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Topic: Areas of Edinburgh

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In the News (Thu 23 May 19)

  Edinburgh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edinburgh (pronounced /ˈɛdɪnˌbrə/), Dùn Èideann (/tuːn ˈeːtʃən/) in Scottish Gaelic, is the second-largest city in Scotland and is the country's capital city.
Edinburgh is the second largest financial centre in the United Kingdom after the City of London and the fifth largest in Europe.
Edinburgh is the country's most popular tourist destination in terms of visitor numbers, and the second most popular in the UK after London, with numbers growing substantially each year, particularly in the budget travel and backpacking sector, assisted by the growth of Edinburgh Airport and direct raillinks to the rest of the country.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Edinburgh   (3488 words)

 Areas of Edinburgh - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edinburgh is divided into areas that generally encompass a park (or green), a high street (i.e.
In Edinburgh residences are generally tenements, although the more southern parts of the city have traditionally been richer and have a greater number of detached houses.
The names of the areas are mainly chosen for the major road(s) in the area, however in some cases it is believed that the names of the roads are a reflection of the original name or use of the area.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Areas_of_Edinburgh   (170 words)

 Edinburgh Accommodation - Grosvenor Gardens Hotel, Edinburgh, Scotland. Scotland hotels, Edinburgh lodgings, Scotland ...
Edinburgh's climate is commonly cloudy with moderate rainfall, and its proximity to the sea impedes temperature extremes.
Edinburgh is represented in the European Parliament within the Lothians constituency (one of eight Scottish seats).
Edinburgh's three universities are also at the forefront of the development of new technologies and their applications.
www.stayinedinburgh.com   (1469 words)

 Scotland - Sightseeing - Edinburgh
The mile long stretch of cobble stones runs from the Edinburgh Castle to the Palace of Holyroodhouse and is divided into four sections; Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High Street and Canongate.
Edinburgh's history is inextricably intertwined with the imposing castle which watches over the modern city from Castle Rock.
Founded as a monastery in 1128, the Palace of Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh is The Queen's official residence in Scotland.
www.scotlandby.com /sightseeing/sightseeing_edinburgh.htm   (599 words)

 hen parties edinburgh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Some object to the term "minor parties" because of the dismissive implications of calling a party "minor".hen parties edinburgh Some are nationally organized with active affiliates in all, or nearly all, of the states and dozens or hundreds of candidates for office at all levels of government.
Edinburgh Castle and Nor'Loch, around 1780 by Alexander Nasmyth Edinburgh Castle, an ancient stronghold on the Castle Rock in the centre of the city of Edinburgh, has been in use by assorted military forces since prehistoric times and only transferred from the Ministry of Defence recently.
The Esplanade is where the annual Edinburgh Military Tattoo is held, and in previous times was a parade and drill area for the castle garrison.css"; @import "/skins-1.
www.copywriteireland.co.uk /hen-parties-edinburgh.aspx   (2856 words)

 ipedia.com: Areas of Edinburgh Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Edinburgh is divided into areas that generally encompass a park/green, high street and a section of residential building It should be noted that the Royal Burgh of Leith has Edinburgh postal codes and...
Edinburgh is divided into areas that generally encompass a park/green, high street (i.e.
The names of the areas are mainly named for the major road(s) in the area, however in some cases it is believed that the names of the roads are a reflection of the original name/use of the area.
www.ipedia.com /areas_of_edinburgh.html   (759 words)

 Edinburgh Hotels
Situated close to Edinburgh's new conference centre in the heart of Edinburgh's desirable West End, Greens is a well-established local "landmark".
Whilst within the centre of Edinburgh, surprisingly the bedrooms at Greens offer peace and tranquillity that is hard to better - many with views to the coast and hills that you would normally expect from a country hotel.
The Caledonian Hilton Hotel, built in 1903 is situated in the very heart of Edinburgh, in the shadow of the famous 14th century Edinburgh Castle.
www.hotelslookandbook.com /uk/edinburgh.htm   (912 words)

 Edinburgh Cowgate fire, 2002 - Biocrawler definition:Edinburgh Cowgate fire, 2002 - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Edinburgh Cowgate fire was a fire in a nightclub in Cowgate, Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2002.
The Informatics department at Edinburgh University pioneered the study of Artificial Intelligence in the 1950s and had one of the most comprehensive archival libraries in its field.
A major venue for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Gilded Balloon, was also gutted by the fire, leaving plans for 2003's festival relying on alternative premises.
www.biocrawler.com /biowiki/Edinburgh_Cowgate_fire,_2002   (383 words)

 Edinburgh & Lothians Structure Plan Review - First Paper
These are areas which are well located in terms of existing and proposed public transport, and growth here could help reduce out commuting to Edinburgh.
There is considerable pressure to develop the large areas of land on the west side of Edinburgh in the vicinity of the airport.
This is being resisted on the basis that the area forms part of the Green Belt and that west Edinburgh is an area of restraint.
www.edinburgh.gov.uk /CEC/City_Development/Planning/major_issues_report/13_Development_Direction_2.html   (333 words)

 stag parties edinburgh   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Edinburgh has many modern supermarkets in its suburbs which offer a more day to day type of shopping.A poster for the European Parliament election 2004 in Italy, showing party listsMulti-party systems are systems in which there are multiple parties.
The latter was designed by Robert Adam and is often considered one of the finest Georgian squares in Britain.In the 1st century the Romans recorded the Votadini as a British tribe in the area, and about 600 the poem Y Gododdin using the Brythonic form of that name describes warriors feasting "in Eidin's great hall".
Edinburgh's population is also growing rapidly, mainly through inward migration from overseas and, particularly, the rest of the United Kingdom.runOnloadHook) runOnloadHook(); Edinburgh -, the free encyclopedia /**/ @import "/skins-1.stag parties edinburgh (Murrayfield is also used as a venue for other events, including music concerts.
www.document-sugery.co.uk /stag-parties-edinburgh.aspx   (3504 words)

 ScotSearch Dot Org: Scottish Council Areas/Edinburgh
Edinburgh Centre for Tropical Forests - Association supporting the sustainable management of forests and their contribution to society throughout the world.
Edinburgh Latin/Hispanic Music and Dance Guide - Informal guide to places to dance to Latin rhythms from salsa through samba to tango, and hear and play Afro-Latin, South American and Hispanic music in the Edinburgh Area.
Edinburgh Mela - Details of this annual multicultural arts festival that celebrates the diverse cultures in Scotland.
www.scotsearch.org /Scottish_Council_Areas/Edinburgh/more3.html   (864 words)

 Edinburgh Evening News - Edinburgh - Priority areas in need of more money   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Three high-priority areas for funding have been identified by the council besides the three "must haves".
The growth in the number of events being held in Edinburgh has put considerable financial pressure on the council, which contributes more than £1 million to both Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations and the International Festival.
The authority believes it needs extra cash to be able to continue to host such events and ensure their quality meets the standards expected of a capital city.
edinburghnews.scotsman.com /edinburgh.cfm?id=456932004   (275 words)

 Edinburgh, Scotland Travel Guides
Revised yearly, STREETWISE is the best-selling map of Edinburgh, with coverage from port of Leith to Holyrood Park.
The Edinburgh Area Map is clearly indicated on a map inset, and there is an area map of Scotland.
From the ramparts of Edinburgh Castle and ghostly medieval alleys to enchanting waterside walkways, there's a wealth of detail on Scottish history, contemporary life, and architecture as well as suggestion for bars and restaurants en route.
www.magicaljourneys.com /Scotland/scotland-travel-travelguides-edinburgh.html   (1016 words)

 LEDA Measure: 20 mph (32 km/h) zones in residential areas
The City Council has introduced one 'mandatory' 20 mph zone in the Nidrie House area, and three 'advisory' 20 mph zones in the Buckton, Echilen and Magdalene areas of Edinburgh.
Area wide 20 mph zones must be backed up by appropriate signage and physical traffic calming measures, whereas individual sections of road in which the speed limit has been reduced to 20 mph need not be supported by traffic calming.
However, in April 1998 the Government announced that several pilot 'advisory' schemes (such as the ones in Edinburgh) had to be introduced in Scotland.
www.leda.ils.nrw.de /database/measures/meas0176.htm   (303 words)

 Areas of Edinburgh -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
(The capital of Scotland; located in the Lothian Region on the south side of the Firth of Forth) Edinburgh is divided into areas that generally encompass a park (or green), a high street (i.e.
In Edinburgh residences are generally (A rundown apartment house barely meeting minimal standards) tenements, although the more southern parts of the city have traditionally been richer and have a greater number of detached houses.
The Royal Burgh of (Click link for more info and facts about Leith) Leith was formerly a separate town, but was merged with Edinburgh in 1920.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/a/ar/areas_of_edinburgh.htm   (154 words)

 Cullen Property Sourcing: Residential Property Acquisition   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It is apparent therefore that we have handled every aspect required in the process of achieving a fully let and managed investment property...
Born and brought up in Edinburgh with a detailed knowledge of the City.
Edinburgh is a capital city of world renown - known as the capital of Scotland, one of Europe's major financial centres...
www.cullenpropertysourcing.com   (362 words)

 Edinburgh Attractions - Tattoo - Fringe - Hogmany Party - Royal Yacht Britannia
The residents of Edinburgh have a deep love for their city, locally known as 'Auld Reekie'', and it has been described as 'the capital of the world'.
It is a thrilling place, where there is a constant air of adventure and romance that entices visitors to return time and time again.
Leith is one of the most vibrant areas of Edinburgh, with a number of bars, restaurants and local attractions to choose from, click here to find out more about the area.
www.sheridanguesthouse.com /attractions_near_the_sheridan_guest_house_edinburgh.htm   (128 words)

 Edinburgh Things to see and do Archives: BootsnAll Travel Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Where recently the sun wasn't truly set until 10:30pm, already Edinburgh is dark by nine, and the growing shortness of the days brings winter ever closer to...
Edinburgh does have its share of the hard drugs scene, but drugs define Edinburgh about as much as muggings define New York City.
Edinburgh has always taken care of me. Over the course of two visits, I've lived there for nearly a year; I'll be going back in August, for the International Festival, and should I ever wind up with too much...
www.bootsnall.com /articles/edinburgh/edinburgh-things-to-see-and-do   (656 words)

 The anatomy of a housing boom
A research team, drawn from Edinburgh University and the School of Planning and Housing at Edinburgh College of Art, studied buyers in four areas of Edinburgh to find out how people made decisions in a booming housing market, what motivated them, and where they got their money.
The chosen areas were The Grange and New Town, traditionally high priced areas; Merchiston, with medium-priced houses; and Leith, low priced, and dominated by tenement like-flats - although this was also a rapidly rising neighbourhood.
Much of Edinburgh witnessed a house price boom in the late 1990s which the householders attributed to the accumulation of ‘cultural capital’, including the change in Scottish politics, the consolidating financial centre, and the fact that the city has a stock of distinctive domestic properties.
www.eurekalert.org /pub_releases/2001-03/ESRC-Taoa-2103101.php   (938 words)

This recently refurbished and self-contained apartment is part of a lovely 17th century cottage which overlooks the River Almond in the village of Cramond, five miles form the centre of Edinburgh.
This little gem of a studio cottage is tucked away in a quiet, quaint and cobbled mews cul de sac, just a few minutes walk from Princes Street and the many attractions of Scotland?s elegant and sophisticated capital city.
The well-furnished ground-floor apt has immediate access to (and views of) the acres of gardens and grounds which tenants are welcome to use.
www.unique-cottages.co.uk /cottages/south/edinburgh   (222 words)

 Edinburgh Hotel Rooms and Suites: The Howard, Edinburgh Hotel
One of the bedrooms houses a working fire, while some of the large, luxurious bathrooms show off free standing claw-footed bathtubs (offering the perfect spot for relaxation), while all of the rooms are spacious enough to provide both seating and five star dining areas.
Each room is named after streets or areas in Edinburgh.
Charlotte has a very large bedroom and lounge area, and the bathroom houses two basins, a shower and a steamer.
www.slh.com /scotland/edinburgh/accommodation_edihow.html   (382 words)

 Faculty of Humanities -STAFF AND AREAS OF EXPERTISE   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Areas of Expertise include Communication and Study Skills, Grammar, Phonetics and Phonology.
Areas of Expertise include Sociolinguistics, Sociology of Language, Varieties of English, Language and Gender, Word-Formation, Lexicography.
Areas of Expertise include African Literature, African Theatre, Poetics, Critical Theory, Sociology of Literature.
www.nul.ls /faculties/humanities/eng_staff.htm   (434 words)

 Edinburgh hotels reservations, cheap hotels, travel, discounts and vacations
Edinburgh manages to successfully blend modern with old and you will find trendy nightclubs housed in medieval buildings.
Edinburgh Castle is, of course, the star attraction.
This landmark building in the heart of Edinburgh overlooking Princes Street in the city's "Old Town" was until 2000 the home of the national newspaper "The Scotsman".
www.all-hotels.com /edinburgh-hotels.htm   (791 words)

 easyJet.com - Edinburgh
Accommodation in Edinburgh is plentiful and ranges from economically priced B and B's to converted manor houses and five star hotels.
Edinburgh Airport is located just to the west of Scotland's capital city.
Edinburgh's main railway station (Waverley) is in the city centre and can be reached by taxi or bus.
www.easyjet.com /EN/Planning/Destination/edi.html   (626 words)

 Edinburgh Evening News - Edinburgh - Dangerous driver jailed after police chase across city   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
A YARDSMAN with a building supply company was jailed for five months after driving dangerously through residential areas in Edinburgh.
He hit 90mph in the Murrayburn area of the city and went straight through six red lights - in one instance narrowly missing another vehicle.
McRorie, of Greenacre, Edinburgh, pled guilty to dangerous driving without insurance and also admitted driving without insurance on another occasion in January this year.
edinburghnews.scotsman.com /edinburgh.cfm?id=1302182002   (278 words)

 Dowies Mill, Cramond, Edinburgh, Scotland
Question: how can you be in part of Edinburgh and on a main bus route to the city centre, and yet be tucked away in a rural, riverside setting at the end of a leafy lane?
This delightful apartment is on the ground floor of a 17th century converted cottage on the banks of the River Almond near the village of Cramond, one of the most attractive and picturesque areas round Edinburgh.
Apart from being convenient for exploring all the many delights of Edinburgh itself, Dowies Mill is also well situated for escaping to the west and north.
www.unique-cottages.co.uk /cottages/BZ7   (445 words)

 Edinburgh hotels and accommodation, hotel reservations in Central Scotland, by All-Hotels(tm)
Edinburgh claims to have the biggest New Year celebration in Europe and they're probably right.
The centre of the city is cordoned off from traffic by temporary gates turning the area into a huge pedestrian precinct.
Princes Street, George Street, the Mound, the Royal Mile and various side streets are jam packed by eight or nine o'clock in the evening and, even in a city where practically every second building is a pub, patrons are soon spilling out on to the street.
www.all-hotels.com /europe/united_kingdom/scotland/central_scotland/edinburgh/home.htm   (515 words)

 Childhood immunisation uptake in relation to deprivation and local practices   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Immunisation data demonstrated that overall vaccine uptake in Edinburgh was affected by deprivation, with children from the most deprived areas having significantly lower uptake than those in the least deprived areas.
Firstly it identified specific problem areas, which unexpectedly included one of the most affluent areas in Edinburgh.
Secondly it highlighted exemplary areas, in particular a deprived area in Edinburgh very successfully managing to ‘beat the odds’.
apha.confex.com /apha/131am/techprogram/paper_65566.htm   (411 words)

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