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Topic: Arckanum

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ARCKANUM describes their sound as 'musically primitive, raw, medieval, grieved, and trollish.
ARCKANUM then entered Abyss Studio (where previously fellow Swedes DARK FUNERAL, and now ABRUPTUM recorded their masterpieces) to record their debut album 'Fran Marder' (From the Forest).
Simply put, ARCKANUM is not for everyone...it is only for those who live in the darkest forests, and wish to be amongst the Trolls!!!
www.grave.com /metal/arckanum   (279 words)

Arckanum needs no introduction and Arckanum is the reason why I still listen to fl metal (everything else, with few exceptions seems to disapoint me nowadays).
In the end only Arckanum holds a great standard of quality (among with a few exceptions of course) and we can always rely that when a new Arckanum release is out, it will be better than the one that preceeds it.
Arckanum’s “Spitælsker” song which is the last track features guitars and some sort of wind-effect while Shamaatae growls the lyrics written by a fellow brother from MLO.
www.seaside.se /~sea1311b/Recensioner/Arckanum/arckanum.htm   (1131 words)

 Arckanum - Trulen LP - Northern Vantage - by E. Tindblikk
Arckanum - Trulen LP - Northern Vantage - by E. Tindblikk
The vinyl version is being delayed, but should be out soon from Blut and Eisen.
Arckanum is working a deal with FMP for the reissue of their first 3 CD's, we are also working with Silcharde Records for the vinyl versions.
my.opera.com /NorthernVantage/blog/show.dml/556460   (173 words)

 Metal Invader ( Arckanum - Trulen ) Review.
His characteristic vocals-screams automatically declare the identity of ARCKANUM, the harrowing tone of which render Shamataae one of the kind (the inarticulate groans of the early MAYHEM pale compared to him).
We must not forget to refer to the use of a special archaic dialect for the verse of each album that complicates even more the situation which is already overdone (of course, if we consider the way Shamataae expresses the verses-incantations, using any language, you wouldn't be able to understand him still).
Talk is cheap, in the face of ARCKANUM the whole nature meets its ideal voice for all the trials that it suffers from the human race.
www.metal-invader.com /db/reviews-3085.html   (274 words)

 Global Domination | Reviews | Arckanum: Trulen
As much as I hate to admit it, given the fact both Carnal Records and Arckanum have found a warm place within my heart, “Trulen” is an amateurish, loosely executed and punk-ish musically shallow demo-turned-to-album sort of thing, an early spawn of one, very young and enthusiastic musician by the pseudonym of Shamaatae.
What more, Carnal Records has released an eleven year anniversary album which is a compilation of unreleased material spanning an era between 1992 and 2003 which should give a fair and satisfying glimpse to this one-man singular entity.
The interesting thing is that Arckanum’s debut album, “Fran Marder”, has been recorded only a year or so after Shamaatae had released the crude and substandard “Trulen”, which is, more or less, almost a quantum-leap from utter mediocrity (again, I must stress, “Trulen” is only mediocre by the high standards of Arckanum’s great music.
www.globaldomination.se /reviews/arckanum-trulen   (249 words)

The whole concept for this ep is Arckanums hate against cosmos, the false vision, the one to kill.
Now, Arckanum is planning to jump over from the "Rip Off Label" (with a capital R) Necropolis to a small true label called Carnal Records, which Shamaatae himself was involved with in the beginning.
Arckanum planning to release a bunch of 7"ep´s which will include all the songs that never have been release, nor recorded.
hem.passagen.se /arckanumweb/tipande.html   (1205 words)

 Arckanum   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Arckanum is the work of solo artist Shamaatae.
Like Darkthrone, it is the drumming that sets Arckanum apart from the rest of the field, utilising pounding kick drums rather than excessive blasts.
With lyrics in archaic Swedish even fans in Arckanum's home country are going to have trouble translating the songs, so I have no chance, but it all adds to the cult feel of the album.
www.geocities.com /gloon69/Arckanum.html   (232 words)

I wanted to found new thoughts for lost soldiers, to point out the direction to a world of Chaos -where Pan sits upon the throne and spread Chaotic freedom to the free-thinking soldiers who do not accept to be controlled and enslaved by others, and not be able to rule over their own lives.
This made a huge new path for ARCKANUM and me, and the new anti-cosmic and satanic creations of ARCKANUM were made, for example "Boka Vm Kaos" and "Kaos Svarta Mar".
I like it simple, fast and esoteric, and I think it fits better with the ancient tongue, therefore I chose to write all lyrics in ancient Swedish.
www.fmp666.com /arckanum/info_arckanum.html   (511 words)

 Arckanum - The 11 Year Anniversary Album   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Arckanum is spreading the satanic plague in the fl metal scene since 1992 and therefor it is releasing an overview album.
Tracks taken from several releases and even an unpublished song while the last three songs are taken from 7" discs.
As a real bonus there comes a videoclip and it is the only one Arckanum made.
www.brutalism.com /arckanum_r.html   (84 words)

 Arckanum :: Статьи: Рецензии [A] (отзывы, критика, советы) :: Metal Library ...о ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Arckanum :: Статьи: Рецензии [A] (отзывы, критика, советы) :: Metal Library: тяжёлая музыка – метал!
На первый и, тем более, непросвещенный взгляд может показаться, что Arckanum исполняет тривиальную и заурядную музыку.
На самом деле, Arckanum не спутаешь ни с кем, его звучание напрочь уникально.
www.metallibrary.ru /articles/reviews/bands/a/arckanum.html   (255 words)

 A R C K A N U M  C H A O S  W E B
Here you will find the planned and partial recorded Arckanum future-releases.
Release-dates (if any) are just temporary and openly estimated, so beware of changes.
This is the fourth Arckanum album "Faunaz Samgang" re-named and in progress.
www.arckanum.se /fylgia.htm   (184 words)

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