unarticulated point is revealed, and in this revelation the binary structure upon which the text rests is imploded.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/D/deconstr.html   (510 words)

If we are ethical naturalists, there isn’t a value-free Archimedean point outside them from which we can determine which moral rules we ought to subscribe to.
This last point about our common personhood captures the basic moral presumption that’s characteristic of the current reflective equilibrium in liberal democracies: there are no privileged persons — we are presumptively equal in the eyes of morality and the law.
We are beneficiaries of the immensely precious cultural construction of an expanding definition of who counts as a person with a full complement of human rights; we now count women and minorities but didn’t 200 years ago.
www.naturalism.org /normativity.htm   (966 words)

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