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Topic: Aria

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  Aria (1987)
Aria "bombed" badly when it was first released - I left the cinema feeling that, despite many interesting sequences, I would not want to see it again.
This suggests both that the main appeal of opera lies in the music rather than the libretto; and that opera lovers are more ready to associate the arias with the emotions which the individual film directors are attempting to arouse, even when these are not those of the original opera.
A more helpful approach seems to be listing those aspects of life that the ten directors felt were brought to the forefront of their attention when they first studied their aria, and subsequently attempted to interpret visually in their segments.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0092580   (0 words)

  Advanced Robotics Interface for Applications
ARIA communicates with the robot via a client/server relationship, either using a serial connection (to talk to the robot) or a TCP/IP connection (to talk to a simulator).
ARIA can also be used to read sensors and drive the robot with custom actions; to merely send and receive commands; or simply to control the serial port.
The built-in actions of ARIA are all resolved strictly based on priority, but the default action resolver is highly flexible, so that a system using straight summation could be easily implemented with your own actions.
www.activrobots.com /SOFTWARE/aria.html   (332 words)

ARIA has achieved the status of a legend in Russia and the surrounding countries throughout the past 20 years (Germany, for tours sometimes as well), but has never got much attention elsewhere.
In that same year, ARIA signs a five year contract with company "MOROZ Records"; one of its results becomes the major release in the 1994 of all the five previous albums of the band (including the unreleased "Megalomania" and "Who Are You With?").
ARIA "Baptised By the Flame" Ukraine and Kamchatka, Siberia and Northern Kavkaz, Ural and Krasnodar Region.
www.myspace.com /arians   (4156 words)

  Aria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An aria (Italian for air; plural: arie or arias in common usage) in music was originally any expressive melody, usually, but not always, performed by a singer.
Aria could also mean a melodic scheme (motif) or pattern for singing a poetic pattern, such as a sonnet.
By the mid-19th century, many operas became a sequence of arias, reducing the space left for recitative, while other operas (for instance those by Wagner) were entirely through-composed, with no section being readily identifiable as a self-contained aria.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Aria   (305 words)

 aria. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Italian opera composers developed the aria da capo, a throughcomposed (nonstrophic) three-part structure in which the beginning section is repeated after a contrasting middle section.
But in French operas, especially those of Christoph W. von Gluck, there was a development leading to greater similarity of recitative and aria, which eventually culminated in the complete abandonment of arias in the late operas of Richard Wagner, who substituted a highly melodic recitative called Sprechgesang [Ger.,=speech-song].
The form continued to be preferred by Italian opera composers, however, and the romantic aria reached its height in the works of Giuseppe Verdi.
www.bartleby.com /65/ar/aria.html   (349 words)

 RPGFan Reviews - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
Aria of Sorrow is the culmination of all this hard work and improves on every aspect of the previous two GBA Castlevania adventures.
Aria of Sorrow is filled with a variety of wickedly-detailed gothic backgrounds, from enormous marble cathedrals to the cold stone walls of Dracula's castle.
Aria of Sorrow may feature a wonderful soundtrack and beautiful graphics, but the one reason it is so addicting is the classic gameplay.
www.rpgfan.com /reviews/castlevaniaaos/castlevaniaaos.html   (884 words)

 Robotron Sensory Tools - Galileo Reading System
The Aria is a portable palmtop device specially designed for people who prefer to work with a Braille keyboard and voice output.
Aria was designed with a high standard of connectivity in mind.
Aria can be connected to other computers via its serial port or an external modem.
www.sensorytools.com /aria.htm   (486 words)

 GamingWorld X - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (GBA) Review
Three spectacular games in three years is quite a feat, but it's true; Aria of Sorrow continues the legacy that is Castlevania, and succeeds as being yet another hit game for the franchise and the GameBoy Advance.
Aria of Sorrow stars Soma Cruz, a brand new character to the series, who -- after a solar eclipse in the year 2035 -- awakens to find himself in a mysterious castle.
Aria of Sorrow is the first Castlevania set in the future, but don't get your hopes up of something refreshing and original.
www.gamingworldx.com /gcn/CastlevaniaAriaofSorrowGBA.shtml   (772 words)

 Aria News - Accounting Receiving and Inventory Administration
The 'bc math' function in PHP does not seem to be working on the demo server, so floating point calculations may be imprecise or not working at all.
If you find any bug's in ARIA please do check the BUG report on Sourceforge and feel free to tell us.
Rewrite part's of ARIA so that it is highly customizable for printing report's.
arias.sourceforge.net   (0 words)

 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow (gba: 2003): Reviews
Aria of Sorrow totally enraptures me in its world, more so than most environments made up of seemingly obscene numbers and polygons.
Aria of Sorrow comes the closest of the three Game Boy Advance titles to replicating the look and feel of Castlevania on the original PlayStation, and one-ups it by the inclusion of the addictive soul collecting.
Since Aria Of Sorrow is the third Castlevania in as many years, I'm also concerned that Konami is growing increasingly content to simply rest on their laurels.
www.metacritic.com /games/platforms/gba/castlevaniaariaofsorrow   (1075 words)

 Antec's Aria enclosure - The Tech Report - Page
The Aria comes with a power supply, but the motherboard and processor cooling are up to you.
Fortunately, you should have no problem finding a suitable motherboard for the Aria; the case is designed to enclose standard Micro ATX boards as large as 9.6" x 9.6".
The Aria comes with a 300W power supply that is a definite improvement over small form factor PSUs rated for 250W or less.
techreport.com /reviews/2004q2/antec-aria/index.x?pg%3D1   (727 words)

 GamersMark - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Aria of Sorrow follows the adventure of a young man named Soma Cruz in the year 2035, on the eve of a solar eclipse.
In Aria of Sorrow, Soma can absorb the souls of the enemies he encounters along his quest, thus giving him their special abilities, such as the ability to walk on water or the ability to leap great distances.
With that said, the music featured in Aria of Sorrow is almost as good as the soundtrack found in Circle of the Moon, the first GBA Castlevania game, yet it could have been better.
www.gamersmark.com /reviews/view/323   (974 words)

 Aria Restaurant Chicago Restaurant CHICAGO RESTAURANT, Aria CHICAGO - RESTAURANT - Aria, Aria Restaurant RESTAURANT, ...
Aria serves mashed potatoes and steak on their restaurant menus in Chicago
Aria American Restaurant in Chicago is a great restaurant in Illinois with a trendy bar ribs and great desserts.
Aria chicago steak house house serving american cuisine in CHicago.
www.ylunch.com /chicago\aria\aria.html   (507 words)

 Australian Recording Industry Assocation
ARIA annouces further inductees for 2007 ARIA Hall of Fame [14 June 2007]
ARIA announces 1st 2007 ARIA Hall of Fame Inductees [6 May 2007]
Copyright 2005 © ARIA - Australian Recording Industry Association Ltd. All rights reserved.
www.aria.com.au   (0 words)

We powered up the Aria to hear the effect of the RM9's removal, and were greeted with a huge amount of hum, primarily from one channel.
For the Aria, however, this routine will be broken in an effort to emphasize a point, and if this point isn't stressed right off the bat, it will appear that I'm condemning what in reality is a very fine product.
The Aria was a tad warmer than the Music Reference, and blended the male voices in a particularly appealing manner.
www.positive-feedback.com /Issue6/aria.htm   (2880 words)

 Welcome to LA Opera | LA Opera
ARIA is LA's bold opera experience for the young professional.
ARIA strives to be a major force in LA's art and culture scene, bringing together opera enthusiasts and newcomers alike to support one of the world's premier arts organizations.
ARIA enriches the opera-going experience with opportunities to clink glasses and share a good anecdote or two; to rub shoulders with like-minded individuals and glimpse a rising opera superstar in person.
www.laopera.com /aria/index.htm   (369 words)

 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for Game Boy Advance Review - Game Boy Advance Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Review   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Aria of Sorrow will be familiar territory for fans of this long-standing series, but they'll love it anyway, and so will anyone looking for a great GBA action game.
Aria of Sorrow, the third Castlevania for Nintendo's portable system, is probably the best one yet, both in terms of its gameplay and design and also in terms of its production qualities.
However, it must be said that Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is at heart a very similar game to last year's Harmony of Dissonance and 2001's Circle of the Moon and that all three of these games bear more than a passing resemblance to Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, a PlayStation game dating back to 1997.
www.gamespot.com /gba/adventure/castlevaniaariaofsorrow/review.html   (1007 words)

 ARIA Restaurant - Functions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
ARIA's elegant main dining room offers magnificent views across Sydney's harbour and the Sydney Opera House.
ARIA's exclusive terrace provides a spectacular open-air venue for wedding ceremonies, cocktail receptions for 50-120 guests or can be used as a perfect start to your evening for pre-dinner drinks and canapes to those dining in the private room.
ARIA's function and events co-ordinator would be delighted to assist with your very special requirements and is dedicated to making your function a memorable one.
www.ariarestaurant.com /main/functions.php   (184 words)

 The Aria Database - Main Index
For music lovers that prefer to sing along with recordings, the Database provides the words of the aria as well as where it happens in the opera and where you could find more recordings of the aria.
The MIDIs and translations are useful to both singers and listeners; performers can use MIDIs to help learn notes and rhythms while others can be just a click away from their favorite arias and translations are useful to anyone who wants to know exactly what an aria is about.
A donation to the Aria Database is voluntary and goes towards supporting future efforts in maintaining and updating the Aria Database.
www.aria-database.com /index2.html   (701 words)

 Amazon.com: Aria: DVD: Theresa Russell,Stephanie Lane (II),Roy Hyatt,Sevilla Delofski,Ruth Halliday,Arthur Cox,Dennis ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Aria is 90 minutes of pure wonderment -- I'm not certain what demographic this project was aimed at, but I definitely fall into it.
To really enjoy Aria, you have to check your expectations at the door and accept it for what it is -- a set of brilliant visual explorations fueled by some of the most incredible music ever written.
For me, 'Aria' was the classical music community's response to the rise of MTV and the pop video.
www.amazon.com /Aria-Theresa-Russell/dp/B00000IYR0   (1751 words)

 IGN: Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Review
Aria of Sorrow takes what the development team built for Harmony of Dissonance, improves on the audio quality and bumps up the difficulty.
Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is the first game whose main quest doesn't revolve around either A) A Belmont in the lead, or B) the destruction of Dracula...at least from the start.
Aria of Sorrow is firmly rooted in the established Castlevania universe.
pocket.ign.com /articles/400/400856p1.html   (824 words)

 Aria review by S. Burridge
This collection of operatic arias as interpreted by nine different directors (ten if you count Bill Bryden's linking story) was producer Don Boyd's personal project.
Surprisingly, it is from the two least expected sources, Sturridge and Roddam, that the potential of Boyd's concept is best realized - their sequences are as evocative and emotive as we would hope for.
But it is Ken Russell, who has always been adept at this sort of thing, where ARIA really coalesces in terms of concept, visuals, and music.
www.geocities.com /Hollywood/Set/1211/burridge.html   (149 words)

 GameSpy.com - Review
Aria of Sorrow plays in the exploration-heavy, RPG-lite "Metroidvania" style established by 1997's Symphony of the Night, and comes very close to duplicating that game's numerous charms.
Konami has once again opted to revamp the magic system, so there are no DSS cards or magic books in sight.
Aside from the soul system, Aria of Sorrow plays just like you'd expect a post-Symphony Castlevania game to play, but with none of the problems that have haunted the last two offerings.
www.gamespy.com /reviews/may03/castlevaniaaosgba   (667 words)

 Antec Aria - Page 1
Antec is no stranger to the computing world with the renowned quality of their power supplies as well as popular cases including the LanBoy series.
The Aria is not the standard run of the mill case as we have implied.
It is easily the larger than the largest SFF system that we have run across, yet it is only the fraction of the size of a regular midsize tower.
www.neoseeker.com /Articles/Hardware/Reviews/antecaria/index.html   (317 words)

 Varian Medical Systems: Information Management: ARIA
An oncology-specific Electronic Medical Record (EMR), ARIA makes all administrative, clinical and financial information readily available to cancer care professionals when and where it is needed.
Completely customizable to meet your facility’s specific needs, ARIA optimizes your oncology processes, linking medical, and radiation oncology data in one system, ensuring your cancer care program is more productive and efficient.
ARIA Standard, powered by Sigma Micro, is available in France as a complete entry level oncology information system.
www.varian.com /oois/index.html   (226 words)

 Aria in Boston, MA - AOL City Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: )
But Aria's delicious ambiance and sensual closeness echos those Manhattan lounges populated by models and 'Sex in the City' wannabees.
Aria is the intimate, much smaller version of its Theater District neighbor, the Roxy.
Aria ia an absolutely perfect combination of dancing and lounging, with extreme beauty and sophistication.
search.cityguide.aol.com /boston/bars/aria/v-106530630/reviews   (661 words)

 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Review - Game Boy Advance
Aria of Sorrow is more enjoyable than you could even imagine.
From giant, flame-covered skulls to tiny ghosts and flame-throwing lions that have a scorpion-like tail, Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is even better looking than its predecessors.
I know it's another sequel, and the basic gameplay elements are not at all unfamiliar, but the new soul collecting feature, the new weapons, the new abilities and the new world that was designed are all worthy of endless praise.
gameboy.gamezone.com /gzreviews/r21475_GBA.htm   (1271 words)

 Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Review for Game Boy Advance on GamePro.com
Aria of Sorrow is more challenging than Harmony of Dissonance, and the music is 10 times better.
Aria is yet another clone of one of the best 2D games ever made (Symphony of the Night), which was an homage to another 2D masterpiece (Super Metroid).
That Aria is a masterpiece of 2D gaming there's no denying, and the gamers who will get the most out of Aria of Sorrow are the ones who've never played a Castlevania game.
www.gamepro.com /nintendo/gameboy_advance/games/reviews/29225.shtml   (635 words)

 ChicaGourmets! International Dinner at Aria
Aria is a glowing $2.5-million earth-toned makeover of Entre Nous done by Lieber-Cooper Associates.
Look for a meaty guy with a shock of blonde spiked hair, an alert eye and strong, competent hands elegantly demanding the best from every potato or cremini mushroom he touches.
He is brilliant, and he’s putting Aria on the map.
www.chicagourmet.com /event101403.html   (413 words)

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