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Topic: Asherah

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Asherah goes through the natural stages of the Goddess within Her own lifetime, going from young girl to blossoming into the flowering of Her womanhood, to the Wise lady of our later years.
This Goddess was rich and self-assured in her sexuality as she grew older, indeed many depictions of asherah demonstrate her holding her ample bosom: she was said to have suckled Kings and even The Gods themselves...
Asherah was banished and spent many years trying to gain the freedom of those loyal to Her.
www.orderwhitemoon.org /goddess/Asherah2.html   (789 words)

Asherah was a goddess popular with the ancient Israelites, despite their priests' call to remain loyal to Yahweh.
Biblical prophets condemn her repeatedly under the name Ashtoreth; it is the use of this name, a seeming combination of Asherah and Astarte, which has caused so much confusion for modern scholars.
Article "Asherah" created on 17 June 1998; last modified on 25 July 2004 (Revision 2).
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  The Ark on Radio National
Diane Edelman: Her name in Hebrew, is Asherah, and we know of her in these Biblical texts, but the way we came to notice her more fully was that her counterpart, Asherah, appears in other texts from other cultures as the wife of the main God of the Pantheon.
Asherah is gone, probably the other Gods in the Pantheon as well are all becoming absorbed into this deity whose name used to be Yahweh, but now he’s become Yahweh, the Goddest of the Gods.
So the references to Asherah were changed to make her no longer Asherah with a capital A, but some sort of an object, lower-case, the asherah, or an asherah.
www.abc.net.au /rn/relig/ark/stories/s982847.htm   (2155 words)

 The Hebrew Goddess, Asherah, Shekinah, consort and beloved of God-the-Father.
Asherah, the Shekinah, consort and beloved of Yahweh.
The translation of asherah by "grove" in some translations follows a singular tradition preserved in the LXX and the Vulgate which apparently connects the goddess' image with the usual place of its adoration.
We remember that, according to the Bible itself, in the ninth century BCE Asherah was officially worshipped in Israel; her cult was matronized by Jezebel who, supposedly, imported it from her native Phoenician homeland.
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