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Topic: Area studies

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  Subject benchmark statement: Academic standards - Area Studies -
Area studies programmes encourage in their graduates a strong sense of perspective and flexibility in thinking, and they are attuned to diversity.
An important aim of area studies is to develop graduates who are able to take a variety of approaches in their studies, to acquire skills in integrating and synthesising materials from diverse sources, and, where appropriate, to develop skills in a language other than English.
Some area studies courses have a contemporary flavour while others pay greater attention to historical perspectives: all should enable students to develop a good knowledge of their area, to locate and access information and to make appropriate and effective use of information from various sources, including libraries and the internet.
www.qaa.ac.uk /academicinfrastructure/benchmark/honours/areastudies.asp   (3473 words)

  WHY AREA STUDIES?   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Area studies began to evolve with an accumulation of universal and contextual knowledge from various disciplines as part of a broad effort to make university education commensurate with the expansion of European power.
Area studies must continue to be a venue for compiling knowledge about areas of the world, but scholars needs to focus more sharply on the empirical and conceptual problems posed by old ideas of area-ness and by the territoriality of knowledge.
Area studies remain a critical venue for the study of the imperial parochialism of the Enlightenment and its legacy.
www.sas.upenn.edu /~dludden/whyarea.htm   (2096 words)

 Foreign Language and Area Studies Program
Grants are awarded to institutions for the purpose of providing fellowships to graduate students engaged in foreign language and area or international studies.
This program provides academic year and summer fellowships to institutions of higher education to assist graduate students in foreign language and either area or international studies.
The goals of the fellowship program include: (1) to assist in the development of knowledge, resources, and trained personnel for modern foreign language and area/international studies; (2) to stimulate the attainment of foreign language acquisition and fluency; and (3) to develop a pool of international experts to meet national needs.
www.ed.gov /programs/iegpsflasf/index.html   (153 words)

 II Journal: A Manifesto (of sorts) for Area Studies
Political science is where most of this angst lies.(3) Although historians and literary scholars are as central to area studies as political scientists, the difficulty of separating theory from deep contextual knowledge in their fields means that these disciplines are not constituted in such a way as to enable the debate.
Too, those who justify area studies by appealing to a culture's intrinsic worth and consequent value to scholarship may be right, but those arguments rarely help in a contest with others making similar claims before administrators whose concern is to cut expenses and make their universities more prestigious.
Area studies traditionally has done much to support the least privileged languages; with the elevation of the local in globalization, we need to redouble our nation's efforts to provide access to such languages.
www.umich.edu /~iinet/journal/vol4no3/kennedy.html   (3739 words)

Area studies evolved during the past half century as a way of trying to link the various academic disciplines as partners in an effort to achieve a holistic understanding of uniquely different non-Western territories or places, each with its own history, traditions, culture and unique political, social and economic characteristics.
As for those who supported and developed area studies, there was no doubt in their own minds that they would be able to advance the welfare and knowledge of the peoples they were now able to study close at hand.
Area studies should contribute to the disciplines by helping them overcome their parochialism, but area specialists also need the support of professionals in every discipline able to offer tools that can help them understand whatever regional or local part of the world they choose to study.
www2.hawaii.edu /~fredr/beyond.htm   (8651 words)

 Russian Area Studies
Russian Area Studies majors are invited to explore
A major in Russian Area Studies consists of a minimum of eight units.
Majors who are contemplating postgraduate academic or professional careers in Russian Area Studies are encouraged to consult with faculty advisors, who will assist them in planning an appropriate sequence of courses.
www.wellesley.edu /DeanCollege/CCI/rast.html   (514 words)

 Institute of International Affairs GSIS-SNU
Asia Journal was an academic journal published by the Center for Area Studies to promote research in the humanities and social sciences concerning all areas and countries.
When the Center for Area Studies was reorganized as the Graduate Institute for International and Area Studies in January of 1997, Asia Journal, which had been published for the last three years, was converted to the Journal of International and Area Studies.
This journal is intended to stretch the limits of excellence in academic research and lead the development of international and area studies in Korea.
iia.snu.ac.kr /iia_publication/iia_publication_jias.htm   (363 words)

 Area Center Directors   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Area studies centers provide significant support for their university libraries in a number of ways.
The other method of support, mentioned by 14 respondents, was that the area studies center facilitated communication between the area librarian and the faculty.
The area librarian serves on the center advisory board (15 respondents), conducts special library tours or assistance for center students and visitors (8 respondents), works on joint conferences/programs (6 respondents), works with the center on grant proposals (6 respondents), and works with the center on joint publications (2 respondents).
www.indiana.edu /~arealibs/conf95/gardiner.html   (885 words)

 Santa Clara University - International Programs - International Studies
International Studies is a University program offering a minor for students who wish to concentrate course work beyond their majors on selected nations, regions, or topics of international significance.
Subjects, such as international organization, poverty and development, cultural interdependence, diplomacy and law, are by their very nature "international." Such subjects require systematic approaches distinct from the examination of single-nation or area studies.
Working closely with an International Studies advisor from their field of interest, students have the opportunity to build upon the strength of their major by organizing courses that explore their chosen topic from a number of departments.
www.scu.edu /studyabroad/minors/studies.cfm   (673 words)

 The Chronicle: Articles: 01/23/1998
The value of area studies to the social sciences depends heavily on which sense of the term one is using.
The value of area studies in the third sense of the term -- interdisciplinary programs that bring specialists on a particular region of the world together -- is a different issue, because it speaks to the fruitfulness of alternative ways of organizing teaching, research, and intellectual exchange.
The greatest danger in the current debate over area studies is that, in the name of studying global trends or advancing overarching theories about them, the next generation of internationally oriented social-science researchers will give short shrift to area-based empirical knowledge.
chronicle.com /data/articles.dir/art-44.dir/issue-20.dir/20b00401.htm   (2150 words)

 Occidental College : Area Studies
Foreign area study provides an interesting and rewarding way to organize learning in the social sciences and humanities, challenging students to immerse themselves in the study of an unfamiliar culture.
Students are challenged by the opportunity to confront the conceptual framework of historical, cultural, and political study within the context of concrete data, which by its sheer volume and by its remoteness from their experience stretches their minds.
Area Study at Occidental is based on a multidisciplinary approach to learning and covers the history, politics, government, international relations, and culture of the area.
departments.oxy.edu /registrar/catalog/area_studies.html   (470 words)

 Russian > The Russian Area Studies Major > The Russian Language and Area Studies Major
Russian Language and Area Studies is a multidisciplinary area studies department that introduces students to the Russian world through several academic disciplines.
Russian Studies, in keeping with the college mission to provide a "global perspective," offers a variety of courses that build upon Russian language proficiency to give students the knowledge and tools for successful career.
The objective of the major in Russian Language and Area Studies is to prepare students to comprehend, interact with and work in the area from a foundation of cultural literacy.
www.stolaf.edu /depts/russian/the_russian_and_central_european_studies_major   (335 words)

 Resources of Scholarly Societies - Area Studies & Time-Period Studies
Association for Canadian Studies in the US ["Its central mission is to promote greater understanding of Canada by educating students about [Canada's] political system, economy, history, geography and cultural heritage."]
Society for Armenian Studies ["The aims of the Society for Armenian Studies are to promote the study of Armenian culture and society, including history, language, literature, and social, political, and economic questions..."]
Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East
www.lib.uwaterloo.ca /society/areatimestudies_soc.html   (917 words)

 Area Studies
You’ll not only study everything from an area’s history to its present-day economy and art, you’ll also bring greater understanding to specific topics, from magical realism to colonialism.
Area studies majors study the histories, politics, economics, and cultures of various areas of the world.
After studying abroad or even just taking a great class, you may find that you look at a country or area in a whole new light.
www.collegeboard.com /csearch/majors_careers/profiles/majors/05.01.html   (480 words)

 United Studies Student Exchange   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Area Representatives also have many opportunities to become involved in their community as they share the UNITED STUDIES Program and bring exciting new students to their area.
To be a good area representative, one must possess a genuine concern and love for all people, the ability to communicate effectively and have an interest in meeting and working with new people.
UNITED STUDIES Area Representatives are responsible for things such as host family interviews, school contacts, host family orientations, arrival greetings, welcome orientation, monthly contacts with the students and host families and periodic social activities.
www.unitedstudies.org /arearep.asp   (682 words)

 Open Directory - Science:Social Sciences:Area Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Area Studies focus on the history, politics, economics, demographics, and geography of a given country or region (such as the Andes, South Pacific, or Central Asia).
Area Studies are distinct from Sociology in that they do not primarily focus on social relationships and institutions.
American Studies is a coordinated field of study in the history, literature, and politics of the United States of America.
dmoz.org /Science/Social_Sciences/Area_Studies/desc.html   (273 words)

 CRL - Area Studies Program
The purpose of the Area Studies Component is to provide access to a pool of materials that are beyond the means of any individual area studies program to provide and that might not be available at all without preservation.
The Area Studies projects at CRL actively acquire and preserve unusual and notable resources in support of area studies scholarship.
The scholarly model has been amplified through the formation of the Area Studies Council (ASC), which coordinates the collective activities of the various area studies projects.
www.crl.edu /content.asp?l1=3&l2=15&l3=32   (143 words)

 Michigan State University Libraries - Area Studies Grants
The American Research Center in Egypt grants fellowships for study in Egypt in the areas of archaeology, architecture, art, economics, Egyptology, history, the humanities, Islamic studies, literature, Near Eastern studies, politics, religious studies, and in the humanistic social sciences.
The Blakemore Foundation was established in 1990 by Thomas and Frances Blakemore to encourage the advanced study of Asian languages and to improve the understanding of Asian fine arts in the United States.
The Institute of Turkish Studies is accepting applications for grants to support and encourage research, scholarship, and learning in Turkish studies in the United States.
www.lib.msu.edu /harris23/grants/3areastu.htm   (6622 words)

 Area Studies
The University offers four area studies minors, each of which brings to bear on an important region of the world the expertise of faculty members from different departments.
Study of the Russian language is strongly recommended, but not required.
An internship, independent study, or field work may be counted but not more than 3 credits of each.
www.southernct.edu /undergrad/schas/areastudies   (540 words)

 Villanova University International Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Although the programs are formally part of the College of Arts and Sciences, area studies are open to students in all undergraduate colleges.
Although not required, students in area studies programs are strongly encouraged to consider studying for a summer, a semester, even a year, in one of the countries that make up the area they are studying.
Villanova's area studies programs enrich the academic community with a broad range of lectures and cultural events.
www.internationalstudies.villanova.edu /area/area.htm   (147 words)

 Special and Area Studies Collections - University of Florida Smathers Libraries
Contact Us Special and Area Studies Collections encompasses two units: the Area Studies Collections and the Special Collections of the University of Florida.
The Area Studies Collections are the Latin American Collection, housed on the fourth floor of Smathers Library, and the Africana and the Asian Studies collections, which are integrated with the general collections in Library West.
The Special and Area Studies Collections department is generously supported by the Howe Society.
web.uflib.ufl.edu /spec   (318 words)

 Film Studies
Film studies majors learn to analyze, synthesize and discern important information—they learn to read and write effectively and look at the world with a critical eye, but most importantly, the film studies major develops a critical and audio-visual literacy.
The focus area allows the Film Major to expand their related areas of interest, add breadth and depth to their course of study, and experience the intellectual rigor of specialization.
Think about an area or set of issues of particular interest to you and meet with a film studies faculty member whose subject is relevant.
film-studies.osu.edu /major/index.cfm   (2596 words)

 Frequently Ask Questions: International Collections from the Library of Congress
For many areas of the world, such as China, Russia, and Latin America, its collections are the finest and most comprehensive research collections outside the country of origin.
The Area Studies divisions are the primary gateways to begin your research on other countries using the international collections.
When possible, users of area studies materials are urged to contact the appropriate staff prior to their arrival.
www.loc.gov /rr/international/int-faq.html   (784 words)

 Latin American Area Studies Program
The courses listed below are offered as a means of acquainting the student with the physical environment of the area, its people, their languages and literature, contributions to civilization,educational and scientific institutions, arts and music, economic and political problems, history and relations with one another and with other states.
Students majoring in Latin American area studies, either alone or in combination with another department, are required to take Latin American Area Studies 381 in their senior year or, with permission, in their junior year.
Students who are taking the joint major in Latin American area studies and anthropology are required to take Anthropology 101, plus 15 credits chosen from among Anthropology 201, 205, 206, 240, 311.
soc.qc.cuny.edu /laas   (1117 words)

 International and Area Studies - IAS, UC Berkeley
IAS is dedicated to promoting all aspects of international and global studies at Berkeley.
It oversees and works with research units and programs concerned with non-US areas and issues from Africa to Southeast Asia, International Economy to Romance Studies.
IAS provides a range of services, including study abroad and faculty exchange, and hosts a range of interdisciplinary teaching programs.
www.ias.berkeley.edu   (196 words)

 Area Studies Graduate Schools, Graduate Program Area Studies, Masters Area Studies, Ph.D. Area Studies
There are also more overarching area studies that look at a wide range of areas such as cultural studies or international studies.
Within these different areas, students may study the literature, history, politics, philosophy, art, and/or religion of a particular area.
The student needs to make decisions about what particular aspects of an area will be the most beneficial to study and what will further their personal research and career interests.
www.gradschools.com /programs/area_studies.html   (277 words)

 UNC Area Studies Centers
Established in September 2005, the African Studies Center (ASC) is the newest of UNC’s area studies centers.
Undergraduate interest in African Studies is high, demonstrated by the unusual level of UNC-funded independent student research projects and honors-level group studies in Africa.
Academic venues for African Studies are buttressed by an exceptional level of student social entrepreneurship.
www.unc.edu /areastudies/centerprofiles/asc.html   (372 words)

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