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In the News (Tue 21 May 19)

  Aristotle's logic - Why Aristotelian logic does not work
It is not enough to attempt to fix Aristotelian logic if you are to cogently discuss issues such as mathematics, politics, philosophy, psychology, economics and the like in a sane and rational manner.
Aristotelian logic simply does not conform to, or express, the nature of the world as it is. Aristotelian logic engenders a simplistic but erroneous model of reality.
Because of the interactive quality of the difficulties presented by Aristotelian (on/off or digital) semantics, I have repeated many of the ideas to some degree in various of the sections of this document.
www.abelard.org /category/category.htm   (8224 words)

 SYLLOGISM: Online program for Aristotelian Logic
The Aristotelian system together with its enhancements has been the predominant logic in Europe during more than 2000 years.
Aristotle's logic is a perfect formal system of its own, which is independent of modern propositional or predicate logic.
This site is a "living proof" for this assertion which has been put forward convincingly by Freytag-Löringhoff, Lukasiewicz, Smiley, Corcoran and many other scholars since more than 50 years.
aristotelianlogic.glashoff.net   (253 words)

  Aristotelian Cosmology
But since the elements in, for example, a worm, are not where they belong (the fiery part is too low being bound by the earth part, which is a bit too high), then the worm is imperfect.
This is in direct conflict with the Biblical description of creation, and an enormous amount of effort was spent by the medieval philosophers in trying to reconcile these views.
On the specific description of the heavens, Aristotle created a complex system containing 55 spheres(!) which, despite it complexity, had the virtue of explaining and predicting most of the observed motions of the stars and planets.
phyun5.ucr.edu /~wudka/Physics7/Notes_www/node35.html   (780 words)

  PlanetMath: Aristotelian logic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The square of opposition is used to analyze the relation between propositions in Aristotelian logic.
An Aristotelian syllogism is composed of two premises and a conclusion which follows from the two premises in a particular way.
This is version 5 of Aristotelian logic, born on 2004-05-08, modified 2007-03-23.
planetmath.org /encyclopedia/AristotelianLogic.html   (2542 words)

 Aristotle's Rhetoric (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)
It was not until the last few decades that the philosophically salient features of the Aristotelian rhetoric were rediscovered: in construing a general theory of the persuasive, Aristotle applies numerous concepts and arguments which are also treated in his logical, ethical, and psychological writings.
Aristotelian rhetoric as such is a neutral tool that can be used by persons of virtuous or depraved character.
Aristotelian rhetoric is different in this respect: it is centered around the rhetorical kind of proof, the enthymeme (see below §6), which is called the most important means of persuasion.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/aristotle-rhetoric   (7393 words)

 Aristotelian logic
Aristotelian logic, also known as syllogistic, is the particular type of predicate logic created by Aristotle, primarily in his works Prior Analytics and De Interpretatione.
Famously, Aristotelian logic runs into trouble when one or more of the terms involved is empty (has no members).
For example, under Aristotelian logic, "all trespassers will be prosecuted" implies the existence of at least one trespasser.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ar/Aristotelian_logic.html   (209 words)

 Aristotle. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Thus, in the Aristotelian system, form and matter together constitute concrete individual realities; the Platonic system holds that a concrete reality partakes of a form (the ideal) but does not embody it.
It was largely through Arab and Jewish scholars that Aristotelian thought was reintroduced in the West.
His teleological approach has continued to be central to biology, but it was banished from physics by the scientific revolution of the 17th cent.
www.bartleby.com /65/ar/Aristotl.html   (778 words)

 Aristotelian Political Philosophy   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The articles included in the present volume on Aristotelian political philosophy represent a selection of the texts of the papers that were submitted and presented at the Sixth International Conference on Greek Philosophy.
On the utopian trends of Aristotelian political philosophy.
Of natural inequality: the foundation of the Aristotelian theory.
www.hri.org /iagp/books/vol16.html   (374 words)

 Aristotelian and Whiteheadian Conceptions of Actuality: I
Thus the ‘mental pole’ can serve as the analogue of Aristotelian form, while the ‘physical pole’ takes on the role of the "matter" of the ‘actual entity.’ This exactly fits in with equating matter with the objectively given, inasmuch as the "physical pole" is the essence of ‘physical feelings’ in which the given is prehended.
In the place of a potential matter we have an actual creativity as the ground of the unity of the world’s actuality, and the determination or form that belongs to the individual entities is interpreted as potentiality instead of as actuality.
A strictly Aristotelian exposition of the ‘ontological principle,’ according to which all forms are situated in the world’s actuality, is thereby excluded.
www.religion-online.org /showarticle.asp?title=3022   (6875 words)

It is the sensible form of an object as "impressed" on the perceiver which is conceived by the Aristotelian to be the basis of an abstractive science of the object, as boundaries in the visual field are the basis of an abstractive geometry of the shapes of physical objects.
In general, we must say that the plausibility of the abstractive theory of science rested on the extent to which lack of clarity in the analysis of the nature of a thing was balanced by a lavish use of matter as an objective unclarity of things, as an ontological bog or mire.
As is well known, it is the impersonal immortality of the Aristotelian active reason which the Thomists have converted, under the pressure of Christian Dogma, and with the aid of the central confusions of the perennial philosophy, into the immortality of the human soul.
www.ditext.com /sellars/apm.html   (9151 words)

 20th WCP: Aristotelian Perspectives on Social Ethics
Thus, the capacity of a "good judgement" is what would be the Aristotelian response to an ethical manager who wishes to maintain a good personal profile and promote the image of his company.
At the same time, the Aristotelian ethical manager must be a man of integrity and an advocate of truth-telling to the extent that this does not violate the objectives of the corporation he serves.
In conclusion, we have seen that the Aristotelian views on the issues of abortion and euthanasia as well as the case of the ethical manager can be established through the prism of his ethical doctrine in connection with the whole of his theoretical framework.
www.bu.edu /wcp/Papers/TEth/TEthPats.htm   (3976 words)

 Aristotelian and Non-Aristotelian Logic
But you might well ask: is it always possible to determine the common denominator?' You are quite right, that is where the difficulty comes in and why a three-valued logic is a matter for somebody else, but not for us.
The two-valued, Aristotelian logic reveals itself as the most general form of thinking of which the mind is capable.
Yet we have seen that even in human existence there are certain situations and aspects which are not covered by the Aristotelian mode of thought.
www.vordenker.de /gunther_web/aristotelian.htm   (3446 words)

 Robert Rosen - Aristotelian Analysis
Rosen uses Aristotelian analysis throughout Life Itself and Essays on Life Itself for understanding entailment structures in modeling relations.
Unfortunately, the usual terminology of Aristotelian analysis creates a great deal of confusion, creating an unnecessary obstacle to those striving to understand Rosen's work and insights.
Secondly, remember that the whole point of doing Aristotelian analysis is to probe the entailment structures of both sides of a modeling relation: the formal (inferential) and natural (causal) sides.
www.panmere.com /rosen/faq_aristotelian_analysis.htm   (1866 words)

 Center for First Amendment Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Salviati claims that in dealing with the Aristotelians he has to repeat his point a thousand times, once again relying on hyperbole to deliver his critique.
Various Aristotelian theories are then taken apart, such as the one on air resistance.
The rejection of William Gilbert's theory of magnetism is used later in the dialogue to document the dogmatism of the Aristotelians.
www.csulb.edu /~crsmith/whitepapers/galileo.htm   (8292 words)

 Aristotelian and Non-Aristotelian Logic
But you might well ask: is it always possible to determine the common denominator?' You are quite right, that is where the difficulty comes in and why a three-valued logic is a matter for somebody else, but not for us.
The two-valued, Aristotelian logic reveals itself as the most general form of thinking of which the mind is capable.
Yet we have seen that even in human existence there are certain situations and aspects which are not covered by the Aristotelian mode of thought.
www.thinkartlab.com /pkl/archive/gg_fiction/aristotelian.htm   (3446 words)

 The Aristotelian Precedents of Islamic Moral Education: A Reformist Perspective
The Aristotelian notion of virtue is that it is like a mid-point (or at least it aims at a mean).
Furthermore, the Aristotelian ethic is based on a morality of virtue rather than a morality of principles (Allen, 1991).
Conversely the Aristotelian ethic portrays the choice of virtue as the pursuit of a normative idea of goodness that must be discovered "in the mind of Allah" if we are Muslims (in the mind of God if we follow Aquinas; or in the rational principles that occupy the mind of man if we follow Kant).
muse.widener.edu /~egrozyck/Donofrio/IsMoralEd.html   (4988 words)

 20th WCP: The Melancholic Mean: the Aristotelian Problema XXX.1
In the Aristotelian Problema XXX.1, however, there is a description of a form of melancholic constitution that is both 1) itself characterized as a mean, and 2) thought to lead to intellectual outstandingness.
Given that certain internal temperatures are associated with certain virtues or ideal character traits, it makes sense that only she who has internal variability can have the potential for the best qualities of all the temperaments.
If seems that while the isonomic proportion is still the somatic ideal, moderate melancholics are more likely to achieve this ideal than those who are naturally disposed to have their humours in equal balance when the environment is added into the equation.
www.bu.edu /wcp/Papers/Anci/AnciNort.htm   (4657 words)

 The Aristotelian Society
The Joint Session is the annual conference of The Aristotelian Society held in conjunction with The Mind Association.
Details of the basic annual subscription to the Aristotelian Society are available on the Subscriptions page.
Up to ten subsidies are available to students who are members of either the Aristotelian Society (categories 3-5 only) or the Mind Association.
www.aristoteliansociety.org.uk /docs/joint_sessions.html   (471 words)

 blog.kennypearce.net: Christianity and Aristotelian Metaphysics
This can probably be done, with a bit of finagling, on any theory that accepts the substance/property model of the world, which is so deeply ingrained in most (all?) human languages that it is nearly impossible to think or act without implicitly assuming it, so this is a fairly minimal requirement.
This is my primary objection to the importation of Aristotelian metaphysics to Christian doctrine: a complicated and detailed metaphysical system which is in no way essential to the Christian revelation becomes part of a test of orthodoxy.
This is especially important in light of the fact that modern science requires the rejection of many points of Aristotelianism which to the modern thinker can make a system that requires one to accept any part of Aristotelian metaphysics suspect.
blog.kennypearce.net /archives/000158.html   (1752 words)

 What Are Aristotelian Forms
For one, they are the primary entities in Aristotelian ontology, and if Aristotle is to escape his own attack on Platonism, they had better be causes.
What is important to the Aristotelian is that it is not just linguistic convention that settles what the things are, what they are identical with and how many of them there are, but objective reality settles it.
In a way, the Aristotelian worm is the carcass of the rotting stuff, the life-form is the carcass of the chemicals, and the human being is the carcass of the egg-and-sperm aggregate, but this is a strained way of speaking, and so let us speak of “matter”.
www.georgetown.edu /faculty/ap85/papers/Forms.html   (5105 words)

 Aristotelian Physics and Why We Hate It
It has been remarked by at least one of my colleagues that one reason we have such a hard time teaching physics to college students is that we have to first unteach them their world view of physics, which dates all the way back to Aristotle.
By the time we are done, you will understand how this can still lead to the damping of motion observed in everyday life.
In the meantime, be aware of the problem and resist applying the Aristotelian view to real physics problems.
www.phy.duke.edu /~rgb/Class/intro_physics_1/intro_physics_1/node11.html   (297 words)

 Aristotelian vs. Dialectical logic
The source of the traditional mechanistic theory of development in positivist thought is said to reside in the so-called 'laws of nature and correct thinking' as stated by Aristotle.
His point is that what is called "Aristotelian logic" is not to be identified with "logic itself" or with the logic of things (pp.
The Aristotelian laws are as follows: (1) Law of Identity: Each existence is identical with itself; (2) Law of Noncontradiction: Each existence is not different from itself; and (3) Law of Excluded Middle: No existence can be both itself and different from itself.
www.comnet.ca /~pballan/logic2.htm   (377 words)

 Interzone Academy: VI. January 2006 : A non-Aristotelian globalization ?
An Aristotelian economy rests on Aristotle's logic : principle of identity, of contradiction and of third excluded.
So the point is to find a way allowing to get rid of those sources of conflicts, which are not only economical, but involve the whole Aristotelian system and postulates which still shape our vision of the world and condition the relations between humans.
The frame of Interzone seems favourable as it is an example of an international group in which all the elements are included, without any consideration for the usual barriers which are used to exclude people in the Aristotelian world.
www.geocities.com /Athens/Crete/9445/gsmoney6.html   (1271 words)

 The Sydney School: Mathematics, the Science of Structure: an Aristotelian realist philosophy of mathematics: ...
Our line is realist (about structure or pattern), but Aristotelian rather than Platonist: we hold that mathematics studies real properties of things such as symmetry and continuity.
Aristotelian realism about universals takes the straightforward view that the world has both particulars and universals, and the basic structure of the world is "states of affairs", such as this table's being approximately square.
Surely there is no possible world in which orange is between blue and green instead of between red and orange, or in which orange is not a colour.
web.maths.unsw.edu.au /~jim/aristtut.html   (1197 words)

 Science and Human Values - Aristotle   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In the centuries since, Aristotle has, as a consequence, too often been viewed as an enemy of science, whereas actually he was one of the truly great scientists of all time and even his wrongness was rational.
Fourth, it also follows from the Aristotelian analysis of uniform circular motion that the ether is unalterable, suffers neither growth nor diminution, and has no beginning or end, which is to say that it can be neither generated nor corrupted.
In the Aristotelian system the world taken as an organism revealed its features with alarming ease once its basic striving or nature had been defined.
www.rit.edu /~flwstv/aristotle1.html   (5951 words)

 The Aristotelian Society
The Aristotelian Society, founded in 1880, meets fortnightly in London, throughout the academic year, to hear and discuss philosophical papers.
Since 1995 the Aristotelian Society has enjoyed a close relationship with, and held its meetings at, the Philosophy Programme, now Institute of Philosophy, of the University of London.
The Supplementary Volume, also published annually in June, contains the papers to be read at the Joint Session of the Aristotelian Society and the Mind Association, the annual conference of these societies, which takes place in July.
www.sas.ac.uk /aristotelian_society   (276 words)

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