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Topic: Arum

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  The Arum Species of Greece and Cyprus
Genève 4: 140 (1912); P.C. Boyce, The Genus Arum, 123 (1993).
Phanerog., 2: 588 (1879); P.C. Boyce, The Genus Arum, 129 (1993).
Cyprus, 2: 1665 (1985); P.C. Boyce, The Genus Arum, 147 (1993).
www.aroid.org /genera/arum/arum.html   (2118 words)

 Arum,flowers,Arum,flower Pictures,Catalog,Encyclopedia
Most arums are native to the tropics, although a few genera, such as Arisaema, Symplocarpus, and Peltandra, are found in temperate regions.
Arum flowers are crowded on a spike (spadix), which is enfolded by a vaselike leaf (spathe).
Three arums are grown extensively for a starchy food made from their corms or tubers: taro (Colocasia esculenta) and dasheen (C. esculenta), both of which are widely cultivated in Southeast Asia and Polynesia, and Yautia (Xanthosoma sagittifolium), which is native to tropical America and the West Indies.
www.4to40.com /earth/geography/htm/flowersindex.asp?counter=8   (165 words)

 Boxing News : Mayweather 'Top Rankles' Arum
Arum, whose relationship with Mayweather and Prince could be best put diplomatically as 'up and down', doesn't really have a grasp of where he and his company stand with their gifted,-yet-troubled prodigy.
Arum did raise an interesting point to me last week when he mentioned that all the promoters are feeling the loss of what was once a fertile revenue producing ground.
Arum, disagrees with the notion that De La Hoya was faking his injury to his left hand that forced the cancellation of his May 4th showdown with Vargas.
www.maxboxing.com /Kim/kim041902.asp   (1541 words)

 AllRefer.com - arum, Plant (Plants) - Encyclopedia
arum, common name for the Araceae, a plant family mainly composed of species of herbaceous terrestrial and epiphytic plants found in moist to wet habitats of the tropics and subtropics; some are native to temperate zones.
The family is characterized by an inflorescence consisting of a single spadix (a fleshy spike bearing small flowers) and a usually showy and flowerlike bract (modified leaf) called a spathe, which surrounds the spadix.
The titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) of Sumatra, which also is grown in a number of botanical gardens, has one of the largest inflorescences of any plant, the spadix reaching a height of 10–15 ft (3–4.6 m) above the ground.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/A/arum.html   (201 words)

 arum. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Several plants of the arum family are grown (often as house plants) for their ornamental foliage, e.g., species of the genera Monstera, Philodendron, and Caladium, all native to the American tropics.
Taro, with its large, starchy corms or rootstocks (characteristic of the arum family) is a major source of food in the Pacific islands and East Asia; in Hawaii it is the main ingredient of poi.
Plants of the arum family native to the United States are found chiefly in the eastern and central states; all species are bog or aquatic plants except Arisaema, which grows in moist woodlands.
www.bartleby.com /65/ar/arum.html   (537 words)

 The Genus Arum by Peter Boyce
Many "bulb" and alpine enthusiasts grow a couple of species of Arum, usually the showy A. creticum and A. dioscoridis; and the widespread A. maculatum is well known.
THE GENUS ARUM This book, written both for the botanist and the plantsman, is the most complete revision yet published of this interesting genus of 25 species of tuberous Eurasian herbs.
The complex taxonomy and nomenclature of the genus (including the historical development of the name Arum) are dealt with, and the morphology, anatomy, chemistry, pollination biology and cultivation of the genus are covered.
www.aroid.org /literature/boyce/arum.htm   (348 words)

 Arum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For other uses of this term, see Arum (disambiguation).
Arum is a genus of about 25 species of flowering plants in the family Araceae, native to Europe, northern Africa, and western Asia, with the highest species diversity in the Mediterranean region.
They are rhizomatous, herbaceous perennial plants growing to 20-60 cm tall, with saggitate (arrowhead-shaped) leaves 10-55 cm long.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Arum   (143 words)

 ESPN.com: BOXING - Arum: Chavez's overlapping contracts a complete surprise
Arum said earlier that he signed Chavez for two matches in 1998 before he knew his top business rival had an overlapping contract with the fighter.
Arum said he expected Chavez to be free to fight in June 1998.
Arum's attorney noted Meehan left seven fights out of his calculations during the time period he studied and the money made on Chavez fights counted by Meehan has been falling since 1994.
espn.go.com /boxing/news/2002/1030/1453436.html   (496 words)

 MSN Encarta - Search Results - Arum
Arum, common name for a family comprising about 2000 species of mostly herbaceous flowering plants, and for its representative genus.
The water arum is classified as Calla palustris.
Arum : pictures of plants of the arum family
ca.encarta.msn.com /Arum.html   (76 words)

 titan arum 2001
i went to see the titan arum on thursday may 31, 2001.
the people at another greenhouse where a titan arum had bloomed said _not_ to open up the greenhouse windows to air it out -- they had done that and had been inundated with flies.
when i was a kid i read about titan arums and loved the idea of a gigantic flower that smelled terrible, and wanted to see and smell one, so it's wonderful to have this opportunity to fulfill a lifetime goal.
www.astro.wisc.edu /~mukluk/titan-arum.html   (670 words)

 Las Vegas SUN: Arum, Oscar at peace
Arum said it was Joel De La Hoya who "extended an olive branch" that eventually led his son back to the promoter who had signed him shortly after the 1992 Olympic Games.
The fact that Arum and De La Hoya, in essence, renewed their vows has played a major role in leading De La Hoya to a Saturday fight at the MGM against Felix Sturm and a likely one at the same site in September against Bernard Hopkins.
Arum, a nonpracticing attorney, belittled Spitz in response.
www.lasvegassun.com /sunbin/stories/boxing/2004/jun/04/516966567.html   (868 words)

 USATODAY.com - King, Arum step into legal ring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Arum added a boxing touch when he shouted at King about his testimony with the jury out of the room.
Arum set up two 1998 fights between Chavez and Oscar De La Hoya, a fighter in Arum's Las Vegas-based Top Rank stable, while King was busy defending himself in a New York wire fraud trial.
Arum's attorneys claim Chavez didn't disclose a key agreement giving King exclusive rights to him shortly before he defected from King's camp.
www.usatoday.com /sports/boxing/2002-10-25-king-arum_x.htm   (564 words)

 Boxing News: Steve Kim: Business as Usual for Bob Arum
Arum was in New York this past weekend taking care of personal and professional business.
While Arum is still working with De La Hoya, he could be going up against him in the ring promotionally in 2004.
One of the reasons Arum was in the Big Apple was to meet with HBO and one of the things that was discussed was the future of Floyd Mayweather.
www.maxboxing.com /Kim/Kim012604.asp   (715 words)

 Arum Argues that Flood of Lawsuits Hinders Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
In addition, Arum observes, schools are responsible for more than the cognitive development of their students.
As part of a course he is currently teaching, Sociology of Education, Arum is working with two dozen graduate and undergraduate students to analyze cases from 1993 to 2003.
Arum expects this work to be completed in December.
education.nyu.edu /education/steinhardt/db/news/20012   (587 words)

 Zantedeschia aethiopica
The white arum forms large colonies in marshy areas ranging from the coast to an altitude of 2250m.
The leaves of the arum are very interesting in that they contain water stomata which can discharge excess water, by a process known as "guttation".
The white arum may be used as a marginal plant along streams, or on the edge of a pond.
www.plantzafrica.com /plantwxyz/zantedeschaeth.htm   (1004 words)

But it was historically appropriate; I see from Kew's site that in 1926 the crowds drawn to the second flowering of the Titan Arum were so large that police had be called in to control them.
Kew's Titan arums have been blooming regularly for the past few years, but this is only the second time ours has bloomed in the ten years we've had it.
Other amazing facts about the Titan arum are that it is pollinated by dung beetles (hence the smell), and that it actually gets warm during its brief bloom, reaching human body temperature, before "falling into an exhausted heap".
www.sealwyf.com /weblog/2003_07_01_archive.html   (429 words)

 Award Dinner for Honoree Bob Arum - (main)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Arum and described his friendship with Bob and the impact Mr.
Arum stated, "I was sure that G-d had sealed me in the Book of Life on the previous Yom Kippur so I wasn't afraid." The address was concluded when Mr.
Arum described a recent trip he took to St. Petersburg, Russia.
www.chabadlv.org /dinner2002/chabad_main2.html   (747 words)

 Titan Arum: June 2005 Blooming
Family: Titan Arum is a member of the Family Araceae, the Aroids or Arum plants.
The Titan Arum bloomed for the first time in the United States at the New York Botanical Gardens in 1937, where it became a sensation.
On the Titan Arum at that time, the tip of the spadix (the central spike) was about human body temperature.
www.news.wisc.edu /titanarum/facts.html   (884 words)

 Amazon Plants - Arum Lilies
Arums belong in the plant family Araceae, better known as the lily family.
Many arums are terrestrial, growing in soil, whereas others are epiphytic ­ covering trees in spectacular masses.
In the United States, skunk cabbage is a well-known wild-growing arum, and a number of species are cultivated as house plants.
www.junglephotos.com /amazon/amplants/lilies/lilies.shtml   (158 words)

 USATODAY.com - Hopkins joins De La Hoya, and both split with Arum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-11)
Arum said the decision was based on De La Hoya's poor performances over his last few bouts, weak pay-per-view returns for a June fight vs. Felix Sturm and what he termed an "alarming erosion" of De La Hoya's pay-per-view numbers in the Hispanic market for the Sturm and Hopkins fights.
Arum, who paid Hopkins about $15 million in a two-fight deal, was unwilling to pay $5 million for his next fight plus a $1 million bonus.
With Arum and Hopkins parting ways, Arum said he won't testify as planned as an expert witness on Hopkins' behalf in a lawsuit with another one of his former promoters, Don King.
www.usatoday.com /sports/boxing/2004-11-22-delahoya-hopkins_x.htm   (932 words)

 Search Results for arum - Encyclopædia Britannica
The genus Calla contains one species of aquatic wild plant, C. palustris, which is known as the arum lily, water arum, or wild...
(Arum maculatum), a tuberous herb of the arum family, order Arales, native to southern Europe and northern Africa.
In eastern North America the skunk cabbage is Symplocarpus foetidus, which belongs to the arum family (Araceae,...
www.britannica.com /search?query=arum&submit=Find&source=MWTAB   (364 words)

 botanical.com - A Modern Herbal | Cuckoo-Pint - Herb Profile and Information
Arum starch was used for stiffening ruffs in Elizabethan times, when we find the name Starchwort among the many names given to the plant.
In the absolutely fresh state, both English and American Arums are violent irritants to the mucous membrane, producing when chewed, intense burning to the mouth and throat, and if taken internally, causing violent gastro-enteritis, which may end in death.
The DRAGON ARUM of the ancients was probably Amorphophallus campanulatus (Pol.) of the East Indies, whose corm-like rhizome gives rise yearly to one enormous leaf and an equally gigantic inflorescence.
www.botanical.com /botanical/mgmh/c/cucko122.html   (1579 words)

 Kew: Plants: Titan arum
Titan arum in flower in the Princess of Wales Conservatory, 21 April 2005
Visitors to the Princess of Wales Conservatory currently have the unique experience of being able to see a titan arum at all three stages of growth, with one specimen in leaf, one just flowered, and a third, from the first flowering of 2005, now in fruit.
One of the most spectacular plants to be found in the wet tropics zone of the Princess of Wales Conservatory is the titan arum.
www.kew.org /plants/titan   (148 words)

 :: The World of Achintya Arum ::
Achintya Arum is a crystal girl born in Bali - one of the most wonderful islands in this world.
Achintya Arum's web site is the result of many years of work.
Achintya Arum and her family are living a close life to nature, so we also keep our products as natural as possible and manufactured them in good quality to make them long lasting.
www.achintya-arum.com   (274 words)

 Arum --  Britannica Student Encyclopedia
The genus Calla contains one species of aquatic wild plant, C. palustris, which is known as the arum lily, water arum, or wild calla.
As a common name calla is also generally given to several species of Zantedeschia, which are often called calla lilies.
stemless plant (Symplocarpus foetidus) of the arum family with fleshy rootstock and large heart-shaped leaves that are preceded in the early spring by purplish-brown spathes, each of which encloses a flower cluster; unpleasant odor, noticeable when plant is bruised, suggested name.
www.britannica.com /ebi/article-9309891   (406 words)

 Titan Arum: June 2005 Blooming
Update (6/28): A second titan arum is blooming.
UW-Madison's corpse flower finally began its anticipated bloom today at about 12:30 p.m., and the public will have many chances to catch a glimpse - and a whiff - of the experience with extended Botany Greenhouse hours until midnight tonight.
Visitors are welcome to take photos of the Titan arum or to videotape it for their own personal use.
www.news.wisc.edu /titanarum   (1325 words)

 ESPN.com: BOXING - Nevada commission lets Arum off hook -- with warning
The Nevada Athletic Commission had asked Arum to attend an Oct. 15 meeting to explain his allegations, but excused him after Arum apologized and said he was speaking in the heat of the moment.
In a letter sent to Arum on Wednesday, commission chairman Luther Mack excused the promoter from the hearing, but said his comments that there was some sort of conspiracy to keep De La Hoya from winning were offensive.
Mosley's promoter said earlier he thought Arum should be held accountable for his accusations, made after Mosley won a close but unanimous decision Sept. 13 in the 154-pound title fight.
espn.go.com /boxing/news/2003/1002/1628912.html   (227 words)

 Zen's WNC Nature Notebook - Arrow Arum
This seems to be the main propogation means for arrow arum, even though large stands are formed by rhizomous root growth.
A related species, Peltandra sagittaefolia (also known as White arrow arum or sometimes Spoonflower) is found only along the coastal areas of NC down to Florida and west to Mississippi.
It is also used in lake erosion control because the foliage and stems in large stands creates a wave deflecting or buffering barrier, while the root masses knit together and stabilize the submerged sediments.
www.main.nc.us /naturenotebook/plants/arrowarum.html   (863 words)

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