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Topic: Ascalon

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Ashkelon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It was an important Hellenistic seaport, the birthplace of Herod the Great who rebuilt and enriched the city and it continued to flourish in the Roman and Byzantine periods.
Although Fatimid forces were defeated at the Battle of Ascalon by the Crusaders in 1099, the city itself was not taken.
In 1150 it was fortified with fifty-three towers by its Egyptian Fatimid rulers, to defend it against marauding Crusaders, but to no avail, for it fell three years later, after a months-long siege, to Baldwin III of Jerusalem.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ashkelon   (1271 words)

 About Maurice Ascalon
Maurice Ascalon was born Moshe Klein in eastern Hungary in 1913.
Ascalon was commissioned to create this work by the noted Israeli architect, Arie El-Hanani, who designed the historically significant Pavilion which introduced the world to the concept of a modern Jewish state.
Ascalon Studios, located in the Philadelphia suburbs of New Jersey, became (and still is today, under the direction of Maurice’s son, David Ascalon) a multifaceted art studio dedicated to the creation of monumental sculpture and art for the adornment of worship and public spaces.
pal-bell.com /_wsn/page2.html   (2576 words)

 Ascalon - GuildWiki
Ascalon is a nation to the east of the Shiverpeak Mountains and to the north of the Crystal Desert.
The capital city of Ascalon is Rin, although the largest and currently most important city is Ascalon City.
The region of Post-Searing Ascalon is sometimes referred to as "Ruins of Ascalon" by ArenaNet.
gw.gamewikis.org /wiki/Ascalon   (337 words)

 The Siege of Ascalon
of Ascalon in 1153 from the Auctarium Aquicinense, MGH SS, vol.
Ascalon was captured by the army of the Lord, that is by the men of Jerusalem, and occupied by our people; first, however, the army was afflicted with great labour and lengthy war, besides many dangers and grievous losses.
Then, indeed, by the manifest power of the Lord, all were struck by blindness, so that when a balista by its force shot millstones into their midst, no one saw the incoming stone so he might move from the place and avoid the blow of the stone.
www.deremilitari.org /resources/sources/ascalon.htm   (890 words)

Alexius Comnenus threatened the principality of Antioch, and in 1100 Bohemond himself was made prisoner by the Turks, while most of the cities on the coast were still under Mohammedan control.
In 1112, with the aid of Norwegians under Sigurd Jorsalafari and the support of Genoese, Pisan, and Venetian fleets, Baldwin I began the conquest of the ports of Syria, which was completed in 1124 by the capture of Tyre.
Ascalon alone kept an Egyptian garrison until 1153.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/04543c.htm   (14112 words)

 ASCALON - Online Information article about ASCALON
Tiberias, Ascalon offered but a feeble resistance to the See also:
From this time Ascalon lost much of its importance, and at length, in 1270, its fortifications were almost totally destroyed by See also:
Die Ruinen Ascalons," in the Zeitschrift of the Deutsche Palastina-Verein, ii.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /ARN_AUD/ASCALON.html   (577 words)

 Guild Wars Spy ~ The Site That Makes Guild Wars Easy (Help, Builds, Missions, Quests,Professions,Monsters, ...
Description:The largest city and cultural center of this now-ruined empire, Ascalon City is only of two remaining in the entire Kingdom.
In its prime, the Academy in Nolani was known all across Tyria as one of the most prestigious schools of magic on the entire continent.
The quickest path is directly from Ascalon City, the area is accessible by the western gate.
www.freewebs.com /guildwarsspy/ascaloninfo.htm   (776 words)

Ascalon is a city in Palestine (see map), but it does not have a particular bond with Georgiôs.
Even if Georgiôs was indeed born in Cappadocia, he didn't spend more than his infancy there, as the family soon moved to Palestine, that is to say, to the city of Diospolis where his mother's side of the family hails from, and which comes to be described as Georgiôs's home and final resting ground.
"Ascalon" is the etymological root of the word "scallion" or green onion.
home.ix.netcom.com /~kiyoweap/myth/arms-weap/ascalon.htm   (2467 words)

 Sculptor David Ascalon Info - Sculpture.org
Ascalon’s monumental public sculpture and immense contemporary stained glass, mosaic murals and other site-specific artworks can be seen in New York, in Los Angeles, and hundreds of points in-between.
Ascalon Studios has, for three generations, engaged in the design and artistic adornment of worship and public spaces throughout North America.
Throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s, Ascalon worked in the fields of interior design and architecture for a number of firms in New York, and for the firm of the noted Israeli architect, Arie El-Hannani, in Tel Aviv, Israel.
www.sculpture.org /portfolio/sculptorPage.php?sculptor_id=1000872   (683 words)

 Guild Wars - Ascalon City (Capital City) - Game Guide
Ascalon City is known for beautiful architecture, numerous libraries, and bountiful shops.
Becouse it is where many noble families makes their home, it tends to receive the largest number of visitors and has become the cultural center of Ascalon.
Return to Rurik in Ascalon City and show him the sharp charr tooth.
guides.gamepressure.com /guildwars/guide.asp?ID=75   (413 words)

 Pal-Bell Co. Ltd.
In 1939 in Tel-Aviv, Israel, Maurice Ascalon (formerly known as Moshe Klein) founded Pal-Bell Co. Ltd., with the mission of creating tasteful decorative and functional metalwork and Judaica of the highest quality.
Maurice Ascalon was assisted in the management of Pal-Bell's factories by Emmanuel Tzibener and Alexander Rozensweig.
In 1956, Maurice Ascalon relocated his family to the United States, where he co-founded Ascalon Studios, an art and design studio specializing in worship spaces and public sculpture.
www.pal-bell.com   (445 words)

 Guild Wars - Old Ascalon, Sardelac Sanitarium (Town) - Game Guide
Lead the ghosts to the gate of Ascalon City.
Go to Ascalon City and talk to Symon about getting a copy of his book.
Find Melka Blanston, outside of Ascalon City, and tell her that Gurn loves her.
guides.gamepressure.com /guildwars/guide.asp?ID=84   (823 words)

 Cities of Ascalon - GuildWiki
I wonder if you can help me? I am attempting to preserve Ascalon's great history before all is lost.
Thus if people arrive in Ascalon City and expect to find this quest immediately, they would be mislead into thinking the quest has been nerfed.
Additionally, the quest reward summary when accepting the quest does not show the full stats of the reward, especially the "-50 health" detail, misleading people into thinking the -50 health focus quest reward has been removed from the quest.
gw.gamewikis.org /wiki/Cities_of_Ascalon   (687 words)

 David Ascalon
The foundation of my work is my heritage—Jewish tradition melded with an artistic lineage, and built on the premise that an artist should give something of himself to others.
Throughout the 1970's, I worked in the field of architecture but soon left in search of a more immediate means of expression.
In 1977 I relocated to southern NJ where I established Ascalon Studios.
www.philasculptors.org /members/dascalon.htm   (153 words)

 VN Boards - Ascalon vs Gladiator armor?
Right now I have the choice between Ascalon armor and Gladiator armor.
I.E. Gladiator/Plate is better than Ascolon/Knights/Chainmail/etc? The creator's tof the game did not want to put people into the corner of "have epic armor or you're gimped." I may not have the math to back it up, but i guarentee you I am right based on common sense alone.
IGN's enterprise databases running Oracle, SQL and MySQL are professionally monitored and managed by Pythian Remote DBA.
vnboards.ign.com /Warrior_/b22824/87476921/p1   (2578 words)

 Ascalon - Important Information
Individuals are granted limited license to retrieve or print a copy from files mounted on this server for personal use only.
Under no circumstances can any files be electronically stored, altered, or distributed further without the explicit permission of Ascalon.
Ascalon is authorised by St.George Bank Limited ABN 92 055 513 070 ASFL 240997 (4  16 Montgomery Street, Kogarah NSW 2217) to provide certain financial services on it's behalf.
www.ascalon.com.au   (195 words)

 G R R L G A M E R - Strategy Guides - Guild Wars : Pre-Searing Ascalon Guide
Ascalon City is your starting city, basically the home of the Ascalon kingdom.
There are no death penalties in pre-searing Ascalon (hurrah!) but don't get too cocky since you start getting them in the post-searing world.
The only catch is you need at least two party members (which at this point is a full party), because in order to get through the wall there is a lever on top of the gate that one person has to pull, and the other waits at the door to run through to zone.
www.grrlgamer.com /guide.php?g=guildwarspre   (1969 words)

 VN Boards - Old Ascalon vs. New Ascalon
Old Ascalon and the other parts of the GW universe have access to crafting that New Ascalon will never have (and never should).
In the New Ascalon this is a recipe for slow leveling and poor drop quality.
When I went to New/Ruined Ascalon I actually was a bit mad at the Charr for wrecking such a nice countryside.
vnboards.ign.com /Message.aspx?topic=84517856   (1994 words)

 battle of Ascalon, 12 August 1099 (First Crusade)
The final battle of the first crusade, fought a month after the fall of Jerusalem to the crusaders.
Their combined forced assembled close to Ascalon on 11 August.
The victorious crusaders harried the Egyptians as far as Ascalon, although internal jealousy between the crusaders prevented the capture of the city.
www.historyofwar.org /articles/battles_ascalon.html   (247 words)

 Guild Wars - Ascalon City (Capital City) - Game Guide
Ascalon City is one of only two remaining in the entire kingdom.
Lead all three recruits west along the wall to the far gate and present them to Gate Guard Holls.
Find the Ascalon census in the ruins in Old Ascalon.
guides.gamepressure.com /guildwars/guide.asp?ID=83   (438 words)

 BankSA - Ascalon - Funds
There are currently four separate funds in the Ascalon Funds range.
Each Funds' assets are invested predominantly in one asset class and hence are 'single asset class funds'.
Single asset sector funds enable unit holders to develop their own mix of asset sectors within their investment portfolio.
www.banksa.com.au /invest/ascalon/funds/?orc=wealth   (335 words)

 Ascalon ILD - Redirect To Fork In The Road   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Ascalon ILD - Redirect To Fork In The Road
You will be redirected to Ascalon ILD in approximately 3 seconds.
If you are not automatically redirected, please click here.
members.aol.com /AscalonILD/main.html   (29 words)

 Pre-Searing Ascalon - Quests and Missions - Guild Wars Guru   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the Kingdom of Ascalon the only items worth trading for are the belt pouch and slightly better armor.
The Armor from the collectors in the Kingdom of Ascalon is only slightly better (+2) than the starting armor and is significantly weaker the armor crafted in post Academy Ascalon.
My recommendation is to not to put too much effort getting the collectors armor in the Kingdom of Ascalon and instead try to save up gold for better items later on.
guildwarsguru.com /content/.../content/pre-searing-ascalon-id1264,9.php   (574 words)

 Photics.com - Guild Wars Fansite » Lost In Ascalon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In a special two-page edition of Lost In Ascalon, find out what happens AFTER you get your mask.
The Lost In Ascalon series is now up-to-date, as all of the main characters have reached Cantha.
Yet, what was the outcome of their private rendezvous? In the 28th episode of Lost In Ascalon, Devona and Photics receive some insight to the Cynn / Mhenlo romance. The official lore suggests that Cynn has feelings for Mhenlo.
photics.com /category/lost-in-ascalon   (621 words)

 Compilation of Everything I know about Pre-Seering Ascalon [Archive] - The Guild Hall Forums
Talk to Sandre Elek in Ascalon city to learn of her brother who has run off to join the royalist Faction.
My recommendation is to not to put too much effort getting the collectors armor in the Kingdom of Ascalon and instead buy a salvage kit as soon as you can so you will have the necessary items and money to forge new armor after the seering.
Examples: Just outside Ascalon City is Brownlow and he will trade either a belt pouch that or a Devourer’s egg for 5 skale fins.
www.guild-hall.net /forum/archive/index.php/t-9255.html   (10198 words)

 Guild Wars Quest Reward Skill Listings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Yes, Gale is offered as a reward for two quests, that's not a mistake on my part.
"The Ascalon Settlement", "The False Gods", and "The Price of Steel" quests were added on June 15.
The skills you receive are the ones offered by the initial quest right outside of Ascalon, and the very first quest offered by the primary trainer for that profession (e.g.
www.cimmanon.org /gw   (500 words)

 Allakhazam.com: Final Fantasy XI
BLM drop Ascalon, Mask and some crystals, RNG drop Mask..
She was saved by the valiant St. George, youngest and bravest of the seven champions of Christendom.
With his magic sword Ascalon, he wounded the monster so badly that the princess was able to put her sash about its head and lead it to the marketplace of the town.
ffxi.allakhazam.com /db/item.html?fitem=4456   (1497 words)

 KT Warrior Skill Locations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Warmaster Grast (Q) Captain Osiric (T) Dakk (T) Gargoyle Trouble (Q) Old Ascalon (EA) is southeast of Ascalon City in the Ruins of Ascalon.
Warmaster Grast (Q) Captain Osiric (T) Dakk (T) Into the Breach (Q) Old Ascalon (EA) is southeast of Ascalon City in the Ruins of Ascalon.
Captain Greywind (T) Master Scout Kirea (T) Dakk (T) Captain Greywind can be found at the Ascalon Settlement, located near the northern coastline of the North Kryta Province (EA), which is north of Lion's Arch in Kryta.
www.knights-templar.com /skill_locations_warrior.htm   (1323 words)

 The Guild Hall Forums - Skills from quests in post-searing Ascalon
I promise I will edit this post with more as soon as I can get back in to my acct.
Ceecee is pure, consolidated evil wrapped up in a snarky package.
Location: Old Ascalon (along the Wall to the west, on the way to Hollies/the Breach)
www.guild-hall.net /forum/showthread.php?t=12364   (1314 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia - Ascalon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Find newspaper and magazine articles plus images and maps related to "Ascalon" at HighBeam.
Brian Ascalon Roley: Words from an American Son
More information is at your fingertips at HighBeam Research:
www.encyclopedia.com /html/x/x-a1scalon.asp   (92 words)

 Allrecipes | Cook's Encyclopedia | shallot
[ SHAL-uht; shuh-LOT ] The name of this onion-family member (Allium ascalonicum) comes from Ascalon, an ancient Palestinian city where the shallot is thought to have originated.
Shallots are formed more like garlic than onions, with a head composed of multiple cloves, each covered with a thin, papery skin.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright 2006 Allrecipes.com Please review our Legal Notice and Privacy Policy.
allrecipes.com /advice/ref/ency/terms/8481.asp   (214 words)

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