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Topic: Asia Television Ltd

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  Asia Television Ltd
Asia Television Limited (ATV) (亞洲電視有限公司; pinyin: Yàzhōu Diànshì Yǒuxiàn Gōngsī) was Hong Kong's first television station and was founded on May 29, 1957.
Asia Television Training Institute was founded to train people who are interested in joining the television industry.
TVB is the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong, and was the initial driving force for the then RTV to switch to free wireless broadcasting from paid cable.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/a/as/asia_television_ltd.html   (1681 words)

 Qwika - similar:Television
Television is a telecommunication system for broadcasting and receiving moving pictures and sound over a distance.
Terrestrial television (also known as over-the-air, OTA or broadcast television) was the traditional method of television broadcast signal delivery prior to the advent of cable and satellite television.
Artist's impression of a Boeing 601 satellite, as configured for digital television transmission by SES Astra Satellite television is television delivered by way of communications satellites, as compared to conventional terrestrial television and cable television.
www.qwika.com /rels/Television   (1277 words)

 Asia Television Limited - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In April 1973, it was offered a free-to-air television broadcasting licence, which ended its fifteen-year cable service in October 1973.
Later in December 1973, it was renamed as Rediffusion Television Limited or RTV (麗的電視有限公司).
RTV was renamed Asia Television Limited(ATV) (亞洲電視有限公司) on September 24, 1982, since Rediffusion no longer held a stake in ATV.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Asia_Television_Ltd   (1699 words)

 Asia Times Online :: Southeast Asia news and business from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam
Asia is projected to become one of the largest Christian populations in the world, on pace to eclipse Europe in the next 30 years.
Moderate or secular behavior among Asia's Muslims is considered the long-term antidote to religious fervor.
The new believers are often Asia's upwardly mobile, although the dirt-poor and desperate still flock to Christianity's promise of eternal salvation.
www.atimes.com /atimes/Southeast_Asia/HC02Ae03.html   (991 words)

 Asian prodigal sons begin to return home
In the new globalised Asia there is much demand for those with experience in e Western technical and management know-how, for multi-language skills, and for top level foreign labour that feels at home in a region that can often wear down the Western expatriate.
At a time when the trend in Asia is from heady growth which often outpaced capabilities, to increasing professionalism in both management and technical practice, now more than ever, the prodigal sons and daughters are coming home...
Asia is trying to modernise in just 40 or 50 years, so media and information technology makes a quantum leap.
www.apmforum.com /news/apmn89.htm   (501 words)

 Asia Television Ltd - InfoSearchPoint.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Asia Television Limited (ATV) (亞洲電視廣播有限公司) is the first television station in Hong Kong, established on May 29, 1957.
It was not until September 24, 1982 that Lai-dik Broadcast Limited was renamed as Asia Television Limited(ATV) (亞洲電視廣播有限公司) due to the fact that Rediffusion did not own any shares of ATV afterwards.
Asia Television Training Institut was founded to train people who are interesed in joining the television industry.
www.infosearchpoint.com /display/Asia_Television_Ltd   (1511 words)

 Television Broadcasts Limited - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Television Broadcasts Limited (HKSE: 0511 (http://www.hkex.com.hk/invest/index.asp?id=company/quote_page_e.asp?WidCoID=0511andWidCoAbbName=andMonth=andlangcode=e)), commonly known as TVB, is the first wireless commercial television station in Hong Kong.
TVB enjoys an overwhelming dominance in the television market in Hong Kong; however, its programs have often been criticized by some TV viewers as "having bad taste", "superficial", "dull", and "lacking in creativity".
To cope with future development and expansion, Television Broadcasts Limited began planning in 1998 to develop in the Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate a replacement for the old facility at Clearwater Bay.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/TVB   (1135 words)

 Young Asia Television - Sri Lanka"Changing the World - One TV at a Time"
On October 26th 1995 – Young Asia Television (perhaps better known as YATV) launched its broadcasts to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations.
This pioneering television venture, as its name suggests, takes young people seriously and is staffed predominantly staffed by young men and women aged between 18 and 27.
The vision and mandate of Young Asia Television incorporates concepts of culture and multiculturalism, identity and diversity, tradition and modernity.
www.yatv.net   (412 words)

 Asian Corporate Conference
The Asia Society held its 15th Asian Corporate Conference June 8-10, 2005 at the Shangri-La Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.
The speech was broadcast live on local television network, and substantial press coverage of the event followed.
The discussion, including questions from the audience, sparked honest and dynamic debate as to how Asia in recovering from the tsunami disaster and the steps to be taken to efficiently aid in reconstruction and economic recovery in affected industries.
www.asiasociety.org /conference05   (846 words)

 Television Point | Company Profile | top Media & Entertainment profiles
Now, it is the most powerful and premier Television and Media network in the entire region of Asia continent, reaching More than 300 million viewers, in More than 50 countries and is watched by over 177 million people every week controlling over 25,000 hours of original content a year.
NDTV LTD is India’s leading broadcasters and producers of news and current affairs programmes.
United Television was incorporated in 1990, as a TV Production house, it finds a variety, which is the key to scalability and growth, now its Business is divided into TV Content, Motion pictures, AD Services - Post production and Hungama TV.
www.televisionpoint.com /companyprofile/entmeddefault.htm   (458 words)

 AFFF2005 Nominations   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This clearly shows that Asians boast a robust film culture and a fresh crop of new talents and this is where the AFFF comes in as a much-needed and appropriate platform for new blood to showcase their creativity and receive world-wide recognition.
Held as a part of the Asia Media Festival - Asia ’s leading media fiesta - the AFFF is set to be a platform for film distributors and investors to meet and mingle with practitioners from Asia ’s film industry.
The Asia Media Festival, which will take place in Singapore from 14 November to 2 December 2005, will boast an impressive line-up of trade and public events including the Asia Television Forum, Asia Film Market and Conference, the Asian Television Awards, Asia Animation as well as workshops and exhibitions.
www.asianfirstfilms.com /2005/nominations.htm   (784 words)

 Asia Times Online :: China News, China Business News, Taiwan and Hong Kong News and Business.
The firm - which also provides subscription games channels on pay TV providers Foxtel and Austar - reported a net loss of A$2.14 million for the 2004-05 fiscal year, compared to a A$2.0 million loss the previous year, after a "significant degree" of investment in both the Australian and Asian businesses.
While the firm has had difficulty in striking a deal with local pay TV providers to distribute the product, it is now making positive progress, he added.
The firm is also targeting Optus' upcoming digital television service as a possible customer for its games channels and interactive gambling product.
www.atimes.com /atimes/China_Business/GI16Cb05.html   (408 words)

 Asia's alternative television
A young crew: recruited from across Asia, the network’s journalists and technicians are on average 24 years old.
In Asia’s vast and expansive electronic media world, YATV may sound like one more television company trying to be successful with entertainment-only programmes.
The idea for a television network focusing on environment, development and culture was first raised in a conference of South Asian broadcasters in 1989, a proposal which was welcomed by Unesco.
www.unesco.org /courier/2000_05/uk/connex.htm   (1991 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Hong Kong TV offers jobs as prizes
Two of Hong Kong's biggest TV networks have announced that they are planning game shows in which participants compete to win jobs.
TV executives have said Asia Television Ltd's (ATV) show, Win A Job, will begin in late September, and will allow participants the chance to gain employment as tour guides, hairdressers or dim sum chefs.
ATV's nearest rival, Television Broadcasts Ltd has said it is planning a similar show, although a spokeswoman said details were not yet available.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/entertainment/2225653.stm   (329 words)

 Radicus Internet - News of Hong Kong
HONG KONG, Dec 5 (AFP) - Millions of Muslims across Asia Thursday began celebrating Islam's most important festival, Eid al-Fitr, against a background of mounting uncertainty caused by the crisis in Iraq and fall-out from the US-led war on terror.
HONG KONG (AP) -- Chinese authorities have granted Asia Television Ltd., Hong Kong's second largest broadcast television network, the right to broadcast to the mainland's Guangdong province, company executives said Monday.
HONG KONG (AP) -- Pacific Century CyberWorks Ltd. said Monday it was laying off 858 workers, or about 6 percent of its Hong Kong staff, citing the difficult economy and intensifying competition.
www.radicus.net /news/listall/world.asia.hong_kong.asp   (2503 words)

 JS Online: Tom.com to Buy Stake in Hong Kong TV
Ltd., a company headed by the television network's founder, Lim Por Yen.
Fellow tycoon Li, considered to be Asia's richest man, has interests in businesses including port operations, property development, telecommunications, retail sales and energy in addition to his Internet venture.
The Li family already has experience in television, having founded regional satellite network Star TV for $125 million in 1990 and sold it to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. in 1993 for $950 million.
www.jsonline.com /bym/tech/ap/jul02/ap-hong-kong-tv070902.asp   (505 words)

 Asiaweek.com | Technology | Making Internet History | 12/10/99
The film distributor is well connected in China, having been for years the lead international distributor of programming for China Central Television and various provincial TV stations.
China10k.com's prime asset may turn out to be its access to Mei Ah's library of films and television programs.
The distributor has rights to content produced by Hong Kong's Television Broadcasts Ltd. and Asia Television Ltd., as well as programs produced by several mainland stations.
www.pathfinder.com /asiaweek/technology/99/1210/tech.china10k.html   (762 words)

 AsiaMedia :: FIJI: Fiji TV spends $6m to extend satellite coverage
Fiji Television Ltd plans to invest F$6 million in extending satellite coverage to the outer islands of the archipelago and to nearby countries
NADI (Wansolwara Online/Pacific Media Watch): Fiji Television Ltd plans to invest F$6 million in extending satellite coverage to the outer islands of the archipelago and to nearby countries.
Speaking at the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association (CBA) conference in Nadi, Fiji TV chief executive officer Ken Clark said the new service was expected to begin from July 1.
www.asiamedia.ucla.edu /article.asp?parentid=7891   (564 words)

 Asia Works Television Ltd
AsiaWorks Television Ltd is a team of television professionals providing broadcast facilities and television production talent throughout Southeast Asia.
Since opening its doors in 1996, AsiaWorks Television has been joined by a long list of broadcasters and news organisations at the Maneeya Center including the BBC, ABC, CBC, ITN ad CNBC Asia.
The Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand is also located in the same building creating Asia's newest and most comprehensive media centre.
www.nztcc.org /Members/asia_works_television_ltd.htm   (151 words)

 Television China Asia
Beijing firm that constructs and operates cable television networks and satellite information networks; a subsidiary is involved in the research, development and production of new composite metal oxide materials and lithium-ion secondary batteries
Hong Kong based television broadcaster; broadcasts programmes that range from political & economic news to movies & miniseries; has a movie channel & a news channel; largest audience is in Mainland China (42 million households)
Organisation that falls under the direct supervision of the State Council; in charge of the country's radio, television and film industry and directly supervises China National Radio, China Radio International, and China Central Television
www.findouter.com /Asia/China/Entertainment/Television   (291 words)

 Air Asia - Wikicompany   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Air Asia Berhad is a Malaysian low-cost airline.
Asia's leading low fare no frills airline and first to introduce "ticketless" traveling.
The airline flies to Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Khon Kaen, Narathiwat, Phuket, Ubon Ratchathani, Udon Thani and internationally to Penang, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore and Macau
www.wikicompany.org /wiki/Air_Asia   (184 words)

 domain-B : Indian business : industry : entertainment : About 1,200 celebrities attend Asian Television Awards 2002
Singapore: More than 1,200 celebrities from Asia’s television and film industries attended the 7th Annual Asian Television Awards gala ceremony held in Singapore yesterday night.
Awards in 29 categories were made at the live televised ceremony held at the National University of Singapore Cultural Centre.
Taiwanese actress Lee Sin-Je, who won the Best Leading Actress Award at this year’s 39th Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan, was also on the star-studded guest list.
www.domainb.com /industry/entertainment/20021209_asian_television.html   (300 words)

 Asian Television Network
Star is a wholly owned subsidiary of News Corporation, a Rupert Murdoch Company.
ATN - ASIAN TELEVISION NETWORK is a Licensed Television Broadcaster providing 24 hours a day 7 days a week Premium Television Programming in several South Asian languages to communities across Canada.
ATN owns and operates Thirteen Specialty Television Channels ATN has programming alliances with Leading Broadcasters such as STAR PLUS, ZEE TV, B4U Movies, SONY ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION, ZEE CINEMA, ALPHA PUNJABI, ARY DIGITAL, B4U Music JAYA TV, ZEE GUJARATI, AASTHA, ATN BANGLA and NDTV 24x7.
www.asiantelevision.com   (107 words)

 In-depth analysis of industry issues and technology trends   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The challenge is to fit the electronic functionality and feature set into small form factors, while addressing the power and heat issues.
Copyright © 2006 eMedia Asia Ltd. All rights reserved.
Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without the express written permission of eMedia Asia Ltd. is prohibited.
www.eetasia.com   (611 words)

 TANDBERG Television : World leaders in video compression & digital systems (via CobWeb/3.1 ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
TANDBERG Television : World leaders in video compression and digital systems (via CobWeb/3.1 planetlab1.netlab.uky.edu)
TANDBERG Television to Demonstrate Award-Winning Content Delivery Technology for Multi-Platform Distribution at TelcoTV
Rochester Telephone selects TANDBERG Television Video Head-End for IPTV Over FTTP
www.tandbergtv.com.cob-web.org:8888   (74 words)

 Press Release Distribution
Raj TV Sun TV Zee TV NEPC Television
Cheng Kung Broadcasting Co Cheng Sheng Broadcasting Corp Ltd
Channel 5 : The Royal Thai Army TV Channel 7 : Bangkok Broadcasting and TV Channel 9 : Thai TV Color
www.pressreleasedistribution.com /lists/int/panasia.html   (195 words)

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