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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

  Search The Llewellyn Encyclopedia and Glossary: Ascendant
Ascendant: The ascendant or rising sign reflects your persona — what you choose to show to the world.
The Ascendant is frequently useful in describing your physical characteristics and general health.
Because the Ascendant is the way others see you, physically and in every other way, it pays to understand what they are seeing.
www.llewellynencyclopedia.com /search/Ascendant   (433 words)

 Ascendant Copper S.A.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Ascendant, with its resources and management capability, recognizes that it is in a position to make a positive contribution to the development of its community.
Ascendant is dedicated to enhancing the living standards of community residents through improved healthcare.
Ascendant has also started a reforestation project by partnering with 5 families to establish nurseries, which currently contain over 20,000 seedlings for reforestation with a plan to produce an additional 20,000 seedlings each year.
www.ascendantcopper.com /index.cfm?p=31   (1450 words)

 Astrology Natal Aspects - Ascendant - by Astroscoped
While this is probably true with this aspect, the trine of itself does not provide sufficient drive and motivation, that must come from other areas of the chart, so you may neglect or waste your natural talents through laziness or the tendency to keep putting things off until tomorrow.
If the Ascendant is the point of self, its opposite, the descendant, is the point of others, so you will tend to look to other people to provide you with faith in yourself and to encourage you to expand beyond your present limitations into new areas of knowledge and experience.
The conservative planet Saturn in a sextile aspect to your Ascendant indicates that you are practical and restrained in your general approach to others, and to life itself.
www.astroscoped.com /astrology/natal_ascendant_aspects.shtml   (6732 words)

 Ascendant Partners Services
Ascendant Partners also worked with the team to help the company understand the feasibility of producing biodiesel at one of their industrial facilities to be used for the company’s internal energy needs as a means of diversifying its industrial energy risk.
Ascendant Partners researched numerous developing technologies that could produce new applications for the glycerin streams coming off of biodiesel plants and interviewed many of the companies to gain a working knowledge of their processes and technologies.
Ascendant Partners concluded the study with three potential pathways the client could take to create value from their glycerin by product of their biodiesel plant.
www.ascendantpartners.com /Engagements.html   (1321 words)

 Ascendant Copper S.A.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Ascendant Copper Corporation is a Canadian company engaged in the exploration and development of primary base metal properties in Ecuador.
Ascendant is committed to open and honest dialogue with all groups affected by its activities.
Ascendant Copper is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the symbol ACX.
www.ascendantcopper.com   (307 words)

 Ingredients of Astrology - Ascendant and Houses
The Ascendant is modified if there are planets in conjunction (close by) and/or aspects (angles, in the chart indicated through lines) to planets elsewhere in the horoscope.
The Ascendant is also an indicator for your overall state of health, and what to consider in order to maintain or regain well being, your natural flow of energies.
Because the Ascendant is a lot about the appearance and image you display and what comes to you like 'second nature', it doesn’t necessarily correspond with how you feel about yourself ‘behind the mask’.
www.islandnet.com /~licht/ascendant.htm   (1696 words)

 Aquamoonlight Astrology - Ascendant/Rising Sign
The Ascendant, otherwise known as the Rising Sign, marks the beginning of the chart as it is the point of the ecliptic by sign and degree that was ascending or rising over the Eastern horizon at the time of birth.
Any planet afflicting the ascendant is indicative of some kind of health problem, or a prominent blemish upon the body.
Transiting planets aspecting the Ascendant, being as it rules the physical body, can be indicative of injuries or illness.
www.aquamoonlight.co.uk /ascendant.html   (314 words)

The Ascendant is one of the four angles of the chart.
The Ascendant is often referred to as the mask we wear, although I don't consider it to be as superficial as this might suggest.
The Ascendant is the cusp of the first house, and is often represented in its abbreviated form: ASC.
www.cafeastrology.com /ascendant.html   (223 words)

 The Significance of the Ascendant (Rising Sign) in Astrology
The Ascendant is basically the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon at the moment you were born - hence the other term for this point "Rising Sign".
As this point is calculated for the moment you were born it is very important that you have the correct time of birth recorded for use when calculating the Ascendant and the rest of the birth chart.
As just mentioned, the Ascendant is calculated using the moment you were born and because of this, symbolically this point represents your environment, physical health, family life and general atmosphere that you were born into.
www.suite101.com /article.cfm/astrology_plain_english/91751   (445 words)

 Brewer, E. Cobham. Dictionary of Phrase & Fable. Ascendant.
In casting a horoscope the easternmost star, representing the house of life, is called the ascendant, because it is in the act of ascending.
This is a man’s strongest star, and so long as it is above the horizon his fortune is said to be in the ascendant.
   The lord of the Ascendant is any planet within the “house of the Ascendant.” The house and lord of the Ascendant at birth were said by astrologers to exercise great influence on the future life of the child.
www.bartleby.com /81/962.html   (196 words)

 *** Welcome to ASCENDANT PICTURES Online! ***
ASCENDANT is striving to identify, develop and produce films in a variety of genres with compelling stories and fascinating worlds that inspire and captivate global audiences while having the potential to grow into franchise entertainment properties.
ASCENDANT has quickly become one of Hollywood’s most promising upstart film companies with an experienced team that is uniquely qualified to take a project from discovery to world-wide theatrical release.
ASCENDANT’s domestic distribution deal significantly increases the value of foreign distribution rights because foreign sales agents/distributors, talent and equity investors alike have the security that the film will be released in the U.S. and marketed by a major studio.
www.ascendantpictures.com /about.html   (969 words)

 DECOIN: Defensa y Conservacion Ecologica de Intag
Ascendant Copper Corporation was created supposedly to mine Junín's copper, but if Mitsubishi was forced to abandon the mining project in 1997 due to strong community opposition, there is no chance Ascendant Copper will succeed.
To start off, Ascendant claims its Junín concession holds about 4 times more copper that what was confirmed by the Japanese, who actually drilled to get their 318 million ton ore estimate (at 0.7% metal content, it is only about 2.2 million tons of pure copper).
Ascendant also seems to be hiding the fact that the Japanese concluded a preliminary Environmental Impact Assessment in 1996 that predicts major environmental and social impacts to this unique site.
www.decoin.org /2005/05/some-interesting-facts-about-ascendant.html   (1943 words)

 Relationships and Compatibility: Ascendant Aspects
Ascendant: This combination shows that the two of you have a very different outlook and philosophy of the world and that your visceral reactions, likes and dislikes are very dissimilar.
Basically, the ascendant individual is keenly aware of how the Mercury person thinks, and the Mercury person is able to articulate the thoughts of the ascendant individual, sometimes taking his/her words out of his/her mouth.
The ascendant individual tends to initiate the first contact and may be the first to notice the Venus individual.
www.astrology-x-files.com /synastry/ascendant.html   (2133 words)

 What Is The Ascendant?
The Ascendant is the space in which things exist; it is the essence out of which everything is made: thoughts, feelings, computers, my aunt Daisy.
But since the Ascendant is the Source of everything, it is also true that my chaotic thinking will react with all parts of the Universe at all times and all places.
The Ascendant is the root of all that we are, it is the fullest expression of all we shall ever be; it is the Source not only of us but of everything everywhere at all times.
www.ishaya.com /library/msi/ascendant.htm   (1832 words)

 The Ascendant in Esoteric Astrology    Artwork by David Camp   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Ascendant is signature of the dense physical garb or physical description of the individual, but what is more important it is the vehicle holding the ~immortal soul~.
We look to the Ascendant as describing the soul’s purpose, its liberation, and the life ruler of the chart as depicting where and how that purpose will activate.
The sign on the Ascendant characteristically portrays the way you take yourself through life, the way you pull yourself together when life is dark, because it is your spiritual reservoir.
www.btinternet.com /~seamaid/Esotericascendant.htm   (1002 words)

 Astrology: The Ascendant for 12 ZODIAC : ASTROLOGY ASCENDANT
The Ascendant or the first house is the "house of the personality "as it deals with the physical aspects of a person.The Ascendant is the exact degree in the zodiac which was on the eastern horizon, or rising on the horizon at the time of ones birth.
The Ascendant distinguishes the different temperaments and the physical appearances in persons who are born on the same day, but at different times.
When the Ascendant is Cancer, it produces a personality which is very sensitive and a little on the timid side.The Moon, the Ruler of Cancer is the indicator of emotions, the feelings, and the sensitivities.
astrology.findyourfate.com /astrology-ascendant.htm   (2637 words)

 The Astrological Ascendant   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
The Ascendant is the degree of the ecliptic which is rising over the Eastern horizon at the precise time and place of an individual's birth.
Put more simply, the Ascendant Sign is the sign of the zodiac which is rising in the East at the moment of birth, and this sign, and the exact position of the Ascending degree, are the starting points in any astrological interpretation.
Those with a Leo Ascendant are very concerned with status, and will want to work always to enhance the standing of themselves and their loved ones, although material success in its own right is less important to them than the kudos that goes with it.
www.elysian.co.uk /ascendant.htm   (1860 words)

 CD Baby: ASCENDANT: Where You Are Now
ASCENDANT is a band and a partnership, shared primarily amongst three artists, Kael Mboya, Aleata Holloway and Michael Lockett, whose collective vision is to share their gifts and passion for music with the world.
ASCENDANT has brought their soulful sounds to many venues including opening for Meshell Ndegeocello at the 2003 NeoSoul Explosion in Chicago, IL.
Ascendant is an enthusiastic group of musicians who keep the faith alive and motivate the listener to reach for a better live and not to give up.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/ascendant   (864 words)

 Ascendant - The Band
ASCENDANT is a band and a partnership, shared primarily amongst three artists, Kael Mboya Bradley, Aleata Holloway and Michael Lockett, whose collective vision is to share their gifts, especially their talent and passion for music, with the world.
Their sound is a soulful blend of R&B, rock, funk, jazz..., so expect to be moved by the funk, the groove, the mood, the beat, the energy, the fire, the essence.
ASCENDANT digs deep into the core of you and lifts you up to places you never thought you could reach.
www.ascendantmusic.com /TheBand.htm   (685 words)

 More on Capricorn Ascendant, Capricorn Rising Sign
For example, parents may label their Libra Ascendant child the "nice" one; their Aries Ascendant child the "independent" one; and their Pisces Ascendant child is generally the space cadet of the family.
Saturn rules this Ascendant, and this generally means a kind of backwards way of living--as children, they are serious and bear a lot of responsibility; and as they grow up, they age beautifully, learning how to loosen up.
The characteristics of Capricorn Ascendant described above are modified by planets conjunct the Ascendant, planets that aspect the Ascendant, and the position of the ruling planet of the sign on the Ascendant.
www.cafeastrology.com /capricorn_ascendantrisingsign.html   (1720 words)

 All 12 Signs Rising -- Which Is Your Horoscope Ascendant?
This ascendant tends to endow the native with a self-critical attitude which tends to modesty and often a feeling of inferiority.
This ascendant typically is a lover of beauty and order, and seeks to bring harmony and balance into their lives and the lives of friends.
This ascendant is status-and success-oriented and never fails to use whatever/whoever is near as the attempt to climb higher is made.
www.elbertwade.com /page60.html   (2636 words)

 The meanings of your Ascendant
The Ascendant is the degree of the zodiac that rises above the eastern horizon at the moment of one's birth.
The nuances brought by the Ascendant to the general characteristics of the sun Sign are by no means negligible.
For instance, a Sagittarius individual with the Ascendant in Aries (Sagittarius Ascendant Aries) is not the same personality as another a Sagittarius individual but with the Ascendant in Pisces (Sagittarius Ascendant Pisces).
www.asiaflash.com /rao/fa-ascen.shtml   (220 words)

 Ascendant Signs
The Ascendant or rising sign is the sign of the zodiac which appears on the Eastern Horizon as seen from the place and time of birth.
The Taurus Ascendant endows you with practicality, self-assertion diplomacy and an affable disposition.
A Libra Ascendant endows you with a courteous, kind, honest and sensitive disposition with a strong sense of justice.
www.tellmylife.com /ALL-ASC.html   (2680 words)

 Ascendant Universal Record Medical System
Ascendant technologies is an IT software development company with clear focus on high quality, timely delivered and cost-effective software development services.
Ascendant welcomes Dr. Ramon Gustillo, former head of HCMC in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA as one of its board of directors.
Ascendant signs Memorandum of Agreement with Cogent Solutions of San Jose CA, to provide advanced software development capabilities and entry into US market.
www.ascendant.com.ph /index.html   (275 words)

 artcharts learn astrology | about the ascendant
The Astrological Ascendant represents the point of the zodiac that was rising in the East at the time you were born.
And since the Ascendant is determined by a combination of time and space, please be sure to include your date, time, and place of birth.
This optical illusion is part of the Ascendant's meaning; it represents the part of us that seems larger to others and what we see first when we look at the world; it's what we appear to be---our personality and what we look like.
www.artcharts.com /learn_astrology/ascendant.html   (291 words)

 Ascendant eStore
Ascendant Technologies Pte Ltd (AT) is a full service audio visual company.
Ascendant Technologies is well recognized for the design and installation of presentation systems for boardrooms, training rooms and other high-tech presentation facilities.
Ascendant Technologies fully supports all systems with user training, technical support and extended maintenance.
www.ascendant.com.sg   (366 words)

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