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In the News (Mon 17 Jun 19)

  Welcome to Argentia Freezers and Terminals
e operate a modern 40000 square foot tidewater cold storage facility at Argentia, Newfoundland, and are accessible by road and sea.
We have a fully equipped Truck Loading/Unloading Bay and adjacent to a 500 meter newly reconstructed concrete dock with a heavy lift crane area.
Argentia Freezers and terminals is also a supplier of Fishery and Road Salt.
www.aharvey.com /freezers   (222 words)

Argentia, Nfld, unincorporated place, is located on the W coast of the AVALON PENINSULA.
A small silver-lead mine, opened near the community in the 1880s, operated sporadically until 1925; consequently Little Placentia was renamed Argentia around 1900.
Argentia is Canada's foggiest place - with 206 days of fog per year - and one of the foggiest places in the world.
www.thecanadianencyclopedia.com /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&TCE_Version=A&ArticleId=A0000302&mState=1   (207 words)

  Argentia, Newfoundland and Labrador - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Argentia is a community on the island of Newfoundland in the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador.
Argentia was selected in 1940 to be the location of a United States Navy base being built under the U.S.-British lend-lease program which saw American warships loaned to Britain in exchange for selected British military bases (or land for new bases) in the Western Hemisphere.
Argentia would prove to be a very important base in the US war effort; by 1943 with the U.S. fully involved in the Second World War, Argentia saw upwards of 10,000 U.S. personnel passing through on the way to the European Theatre.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Argentia,_Newfoundland_and_Labrador   (1601 words)

 Argentia: A Historic Look   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Argentia, which was first settled in the early 1600's,is situated on a small peninsula on the east side of Placentia Bay on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland.
As well, the terminus of the Placentia Branch of the Railway was moved to Argentia and thus provided a major boast to the economy of the community.
Argentia was ideally located to serve as a base for supplying, repairing and servicing the American war fleet and Naval Forces of the Allies.
www.k12.nf.ca /laval/argentia.htm   (1526 words)

 Argentia - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
La sombra de un pacto; Mario conde podría haber negociado un acuerdo exculpatorio con los implicados en Argentia Trust.
Las desventuras del juez que investiga el paradero de los 600 millones de Argentia Trust.
El Supremo acelera el 'caso Argentia' para evitar las presiones de Conde.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-x-argentia.html   (260 words)

 Argentia — Commercial real estate due diligence and CMBS due diligence. | Argentia
Argentia Group, Inc. provides commercial real estate due diligence, commercial loan underwriting and CMBS due diligence services.
Argentia supports originators, sellers and buyers of commercial mortgage loans either on a securitized or whole loan basis.
Argentia has performed a variety of due diligence assignments througout California, has worked on mortgage securitizations in Mexico and Peru, and has completed commercial real estate due diligence in Mexico.
argentiagroup.com   (125 words)

 Existing Activity In Argentia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The terminal in Argentia is connected to St. John's via a modern network of paved roads.
Argentia Freezers and Terminals act as agents for Eimskip, and are responsible for that company's wharf handling and stevedoring.
One of the airstrips on Argentia's North Side is operated as an automobile drag raceway from June to October.
www.nfld.com /clients/argentia/activity.html   (378 words)

 Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An overview of the use of multibeam bathymetry for geological mapping, the results of a recent survey in Argentia, Newfoundland, and a brief overview of the recent history of Argentia are presented.
A multibeam bathymetry survey of Argentia Harbour was conducted in November 1993 by Public Works and Government Services Canada using a Navitronics Sweep system installed on the MV Mirimichi Surveyor.
The Geological Survey of Canada conducted a sidescan sonar survey of Argentia Harbour, and used data from both surveys to determine the impact of the construction of the Argentia Naval facility and to detect debris on the seafloor.
www.gsca.nrcan.gc.ca /oceanmapping/argentia   (353 words)

 NEIA - Argentia Management Authority
Argentia's military past is being transformed into an exciting base for economic opportunities under the leadership of the Argentia Management Authority Inc. (AMA).
Quite simply, from a business perspective, Argentia has it all, located in the centre of the world's major shipping lanes with a year-round, ice-free harbour, extensive buildings and infrastructure, and a 41-lot, 110 acre industrial park.
The Argentia site provides a very competitive environment for companies looking to capitalize on Argentia’s advantages and “bottom-line” cost savings: a globally competitive port, with excellent docking facilities, and a large land base, and strategically buffered for commercial and heavy industrial activities.
www.neia.org /Membership/Profiles/AMA.htm   (237 words)

 Argentia Photorecycling | ISO
Argentia B.V. beschikt reeds langere tijd over een milieuzorgsysteem dat voldoet aan de eisen van het Certiva normblad voor de verwijderingbedrijven van gevaarlijke afvalstoffen.
Op 1 februari 1997 is aan Argentia B.V. het Certiva certificaat door KPMG Certification uitgereikt.
Sinds 1 augustus 1998 is Argentia B.V. tevens gecertificeerd volgens NEN-EN-ISO 9002 (1994) (kwaliteitssysteem) en NEN-EN-ISO 14001 (2000) (milieuzorgsysteem) voor het "inzamelen, opslaan en verwerken van gevaarlijke afvalstoffen en het beheren van opvanginstallaties ten behoeve van fotografisch afval bij derden"
www.argentia.nl /iso.htm   (93 words)

 Aviation in Newfoundland and Labrador - Argentia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Board selected the Argentia Peninsula and adjacent waters for aerial operations and to accommodate facilities for naval light forces.
To allow for further development three Argentia cemeteries were relocated in the summer of 1942 and some 625 bodies disinterred and re-buried in a new site at nearby Freshwater.
Meanwhile, runway construction on the Argentia Peninsula had progressed such that by late 1941 three were available for emergency use.
home.thezone.net /~ainal/Argentia.htm   (872 words)

 Naval Station Argentia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
While in the Argentia anchorage from August 10–12, the two leaders and their delegations managed to negotiate what was called the "Atlantic Charter" which established the basis for UK-US military cooperation and objectives.
In 1973, Naval Air Station Argentia was decommissioned and the land transferred to the government of Canada, which then transferred it to the provincial government for development.
NAS Argentia was used to base convoy protection, coastal patrol and anti-submarine aircraft during the Second World War and into the Cold War.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Naval_Station_Argentia   (724 words)

 Newfoundland Books - Uprooted - The Argentia Story - Eileen Houlihan - Tide's Point Marketplace
This book has been written in an effort to help the descendants of the those people to gain some knowledge of the history of Argentia, how their parents and grandparents earned their livelihood, and the trauma they experienced when they had to leave.
Eileen (Hunt) Houlihan was born in Argentia, Newfoundland on December 11, 1909; she grew up there and attended school in nearby Marquise.
As a result of the establishment of the Argentia Naval Station, she resettled to Freshwater, Placentia Bay in 1942, where she taught school for one year.
www.tidespoint.com /books/eileenhoulihan.shtml   (242 words)

 Argentia Yellow Directories, White Pages and Argentia NF Guide
Stephen Harper blindsided Brian Mulroney last week by needlessly declaring his mentor a radioactive personality to be avoided by all current Conservative...
Argentia Yellow Pages and YellowPages.ca are registered trade-marks of Yellow Pages Group Co. in Canada.
Canada411 is a trade-mark of Stentor Resource Centre Inc. used under license.
argentia.areaconnect.ca   (221 words)

 Argentia Newfoundland
This site is dedicated to the men and women of the United States of America, Canada and Newfoundland who served and worked at the US Naval Base in Argentia, Newfoundland.
He was killed in the crash of a U.S. Navy plane (believed to be a PAY) on May 1, 1943 at or in the vicinity of Argentia, Newfoundland.
Some personal effects were sent back from the U. Naval Base, Argentia in the spring of 1943.
www.geocities.com /argentia_ca   (387 words)

 Atlantic Barrier
“Argentia Approach, Navy 1313, 25 miles southeast, requesting your present weather.” “Navy 1313, this is Argentia Approach, present weather 200 feet obscured; visibility one-half mile in blowing snow; wind south southwest 28, gusts to 45 knots; duty runway 25 GCA standing by on channel 17.”
Its speed, altitude, bearing and exact position are quickly calculated and the data is immediately relayed to either one of two operational control centers.
One center is at Atlantic Fleet Headquarters, Norfolk, Va.; the other at Argentia, Newfoundland—the western anchor and nerve center of this radar blanket.
www.willyvictor.com /Atlantic_Barrier/AtBarrier.htm   (1418 words)

 The Charter: Manning tells Argentia: relax   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In fact, Manning said Cannon, who visited the Argentia area in December, is looking at a plan to upgrade the roadlink between the Argentia ferry and the
Manning also points to the recent appointment of Nick Careen to Marine Atlantic's board of directors - the first resident of the region to sit on the board since Felix Collins in the mid-1990s - as a sign everything with the service is fine.
Hogan said he couldn't argue whether or not the Argentia service is constitutionally guaranteed, but he argues the federal government has a moral responsibility to maintain the service.
www.thecharter.ca /index.cfm?iid=2333&sid=19241   (1295 words)

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