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Topic: Ashley (automobile)

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Ashley - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
For use as a human name, see Ashley (name).
Ashley (automobile), an automobile manufactured in England from 1954 to 1962
Ashley Wilkes, a central character from the novel Gone with the Wind
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ashley   (150 words)

 No. 02-0752
We conclude that sufficient evidence established that Fueger's negligence as to speed and lookout was a substantial factor in causing Ashley's death.
As Ashley emerged from the driveway and entered the intersection, she was struck and killed by Fueger's vehicle.
He determined that the point of impact between the automobile and the bicycle was approximately two feet from the left corner of the front bumper - meaning that Ashley had nearly cleared the northbound lane of Spring Drive before being struck.
www.wisbar.org /res/capp/2002/02-0752.htm   (3458 words)

 Harmony, Florida ::: History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
None was better than John Ashley, though he had one glass eye, says Williams, who delivered a paper on the Ashley gang to the May meeting of the Florida Historical Society and is working on a book-length treatment of their escapades.
John Ashley's story - the story of his life spent truly outside the law - opposed to the moderate lawlessness of rum running during Prohibition - begins with the murder of Desoto Tiger, the Son of Tom Tiger, one of the most famous leaders of the Seminole nation.
Ashley leaped on the running board of a passing delivery truck and held his gun on driver T. Dukett, ordering that he be driven to the "county road." Duckett contrived to stall his vehicle just as another car with Miami polieman Robert Riblett on its running board caught up.
www.harmonyfl.com /history/history.asp   (4891 words)

ASHLEY FORCE Like Father; Like Daughter Although she is the 22-year-old daughter of a drag racing icon, Ashley Force is leaving her own mark on the high speed landscape as the driver of the 275 mile-an-hour Castrol/Hot Wheels A/Fuel dragster owned by Californians Jerry Darien and Ken Meadows.
Nevertheless, as proud as he has been of Ashley's on-track performance, the elder Force has been even more pleased with the way his daughter has connected with the racing public outside the cockpit where she has emerged as a fan favorite whose long autograph lines rival even those of her famous father.
At least that's how it is in my dreams." Ashley knew things were going to be interesting the first time she expressed to her father a genuine interest in pursuing a driving career.
www.johnforceracing.com /Crews/Ashley_bio.cfm   (829 words)

 Obituaries (Proctor, Minnesota) 08-29-2002
Ashley Nicole Edberg, Ashley Nicole Edberg, who was to start her junior year at Proctor High School, died Fri., Aug. 23, 2002 as a result of an automobile accident.
Ashley was born May 26, 1986, in Duluth to Mark and Chris (Sylvester) Edberg.
Ashley was preceded in death by her grandmother Suzanne Edberg, and her grandfather Philip Sylvester.
www.proctormn.com /placed/obits/08-29-2002.html   (668 words)

 Town of Myersville Final Draft Comprehensive Plan - Transportation
The dominance of the automobile in society has resulted in land use changes and even in changes in family life as more time is devoted to commuting to and from jobs, schools and to various personal and recreational activities.
The automobile has allowed individual lot sizes to increase and for residential developments to be located farther and farther from the supporting uses of population such as stores, churches and schools.
The newer developments of Ashley and Meadowridge were constructed with standard 32 feet pavement width with curb, gutter and sidewalk on both sides of the road in nearly all areas.
www.myercity.sailorsite.net /fdcomps6.htm   (1941 words)

 NWS Jackson, MS - Severe Weather Awareness Week Contest Winners
Ashley would act as if it was flooding and she was broadcasting live on television.
Later that day, Ashley was told that her mother died from the impact of the crash and the pressure of the air bag.
Jolissia and Ashley never drove when it flooded, and although they try to forget, they remember the day that it flooded when they were young and Ashley's mother died.
www.srh.noaa.gov /jan/swaw/Winner2005/SecondWinner.html   (628 words)

 Ashley Selected as Vice President and CFO for Corporate One Federal Credit Union   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In her new position, Ashley will be responsible for managing all accounting functions, investment portfolio analysis and monitoring profitability at the company.
Additionally, Ashley will serve on the company’s Asset and Liability Committee (ALCO), which maintains oversight of the company’s balance sheet and proposes policies concerning the structure of assets and liabilities, coordination of risk, capital funding and liquidity matters.
Ashley began her career with Corporate One in 1999 as the assistant vice president and controller, and was named vice president in 2003.
www.corpone.org /pressrel37.html   (368 words)

 Ashley L. Fuhrmann - In Memoriam   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Ashley Lea Fuhrmann, born May 19th, 1980, was stolen suddenly and too soon as a result of an automobile accident Saturday, March 11th, 2000 at the age of 19.
Ashley was a shining star in the lives and hearts of all who knew her.
Ashley was a cherished friend, a beauty, a compassionate, loving uong woman who adored her mother and brother.
www.mauigateway.com /~rw/fuhrmann/obit.html   (244 words)

 [No title]
Ashley, however, testified at trial that when she saw that the van in which she was a passenger was going to be hit by Stringer's car, she threw out her right arm to shield another passenger.
Ashley complains of continuing pain and a lack of the range of motion in her right arm and shoulder, of pain in her neck, and of severe migraine headaches that she says impair her vision and confine her to bed.
He also testified that there is nothing in Ashley's medical history or records, other than the 1992 automobile accident, that would have caused her condition.
www.wallacejordan.com /decisions/Opinions2002/1001789.htm   (1924 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
As Ashley rode down the driveway heading from east to west, Fueger, a seventeen-year-old boy, was driving his parents\rquote automobile northbound on Spring Drive.
As Ashley emerged from the driveway and entered the intersection, she was struck and killed by Fueger\rquote s vehicle.
He determined that the point of impact between the automobile and the bicycle was approximately two feet from the left corner of the front bumper \endash meaning that Ashley had nearly cleared the northbound lane of Spring Drive before being struck.
www.courts.state.wi.us /ca/opinions/02/02-0752.doc   (3461 words)

 Memorial to Ashley is removed   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
It was three years ago Oct. 7 when their teenage daughter, Ashley, was tragically killed in a brutal automobile accident at Fountain Hills and El Lago boulevards.
It served as a place where the young at heart could gather to remember Ashley and perhaps leave something behind that was part of her.
Ashley loved rainbows and had several in her room décor.
www.fhtimes.com /times/2003archives/10-22-03/mike.htm   (791 words)

 OSCN Found Document:Safeco Ins. Co. of America v. Sanders
WILLIAM A. ¶0 Automobile insure seeks declaratory judgment that the deaths of insureds, caused by thermal burns and smoke inhalation resulting from intentional criminal acts, are not within uninsured motorist coverage.
In that case the vehicle was off-road and stationary and a wench on the vehicle was being used in the reassembly of a drilling rig.
The Illinois court reasoned that the temporary interruption in the actual driving of the automobile for the repairs necessary to the continuation of the driving did not terminate control of the driver over the vehicle and that the repair activities were so closely related to the driving so that the driver remained the operator.
www.oscn.net /applications/oscn/DeliverDocument.asp?citeID=14925   (5003 words)

 Ford Racing: Team Ford Racing News
Although she is in only her second season of full-time racing, Ashley already has won three NHRA national events including the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Clermont, Ind., a race in which she reached the winners' circle for the first time 39 years after Snow accomplished the same feat.
In fact, because of an NHRA rule change that penalized A/Fuel dragsters like those campaigned by Darien and Meadows, she often has struggled this year, especially in hot, humid conditions, which is why she is in town early to take advantage of an open test session at MMP on Thursday.
Ashley's sisters, Brittany and Courtney, both are licensed in Super Comp as is their mother, Laurie Force.
www.fordracing.com /news/index.asp?flashcheck=0&bhjs=0&article=28072   (640 words)

 Racerchicks.com: Racerchicks - Ashley Taws
Ashley set her sights on the championship and took the fight all the way to the final race of the season, but fell just short of her target.
As if she's not busy enough, however, Ashley is also an instructor at a skid-control school, competes in ice racing each winter, and helps Girls Inc. of York (formerly Big Sisters) for whom she is the Honourary Chairperson of the Youth Committee.
Ashley's plans to win the 2003 Canadian Formula Ford Championship were dealt a serious blow in December 2002 when she was severely injured in a traffic accident.
www.racerchicks.com /racers/taws.html   (642 words)

 Autocars Co. - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
At the show Shubinsky realized that it was a futile attempt, and set forth on a new project.
He bought the rights to use an Ashley body on a Les Ballamy chassis.
He agreed with Reliant (who had helped producing the "Carmel" and the "Sussita") that Reliant would bring body, engine and chassis together in a convertible sports-car.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Susita   (454 words)

 Indiana Court Remands to Determine If County and/or Landowner Had a Duty to Remove or Modify Roadside Fencepost Struck ...
On October 7, 1994, Dan was driving his automobile east on Fulton County Road 500 North when George Wagner (Wagner), who was driving his truck south on Fulton County Road 825 East, struck Dan's automobile at the intersection of the two roads.
When Wagner's truck struck Dan's automobile, the truck pushed the automobile into a steel railroad post serving as a corner fencepost, located six and one-half feet from the edge of 500 North.
Similarly, in Staggs, supra, 672 N.E.2d at 1383-84, where an automobile left an icy road and sank into a quarry, a panel of this court could not conclude as a matter of law that it was unforeseeable that a motorist would deviate from normal incidents of travel.
www.usroads.com /journals/rilj/0106/ri010601.htm   (2885 words)

 Top Stories Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Ashley Bernhardt (age 11); Eric Byrd (8) and Zachary Byrd (6) - all of Dixon - died after being thrown from the 1986 GMC "Jimmy" in which they were riding.
Ashley Bernhardt was rushed to Redwood Memorial Hospital in Fortuna, but was dead on arrival.
Ashley's funeral is expected to be held in Dixon on Friday or Saturday, Sept. 24 or 25th.
www.independentvoice.com /ts/ts09_22_99.html   (2345 words)

 Ashley - TheBestLinks.com - Automobile, England, Ford Motor Company, TheBestLinks.com:Find or fix a stub, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Ashley was an English automobile manufactured from 1954 to 1962.
Ford-powered Ashleys followed; at first these used proprietary chassis, later replaced with their own.
The Sportiva was the last car produced by the company; their last commercial projects were special hoods and hardtops for Sprites.
www.thebestlinks.com /Ashley.html   (140 words)

 Archives: Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The Ashley County Circuit Court jury found Charles David Burton of Hermitage not guilty of one count of felony adult abuse in connection with the May 12, 2004, death of Raymond Kelley, a county jail prisoner who was found dead in his cell.
Ashley County deputies arrested a Crossett woman Thursday, June 2, and issued her a misdemeanor citation for selling drug paraphernalia at her place of business, The Comfort Zone, 108 Ray Lochala Road near Ashley County Medical Center.
The regular meeting of the Ashley County Quorum Court on Tuesday, May 10, was a rather routine one, with few action items on the agenda.
www.ashleycountyledger.com /articles/2005/06/23/news/h16f376.txt   (1471 words)

 Motorsport.com: News channel
Ashley is poised to follow a similar career path although her preference is the Funny Car division in which her father, John Force, has won 13 championships.
A graduate of Cal State-Fullerton, Ashley is the latest in a long line of drivers who have honed their skills with Darien, a former schoolteacher, and Meadows.
In fact, Ashley gave herself and her father's crew chiefs a scare when she brushed the guardwall and crumpled the headers on the left side of the GTX Start Up Mustang in testing prior to the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis.
www.motorsport.com /news/article.asp?ID=200705&FS=   (638 words)

 44 Wn.2d 74, LORENE ASHLEY, a Minor, by her Guardian ad Litem, Barbara Bryson, Respondent and Cross-appellant, v. L. B. ...
Under RCW 46.48.010, every person must operate his vehicle at a speed reasonable and proper under the existing conditions and circumstances; and there is no legal impediment to a man driving negligently at ten miles an hour in a fifty-mile zone where the circumstances require a slower speed.
Instructions must be given in the light of the evidence introduced during the trial; and if the statement of law in an instruction is not sound, using the language of the complaint will not cure the error.
In such an action, where it appears that the bus driver's rear view was unobstructed, she cannot be heard to say that she was unaware of the approach of the car until it struck the child.
www.mrsc.org /mc/courts/supreme/044wn2d/044wn2d0074.htm   (1814 words)

 The American Spectator
Ashley had a lot of friends through her former high school sorority.
In the most highly publicized of the two accidents for which Ashley missed work, a friend ran a car off a notoriously dangerous twisty road near Gloucester in the middle of the night and smashed into a tree.
Ashley went and got a tattoo, too (her second), to make her friend feel better.
www.spectator.org /dsp_article.asp?art_id=8915   (1050 words)

 Ashley Force, Toyo Tires Nationals, 2005 - Motorsports - Automobile Club of Southern California   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In fact, Ashley gave herself and her father's crew chiefs a scare when she brushed the guardwall and crumpled the headers on the left side of the GTX Start Up/Auto Club Mustang in testing prior to the Mac Tools U.S. Nationals at Indianapolis.
Ashley's younger sisters, Brittany, 19, and Courtney, 17, also have begun driving competitively, both in the Super Comp division in which mom, Laurie, also is licensed...
Ashley has gone to the final round seven times in 24 NHRA national events; six times in 15 races in the Lucas Sportsman Series...
www.aaa-calif.com /motorsports/2005/pr-pre-reading-af-2005.asp   (957 words)

 Motorsport.com: News channel   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Ashley Force may have inherited her mother's good lucks, but it's what she got from her father, 13-time NHRA Funny Car Champion John Force, that has stamped her as one of drag racing's brightest young stars and as a favorite in this week's 51st annual Mac Tools U.S. Nationals and Indianapolis Raceway Park.
Put her in a firesuit, tuck her long brown hair into a Simpson helmet and slide her into the cockpit of the Castrol/Hot Wheels dragster and the 22-year-old is transformed from beauty to beast.
Last year, as a Top Alcohol Dragster rookie, she won three NHRA national events including the season-ending Automobile Club of Southern California Finals at Pomona, Calif., where she and her dad made history as the first father-and-daughter to share a winners' circle.
www.motorsport.com /news/article.asp?ID=199233&FS=   (697 words)

 Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals: Event home page
John Force won his record 114th Funny Car race and shared the winner's circle with his 21-year-old daughter Ashley, who won in Top Alcohol Dragster, to highlight a thrilling finish at the 40th annual Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals.
Already beaming with pride after watching Ashley win in TAD, Force jumped into his hot rod and cruised to his fifth win of his championship campaign with a 4.734 at 320.28 mph to Worsham's 4.804 at 314.39 mph.
Worsham had been a perfect 5-0 in final rounds heading into this battle, including a 2-0 mark against Force this year when a trophy was up for grabs, but he didn't have enough to get it done this day.
www.nhra.com /2004/events/race23   (1390 words)

 Star-Herald - Sports - 08/14/2005 - Mental toughness key to trap shooting team's victory
Brandon and Ashley Nau, Zac Olivarez, Doug Beebe and Ethan Knox traveled to Ohio to compete in the national trap shooting competition and they came away with the championship trophy Tuesday in the Senior Expert class.
Brandon Nau and Knox went a perfect 25 of 25 while Beebe and Ashley Nau were 24 of 25 rocks.
Ashley missed only three rocks in the opening two rounds.
www.starherald.com /site/news.cfm?newsid=15033059&BRD=484&PAG=461&dept_id=553363&rfi=6   (771 words)

 McKinney v. Allstate Insurance Co., No. 87248
Allstate answered the complaint, arguing that Ashley's claims for her own injuries were separate and distinct, but that all claims arising from the death of Gregory were subject to one $100,000 limit.
Plaintiff argues that both Georjeania and Ashley were insured persons under the policy and that the wrongful death claims are independent of the Survival Act claim.
Plaintiff is correct that Georjeania and Ashley were insured persons under the policy and had wrongful death claims arising out of Gregory's death.
www.state.il.us /court/OPINIONS/SupremeCourt/1999/December/Opinions/HTML/87248.htm   (1395 words)

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