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Topic: Artemis (Sailor Moon)

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Ken Arromdee's Sailor Moon FAQ
The fl moon in Sailor Moon R is Nemesis, a dark star theorized as responsible for comets like the one that killed off the dinosaurs.
In the manga, she is a "Sailor Cosmos" from the future, but later says that Sailor Moon is the true Sailor Cosmos because she has the power to defeat Chaos.
Sailor Pluto: old enough to live on her own, and if she was brought back as an adult (in the manga) she wouldn't have parents anyway.
www.sailormoon.org /faq/smfaq8.shtml   (2839 words)

 Absolute Anime / Sailor Moon
The story of Sailor Moon and her Sailor Soldiers has drawn one of the largest fan bases for any single story, extending well beyond its intended young girl audience.
Sailor Moon R (R meaning Romance, 43 episodes, with 1 non-critical episode cut for a total American release of 42 episodes) is itself in two pieces.
What is interesting is that the American release of Sailor Moon was abruptly stopped in the middle of this series and was not continued until loyal fans demanded that Sailor Moon R be finished.
www.absoluteanime.com /sailor_moon   (1041 words)

 Sailor Moon
Now, as Sailor Moon, she must fight the evil forces of Queen Beryl and her generals who threaten mankind.
Fate gave her a huge responsibility when a stuffed cat named Luna found her and gave her the ability to become Sailor Moon, a soldier who is to protect humanity from dark forces and to protect the Moon Princess and the Mysterious Silver Crystal.
She is accompanied by her stuffed cat Artemis and claims to be the Moon Princess.
www.scifi-japanmedia.com /Sailor_Moon.html   (715 words)

 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon episode 35   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Artemis said that it must be the overload of power making her exhausted.
Sailor Mercury got in front of Sailor Moon to protect her.
Sailor Moon was by herself, but she heard the voices of everyone.
www.tcp.com /doi/smoon/episodes/sm035.html   (492 words)

 AAW: Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon Reader Review
Sailor Moon is a story that focusses mostly around a young girl named Tsukino Usagi (I usually write last names first).
Sailor Moon features some of the best character development of all time, and the series is full of so many twists and turns that you always find yourself watching again.
Sailor Uranus and Neptune (Their real names are Haruka and Michiru) have a mission, and that is to find the three talismans before the enemy does.
animeworld.com /readerreviews/sailormoontv.html   (3841 words)

 Artemis (Sailor Moon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Artemis' most unusual incarnation is that of a stuffed animal in the show's live action television series.
Artemis also appeared in the first Seramyu along with Luna.
In the English dub, Artemis is voiced by Ron Rubin.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Artemis_(Sailor_Moon)   (610 words)

 Sailor Moon
Here is Emily as Sailor Moon in a costume she and her mom put together, with a background she edited herself.
Nathan and Tsukinohime3 as Tuxedo Kamen and Sailor Moon.
That's Nathan as Tuxedo Kamen, Tsukinohime3 as Sailor Moon, Reinii as Sailor Venus, Lady Terentia as Sailor Mercury, Voodoodollychan as Sailor Chibimoon, and Avian Firefly as Sailor Jupiter.
www.sailormoonavatars.com /moon/smoon.htm   (814 words)

 Sailor Moon
Sailor Uranus is the more boyish of the couple with her short, blond hair and taller, slender looks.
Some have said that Sailor Neptune and Uranus' relationship is a "parody of heterosexual relationships" because Uranus who is more male than all of the Sailor Scouts and Sailor Neptune who is more female are reflecting a warped version of family life, due to the fact that they are both women.
Sailor Moon and other anime may seem harmless, but if you are a Christian, you in no way should be promoting or protecting this kind of material by saying, "It teacher adults and adolescence alike virtues" because we know that that is far from the Truth.
www.crossroad.to /articles2/2003/monique/sailor_moon.htm   (997 words)

 Sailor Moon History - SAILORMOON HISTORY - Anime   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
There were fireworks and parties every night with dancing and laughing.Queen Serenity, ruler of the Moon Kingdom raised her daughter Serena to follow in her footsteps and rule the moon, but most of the time Serena spent staring at the Earth,for she had fallen in love with a young man from there.
Shortly after Sailor Moon defeated Galaxia, Darien and Serena were married and she bore a child, Serena (or Rini) for short.
Sailor Moon became Neo-Queen Serenity again and fought the Wiseman of the Dark Moon but his powers were too strong.
maxpages.com /prsailormoon/sailormoon - !http://www.maxpages.com/prsailormoon/sailormoon   (1749 words)

 Sailor Moon
Many of these warriors (the Sailor Senshi) were killed in a terrible battle with the Negaforce which was defeated and sealed away with the Ginzuishou by Queen Serenity, the Ruler of the Moon Kingdom.
In the present day, Usagi Tsukino was found by Luna, a fl cat (and a Royal Advisor in the Moon Kingdom) with a crescent moon on her head and was given a magical broach that enabled her to become Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon and the Sailor Senshi would have many other battles and many other victories against other opponents including the forces of Nemesis, a group of time travelers from the future; Mistress 9 and Pharaoh 90; and others.
www.internationalhero.co.uk /s/sailmoon.htm   (608 words)

 MaachaQ's Sailor Moon Synopsis
Sailor Moon wiped out all the negative energy the tree had been flooded with for so long, returning the tree to seedling size.
Sailor Galaxia discovered that the Star Seeds of those who were fighting against her, the Sailor Senshi, were powerful, and decided to steal them too.
Sailor Moon and Galaxia grew wings, and proceded to battle in the air.
www.msu.edu /~simpso57/moonsyn.htm   (1602 words)

 The Sailor Senshi Page : Sailormoon Cats - Luna, Artemis, Diana
Luna and Artemis were sent from the moon in the past to present-day Earth in capsules where they slept until their arrivals.
She is fl with red eyes (though her human form has blue eyes), and she has a yellow crescent moon on her forehead.
Luna and the Sailor Senshi assume that Artemis has had an affair with another cat, and as a result, Luna smacks the poor cat rather harshly.
eternalsailormoon.org /characters/cats/index.html   (555 words)

 Ken Arromdee's Sailor Moon FAQ
Sailor Jupiter's early anime attacks are associated with the god Jupiter, but she does have some attacks associated with wood.
Sailor Pluto is in her first year in college in the manga corresponding to S. In the anime, she has not been reincarnated and is thousands of years old.
Sailor Saturn goes to the same school as Uranus and Neptune, but this doesn't mean she is as old as them, since sometimes schools combine many different grades.
www.sailormoon.org /faq/smfaq4.shtml   (3738 words)

 Cosmic Moon Power!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sailor Venus is the last of the inner sailor scouts to appear.
Sailor V decided to leave, knowing her friends would beleive her to be dead.
Because Sailor Moon is the Moon princess, Sailor Venus is the true leader of the Sailor Scouts.
www.mtholyoke.edu /~sepratt/sailormoon/Characters/sailorvenus.html   (366 words)

 Sailor Moon Info
Sailor Cosmos is a form of Sailor Moon from a different timeline and because Sailor Cosmos helped Eternal Sailor Moon defeat Chaos, she will not exist in Sailor Moon's future.
Sailor Chibi Moon's cat guardian is Diana, who is Luna and Artemis's daughter.
This is disputed by Sailor Moon fans everywhere but I believe that Usagi's feelings for Seiya were not romantic and that she thought of their relationship as a strong friendship.
www.expage.com /smmangainfo4   (596 words)

 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon R episode 79   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
As Artemis stands over her the droid goes for them both, but its whip is destroyed by Sailor Venus' attack.
Artemis attacks the droid, clawing her face, and Sailor Moon manages to break free.
Artemis and Luna are resting after all their trouble when Chibi-Usa comes running in, twirling her knapsack.
www.tcp.com /doi/smoon/episodes/smr079.html   (1110 words)

 Sailor Moon Swamp
Sailor Moon is about an ordinary, klutzy, crybaby, 14 year old junior high school girl who receives a special quest from a talking cat named
This adds a bit of romance to the series, but in the end, the Sailor Senshi/Scouts and Tuxedo Kamen/Tuxedo Mask are able to use the ginzuishou/Imperium Silver Crystal to *annhilate* the Dark Kingdom/Negaverse, but at the cost of their own lives.
The way this works in the original is that the Sailor Senshi die, but their alter-ego secret identities live on to have a chance at a normal life.
uk.msnusers.com /SailorMoonSwamp   (501 words)

 Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon: Artemis' Adventure! The Evil Animal Kingdom - TV.com
Artemis is depressed when a series of misfortunes beset him and he is only ridiculed by Luna for his pain.
Artemis attacks the droid just as she catches all of the Warriors in dog collars.
Sailor Moon: You've changed the innocent hearts of animals to evil.
www.tv.com /episode/132532/summary.html   (303 words)

 Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Well, I know full well that I'm not the only one, as Sailor Moon, for many people I'm sure, was their first (or one of their first) introductions to anime here in the states.
Her goal is to discover the other four in the team whose mission is to find and protect the Moon Princess of the future for the Moon Kingdom.
There are five series in all of Sailor Moon, and I have seen most of the first four.
ryoohki.home.att.net /oldsite/moon.html   (605 words)

 Sailor Moon Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sailor Moon finds out about her past from her mother and discovers that she's the Moon Princess they'd been searching for.
In the end though, Darien's memories are returned by the Moon Locket which Princess Serena gave Prince Darien before the fight to remember her by.
Sailor Moon becomes Princess Serena and with the help of her friends and the Silver Crystal, she defeats Beryl.
www.webspawner.com /users/sailormoonstory   (308 words)

 Amazon.com: Sailor Moon - A Heroine Is Chosen (TV Show, Vol. 1): DVD: Tracey Moore,Terri Hawkes,Linda Ballantyne,Karen ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The adventures of a group of schoolgirl superheroes, Sailor Moon is a lighthearted kiddy variation on a ubiquitous Japanese subgenre, stories of alienated adolescents granted paranormal powers and enlisted on the side of virtue in apocalyptic struggles across space and time.
One thing that is interesting about Sailor Moon Says though, is that sometimes you could see clips that were cut out of the episodes in the Sailor Moon Says segment, like a clip of Umino/Melvin being hit in the face by a stream roller in the "So, You Wanna Be A Star?" episode.
Sailor Moon was also a series that introduced many Americans to anime in general, and when compared to other bad dubs (like Cardcaptors or Mew Mew Power), Sailor Moon isn't that bad, but when compared to the Japanese version, it's downright terrible.
www.amazon.com /Sailor-Moon-Heroine-Chosen-Show/dp/B0000639E3   (3365 words)

 Cat Family
Sailor Moon S (Heart of Ice) is the second installment in the Sailor Moon movie series.
The first one was Sailor Moon R (Promise of the Rose).
In the manga series, Artemis, Luna, and Diana transform into their human forms in the final battle with the foes of Sailor Galaxia.
www.gemele.com /sailormoon/catfamily/index.shtml   (545 words)

 Sailor Moon Page
I was know as Sailor V in England but when I moved to Japan to join the other scouts I became Sailor Venus, with a new outfit, ^_^ I have a cat called Artimis.
The Outer Senshi are Sailor Pluto, Sailor Neptune, Sailor Uranus, and Sailor Saturn.
Sailor Venus is also known as Sailor V. She was actually the very first sailor senshi/scout.
www.prose-n-poetry.com /sailor_moon   (1424 words)

 KSSR - Episode List
Sailor Moon started March 7, 1992 in Japan and ended February 8, 1997 after a five year run.
This is the last season of Sailor Moon and the only one that hasn't been dubbed into English yet so far.
There are 200 episodes of Sailor Moon in total which have aired in Japan and about only 160 of those episodes have aired in North America.
home.sailormoon.com /melmuff/episodes.html   (202 words)

Sailor Mo as Sailor Moon and DJ Ranma S as Pimp Daddy Artemis.
Makoto Kou as Princess Jupiter, DJ Ranma S as Artemis, Jessie as Eternal Sailor Uranus, Lone Sheep as Eternal Sailor Venus, and Usagi Kou as Eternal Sailor Moon.
Ranma as summertime Artemis with Keiko Han, the voice of Luna and Queen Beryl.
www.sailormoonavatars.com /friends/artemis.htm   (147 words)

 Sailor Hellblazer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
To do that, she went to England and posed as Sailor V. When she had to return to Tokyo to join the other Sailor Senshi, she staged the death of Sailor V and became Sailor Venus.
Artemis is from the Moon Kingdom where he and his fellow cat Luna were advisors to Queen Serenity.
Artemis can be lazy, prideful, and prone to putting his pawin his mouth, but he generally has his ward's best interests in mind.
www.thekeep.org /~rpm/vertigo/sailor-hellblazer/who-smoon.html   (442 words)

 Luna - WikiMoon
Luna and her partner Artemis were advisors to Queen Serenity in the Silver Millennium, and when the kingdom was ruined Serenity used the power of her silver crystal to send the two cats to Earth's future in order to awaken the Sailor Senshi.
She and Artemis one day marry and have a daughter named Diana who becomes the advisor to Chibiusa.
Her choice of voice in turn caused a fair bit of problems in the dubbing of the Sailor Moon S movie (which corresponds to the Manga storyline "Lover of Princess Kaguya"), in which her human form is revealed.
www.wikimoon.org /index.php?title=Luna   (364 words)

 N i g h t f a l l  S a i l o r  M o o n - Characters
Before Sailor Venus joins the rest of the Sailor Scouts, Artemis is the cat that Luna talks to secretly, through the computer at the video arcade.
Artemis was Mina's cat, before the existance of the Sailor Scouts.
Artemis is a cool cat with an attitude but eventually (in the later seasons in Japan) he and Luna have a child named Diana who comes back from the future (just like Renie).
www.arcticnightfall.com /sailormoon/characters/artemis.html   (155 words)

 Cosmic Moon Power!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sailor Moon was inspired by Code Name Wa Sailor V, a manga written by the creator of Sailor Moon.
Sailor Moon Super begins with the introduction of several new characters, including Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus.
During Sailor Moon Super Super several characters are temporarily removed from the series.
www.mtholyoke.edu /~sepratt/sailormoon/Characters/index.html   (325 words)

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