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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  ArtLex on Artists
Nevertheless, a distinction is generally drawn between an artist and an artisan, just as there can be merit to making distinctions between the making of art and craft.
Typical factors in such discussions involve an artist's art education of course, along with the use of creativity, craft, and originality.
Of ultimate importance are the qualities of an artist's world-view, which informs his or her sense of design and style (or zeitgeist), resulting in a heightened ability to
www.artlex.com /ArtLex/a/artist.html   (0 words)

  Artist - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Artist is a descriptive term applied to a person who engages in an activity deemed to be an art.
Often, discussions on the subject focus on the differences between "artist" and "technician" or "entertainer," or "artisan," "fine art" and "applied art," or what constitutes art and what does not.
Many contemporary definitions of "artist" and "art" are highly contingent on culture, resisting aesthetic prescription, in much the same way that the features constituting beauty and the beautiful cannot be easily standardized without corruption into kitsch.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Artist   (461 words)

History is rife with examples of self-schooled artists with no formal educational training who are both brilliant and innovative; unfortunately, history is also rife with examples of starving artists, dying in obscurity.
Artists tend to congregate around major urban centers, such as New York and San Francisco, where the multiplicity of galleries and artists makes it easier to form connections and for an unproven artist to get shown.
Artists have a number of opportunities available to them, both during their careers as artists and after they’ve decided to hang up their brushes.
www.princetonreview.com /cte/profiles/dayInLife.asp?careerID=13   (479 words)

 Artists and related workers
Of the artists who were not self-employed, many worked in advertising and related services; newspaper, periodical, book, and software publishers; motion picture and video industries; specialized design services; and computer systems design and related services.
Employment of artists and related workers is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through the year 2014.
Competition among artists for the privilege of being shown in galleries is expected to remain acute, and grants from sponsors such as private foundations, State and local arts councils, and the National Endowment for the Arts should remain competitive.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos092.htm   (2792 words)

 Mime Artist Discourse @ CompleteIdiotsGuide.com (Complete Idiots Guide)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Movement theatre is a related branch of theatre which merges elements of mime with that of modern dance.
Amateur mime artists often use a very limited number of routines from the repertoire of mime artist Marcel Marceau, such as 'walking against the wind', 'peeling a banana', and 'pretending to be in an invisible box'.
In Terry Pratchett's Discworld series, mime artists are banned in the city of Ankh-Morpork by order of the patrician, Havelock Vetinari.
www.completeidiotsguide.com /encyclopedia/Mime_artist   (375 words)

 The World Artist Directory - Accomplished Artists Worldwide
The World Artist Directory is the internet's source for locating accomplished artists worldwide.
Since acceptance is based solely on quality of technique and expression, only 25% of artists that apply qualify for inclusion.
Dedicated to the world wide distribution of information for artists and contemporary arts institutions since 1994.
worldartistdirectory.com   (0 words)

 Artist encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In connection with the institute to which 400 art critics, artists,.
His idea was that we would assemble a group of artists, maybe four or five of us....
Avgerinos sounds like many of the.Minobe is no longer a "guest artist", but now seems to be a regular member..
www.portbylaws.com /artist-encyclopedia.html   (261 words)

Artist is an Emacs lisp package that allows you to draw lines, rectangles, squares, poly-lines, ellipses and circles by using your mouse and/or keyboard.
Artist also interfaces with the rect package (this can be turned off if it causes you any trouble) so anything you cut in artist can be yanked with
Artist is distributed under Gnu General Public License.
www.lysator.liu.se /~tab/artist   (520 words)

 Artist Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
You can recommend info for this web page by recommending an excellent web domain about artist encyclopedia, submitting your domain listing for your favorite website that is related to artist encyclopedia, or submitting a personally-written article covering the topic of encyclopedias or artist encyclopedia.
Write an article on the subject of artist encyclopedia and we'll be glad to publish it on this website, and permit the inclusion of hyperlinks to your encyclopedias based website.
Immediately after we post your article about artist encyclopedia your "author's profile" will be posted to our "Popular Authors" Directory.
www.encyclopedias-on.com /artist_encyclopedia.html   (220 words)

 Leonardo da Vinci | Renaissance Man | Artist   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Leonardo got his start as an artist around 1469, when his father apprenticed him to the fabled workshop of Verocchio.
Verocchio's specialty was perspective, which artists had only recently begun to get the hang of, and Leonardo quickly mastered its challenges.
He was the first artist to study the physical proportions of men, women and children and to use these studies to determine the "ideal" human figure.
www.mos.org /leonardo/artist.html   (546 words)

 Artist Easels - Painters Easels
Whether you are a beginning artist or an experienced pro, the right artist easel makes all the difference.
Good artist easels promote correct posture and good working habits, while poor artist easels can leave you uncomfortable and less apt to paint.
At Xylem Design, our artist and painters' easels have been engineered to offer the design and comfort to help you achieve the most stable base on which to paint.
www.xylemdesign.com /Easels/ArtistEasels/ArtistEasels.asp   (432 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with artist
NEW Explore and refine artist photos with our brand new clustery goodness!
Learn about the life of an artist and search for art classes online.
Feed – Subscribe to photos tagged with artist
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/artist   (144 words)

 Amazon.com: How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist, 5th ed.: Selling Yourself Without Selling Your Soul: Books: Caroll ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As an artist you have experienced the exuberance of creating something you like, which might be the culmination of a direction in your work or might articulate something new.
She basically discusses common psychological pitfalls that many artists fall into (including myself), believing that it is not possible to have a successful career as a freelance artist.
This brings up the question, "why was the woman with essentially no artist resume, able to sell her paintings for the same price as the woman with years of experience and art degrees?".
www.amazon.com /How-Survive-Prosper-Artist-5th/dp/0805068007   (2357 words)

 Artist - Male Artist, Female Artist
Corye, K. Country Stars: A Tribute - artists who's memory lives on in music, complete with real audio clips of their best known hits.
Lawler, Douglas - artist living his dream to play country music.
Tennison, Chalee - country and western artist bringing her history, including band-learning and single motherhood, to her songs and performances.
western2.com /mall/artist.html   (3301 words)

Many people have encouraged him in his artistic career and particular thanks are due to Mr Dai Davies, Art teacher at Prescot Grammar School who nurtured his talent as a teenager, and Mr Dan Dare, an aviation artist himself, who convinced Chas to make the transition from pencils to oils.
This was always intended to coincide with his retirement from the Royal Air Force, but has occurred earlier in response to public demand.
Flying is beneficial to an artist that portrays aircraft and wherever possible, Chas will depict an air-to-air rendition rather than a viewpoint at ground level.
freespace.virgin.net /charles.mchugh/bio.htm   (518 words)

 Comic Art & Graffix Gallery Virtual Museum & Encyclopedia© - Artist Biographies   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Within a short time of the publication of the second issue of Air Pirates, all the artists involved were served with a summons.
And the best thing about that period was getting to watch a real, professional daily comic artist meet his deadline up close, which was a great opportunity.
He got these other artists, fine artists, and people who'd worked for Disney to do their version of any art they wanted to, with a mouse in it as a theme.
www.comic-art.com /intervws/londart.htm   (2767 words)

 Online Artist Portfolios - absolutearts.com
World Wide Arts Resources and absolutearts.com offer three levels of online portfolios for all artists to actively promote their work.
Our goal is to provide artists with real international exposure and valuable marketing tools.
Three levels of portfolios offered are the Free Portfolio, the Artist Portfolio which is open to all artists, and the Premiere Portfolio, where artists are selected by jury.
www.absolutearts.com /portfolio.html   (304 words)

 MP3.com Search Results for: [ artist ]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Artist Formally Known as Vince first began spreading his hard rocking sound around the Chicago area in the early '90s.
Oblivious to the alternative rock trends that had taken the scene over, Vince plowed forward with his catchy sound until he had finally written enough material for his first album.
This would be fine and would appear to be the resumé of a man who's lived quite a life,...
www.mp3.com /artist   (127 words)

 Art Community - Fine-Art.com
The Community is separated into two areas; one for general art related (or not so art related) topics and another for artists.
Patrons are invited to critique, post questions, or otherwise discuss the works of any artist.
If you can't find a forum for an artist, you can create one here.
dart.fine-art.com /community.asp   (148 words)

 Montana Art - montana artist encyclopedia
and first drawn by graphic artist Kurt Weiss...
a career as a hair/makeup artist or stylist...
to start your career This book is an artists encyclopedia for the...
www.montana-artworks.com /finalpages/montana_artist_encyclopedia.html   (168 words)

 Artist Training | Penn Foster Career School
Artists work in television, computer software, printing, and public relations firms.
Self-employed Artists offer their services to businesses from advertising firms to interior designers.
The Penn Foster Artist training program includes a broad range of equipment and supplies, including art kits for drawing, pen and ink, watercolor and oil painting, to provide you comprehensive instruction and hands-on training.
www.pennfoster.edu /art/index.html   (293 words)

 TIME 100: Pablo Picasso
Famous as no artist ever had been, he was a pioneer, a master and a protean monster, with a hand in every art movement of the century
To say that Pablo Picasso dominated Western art in the 20th century is, by now, the merest commonplace.
Before his 50th birthday, the little Spaniard from Malaga had become the very prototype of the modern artist as public figure.
www.time.com /time/time100/artists/profile/picasso.html   (286 words)

 Artist Portfolio - 4858
The Artist's Mission To expose and exhibit original fine art directly from the artist, AaronPeter.
The term may be used in connection with any branch of the arts--for example music, literature, and theatre--but more commonly refers to an individual who practises the visual arts or fine arts.
An artist is a searcher of inconsciousness and what may overpass mind and far away from direct understanding.
www.ebsqart.com /Artists/cmd_4858_profile.htm   (278 words)

 Webelos - Mental Skills Activity Pins   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Boys who became Webelos Scouts after August 1, 2005, are required to use the new book (33452).
Talk to an artist in your area or to your art teacher about the different occupations in the art field.
Create a scrapbook (portfolio) of your Artist activity badge projects and show it to your den leader.
www.usscouts.org /advance/cubscout/mentalskills.html#Artist   (1347 words)

 Artist Unlimited Homepage
Artist Unlimited is a Houston-based management, production and distribution company committed to working with dedicated and talented artists to bring great music in the world.
Thanks to all musicians and friends who made the Dave Koz and Friends cruise at Sea on Holland America's Ms Oosterdam an incredible and memorable experience.
Juan Manuel completes his latest CD entitled "Canciones de mi Madre." This is a project close to his heart because he put his mother's poems into music.
www.artistunlimited.com   (0 words)

Marye began drawing as soon as she could hold a crayon and had the good fortune of meeting a successful western artist when she was about 12.
Marye learned to paint horses and mountains and then progressed into excellent high school art classes where she was introduced to all media.
“Teaching helped me to become a better artist, and working with my high school and community college students made me analyze the techniques necessary to develop in order to become a skillful artist.” She studied with other successful artists to learn advanced watercolor methods, where she gained much inspiration and defined her style.
www.sierrawesternart.com /artist.html   (1305 words)

 Photograph Prices; American Art Artist Encyclopedia/Signature Directory
Image titles are arranged alphabetically under each artist, rather than from highest to lowest selling prices, which makes locating selling prices for particular titles easy.
As an added bonus, the encyclopedia contains 1,100 American artist signature examples, 900 of which do not appear in any other signature directory or encyclopedia.
Artist entries contain basic biographical information including birth and death dates, places of study, teachers, organizational memberships, awards, specialties, exhibits, and more.
www.artbusiness.com /revs0402b.html   (699 words)

 YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
Related Tags: art people random some martial street artists sport vidiots funny destiny two-artists travel flying fight experiment new mode tanyah gay city camera training jumping spray les desk stone off artist artistes baltimore individual artistic brad panama danceball
the artist lounge is a new web-based series that features emerging, yet unknown visual artists and their work.
Danceball artist juggling inside the danceball with a set of flying Poi.
www.youtube.com /results?search=artist   (202 words)

 Khnemu Studio Khnemu Studio Raku-fired, Pit-fired and Smoke-fired pottery by studio artist Dawn Soltysiak
farm estate, the studio of ceramic artist Dawn Soltysiak is located in an authentically restored barn.
A group of West Michigan artist's studios and galleries, located along the Lake Michigan shoreline between Saugatuck and South Haven.
The artists specialize in various media including glass blowing, stoneware pottery, flame-worked glass beads, hand-made paper, pastel and oil painting, and more.
members.aceweb.com /rsolty   (316 words)

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