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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  www.mil.se - Swedish Armed Forces - Interesting and instructive
The Command Sign was presented by the Armed Forces Director of Operations, Lieutenant General Jan Jonsson.">At a ceremony held in connection with the exercise Illuminated Summer 07, the Operation Commander, Major General Bengt Andersson, was presented with a Command Sign for the EU Operational Headquarters.
The Armed Forces are to be able to counter armed attacks regardless of their origin, and to defend the entire country.
Together with the Civil Defence organisation, the Armed Forces must also be able to prevent or assist in managing civilian disasters and crises, such as natural disasters, environmental accidents, acts of terrorism and large influxes of refugees.
www.mil.se /?lang=E   (0 words)

 Armed Forces - Europe AE Hospitals | Find Armed Forces - Europe Hospitals | Locate a Armed Forces - Europe Hospital
AE Armed Forces - Europe same day AE Armed Forces - Europe flower delivery.
We understand that in your community you may also need to send Armed Forces - Europe, AE get-well flowers, or offer a cheery gift basket or a plant.
For more information in Armed Forces - Europe, finding a local church may be helpful.
www.hospital-locator.com /AE.html   (195 words)

  More About The Armed Forces Foundation
While the Armed Forces Foundation is honored to support servicemen and women from all branches of the United States Armed Forces, we also understand the needs these families face.
The Armed Forces Foundation was established in 2001 to promote the morale, welfare, and the quality of life of the Unites States Armed Forces community, including active duty personnel, national guardsmen, reservists, and retired personnel and their families.
The Armed Forces Foundation, a Washington, DC based nonprofit organization is committed to serving the members of our Armed Services and assisting them in their time of greatest need.
www.armedforcesfoundation.org /about_us/index.cfm   (1028 words)

  Armed forces Information
The armed forces of a state are its government sponsored defense and fighting forces and organizations.
Armed force is the use of armed forces to achieve political objectives.
The armed forces in many larger countries are divided into three forces: an army, an air force, and usually a navy (unless geography dictates otherwise).
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Armed_forces   (705 words)

  Armed forces - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The armed forces of a state are its government sponsored defense and fighting forces and organizations.
Armed force is the use of armed forces to achieve political objectives.
The armed forces in many larger countries are divided into three forces: an army, an air force, and usually a navy (unless geography dictates otherwise).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Armed_forces   (728 words)

 Military of the United States - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The armed forces are also members of the uniformed services of the United States.
With a strength of 2.26 million personnel (including reserves), the United States armed forces are the 2nd largest in the world.
Under the United States Constitution, the President of the United States is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/United_States_armed_forces   (2055 words)

 Armed Forces Day History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The theme of the first Armed Forces Day was "Teamed for Defense." It was chosen as a means of expressing the unification of all the military forces under a single department of the government.
Armed Forces Day won't be a matter of parades and receptions for a good many of them.
In New York City, an estimated 33,000 participants initiated Armed Forces Day "under an air cover of 250 military planes of all types." In the harbors across the country were the famed mothballed "battlewagons" of World War II, the Missouri, the New Jersey, the North Carolina, and the Iowa, all open for public inspection.
www.ggw.org /~armedforcesday/history.htm   (561 words)

 Armed Forces Cycling FAQs
The U.S. Armed Forces Cycling Team is the official team that represents the United States Armed Forces in national and international competition.
Armed Forces Cycling Team applicants must be in the active duty military, national guard or reserves.
Athletes are required to submit a completed version of this Armed Forces Cycling Standard Application with their service application form.
www.armedforcescycling.org /FAQs/FAQs.htm   (965 words)

 AllRefer.com - Egypt - The Armed Forces | Egyptian Information Resource
The senior deputy to the commander in chief, the chief of staff of the armed forces, was responsible for current operations of the armed forces.
The commander in chief of the armed forces held the rank of a full general, except in the case of Abu Ghazala, who was promoted to field marshal in recognition of his importance in the national security establishment.
In 1990 the chief of staff of the armed forces and the commander in chief of the Air Defense Force were lieutenant generals.
reference.allrefer.com /country-guide-study/egypt/egypt156.html   (552 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Armed forces   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Armed Forces was Elvis Costello's third album, his second with the Attractions, and the first to officially credit the Attractions on the cover.
It was produced by Nick Lowe at Eden Studios in West London.
The working title of Armed Forces was Emotional Fascism, and throughout the album Costello's lyrics are noticeably mired in militaristic and Nazi/fascist imagery ("Oliver's Army is here to stay," "are you ready for the Final Solution," "two little Hitlers," etc.).
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Armed_forces   (171 words)

 Promoting humanitarian law to armed forces, police and other weapon bearers
Armed forces must respect international humanitarian law (IHL) - protecting those who do not take part in the fighting (civilians) and those who can no longer take part (wounded and sick combatants and anyone who is captured) - and apply it in all circumstances.
The aim of the teaching file is therefore to assist instructors of the armed and security forces to teach the law of armed conflict.
This website summarises the key rules for the protection of children in situations of armed conflict which should guide the actions of officers of national armed forces and the soldiers under their command.
www.icrc.org /Web/Eng/siteeng0.nsf/htmlall/armed_forces?OpenDocument   (2462 words)

 Job opportunities in the armed forces
Officers, who make up the remaining 15 percent of the Armed Forces, are the leaders of the military, supervising and managing activities in every occupational specialty of the Armed Forces.
The Armed Forces’ current goal is to maintain a sufficient force to fight and win two major regional conflicts at the same time.
Under this program, Armed Forces personnel may elect to deduct up to $100 a month from their pay during the first 12 months of active duty, putting the money toward their future education.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos249.htm   (5676 words)

 Amazon.com: Armed Forces: Music: Elvis Costello & the Attractions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In fact, ARMED FORCES was the last Costello album to have a major discrepancy between the US and UK editions; this has now been remedied by including all relevant tracks on the CD.
I happen to be loyal to Armed Forces just because it is so tightly packed with great pop/rock tunes, from his cover of Nick Lowe's "(What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding" to his anti-war anthem "Oliver's Army." Not a dull moment in the set.
The shinning moment of Armed Forces is the roaring and passionate rocker `What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love and Understanding?' Elvis and the Attractions unleash their normally restrained temperament and charge this rocker forward with sheer abandonment.
www.amazon.com /Armed-Forces-Elvis-Costello-Attractions/dp/B0000009UT   (1500 words)

 Jordan - Government - The Armed Forces
Although the army has converted from a conscript to a professional force since the signing of peace with Israel, it offers enough benefits and services to keep the combined manpower of Jordan’s armed forces at about 88,000 active soldiers, not including reserves.
Royal Endowment to Universities and Colleges: In 1996-97, the armed forces sponsored the education of 2102 university students and 1405 community and vocational college students.
The armed forces assist the Ministry of Water and Irrigation and the Ministry of Agriculture in digging wells and constructing dams such as the Jilat Dam and the Swaqa Dam, the latter which has the capacity to hold 2.5 million cubic meters of water.
www.kinghussein.gov.jo /government5.html   (1014 words)

 Armed Forces - a3a1- British Army - Formations - 1 (UK) Armoured Division - British Forces Germany (BFG)
British Forces Germany (BFG) is the composite name given to the British Army, Royal Air Force and supporting civil elements stationed in Germany.
On the whole, this level of commitment was maintained until 1992 and although these forces appeared to be solely national, they were in fact closely integrated with the NATO Northern Army Group (NORTHAG) and the 2nd Allied Tactical Air Force (2 ATAF).
It is probable that in the event of hostilities (as was in the case of recent operations in Iraq) considerable numbers of officers and soldiers from the Territorial Army (TA) would be used to reinforce this division.
www.armedforces.co.uk /army/listings/l0008.html   (835 words)

 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal can be earned through U.S. military operations, operations in direct support of the United Nations and U.S. operations of assistance to friendly foreign nations.
A minimum of 30 days consecutive or 60 days nonconsecutive service is required for the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal, unless the full period of an operation is less than 30 days, for which participation for the entire period is required.
Originally, the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal was designated to replace the Navy and Marine Corps expeditionary medals.
www.history.navy.mil /medals/afem.htm   (237 words)

The Armed Forces are authorized by the United States Constitution in several sections.
The conclusion that a service member is unfit for duty is a judgment that the Armed Forces has elected to make on the basis of the record before it.
If they were unknown to the applicant at the time, their discovery provides grounds for annulment of the agreement between the Armed Forces and the applicant.
www.add.org /articles/armedforces.html   (1618 words)

 ARMED FORCES JOURNAL - Blood borders - June 2006
But the degree of injustice they inflict upon those whom frontiers force together or separate makes an enormous difference — often the difference between freedom and oppression, tolerance and atrocity, the rule of law and terrorism, or even peace and war.
Meanwhile, our men and women in uniform will continue to fight for security from terrorism, for the prospect of democracy and for access to oil supplies in a region that is destined to fight itself.
The current human divisions and forced unions between Ankara and Karachi, taken together with the region's self-inflicted woes, form as perfect a breeding ground for religious extremism, a culture of blame and the recruitment of terrorists as anyone could design.
www.armedforcesjournal.com /2006/06/1833899   (1849 words)

 Armed Forces Radio Network
The Armed Forces Radio Network Mission with our Web site and Streaming Radio Station are dedicated to becoming the focal point with a huge volume of information.
We will set up endowments for the families of our armed forces killed or critically injured in service to our great nation; and to accomplish this with the least amount of red tape.
It is clear that the Armed Forces Radio Network mission is to serve the human race without prejudice, discrimination or self service and focusing more on educating people needing to take care of each other.
www.armedforcesradionetwork.org /index2.html   (412 words)

 Desegregation of the Armed Forces Documents
The report condemns segregation wherever it exists and criticizes specifically segregation in the armed forces.
December 1948: Secretary of the Air Force Stuart Symington submits an integration plan to President Truman that proposes assigning African-Americans on the basis of merit alone.
Secretary of the Air Force Stuart Symington and Secretary of the Navy John L. Sullivan both testify that they are opposed to segregation and are pursuing policies to integrate their services.
www.trumanlibrary.org /whistlestop/study_collections/desegregation/large/deseg1.htm   (2323 words)

 armed forces overview | citizenJoe
The US Armed Forces are arguably the best trained and equipped worldwide, capable of responding to humanitarian crises and threats alike - all on a global scale.
The Guard can be mobilized along with the reserve forces of the Armed Forces or by their respective states in the event of an emergency.
Desegregation in the the Armed Forces began in 1945, the final year of the Second World War, when the Navy began to desegregate training centers.
citizenjoe.org /node/126   (877 words)

 Tax Information for Members of the U.S. Armed Forces
The tax laws provide some special benefits for active members of the U.S. Armed Forces, including those serving in combat zones.
For federal tax purposes, the U.S. Armed Forces includes officers and enlisted personnel in all regular and reserve units controlled by the Secretaries of Defense, the Army, Navy and Air Force.
A Combat Zone E-mail Address for members of the Armed Forces or their families worldwide to alert the IRS that they are serving in a combat zone.
www.irs.gov /newsroom/article/0,,id=97273,00.html   (0 words)

 Worldandnation: 20 U.S. armed forces die in Iraq
The statement said "an illegally armed militia group" attacked the building with grenades, small arms and "indirect fire," which usually means mortars or rockets.
Karbala is 50 miles south of Baghdad and thousands of Shiite pilgrims are flocking to the city to mark the 10-day Ashura festival commemorating the death of one of Shiite Islam's most sacred saints, Imam Hussein, grandson of the prophet Mohammed.
Brooks said Iraqi officials and security forces as well as U.S. troops were present, but his statement did not mention other casualties from the attack.
www.sptimes.com /2007/01/21/Worldandnation/20_US_armed_forces_di.shtml   (1027 words)

 Armed Forces & Society
rmed Forces and Society is the leading peer-reviewed, interdisciplinary, and international journal publishing on military establishments, civil-military relations, the use and limits of force in armed conflict and peacekeeping operations, security, and other related topics.
Its articles may adopt an interdisciplinary, comparative, or historical perspective, use qualitative or quantitative methods, and range from policy-relevant to theoretical themes, but they always meet high standards of scholarly argument, evidence, and readability.
Armed Forces and Society is edited by Patricia M. Shields, Department of Political Science, Texas State University, and is provided to all IUS Fellows as part of their membership.
www.luc.edu /orgs/ius/Journal.html   (178 words)

 Cuban Armed Forces Review
The study of Cuba's armed forces merits focus since the Revolutionary Armed Forces (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias, FAR) are a key political actor in present day Cuba and will take center stage in an eventual post-Castro Cuba.
In the reunion participated Revolutionay Armed Forces (FAR) vice-ministers, first vice-minister of the Interior Ministry, Army chiefs, and 150 principal chiefs of the FAR from the central level to military regions, and chiefs of large military units.
Note: This site is an unofficial resource compiled from public sources and it is not affiliated with nor sanctioned by the Cuban government or its armed forces.
www.cubapolidata.com /cafr/cafr.html   (897 words)

 Home | National Defence and the Canadian Forces
This general service award has been created as a means to recognize - in a timelier manner - those who serve in operations in the presence of an armed enemy.
Rather than creating a new honour for each new Canadian Forces operation as it arises, the General Campaign Star and General Service Medal - with the addition of individual operational bars - can be awarded in the future to honour participation in any operation that meets the criteria.
In 2007, soldiers from CFB Gagetown were deployed overseas as part of Task Force Afghanistan 1-07 Roto 3 to bring stability to the region.
www.forces.gc.ca /site/home_e.asp   (284 words)

 The Armed Forces Foundation - Duty : Privilege : Honor
The White House invites the AFF to a special breakfast on the South Lawn.
Promoting the morale, welfare, and quality of life of the United States armed forces community, including active duty military, reservists, retired personnel and their families.
While it's hard to imagine, this is the exact scenario many of our brave men and women are currently facing.
www.armedforcesfoundation.org /index.cfm   (134 words)

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