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Topic: Arthur Griffith

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  Arthur Griffith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Arthur Griffith (not Arthur Griffiths as his name is sometimes misspelled) was born in Dublin, Ireland on March 31, 1872, of distant Welsh lineage, and was educated by the Irish Christian Brothers.
Griffith was elected a Sinn Féin MP in the East Cavan by-election of mid-1918, and Sinn Féin routed the Irish Parliamentary Party at the 1918 general election.
Griffith was, however, to a great extent merely a figurehead as President of the second Dail Eireann and his relations with Michael Collins, head of the new Provisional Government were somewhat tense.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Arthur_Griffith   (1385 words)

 Arthur Griffith - Politics.ie Wiki   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Arthur Griffith was born in Dublin on 31st March 1871.
Griffith stood down as president in favour of Éamon de Valera, and in the general election of 1918 Sinn Féin had an overwhelming victory.
Pressure of public opinion in America and Britain led to a Truce in July 1921, and Griffith was chosen to lead the plenipotentiaries to the negotiations that resulted in the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 6 December 1921.
www.politics.ie /wiki/index.php?title=Arthur_Griffith   (781 words)

Griffith was in effect a one-man propaganda machine responsible for writing, editing, financing and even, up until the last years of his career, setting the type of his own papers.
GRIFFITH was first and foremost a propagandist for a political cause which until 1916 no one other than himself, and a small number of enthusiasts dotted around the country, really believed in.
Griffith belonged to a generation of tabloid nationalists, among them most notably the redoubtable DP Moran of the Leader, who, before a incestuous audience, indulged in petty, internecine slagging matches, invented little controversies, and endlessly debated the principles of nationality: the subtext of which may well have been minor circulation wars.
www.uhb.fr /Langues/cei/regan.htm   (1366 words)

 Arthur Griffith
Griffith proposed that Ireland must act as a separate nation, possessing its own language, literature, traditions, business sector, etc. Griffith was imprisoned several times in his life for his roles in the Easter Rising and Bloody Sunday.
Griffith called Michael Collins, rather famously, "the man who won the war." Not long after, unfortunately, Collins and Griffith experienced a rift in their relationship that was likely never fully repaired.
Griffith believed that the division of the Irish government into two parts, the Dáil and the Provisional Government, was ludicrous and unproductive.
www.geocities.com /heathcliffiam/mcgriffith.htm   (647 words)

 Archontology.org: History of GRIFFITH, Arthur (Art Ó Gríobtha): presidents, kings, prime ...
After his release, Griffith stepped down as Sinn Féin president in favor of Eamon de Valera (October 1917), and in the general election of 1918 Sinn Féin had an overwhelming victory.
Griffith along with Eóin MacNéill and Eamonn Duggan were arrested by the British on 27 Nov 1920.
Pressure of public opinion led to a Truce in July 1921, and Griffith was chosen to lead the plenipotentiaries to the negotiations that resulted in the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 6 Dec 1921.
www.archontology.org /nations/eire/eire_rep1/griffith.php   (697 words)

 BBC - History - Wars - 1916 Easter Rising - Profiles - Arthur Griffith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Griffith was born in Dublin and was a printer by trade.
Griffith joined the Irish Volunteer Force in 1913 and was involved in the Howth gun-running.
Progressively weakened by the strains of office, Griffith died of a cerebral haemorrhage on 12th August 1922.
www.bbc.co.uk /history/war/easterrising/profiles/po07.shtml   (533 words)

 The Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation : : : h o m e
Christmas 1999 was a perfectly normal one until two days after when Arthur informed his family of his diagnosis of cancer which had spread extensively to his lymph system and his lungs.
The Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation was set up the day after Arthur died so that donations could be sent in his memory.
Arthur's family, friends and colleagues through the Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation and ultimately the Arthur Griffith Fellowship at Indiana University Cancer Center are making the most of the heartbreaking experience of his death.
www.arthurgriffithfoundation.com   (212 words)

Griffith, holding that what he called “sovereign independence” was a more suitable aim than a republic, proposed an amendment calling for an end to the “useless, degrading and demoralising policy” of Irish attendance at Westminster, and the substitution of the policy of the Hungarian deputies of 1861.
Griffith recommended that the Irish MPs withdraw from Westminster and set up what he called a “Council of 300” to lay down a national policy which would be implemented by the local-government bodies and obeyed voluntarily by the people.
Griffith was especially impressed by the views of the Bengal leader, Bipin Chandra Pal, a forerunner of Gandhi, who urged Indians not to hate the British but to develop an attitude of what he called “benevolent indifference” to them.
www.generalmichaelcollins.com /Fine_Gael/SINN_FEIN_1905.html   (3334 words)

 The Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation : : : f u n d r a i s i n g
On December 24, 2000, The Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation donated $95,000 to the Indiana University Cancer Center to form The Arthur Griffith Fellowship.
It's important to know that 99 percent of the money you donate to the Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation is given to Indiana University to fund the Arthur Griffith Fellowship for cancer research.
Arthur Griffith / The Foundation / The Research / Fundraising / Copyright © 2003 The Arthur Griffith Cancer Foundation, Inc.
www.arthurgriffithfoundation.com /fundraising.asp   (156 words)

 THE BLANKET * Index: Current Articles
Indeed, Griffith must be spinning in his grave at the political shambles which the modern Provisional republican movement has created 100 years on from the launch of the party in Dublin.
Griffith was a separatist, not a republican and believed passionately in the concept of passive resistance, not the mass slaughter tactics of the Provos.
Griffith would have died of shame, not exhaustion, in 1922 had he known his party was to become the apologists for ethnic cleansing, punishment beatings, and - according to Chief Constable Hugh Orde - the biggest bank heist ever on the island.
lark.phoblacht.net /jc1701053g.html   (1164 words)

 Griffith Hack - Our Firm - History
Griffith Hack Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys and Lawyers can trace its roots back more than a century to two of the oldest patent attorney firms in Australia.
The national firm Griffith Hack & Co was created from the merger in 1988 of Griffith Hassel & Frazer in Sydney and Clement Hack & Co in Melbourne.
Irish immigrant Arthur Griffith (born 1861) founded Arthur Griffith & Co in Sydney in 1895, practising as a patent attorney and consulting engineer.
www.griffithhack.com.au /firm/gh_firm_history.asp   (410 words)

 Irish Stamps
Scott #670 (1986) commemorating Arthur Griffith, the founder of Sinn Fein and President of the Provisional Irish Government from January, 1922 until his death in August of that year.
Griffith and Collins recognized that the treaty provisions were short of total independence but would be a step toward the eventual establishment of an Irish Republic.
Arthur Griffith is seated on the far left and Michael Collins seated third from the left.
web.umr.edu /~greggjay/irstamp.html   (2810 words)

 This Month in Celtic History - November 2004
Griffith thought the solution of a single monarch simultaneously occupying the thrones of two otherwise independent countries would be a compromise that would satisfy the majority of Irish nationalists as well as conservative unionists.
Griffith’s endorsement of monarchism raised quite a few eyebrows in Irish republican circles, especially to those few who knew that Griffith was a sworn-in member of the underground Irish Republican Brotherhood, the organizational continuation of the Fenian rebels of years before.
Griffith’s stated intention at the time was not to set up a rival organization to the Irish Parliamentary Party but rather to create a political ferment that would eventually goad that party into adopting his ideas of parliamentary abstentionism and economic self-reliance.
www.celticleague.org /history_11-04a.html   (833 words)

 The Griffith family of Berks and Lancaster Cos.
Services for John Griffiths, retired farmer who was fatally injured while helping to raze a tobacco shed Tuesday morning will be held Saturday afternoon at 1:30 in the home of his son Joseph Griffiths, Vogansville and at 2 o'clock in the Evangelical church at Martindale.
After her marriage to Arthur Koch, who was a farm hand on the Griffith farm, they moved to Ephrata, leaving the uncertainties of farm life behind for work in factories as the depression years tapered into WWII.
Dick Griffith was born out of wedlock to Grace and after her marriage to Ben Weaver, Dick was not adopted.
www.horseshoe.cc /images/ephemera.htm   (860 words)

 Irish 1916 Easter Rising ~ War for Independence -
An Irish delegation headed by Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins met representatives of the British Cabinet in London, and after six weeks conference, the Irish delegates, compelled by threat of renewed ruthless warfare on their prostate land, signed a compromise treaty on December 6th.
The pro-Treaty party, under Arthur Griffith and Michael Collins, became known henceforth as the Free State party, the anti-Treaty party as the Republicans.
A provisional government was formed with Arthur Griffith as President, Michael Collins of Finance, William Cosgrave as Minister for Local Government, George Gavan Duffy as Minister for Foreign Affairs, Kevin O’Higgins as Minister for Economic Affairs and Richard Mulcahy as Minister for Defense.
home.fiac.net /marshaw/1916.htm   (2639 words)

 SEARC'S WEB GUIDE - Arthur Griffith (1872-1922)
Arthur Griffith was born and educated in Dublin.
Griffith wrote articles condemning the visit of King Edward VII to Dublin in 1903 and a year later he published a pamphlet on the 1848 Hungarian Revolution entitled The Resurrection of Hungary or a Parallel for Ireland (1904).
Griffith was imprisoned during the War of Independence and on his release he lead the Irish Treaty Delegation to London in December, 1921.
www.searcs-web.com /griff.html   (495 words)

 Welcome to Adobe GoLive 5   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Arthur Griffith was asked to be a part-time worker and then in July of 1961 became a full time worker.
Arthur Griffith's son, Alfred was the voice over.
In 1968 Alfred Griffith graduated from WW College and was asked to work at Gallaudet College with deaf students.
www.ajazsda.org /DeafA.html   (1232 words)

 Emily Chesley: The Indigetible Years, Part I   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The heft of opinion is that Griffith knew of Emily's "frolics" trunk, and was encouraging her to bring it because he understood its importance to Emily: her heart belonged wherever the frolics trunk resided.
Griffith arranged for Emily to meet Michael Collins to see if she might be of use in the fight; not only was her violent prose hindering his efforts, but she scared the shit out of him, as he wrote to fellow newspaperman, Liam "Chivas" Reagal:
She was definitely associated with both Collins and Griffith in the minds of the nationalists, and several attempts were made on her life, one of which was only foiled because of the Bullet Brolly she carried with her always, and a half-digested lunch of bangers and champie.
emilychesley.com /em_bio/indigest1.htm   (1418 words)

 Samuel "Moss" Griffith
Corporal Samuel Griffith was badly wounded by a Federal artillery shell fragment at the battle of Elkhorn Tavern, Arkansas on March 8, 1862.
Both written and oral accounts describe how Mary Harlow Griffith pulled silken handkerchiefs through her brother’s badly infected shoulder wound in order to draw puss out; this inadequate treatment along with applications of poultices, was the best available in those days before antibiotics.
The charcoal-portrait image of Corporal Griffith shown here was recently found in an old trunk by his great-granddaughter, Ella Sue Guthrie Findley; both she and her sister Rolene Guthrie Stewart remember seeing it hanging on the wall of their grandpa Samuel Arthur "Bud" Griffith’s house when they were children.
www.geocities.com /Pentagon/1117/s_grfth.html   (626 words)

 GRIFFITH SETTLEMENT ACT, 1923   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
WHEREAS Dáil Eireann, moved by the lifelong self-sacrifice and devotion of the late President Arthur Griffith to the people of Ireland and in consideration of the eminent services rendered by him to the Nation, and acknowledging it to be the duty of Saorstát Eireann to make suitable provision for his widow Mrs.
Maud Griffith and for his son Naomhan Griffith and his daughter Ita Griffith and his sister Miss Frances Griffith has resolved that there shall be appropriated out of the public funds of Saorstát Eireann for the purpose of making such suitable provision for the said Mrs.
Maud Griffith, Naomhan Griffith, Ita Griffith and Miss Frances Griffith a yearly sum of one thousand pounds to commence from the twelfth day of August 1922 and to continue as to one equal moiety thereof during the life of the said Mrs.
www.irishstatutebook.ie /1923_5.html   (635 words)

 People of Ireland
He and Griffith were the leaders of the team that negotiated the treaty that gave near independence to the 26 counties, while partitioning off 6 counties.
Griffith was born in Dublin on March 31, 1872.
Griffith was elected first president of the duly constituted Dáil Éireann in January 1922, but he died the following August 12, shortly after the outbreak of the Irish civil war between those who accepted partition and those who opposed it.
homepages.iol.ie /~dluby/people.htm   (3204 words)

 Griffith, D. W. articles on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Griffith, D. [Griffith, D. W.] (David Wark Griffith), 1880-1948, American movie director and producer, b.
For Griffith, she appeared in The Birth of a
In 1909 he began working for D. Griffith at the Biograph Company, and in 1912 he organized his own Keystone Company.
www.encyclopedia.com /printable/05433.html   (488 words)

 Homer News Online - Arts
Although the Griffiths shared the research and writing, speaking with the media about the 341-page book that includes an interactive CD and spotlights 50 communities in 21 states has fallen to Mary.
In 1992, the Griffiths, former residents of Dallas, Texas, were looking for a place to vacation where they could get away from a climate that was too hot and sticky.
“(Arthur) said, ‘If money were no object, where would you like to go?’ I remembered Grandmother was a friend of Jack London’s in San Francisco and she used to always talk about Alaska.
www.homernews.com /stories/021506/arts_021606art002.shtml   (841 words)

 Port Arthur, Beaumont in hurricane's crosshairs - 09/24/05   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Conditions in Beaumont and Port Arthur, ground zero for some of the worst expected damage, began deteriorating after nightfall Friday -- a prelude to what could be a 16-hour barrage of hurricane-force winds beginning around midnight.
Port Arthur officials spent two days evacuating every patient from three area hospitals, yanking the seats from borrowed school buses so they could sqeeze in as many stretchers and beds as possible.
Arthur Richardson, 48, said he tried to evacuate but was thwarted by the heavy traffic.
www.detnews.com /2005/nation/0509/24/0natn-325836.htm   (1528 words)

 The Welsh Griffith family of Berks and Lancaster Cos.
Blanche spent her early life working as a farm girl in the area of Voganville.
She moved to Ephrata as a young woman and lived the rest of her life in the home of her sister Alta and husband Arthur Koch and family.
Henirich Trostle(2), born Jan. 15, 1794, died August 15, 1875, and is buried in the Allegheny Church cemetery, of which he was a stanch member.
www.horseshoe.cc /images/griffith.htm   (1599 words)

 W3Perl - Histoire - Irlande - Independence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The principal beneficiary of the 1916 rising was Sinn Fein (Ourselves Alone), a political movement founded in 1905 by Arthur Griffith.
Griffith, who opposed the use of force, argued that the Irish MPs should quit Westminster, set up their own assembly in Dublin, and make British government unworkable.
When the second Dail met in August it elected de Valera president, and thereafter negotiations with the British government were conducted by a delegation led by Arthur Griffith.
www.w3perl.com /www/histoire/irlande/independence.html   (630 words)

 AllRefer.com - Arthur Griffith (British And Irish History, Biography) - Encyclopedia
Arthur Griffith 1872–1922, Irish statesman, founder of Sinn FEin.
He joined the nationalist movement as a young man. In 1899 he founded the United Irishman, in which he advocated that Irish members of Parliament withdraw from Westminster and organize their own assembly.
When Eamon De Valera, president of the DAil, rejected the treaty, Griffith succeeded to his office.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/G/GriffithA.html   (287 words)

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