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Topic: Arthur Barclay

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  Edwin Barclay - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edwin Barclay, a member of the True Whig Party which ruled at that time, served as foreign minister and secretary of state of Liberia in the government of Charles D.B. King from 1920 until 1930.
Barclay is credited with helping the country survive some of Liberia's greatest threats to its sovereignty in that country's history.
Barclay retired in 1944 and was replaced by William Tubman.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Edwin_Barclay   (264 words)

 The American Society of Pharmacognosy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Arthur Stewart Barclay, 71, a retired government botanist who was credited with harvesting the original sample of a plant that was developed into the cancer-fighting drug Taxol, died Nov. 6, [2003] at a hospital in Orlando, Fla., after a heart attack.
In 1962, Dr. Barclay led a team of botanists from the U.S. Department of Agriculture on a plant expedition in the state of Washington, where he collected bark from the evergreen tree taxus brevifolia, commonly known as the Pacific Yew.
Barclay, who moved to Florida in 1999, was born in Minneapolis and raised in Tulsa, Okla. His parents taught at the University of Tulsa, from which he graduated.
www.phcog.org /Taxus/Barclay.html   (290 words)

 [No title]
Barclay’s predecessor Charles King already had agreed with Firestone’s coming to the country in 1926 – aided by Arthur Barclay and William Tubman who had been hired by the US rubber company.
One of the first official decisions of President Edwin Barclay was to repeal the famous port of Entry Law of 1864 that had restricted the economic activities of foreigners in the country.
Thus, when in December 1943 President Edwin Barclay’s decided to outlaw the British pound and to make the US dollar the only legal tender in the country, it was a logical decision that confirmed the political orientation of the country as well as its financial and economic dependence.
www.liberiapastandpresent.org /BarclayEdwin.htm   (969 words)

 Margaret's Genealogy Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Barclay was born in 1893 at Tarrington, Vic, Aust.
Barclay was born in 1893 at Coleraine, Vic, Aust.
Barclay was born in 1895 at Cohuna, Vic, Aust.
www.users.bigpond.com /ianmarglee/johnnar.html   (4432 words)

 Ira Francis Barclay   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
Ira Francis Barclay, born 5 Jan 1893 (or 1894) in Novelty, Missouri was the son of Francis Arthur Barclay and Eva May Cockrum.
Barclay was drafted to military service Oct. 3, 1917, to serve in the United States Army in World War I. He was sent to Camp Funston, Kansas and was in the 89th Division, Co. G, 354th Infantry.
Barclay was killed in action at the Battle of the Argonne Forest, on Sept.
www.usgennet.org /usa/mo/county/stlouis/missourians/ira-barclay.htm   (184 words)

 Jeffers Studies Volume 1 Number 2-- www.jeffers.org
Barclay thinks of life as a puzzle to be solved, and his answer to his first question posits the familiar Jeffersian idea that the universe is one entity, constantly transforming itself through change, sometimes violent change, sometimes deadly change.
Barclay has his visit with a witch also; his first sexual encounter after he leaves his family is with the Native American servant Maruca, whose ugliness and position outside Barclay's own culture make her simultaneously so exotic and so repellent to Barclay that his successful liaison with her, though commercial, renews his sexual powers.
Barclay climbs up his hill again and again because for him nature is something to be conquered, something to be overcome as he thought he had overcome and cast aside his own previous life.
www.jeffers.org /archive/pastissues/v1n2.html   (4637 words)

 Barclay To Be Honored As South Jersey Major Player Of The Year :: The Camden, N.J., native to be recognized at ...
Barclay To Be Honored As South Jersey Major Player Of The Year :: The Camden, N.J., native to be recognized at Wednesday's banquet in New Jersey.
CHERRY HILL, N.J. Arthur Barclay, a senior on this year's University of Memphis basketball team, will be honored as the South Jersey Major Player of the Year here Wednesday night.
Barclay will be recognized at the 43rd annual Albert J. Carino Boys Basketball Club of South Jersey banquet that will begin at 5:30 p.m.
www.cstv.com /sports/m-baskbl/stories/041205aar.html   (312 words)

 Benjamin Brawley . A Social History of the American Negro
Arthur Barclay (1904-1911) had already served in three cabinet positions before coming to the presidency; he had also been a professor in the Liberia College and for some years had been known as the leader of the bar in Monrovia.
It was near the close of his second term that the president's term of office was lengthened from two to four years, and he was the first incumbent to serve for the longer period.
In his first inaugural address President Barclay emphasized the need of developing the resources of the hinterland and of attaching the native tribes to the interests of the state.
skoobyks.chat.ru /okwrst.html   (406 words)

 [No title]
James Walter Barclay was in the fifth generation of Barclays clearly identifiable in America, descended from the original Barclay of this strain, Robert Barclay of Rowan County, North Carolina.
The Barclays of Mathers, Kincardineshire, trace their descent from Theobald de Berkeley, who flourished under David I. Other important branches of the family were the Barclays of Collairne, of Preston, Ayrshire, of Ardrossan and of Tolly, Aberdeenshire, who retained possession of their lands from the 12th to the 18th century.
Barclays and their kin by marriage gathered in large numbers at this reunion that lasted all week-end and included barbecuing a been side.
www.angelfire.com /tx/TCGS/ATexas.html   (15109 words)

As a result of a number of no and low costs CP options, Barclay Engineering saves over $10,000 per year.
Barclay Engineering Limited manufactures plant of electrical and plumbing fasteners and fittings and employs 40 staff.
Barclay Engineering Ltd was interested in improving the environmental performance of the business, by formally addressing CP opportunities.
www.p2pays.org /ref/22/21958.htm   (648 words)

 Office of Research: Research In Review: A Tale of Taxol
Barclay, a 32-year-old Harvard-trained botanist working for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, was winding up a four-month field mission, his first since returning to the states from a seed-gathering trip to South Africa.
Barclay was one of only a handful of field agents doing the collecting—and the others were scattered from Canada to Capetown.
Barclay's quest on that August day 40 years ago this summer was a bag of samples pulled from a Pacific yew tree, a nondescript native of old-growth forests that despite stepped-up logging still clung to rugged parts of the Pacific Northwest.
www.research.fsu.edu /researchr/fall2002/taxol.html   (10973 words)

 Lee, Arthur on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
LEE, ARTHUR [Lee, Arthur] 1740-92, American Revolutionary diplomat, b.
Arthur Lee's dramatic performance acceptable in theater, not in athletics
Arthur Agee is shown in the 1994 film "Hoop Dreams," by documentary filmmaker Steve James whose latest project, "New Americans," will be airing on PBS.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/L/Lee-A1rth.asp   (1000 words)

 :::► Dictionary of Meaning www.mauspfeil.net ◄:::   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
'''Edwin James Barclay''' (1882-1955) was a Liberia Liberian politician.
Image:Roosevelt_and_Barclay.gif thumb350px[[Franklin D. Roosevelt and '''Edwin James Barclay''' (driver seat), January 27, 1943]] Edwin Barclay's paternal grandparents moved from Barbados to Liberia with their children in 1865.
In 1901, at the age of 19, Edwin wrote a Liberian patriotic song, "The Lone Star Forever." Edwin Barclay, a member of the True Whig Party which ruled at that time, served as foreign minister and secretary of state of Liberia in the government of Charles D.B. King from 1920 until 1930.
www.mauspfeil.net /Edwin_Barclay.html   (317 words)

 John BARCLAY c1807-1877 & Janet JOHNSTON c1807-1887, Scotland, Greenvale & Heywood, Victoria, Australia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
John BARCLAY was born in Calton, Barony, Lanarkshire Scotland in 1807, the son of James BARCLAY and Rosanna MURPHY from Barony, Lanarkshire, Scotland.
John BARCLAY, his wife Janet and six children arrived at Port Phillip in 1841 and in 1846 he occupied a pastoral lease between Heywood and Hotspur which he named 'Greenvale'.
Robert BARCLAY was killed in sawmill explosion in 1895.
www.ballaratgenealogy.org.au /digby/family/barclay.htm   (253 words)

 Volume 3,Number 1
Barclay is a borderline top 100 senior nationally, so he should help Memphis in his own right.
She also is the one who took Barclay into her home and has raised him since he was in junior high school.
A Barclay commitment to Memphis also could be a major blow to Mississippi State, because Barclay and 6'9 Darius Rice from Jackson (Lanier) MS got to be good friends last summer at the NIKE All-American Camp, where they were roommates.
www.hoopscooponline.com /members/march2000hotrecruitinginfo12345.html   (17282 words)

 Barclay Suspended For One Game :: The Tiger senior forward will sit out today's game at UAB.
- University of Memphis senior forward Arthur Barclay has been suspended for one game due to his unsportsmanlike behavior in the Tigers' 61-59 setback to TCU Jan. 15 at FedExForum, head coach John Calipari announced this morning.
Barclay, a Camden, N.J., native, has played in 13 games, starting 10.
Barclay grabbed a career-high 10 rebounds in the Tigers' 73-67 victory at USF Jan. 19.
www.cstv.com /sports/m-baskbl/stories/012205aad.html   (189 words)

 2002 GALLERY CAMELOT   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
When Merlin (Nat Sylva), Arthur's advisor, is lured away by the nymph Nimue (Krissie Nagy), Arthur must rule the country on his own, and he formulates the revolutionary idea of the Round Table.
Arthur, however, is fully aware of their affections and attempts to conceal his anger and sorrow from his wife and his best friend.
The low point for Arthur, though, is the arrival of his illegitimate son, Mordred (Nat Sylva).
westondramaworkshop.org /page18.html   (288 words)

 President Charles D
Firestone did not need a port to export the rubber from Liberia but merely proposed it to get the approval and support of the US State department which was particularly interested in a port on the West African coast as a station for naval use.
Interestingly, former President Arthur Barclay and Senator Wlliam Tubman had been hired meanwhile by Harvey Firestone as his company’s lawyers in Liberia.
The Committee was composed of Dr Cuthbert Christy, an Englishman (representing the League of Nations), Charles S.A. Johnson, an Afro-American (representing the USA), and former Liberian president Arthur Barclay (representing Liberia).
www.liberiapastandpresent.org /KingResignation.htm   (1701 words)

 Chemical & Engineering News: Top Pharmaceuticals: Taxol
When Arthur S. Barclay stuffed a bag with 15 lb of twigs, needles, and bark from Pacific yew trees in a forest near Mount St. Helens some 43 years ago, he couldn't have known that history was about to be made.
Barclay was one of several Department of Agriculture botanists charged with collecting plant samples for a National Cancer Institute study.
The study was part of a program initiated by NCI in 1958 to screen some 35,000 plants for anticancer activity.
pubs.acs.org /cen/coverstory/83/8325/8325taxol.html   (756 words)

 Kpanneh Doe, "Memoirs of a Liberian Ambassador, George Arthur Padmore:" Book Reviews
He is a foster son of President Edwin Barclay, brother-in-law of President V. Tubman, and personal friends to various other Liberian presidents such as William R.
For example, in discussing various Liberian Presidents whom he described as follows: Arthur Barclay, the humanitarian; Daniel Edward Howard, the Pragmatist; Edwin Barclay, the intellectual; William V. Tubman, the architect; and, William R. Tolbert the dreamer.
The relevance of this point to Barclay's presidency and the general theme of the book are lost to the readers.
www.hartford-hwp.com /archives/34/077.html   (1103 words)

 NewsAdvance.com | Tigers maul Hokies
Tigers’ center Arthur Barclay had the most interesting stat line of the night, grabbing 12 rebounds to go along with no points.
“Arthur Barclay was unbelievable,” Memphis coach John Calipari said.
The Tigers’ frontcourt of Barclay, Duane Erwin and Joey Dorsey cleaned the offensive glass and kicked the ball out to the guards, who kept hitting 3-pointers.
www.newsadvance.com /servlet/Satellite?pagename=LNA/MGArticle/LNA_BasicArticle&c=MGArticle&cid=1031781687291&path=!news!sports   (978 words)

 Full Play-by-Play - NCAA Sports.com
Arthur Barclay missed Layup, Blocked by Martin Iti
Arthur Barclay made 1st of 2 Free Throws
Arthur Barclay made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
www.ncaasports.com /basketball/mens/gamecenter/playbyplay/NCAAB_20050310_MEM@CHARLO   (626 words)

 Book Reviews
Articulating his objective for writing this book, Ambassador Padmore writes: "Numerous examples of attempts by Liberians to tell their story of their country could be cited, but those stories deal with a few political and economic situations in the country.
He is a foster son of President Edwin Barclay, brother-in-law of President V. Tubman, and personal friends to various other Liberian presidents such as William R. Tolbert and Samuel Kanyon Doe.
He however counseled that one should "never marry for love." The relevance of this point to Barclay's presidency and the general theme of the book are lost to the readers.
www.theperspective.org /bookreview.html   (1871 words)

 Welcome to Comcast SportsNet
Hokies' center Robert Krabbendam, right, shoots over Arthur Barclay of Memphis.
Barclay, the Memphis senior center, was a major contributor.
He grabbed 12 rebounds, including eight on the offensive end, but never took a shot, not even a putback.
midatlantic.comcastsportsnet.com /view_content_1p.asp?ID=6105   (535 words)

 A short history of Liberia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-07)
For 133 years after independence, the Republic of Liberia is ruled by the Americo-Liberians, who establish the True Whig Party (TWP) in 1869.
He is succeeded in 1904 by Arthur Barclay.
In 1912 Daniel Edward Howard becomes president, in 1920 Charles Dunbar Burgess King and in 1930 Edwin James Barclay.
www.electionworld.org /history/liberia.htm   (581 words)

 Calipari already working magic
Dajuan Wagner had said he would like to go to the same school as his best friend, Arthur Barclay.
Calipari and Memphis signed Barclay, a talented forward, a little more than a month ago.
"Arthur has already signed here, so [Dajuan's] decisions is already finalized.
www.post-gazette.com /highschoolsports/20000522hsnote4.asp   (597 words)

 Bess Barclay's page
Sylvester "Bess" Kellogg Barclay was the 7th child of Derret Hubbard Barclay and Lucretia (Davidson) Barclay.
He was born in Buffalo, Missouri in 1861.
Many years later, when he could no longer handle the physical demands of the smithy shop, he and Minnie focused their efforts on the furniture store....
www.montbarc.com /bess_barclay.html   (275 words)

 AP ALL-STATE BOYS BASKETBALL: Linden's Tate named to first team
Tate, a 6-foot--5 forward headed to Penn State, joins fellow first-teamers DaJuan Wagner and Arthur Barclay, who combined to lead Camden to the NJSIAA Tournament of Champions title.
Herve Lamizana of St. Patrick, James Lattimore of Kennedy-Paterson and Jeff Schiffner of Mendham were also selected to the team, which was selected by sportswriters from around the state who covered high school basketball this past season.
Barclay, who recently announced he would play for John Calipari at Memphis, averaged 23.7 points, 17.8 rebounds and five blocks.
www.injersey.com /playback/story/0,2472,261422,00.html   (460 words)

 Elections in Liberia
Total Votes N/A [Voter Turnout: N/A] Arthur Barclay of the True Whig Party (TWP) was elected president.
Total Votes N/A [Voter Turnout: N/A] Arthur Barclay of the True Whig Party (TWP) was re-elected.
Total Votes N/A [Voter Turnout: N/A] Edwin Barclay of the True Whig Party (TWP) was re-elected unopposed.
africanelections.tripod.com /lr.html   (1229 words)

 The Memphis Flyer :: the mid-south's news weekly: Sports & Activities: Sports Feature: Anthony's Day
He was part of a "package deal," cynics will argue, that brought the electrifying Dajuan Wagner (a high school chum of Barclay's) to Memphis.
He made news this season as much for his fists as his play, drilling teammate Sean Banks after the Texas game, then drawing a one-game suspension for throwing a punch in the first TCU contest.
I'd like to remember Barclay as the guy who overcame the stigma of being a partial academic qualifier and some nagging knee injuries, a player who had one of the most remarkable stat lines I've ever seen: 10 rebounds without a field-goal attempt in the win at South Florida in January.
www.memphisflyer.com /gyrobase/Content?oid=oid:6312   (917 words)

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