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Topic: Art of Italy

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  Art of Italy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In Ancient Rome, Italy was a centre for art and architecture.
The Gothic period marks a transition from the medieval to the Renaissance and is characterised by the styles and attitudes nurtured by the influence of the Dominican and Franciscan order of monks, founded by Saint Dominic (1170 to 1221) and Saint Francis of Assisi (1181 to 1226) respectively.
Even Bad art and Kitsch are part of the vocabulary employed to question the Metanarratives of art (and world) philosophy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Art_of_Italy   (1450 words)

 Art in Italy
Whether a student is an art major or a non art major, this study-abroad program presents the opportunity to experience the world’s greatest cities and greatest art museums first-hand.
Art majors will learn from major art works and have their own work forever influenced by what they have seen and experienced.
Laura Prange is a faculty member in the Department of Art and Design where she teaches foundations design and drawing and Art Appreciation to non-majors.
www.usm.edu /internationaledu/programs_2/Italy.htm   (457 words)

 Art in Italy | Bethesda Travel Center
Etruscan art is largely found in the hills to the West of Siena and North of Rome.
During the medieval time, art was limited to religious architecture and depiction of saints and biblical passages, recognizing that literacy in Europe was almost zero at the time.
Italy’s national government is a bi-cameral constitutional democracy with Senate and House of Deputies overseen by a prime minister and cabinet.
www.travelfavorites.com /IT/ITart.asp   (1066 words)

 A2Z Languages ~ Art ~ Artists ~ Art History ~ Italy ~ Italian ~ Learn Italian
Throughout the next 14 centuries Roman art was to be the source of constant reappraisals and renewals in the evolution of the visual arts in Italy, and was fundamental to the major development of the Renaissance.
The imagery of the funerary art of antique Rome, especially of the sarcophagi, was adapted to the iconography of Christianity.
The transformation of Italian art from the mid-13th century paralleled the literary developments of Dante and later of Petrarch and Boccaccio.
www.a2zlanguages.com /Italy/countryguide/art.htm   (1729 words)

 Art Department at American University
Students enrolled in the Italy MFA program have the option to spend their entire two years in Italy or to spend a semester or a year in the Washington program (depending on the availability of studio space).
There are options for study in painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, art history and critical theory, as well as workshops with Italian craftsmen in techniques such as fresco, and an Italian language course.
The encounters with historic Umbria, Rome, and throughout Italy are unimaginable in the United States.
www.american.edu /academic.depts/cas/art/italy.htm   (434 words)

 Art Fairs, Italy, ARTE FIERA, Bologna, Foires
Arte Fiera begins the year with a preview of the most interesting proposals in the modern and contemporary art, bringing you a thrilling artistic experience combined with outstanding business opportunities.
At Arte Fiera you can explore all the latest developments in the international art world while enjoying the benefits of a hospitable and modern exhibition centre, cutting-edge services, an international public and top-quality galleries.
Vicenza ARTE si svolgerà in Fiera a Vicenza dal 10 al 13 Marzo 2006 e per alcuni giorni sarà abbinata a Vicenza Antiquaria in programma dal 4 al 12 Marzo.
karaart.com /art.fairs/italy.html   (852 words)

 Culture of Italy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The culture of Italy can be found in the Roman ruins remaining in much of the country, the precepts of the Roman Catholic Church, the spirit of the Renaissance and the Enlightenment, the architecture, and on the terraces of the many football clubs.
Italy has a statewide educational system, with a five-year primary stage and an eight-year secondary stage.
The music of Italy ranges across a broad spectrum, from her renowned operas to modern experimental classical music; and from the traditional music of the many ethnically diverse regions to a vast body of popular music drawn from both native and imported sources.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Culture_of_Italy   (809 words)

 Art Holidays Italy - Painting Holidays in Puglia
At the heart of Puglia lies the Valle D’Itria, a panoramic landscape layered with olive groves and vineyards interspersed with ancient palm trees and trulli and edged by hill towns whose domed silhouettes rise softly on the horizons.
The art holidays are open to all levels and a relaxed, friendly approach helps participants to channel their artistic expression through a variety of media, technique and subject matter.
The aim of our painting holidays is to accompany a small group of participants on a journey through this relatively unknown terrain and assist them in recollecting the experience visually while allowing each participant to find the right balance of activity and relaxation for them.
www.artholidaysitaly.com   (253 words)

 ARTH 016: Renaissance and Baroque Art in Italy: Swarthmore College Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
ARTH 016: Renaissance and Baroque Art in Italy
Since entire journal contents are indexed — articles, art notes, illustrations, stories, poems, and advertisements — the index is a valuable source of information on popular culture and industry, as well as artists and illustrators, painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, architecture and design, exhibitions and sales, decoration, and collecting.
Grove Dictionary of Art: Online version of the comprehensive art reference work covering all forms of the visual arts: painting, sculpture architecture, graphic and decorative arts, and photography, from prehistory to the 1990s.
www.swarthmore.edu /library/courseguides/arth016.f01.html   (813 words)

 Umbrian and Italian art ­ Holiday Home Umbria ­ Vacation Rentals - Real estate
During the 8th century numerous churches were built in the towns and in the countryside as well as great urban cathedrals such as those of Spoleto, Narni and Assisi.
The 12th and 13th centuries were truly important for religious constructions and saw the birth of Romanesque art, of which Assisi, Narni and Spoleto were the most vibrant centers.
Numerous abbeys, churches, basilicas and sanctuaries took religious art to its highest peaks as demonstrated by the magnificent buildings that punctuate the entire region like little jewels.
www.umbriangarden.com /arts.html   (421 words)

 Life in Italy
ITALY RECALLS FLORENCE FLOOD HEROICS (ANSA) - Florence, November 1 - At 5am on November 3, 1966 the skies over Tuscany opened and poured non-stop for 18 hours, causing an unprecedented artistic, economic and human disaster.
The IMF team, which will remain in Italy until November 13, will stop first at the Bank of Italy in its review o...
Brief touristic video about Italy The Vatican, Trevi Fountain, the Colluseum, Florence's architecture, the canals of Venice, Michaelangelo, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa come immediately to mind.
www.lifeinitaly.com   (470 words)

 MFA agrees to return disputed art to Italy - The Boston Globe
In exchange, Italy will loan the MFA objects from the country's vast antiquities holdings, and both sides have pledged to work together to ensure the museum doesn't acquire stolen works in the future.
Though he would offer no more specifics on how many works might be headed to Italy, Fiorilli said he expected the final agreement to be signed Sept. 30, and for works to be sent by the MFA before the end of the year.
But raids of now-convicted art smuggler Giacomo Medici's Swiss warehouse and Hecht's Paris home, in 1995 and 2000 respectively, uncovered documents and photographs that dramatically strengthened the Italian case.
www.boston.com /news/local/articles/2006/07/28/mfa_agrees_to_return_disputed_art_to_italy/?p1=MEWell_Pos5   (1030 words)

 Art and Soul Retreat Art Workshops and Art Festival
Art and Soul is Proud to Present a Workshop in Italy!
The Renaissance was characterized as a period of rebirth and flowering of the arts.
Art and Soul reserves the right to cancel if we do not attain the minimum number of enrollees.
www.artandsoulretreat.com /Italy2007.htm   (423 words)

 ART in ITALY review by ARTnewsroom.com
In Italy, there is an elite group of artists who are generally aged over 50 and to Italian collectors, are household names.
Take Carla Accardi for example, born in 1924 she has been famous in Italy since 1947 when she founded the group of abstract painters called "Forma".
Accardi is a good friend of Santo Ficara a maverick player in the contemporary art world from Calabria who has owned the top Florentine gallery for over 30 years.
epublishingcorp.com /articlesRaichel/20thCentury&contemp/SantoFicara.htm   (649 words)

 Amazon.com: Art in Renaissance Italy (Trade Version): Books: John T. Paoletti,Gary M. Radke   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
This fine work by Paoletti and Radke (art history, Wesleyan Univ. and Syracuse Univ., respectively) is wide in scope, covering the years from 1300 to the late 1500s, and purposely opens discussion to include many major Italian cities, in response to Vasari's bias solely for Florence.
Art lovers and history students alike will welcome this new edition of a highly regarded work previously issued for the academic market.
The art is gorgeous and the contextual discussions--of Renaissance artists in their world and of Renaissance art in Western art history--are unmatched.
www.amazon.com /Art-Renaissance-Italy-Trade-Version/dp/0810919788   (1187 words)

 Prints of Italy by Greg Matchick   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The fine art prints displayed in my online gallery is a result of multiple visits to Italy and reflects my love for the country and culture.
I have captured the serene beauty Lake Como in several galleries as well as the Alps and the castles of northern Italy.
Finally, as everyone knows, Italy is for lovers and what tour would be complete without a visit to Verona.
home.earthlink.net /~prints_of_italy   (300 words)

 Italy: New and Improved Art in America - Find Articles
Some reflections on these circumstances were prompted by a journey through northern Italy in early September, a journey occasioned by and geographically bracketed between two events associated with Giuseppe Panza and his wife, Giovanna, who has been his partner in collecting art for close to half a century.
The 18th-century villa and its formal garden were donated to FAI by the Panzas in 1996 and since then have been immaculately restored and outfitted for their new role as a tourist destination.
Varese and the Guggenheim are further conjoined by philanthropic precedent and by an unprecedented accord for the ownership of art works.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1248/is_1_89/ai_69058343   (663 words)

 Abruzzi Mountain Workshop - painting holiday course Italy, art course Italy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Your time in Anversa will not only be about creating art, but about being an artist, about opening your senses, taking the time to truly see (and taste and hear).
These serve as our foundation for work in all art forms-preparing students to "see" with a fresh eye in the vibrant light and colour of the limestone mountains.
Only 75 miles (120km) east of Rome in the less-traveled Abruzzi region of central Italy, Anversa is a town of light and color and intense natural beauty.
www.marsbrookholidayideas.com /cust/art/italy/abr0001/art.htm   (718 words)

 The Art Institute Online
I consent for The Art Institutes to use, disclose and process the personal information I have submitted for purposes of contacting me regarding my inquiry by clicking the box under the submit button.
In the Advertising program, you’ll study art direction, copywriting, and account supervision – and you’ll learn both the creative and business side of advertising.
A Division of The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, PA 420 Boulevard of the Allies
artschools.com /...&country=IT&template_file=/list_template.html   (899 words)

 International Academic Programs: Italy, Florence - Art
Study art in Italy on the Painting in Florence International Seminar.
Florence, a major center for the arts, literature, and scholarship since the middle ages and Renaissance, offers students a chance to study firsthand some of the world’s greatest paintings, sculpture, and architecture.
This class is for student art majors who wish to be immersed in the visual art and culture of Florence as a means of generating ideas for their own creative work or scholarship.
www.studyabroad.wisc.edu /europe/Italy_Art.asp   (513 words)

 Italy, Countries, Museums, Visual Arts, Performing Arts at World Wide Arts Resources
The Art Museums subcategories lead you to art museums, collections museum exhibitions, and archives around the world.
The collections (painting, sculpture, photography, drawnings, engravings, decorative arts) provide a survey of major developments in art and social life from 1500 through the late 20th century in Rome.
Art collections (painting, sculpture, engraving, jewellery, furniture, etc.) related to Napoleone Bonaparte and his family.
wwar.com /categories/Museums/Countries/Italy   (481 words)

 ITALIA - Art Periods in Italy
For your convenience, we highlight different art periods and list some of the most outstanding museums, art galleries and archaeological sites related to these periods.
All over Italy are churches and buildings of this period with considerable regional differences.
The most important modern art collections are in Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Naples, Genoa, the Canova Museum in Possagno and the Civic Museum in Trieste.
www.italiantourism.com /art_italy.html   (631 words)

 Art Hotel Italy - Italy Hotels: Read Hotel Reviews, Compare Hotel Prices, and Make Hotel Reservations at NexTag
The newest of Bologna Art Hotels- it is situated in a pedestrian area in the historical city centre.
The Hotel Michelangelo is a state of the art facility, ideally located in the heart of the business centre.
Situated a short distance from the centre of the city of Bergamo and its airport, the hotel is characterised by the modern design of the building and the close attention paid...
www.nextag.com /art-hotel-italy/search-html   (469 words)

 Tentative agreement reached to return some Getty art to Italy
Although it did not specify the collaboration, the Getty -- the world's wealthiest art institution -- could be of substantial help to the Italians on art conservation and research.
A deal with the Getty would be the capstone so far in a campaign by Italy to end the smuggling of its vast trove of antiquities to the world's top museums and private collections, a clandestine operation spanning generations and continents.
The broad outlines of the proposed deal hew to the terms of the accord between Italy and the Metropolitan, which in February agreed to return 21 pieces in exchange for loans.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2006/06/22/MNGFMJI3KG1.DTL&feed=rss.news   (795 words)

 Italian Art and Artists
Proposals and documentation for contemporary art in Italy
A virtual art gallery exhibiting works by the great masters as well as new artists from Italy and around the world.
Fine Art Academy Studios in Rosignano, Italy, in the Tuscany area.
www.zeroland.co.nz /italy_art.html   (426 words)

 Art Courses in Italy
Thanks to ‘Art Courses in Italy', located throughout Italy, it is possible to take an Art, Design, Fashion and Painting course in Italy, the very place that inspires and directs the imagination creatively.
If you are interested in learning to draw or paint using watercolours, or even if you already have some experience and want to improve your technique...
Or you can attend a semester inside a real university of fine arts choosing the subjects you like from our students a wide variety of them.
www.art-courses-italy.com   (477 words)

 Art- Nouveau in Italy
The cultural and aesthetic movement known as New Art, and also termed "floral" for its penchant for biological forms, both natural and phytomorphous, started off in England through the celebrated shop "Liberty and Co", and subsequently spread from France too, through another commercial venture called precisely "Art Nouveau".
They sprouted up in painting, in sculpture, in the applied arts and in every object of everyday life: floral motifs, delicate wooded ribbings, vegetable environments, tendrils, mouldings.
At the same time, in a climate of spring blossoming, art was populated by the smallest and most vulnerable of animal creatures, by insects and small water molluscs, unusual and shy.
www.italica.rai.it /eng/principal/topics/art/liberty.htm   (1046 words)

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