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Topic: Arsacids

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  Parthia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Parthia was led by the Arsacid dynasty, who reunited and ruled over the Iranian plateau, taking over the eastern provinces of the Greek Seleucid Empire, beginning in the late 3rd century BCE, and intermittently controlled Mesopotamia between ca 150 BCE and 224 CE.
Courtiers spoke Persian and used the Pahlavi script; the royal court traveled from capital to capital, and the Arsacid kings styled themselves "king of kings".
Their power now rivaled the king's, while at the same time internal divisions in the Arsacid family had rendered them vulnerable.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Parthia   (3024 words)

In time Phraates succeeded to the throne of the Arsacids and, by calling for aid from the Romans, caused the overthrow of Tigranes; but the haughty republic of the West granted its assistance with such ill grace that years of warfare resulted.
The founder of the Sassanian dynasty, Ardashir Papakan (Artaxerxes, son of Papak), was born at Persis, in central Iran; his family claimed descent from a mythical ancestor, Sassan, and he was therefore of the priestly caste.
Vologeses V, the last king of the Arsacid dynasty of Parthia, declared war against the rising chief, but was defeated and put to death by Ardashir A.D. Thus the Parthian Empire passed into the hands of the Sassanian dynasty.
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 Roman Emperors - DIR Justinian
When trouble broke out, Justinian dispatched a general with experience in Armenia, Sittas, the husband of Theodora's sister Komito, and when he lost his life, his replacement was an officer whom the Armenians had reason to mistrust.
A deputation of Armenians, led by members of the old Armenian royal house, the Arsacids, went to Persia and urged Khusro to make war on Justinian, who, they argued, had already broken the 'Endless Peace'.
In early spring, 540, Khusro crossed into imperial territory and headed for Antioch, exacting money from various towns along the way.
www.roman-emperors.org /justinia.htm   (9963 words)

The (Persian Ashkanian), Parthian dynasty which was the third Iranian dynasty, after Medes and Achaemenids ruled Iran from about 250 B.C. to about 226 A. Our sources on the ancestry of the eponymous founder of the dynasty, Arsaces, vary irreconcilably.
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www.cais-soas.com /CAIS/History/ashkanian/arsacids_origin.htm   (619 words)

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