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Topic: Ashkenazic Jew

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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  Ashkenazi Jews - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ashkenaz was so distant geographically that it developed a minhag of its own, and Ashkenazi Hebrew came to be pronounced in ways distinct from other forms of Hebrew.
Ashkenaz in later Hebrew tradition became identified with the peoples of Germany, and in particular to the area along the Rhine where the Alamanni tribe once lived (compare the French and Spanish words Allemagne and Alemania, respectively, for Germany).
Another theory notes that for Jews to be socially successful in their peer group, expertise at Torah study has traditionally been an advantage, and since the Enlightenment, those Jews lacking the intellectual skills for this endeavour may have been more prone to assimilate into general culture, thus leaving the reproductively-isolated Jewish population.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ashkenazic   (5398 words)

 Jewish Historical Museum | Den Haag
In 1694, Ashkenazic Jews purchased land for a cemetery on the present-day Scheveningseweg.
During the eighteenth century, Askenazi rabbis contributed to the emergence of The Hague as a center of Jewish culture, a trend that was reinforced by the establishment of a Hebrew-language printing house in the city.
The Jews that remained in The Hague were subject to registration of person and property, dismissal from the civil service, and a ban on the practicing of professions.
www.jhm.nl /netherlands.aspx?ID=39   (2106 words)

 Jewish Traditions from Ashkenazic to Zionist
Ashkenazic Jews, or Ashkenazim—the other major branch of Judaism, came from Northern and Eastern Europe, and Russia.
Orthodox Jews follow Jewish law as laid down in the Torah, the first five books of the Bible, and the Talmud, the vast compilation of Jewish law.
Zionism as a secular political movement developed in the late 19th century and called for the resettlement of the dispersed Jews in a new Jewish state in Palestine.
www.factmonster.com /spot/judaism1.html   (1063 words)

 Judaism 101: Birth and the First Month of Life
It is customary among Ashkenazic Jews to name a child after a recently deceased relative.
It is commonly referred to as a bris (covenant, using the Ashkenazic pronunciation).
The child's status as a Kohein, a Levi, a Jew, and/or a firstborn, are all determined by reference to the birth parents.
www.jewfaq.org /birth.htm   (2577 words)

 Sephardic and Ashkenazic Passover / Pesach Differences
The Romanites were overwhelmed by the influx of Spanish Jews in 1492, who fled Spain during the peak of the Spanish Inquisition and thus most Romanites were absorbed into the Sephardic culture though several pockets of Romaniote culture remained in Greece, most notably in Ioannina (Yanina) and Crete.
Ashkenazic women were customarily exempted from the ritual of reclining, however many Sephardic woman choose to recline.
Many Sephardic and Ashkenazic Jews also conclude the Passover holiday by gathering near midnight either in a synagogue or in a town square to dance and sing the "Song of the Sea" from the Book of Exodus, Chapter 15.
www.angelfire.com /pa2/passover/sephardicandashkenazicpassover.html   (3222 words)

 Ashkenazi, Ashkenazic , - definition - Zionism and Israel -Encyclopedia / Dictionary/Lexicon of Zionism/Israel/
Ashkenazi Jews are descendants of the Jews who were taken to Rome as slaves and later radiated out throughout Europe, settling first in France and Cologne and being expelled from there, and settling in Holland, Germany, Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe.
At the end of the eleventh century, Ashkenazic Jews had constituted about 3% of world Jewry, whereas today they are thought to constitute approximately 80%, even though they suffered disproportionately during the Holocaust.
Different groups of Ashkenazic Jews in circumscribed geographic areas probably each originated from a relatively small number of individuals and remained together through inbreeding.
www.zionism-israel.com /dic/Ashkenazy_Jew.htm   (616 words)

 45 Questions -- Contents   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
So the Jews of today are orientals who have been kept politically intact throughout the earth by a clan consciousness derived from the peculiarities of their common Mosaic faith.
The Ashkenazic Jews are possessed of the "schnozzle" nose, derived from Assyrian interbreedings, the small round head on the thick neck, and the gross and vulgar mannerisms making them so offensive to Gentiles of reserve and Christians of refinement.
Disapproving of the Jew and his mischievous background, moving to harness him from subverting Christian institutions or debasing Christian culture, is not persecution, excepting as the Jew himself seizes upon that ruse to blunt the edge of the resistance sent against him.
mywebpage.netscape.com /sfarney2/pelley1.html   (10524 words)

 Judaism 101: Ashkenazic and Sephardic Jews
Ashkenazic Jews are the Jews of France, Germany, and Eastern Europe and their descendants.
Although some individual Sephardic Jews are less observant than others, and some individuals do not agree with all of the beliefs of traditional Judaism, there is no formal, organized differentiation into movements as there is in Ashkenazic Judaism.
Sephardic Jews have a different pronunciation of a few Hebrew vowels and one Hebrew consonant, though most Ashkenazim are adopting Sephardic pronunciation now because it is the pronunciation used in Israel.
www.jewfaq.org /ashkseph.htm   (735 words)

 Urban Dictionary: Jew
Jews are not a race but an eclectic mix of different races, nationalities, and cultures; they are a truly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic people.
A Jew is not an Israeli and an Israeli is not a Jew.
Jews are not cheap, they're just smart enough to spend their money on the right things, like an education and a home.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=Jew&r=f   (868 words)

 Assessing the Ashkenazic IQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Ashkenazic Jews, 2 percent of the US population, make up 30% of elite-college faculty, 30% of Supreme Court law clerks, and 27% of Ivy Leaguers.
I have seen assessments of the mean Ashkenazic IQ from 107 to 117, a spread of two-thirds of a standard deviation.
In sum, from the frequency of appearance of Ashkenazic Jews in the annual USSR Chess Championships, we assess the mean Ashkenazic IQ to be 116.
www.lagriffedulion.f2s.com /ashkenaz.htm   (2778 words)

While the Russian government was supreme politically, the Jews had their own government administered from their synagogues, their own religion, their own laws, and their own system of finance in which the forbidden practice of usury was the cornerstone.
As a consequence the south Russian Jews tend to be dark complexioned from a preponderance of Turkish/Mongol blood, while the Polish Jews living in White Russia have fair complexions and eyes combined with a Slavic appearance.
Her Ashkenazic Jews were scattered throughout the Pale and colonies abroad but were still united by language and religion.
www.truthquestonline.info /new_jew_you_thought_you_knew2.htm   (11730 words)

 Dei'ah veDibur - Information & Insight - IN-DEPTH FEATURES
The first real hospital for Jews was established by a representative of the London Society for the Spreading of Christianity Among the Jews.
Jews who fell ill -- and in that period epidemics broke not infrequently -- found themselves in the shadow of the cross.
The report states that the Jews suffered from acts of aggression and animosity, but that "thanks to the swift efforts of our friends in Constantinople," the acts of hatred were curtailed.
chareidi.shemayisrael.com /archives5761/shemini/features.htm   (3791 words)

 Middle East Information - MEIC Issues and analysis of the Middle East: Conflicts, News, History, Religions and ...
Ashkenazic rabbis who settled in the Holy Land from the 16th century onward were compelled to join an existing Sephardi community and abide by its precepts and maintain its customs.
The dominance of Ashkenazic Halacha was sealed in 1911 when Rabbi Ben-Zion Meir Hai Uziel (1880-1953)(23) agreed to serve not as the sole rabbi but to work together with an Ashkenazic rabbi, Avraham Yitzhak Hacohen Kook (1865-1935)(24), who had held the post since 1904.
The geonim were recognized by the Jews as the highest authority of instruction from the end of the sixth century or somewhat later to the middle of the 11th In the 10th and 11th centuries this title was also used by the heads of academies in Erez Israel.
middleeastinfo.org /article3778.html   (3727 words)

 Commentary Magazine - Manhattan's Oldest Jewish Settlers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
IT IS somewhat of a surprise to a plain Ashkenazic Jew, reading David de Sola Pool's new book about early Jewish settlers in New York, to learn how early the Jews from Central Europe...
...Another unlucky Jew may have been the Benjamin I. Jacobs who in 1784 was in love with a young woman-not a Jewess but who 75COMMENTARY wished to become one, for love of him, perhaps, "and to live in the strict observance of all our Laws and customs...
...Perhaps less striking to an American Jew, who takes democracy for granted and is unacquainted with the ancient hidalgo pride of the Sephardim in London*, say, or Amsterdam or Bordeaux, is how democratic the "aristocratic" Sephardim in New York always were -in life and in death...
www.commentarymagazine.com /Summaries/V15I1P80-1.htm   (2178 words)

 Mimouna turns bitter into sweet
To mark the end of Passover, a gathering of Valley Jews dipped bitter lettuce in honey and wished each other "tarbeh," success.
Though Mimouna is celebrated widely in Sephardic homes, all Jews are welcome to take part in it, notes Sebag.
Jews of Sephardic and Ashkenazic descent, and a number of sabras, native Israelis, attended the Nahons' open house.
www.jewishaz.com /jewishnews/020412/mimuona.shtml   (322 words)

This discussion area is for Jews to talk with each other.
If you are Jewish and want to debate issues with other Jews, please go to Jew-to-Jew Debate.
Same if the man is a BT of multiple generations of assimilate Jews.
www.beliefnet.com /boards/message_list.asp?boardID=92201&discussionID=475286   (304 words)

 Waves And Ripples Of Immigration
There are eighty-thousand Jews in New York in 1880 and one and a half-million in 1910.
The Ashkenazic Jew, a relative foreigner in his ancestral Home Land, is now well protected by the same government that seeks his destruction in Europe.
The Jews are somewhat tolerated by the Arab majority.
www.jewishamerica.com /ja/TimeLine/wavesand.cfm   (1570 words)

 The Churva Synagogue in Jerusalem
Imagine doubling the population of the city overnight - that is what this major immigration of Ashkenazic Jews did to the existing Jewish community.
To add more coals to the burning embers, the Arabs decreed that no Ashkenazic Jew could live in Jerusalem until all the debt was paid.
Though they yearned to live in Jerusalem in fulfillment of the wishes of their mentor, they were forced to settle in Safed.
www.jewishmag.com /4MAG/ISRAEL/israel.htm   (1625 words)

 Jewlicious » Derrida and Dangerfield Deceased   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
As if the tragic deaths in the Sinai were not enough, we must also deal with the news of two other deaths - that of comedian and actor Rodney Dangerfield (Oct 5, 2004 age 82) and Jacques Derrida (Oct 10 2004 age 74), the father of deconstructionism.
Both were Jews, Dangerfield an almost iconic ashkenazic Jew born in Long Island and Derrida a sephardic Jew born in Algeria and living in France.
These were extremely different men from almost every perspective - Dangerfield made a living in part from his shlubby appearance while Derrida was described as dashing and handsome, sporting a tanned complexion and well tailored suits.
www.jewlicious.com /index.php?p=290   (1105 words)

 Family Tree DNA Forum - I'm Ashkenazic Jewish, but I'm Haplogroup H?
Anyway, being female, I obviously couldn't order any of the Y chromosome testing, which is a bit of shame, since it seems like the guys have all the fun tests available to them because of the faster mutation rate.
But I do have a question: as an Ashkenazic Jew whose most-remote matrilinieal ancestress (7-8 generations ago) came from Poland, why does my mDNA show that I'm Haplogroup H--which 30% of Europe has-- and have 29 matches to England, 15 to Ireland, and 15 to (non-Ashkenazic) Germany?
Jews" or "Dirty Jews", and we Jews would rightly be offended.
www.familytreedna.com /forum/printthread.php?t=309   (1545 words)

 Blood Libel - a story for the Passover Seder
The Jews, after hearing the tale of how the simple shamash had miraculously been warned and had acted decisively to save hundreds of Jews, proclaimed that day as one of celebration.
It took place sometime in the sixteenth century by the hand of an Ashkenazic Jew by the name of Rabbi Kalonimus, son of Rabbi Yaakov, who lived in Jerusalem.
The Jews were accused of kidnapping the youth and murdering him.
www.jewishmag.com /8MAG/ISRAEL/blood.htm   (1768 words)

 Israel on Screen - Features
Director: Yitzhak Halutzi for Israel Educational TV Based on a true story, Braids tells the tale of So'ad, a fourteen-year-old Jewish girl imprisoned by the Iraqi government in 1947 for her participation in the Zionist movement.
The film illuminates a complex and sensitive period of Jewish life in Iraq when Jews felt their security threatened as antisemitism surfaced with the growth of Zionism.
Sallah, a North African Jew who finds himself in a transit camp after immigrating to Israel in 1949, confronts the bureaucracy that stands in the way of his family's need for permanent housing.
www.jewishfilm.org /Catalogue/israelfeatures.htm   (1707 words)

 Nosheteria: Haroset, Charoses, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off
If you are an Eastern European Jew, an Ashkenazic Jew, you would soften the T sounds to an S, and the H would be pronounced with a CHA sound, sort of like you were clearing your throat.
The Sephardic, favoring sultry climates, with the prominence of dried fruit such as dates and apricots, combined with nuts, are chopped and macerated.
The Ashkenazic having just apples, walnuts, cinnamon, honey, and lemon zest, all brought together with a touch of wine (Manischewitz of course).
nosheteria.com /2005/04/haroset-charoses-lets-call-whole-thing.html   (488 words)

 Jewlicious » Cold Weather Ends Israeli Locust Plague   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
If you can rely on such a tradition, you will find that not only are locusts healthy and rich in protein, but they are a tasty and multifaceted snack, capable of being fried, grilled, boiled and roasted.
Now, as an ashkenazic Jew, you wouldn’t really be able to eat locusts unless you were in a region where the locals considered locusts kosher - then you would be allowed to eat them.
There was a life demonstration of grasshoppers, and a teimani jew was there to transmit his mesorah to all of us in attendance by giving his testimony on the simanim that they followed to identify kosher insects.
www.jewlicious.com /?p=467   (966 words)

 A Simple Jew: Someone Else's Traditions
I am envious of you having found the path of your fathers.
As a complete aside, the extreme form of basing ones minhogim on genealogy would be to revert to the Yiddishkeit of Moshe Rabbeinu's times, or the Gemara - find the latest time period when all minhogim were kept by all Jews.
The old ways are the best way, I always say, and for this Ashkenazic Jew, the Tanya and the Hasidic practices are still much too new.
asimplejew.blogspot.com /2005/01/someone-elses-traditions.html   (827 words)

 Urban Dictionary: jew
Larry David is the greatest Jew of all
Why did you have to jew me on the mayo?
Ignorant Redneck: Jews be cheeeep Ellie-May! Look at dem funny hats Cletus huuur hurrr hurrrr hurrrr.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=jew&defid=1572698   (920 words)

 Bone marrow donors sought
The National Bone Marrow Donor Registry has not yet been able to produce a match.
Since some tissue types are unique to racial or ethnic groups, Kayla's best chance may come from an Ashkenazic Jew of eastern European origin.
Those who wish to be tested to see if they are a match for Kayla or anyone else will be asked to complete a brief health questionnaire, sign a consent form to have tissue type listed on the registry and provide a small blood sample.
www.jewishaz.com /jewishnews/000505/bone.shtml   (213 words)

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