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Topic: Argenteum Astrum

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  HORRIFIED - Deus Diabolus Inversus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Speciellt i de instrumentella låtarna ”Selenes And Edymions Son” och ”Argenteum Astrum” så satsas det mycket på det atmosfäriska och bandet lyckas även riktigt bra med det. I övrigt så är det de ”traditionella” instrumenten som bygger upp musiken och keyboards lämnas helt eller nästan helt bort.
Till favoritlåtarna på detta album hör ”Ascending Path: A Star Child Is Born”, ”Aprhorism” och den helt enkelt strålande ”Argenteum Astrum” där både fiol och flöjt används tillsammans med akustisk gitarr.
Especially in the instrumental songs “Selenes And Endymions Son” and “Argenteum Astrum” they really try to get a good atmosphere, which they succeed in doing really well.
www.metal-only.com /php/read_rec.php?id=350   (698 words)

 John Frederick Charles Fuller Biography | Encyclopedia of World Biography
In this work, Fuller declared Crowley "more than a new-born Dionysis, he is more than a [William] Blake, a Rabelais or a [Heinrich] Heine; for he stands before us as some priest of Apollo." Crowley's stated purpose was to replace Christianity with a new religion he dubbed Crowleyanity.
To fulfill this end, he established a magical order, the Argenteum Astrum, or Silver Star.
Fuller co-edited with Crowley the Argentum Astrum magazine, The Equinox, and is credited also with introducing Crowley and Victor Neuburg, who became Crowley's most dedicated disciple and homosexual lover.
www.bookrags.com /biography/john-frederick-charles-fuller   (1182 words)

 Horrified - collection mp3, free mp3 music, download mp3 : Deus Diabolus Inversus, Argenteum Astrum , Battle Of The ...
Horrified full albums in mp3 Argenteum Astrum, Monolith: Test Teach Transform Ascending Path: A Star Child Is Born.
Argenteum Astrum Monolith: Test Teach Transform Ascending Path: A Star Child Is Born.
Horrified Deus Diabolus Inversus, Argenteum Astrum Selenes And Endymions Son.
www.pjsrocks.com /horrified.html   (409 words)

or Argenteum Astrum was originally the name of the Golden Dawn's invisible Third Order.
There is some speculation whether Argenteum Astrum, the Latin for "Silver Star" is the True name of the A.·.A.·.
However, if there is a secret meaning of these letters, it is known only to initiates.
heru-ra-ha.tripod.com /topics/aa.html   (489 words)

 Aleister Crowley Collection
Additional financial and legal papers regarding Crowley's debts and lawsuits are located in the Personal Papers Series, along with a set of hand colored tarot cards designed by Oswald Wirth.
Materials located in the Golden Dawn section include a journal kept by Allen Bennett about his experiences in the order, essays and papers about the history of the order, and descriptions of Enochian tablets.
Materials related to the A.'.A.'.(Argenteum Astrum or Silver Star) organization include printed forms and examples of exams taken by initiates to pass between grades in the order.
www.hrc.utexas.edu /research/fa/crowley.aleister.html   (2472 words)

 astrum - OneLook Dictionary Search   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
We found 2 dictionaries with English definitions that include the word astrum:
Tip: Click on the first link on a line below to go directly to a page where "astrum" is defined.
astrum : Dictionary of Botanical Epithets [home, info]
www.onelook.com /?w=astrum   (68 words)

 Roger : 666 = Teitan & Titane [Titan]; Iapetos,
ASTHR ARGOS [Aster Argos] = 983 has been called a corrupt Graeco-Coptic form of Argenteum Astrum by one implying that Our Father the Beast 666 had made a mistake and so implied that he, the critic, is much more intelligent and knowledgeable, for it was he that discovered the "mistake".
Aleister Crowley was perfectly aware that ASTHR ARGOS was "corrupt", meaning literally, "shining, bright, or glistening star", and at least one of his reasons for translating Argenteum Astrum [Silver Star] in this manner is obvious - to achieve the numeration of 983 which is the numeration of GNOSIS, Gnosis.
Let it be a warning to all of those who would criticize the Beast 666 again.
www.greatestjournal.com /users/rpp3/10503.html   (634 words)

 Ceremonial Magic - WiccanWeb.ca   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
It utilizes elaborate magic theory, draws from a large body of literature and always uses ritual.
Practitioners of CM often organize themselves in magical societies such as the Builders of the Adytum, the various forms of the Ordo Templi Orientis or the Argenteum Astrum.
Important influences on the tradition include Israel Regardie, Aleister Crowley and Dion Fortune.
www.wiccanweb.ca /wiki/index.php/Ceremonial_magic   (118 words)

 Austin Osman Spare, artist biography, famous art works, painting style, oil paintings, famous painters, history of ...
These elements appealed to avant-garde London intellectuals, and brought him to the attention of Aleister Crowley.
Spare became a Probationer of Crowley's order Argenteum Astrum ("Of the Silver Star") in July 1909, but was not initiated as a member, although he contributed four small drawings to Crowley's publication The Equinox.
Crowley later characterized Spare as a "Black Brother", meaning that he did not approve of the goals of Spare's magical philosophy.
www.reviewpainting.com /Austin-Osman-Spare.htm   (410 words)

 Horrified - mp3 archive, mp3 song hits, free mp3's Download : Deus Diabolus Inversus, Monolith: Test Teach Transform , ...
Horrified Doberman, Argenteum Astrum Avatar Of The Age Of Horus.
Horrified Deus Diabolus Inversus, Avatar Of The Age Of Horus, Requiem For A Caged Lust Argenteum Astrum.
Horrified Argenteum Astrum, Deus Diabolus Inversus, Requiem For A Caged Lust.
granddome.dnip.net /horrified.html   (483 words)

 Witch Way
However, he and Mathers had a falling out;so Crowley quit and journeyed to the Orient with his wife in search of wisdom.
Eventually Crowley founded his own Order, the Argenteum Astrum, which used Egyptian rituals.
Aleister Crowley was initiated by Reuss and allowed to establish an English branch of the Order known as the Mysteria Mystica Maxima.
www.wingbatrecords.com /witchway/ac.html   (1814 words)

 Magical organization - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Order was reworked by Aleister Crowley after he took control of the Order in the early 1920s.
The Argenteum Astrum, (or A∴A∴) was created in 1907 by Aleister Crowley and also teaches Magick and Thelema.
Their main text is the Book of the Law.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Magical_organization   (250 words)

 A muse for his wicked, wicked ways - www.smh.com.au
The self-styled "Great Beast 666" believed he was the Antichrist described in the Bible's Book of Revelations.
An enthusiastic advocate of sex and drugs, he founded a fl arts order, the Argenteum Astrum.
As such, Crowley merits an entire chapter in Drury's book, which the author describes as "the first serious overview of the magical traditions since the German surrealist Kurt Selingmann published his History of Magic in 1948".
www.smh.com.au /articles/2003/11/25/1069522606138.html   (888 words)

 lashtal.com :: View topic - A.A.?
I guest the most common translation is "Astrum Argenteum", which means more or less "Order of the Silver Star", the order Crowley established after "destroying and reorganizing" the Golden Dawn, when the Secret Chiefs contacted him to do so.
"It is commonly believed that A.A. stands for Argenteum Astrum (Silver Star).
Of course, now I'm thoroughly a Center of Pestilence and we all know that A.A. really means "Argentinum Astrum" and that in no certain terms whatsoever.
www.lashtal.com /nuke/PNphpBB2-printview-t-1173-start-0.phtml   (1820 words)

 The Arcane Archive - ASTRUM ARGENTEUM (AA) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Arcane Archive - ASTRUM ARGENTEUM (AA) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
In 1906 Crowley rejoined George Cecil Jones in England, where they set about the task of creating a magical order to continue where the Golden Dawn had left off.
(Astrum Argentium or Silver Star), and it became the primary vehicle for the transmission of Crowley's mystical and magical training system based on the principles of Thelema.
www.arcane-archive.org /faqs/aafaq.php   (1438 words)

 Chaos magic - Wikipedia Mirror   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Practitioners hold that they can shape reality using this form of magic.
Austin Osman Spare was initially involved with the Golden Dawn tradition, and its offshoots such as the O.T.O and Aleister Crowley's Argenteum Astrum but later broke with them to work independently.
He would develop theory and practices which would, after his death, profoundly influence the Illuminates of Thanateros.
www.wiki-mirror.be /index.php/Chaos_magick   (1271 words)

 Austin Osman Spare
A.O. Spare was the son of a policeman, born in late Victorian London thirteen years after Aleister Crowley and only a few years removed from the founding of the Order of the Golden Dawn, though he was never a member.
He was a member of Crowley's "Astrum Argenteum" (Silver Star) for a period of time but found his own personal vision too compelling to remain a member of any organization (however Thelemic) for long.
Spare lived the life of Thelema -- True Will -- without having to explicitly function as a proselyte for the Law; rather, he found himself
home.earthlink.net /~xristos/GoldenDawn/biospare.htm   (795 words)

 Aestheteka - Dark Art & The Dark Arts - The Hellfire Club of the Forum World, Home of The Beast :: View topic - The ...
Posted: Sun Dec 25, 2005 10:24 pm Post subject: The Ranking System
The ranking system for Aestheteka is based upon that of the Argenteum Astrum, and is as follows:
Argenteum Astrum, whose primary goals were the pursuit of light and knowledge, define these grades as such:
aestheteka.forumwise.com /aestheteka-thread41.html   (1787 words)

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