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Topic: Assemblage

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In the News (Fri 22 Jun 18)

  The Assemblage Point Centre
On 19 August 2000 I became the first person in the world to have the existence of her assemblage point independently scientifically proved by two separate scientists.
The assemblage point is the epicentre of the human energy field (an egg shaped cocoon around the whole of the human body) and is a very real element in our physical and psychological experience of life.
If the assemblage point is off centre from its ideal location in the centre of the chest, various diseases will occur in direct relation to the new position.
www.assemblagepointcentre.com   (1827 words)

  Assemblage (art) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Assemblage is an artistic process in which a three-dimensional artistic composition is made from putting together found objects.
In 1961, the exhibition "The Art of Assemblage" was featured at the New York Museum of Modern Art.
William C Seitz, the curator of the exhibition, described assemblages as being made up of preformed natural or manufactured materials, objects, or fragments not intended as art materials.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Assemblage_(art)   (171 words)

 Assemblage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An assemblage is an archaeological term meaning a group of different artefacts found in association with one another, that is, in the same context.
Where similar assemblages are found to be consistently present within a limited time period and area, they can be said to represent a culture.
Where the content of the assemblages relates only to one product, they are more correctly termed an industry.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Assemblage   (117 words)

 Metropolis Records: Assemblage 23
In 1988 at a Depeche Mode concert, Assemblage 23 was born.
At first, Assemblage 23 was more of a hobby for Shear rather than a permanent project.
However, Blanchard's interest was not in Assemblage 23 but in Nerve Filter, although, a few Assemblage 23 tracks would later be released on several compilations.
www.metropolis-records.com /artists/?artist=assemblage23   (634 words)

 AssemblagePointShift || Practitioners || Choosing A Practitioner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
An assemblage point shift is a powerful movement of energy that comes through the practitioner and flows through your energy body.
The assemblage point shift is known to have exactly this effect, and so it is important that you are aware of that possibility and that you consider approaching this work from the perspective of what it may mean to your life.
In seeking an assemblage practitioner, it is important for you to allow yourself to realize, from your intuition within, who you are willing to work with in an energy exchange intended to move and alter the core of your perception.
www.assemblagepointshift.com /choosing.htm   (1925 words)

 The Cavalier Daily   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
The Assemblage has become an instant sensation, the popularity of which can be tracked by the Web counter, which has shown an average of more than 1,000 hits per day.
Assemblage founder, president and musical director Seth Barker promises that his second Cain-dedicated single, "A Man from PA," will live up to the high bar set by his premiere hit.
Assemblage Gallbladder Mike Lefebvre (so named for his lack of any purposeful function on the board) was unavailable for comment.
www.cavalierdaily.com /CVArticle.asp?ID=18957&pid=1122   (785 words)

 Assemblage, Artists, Visual Arts, Performing Arts at World Wide Arts Resources
Assemblage mounted in Picasso's studio at 242, boulevard Raspail, early 1913, including figure composition in progress, newspaper, guitar, table, and still-life objects.
The artist concentrates on collage and assemblage, and gently taking her audience by the throat.
Painting, mixed media, assemblage and pottery with an emphasis on the play between the illusion of reality and the spiritual.
wwar.com /categories/Artists/Assemblage/index1.html   (503 words)

 Chain D.L.K. - Interview with Assemblage 23
Assemblage 23: I think the idea of standing up for what you believe in and not allowing others to walk on you has been a theme in A23's music for quite some time, so it seemed like a natural title.
Assemblage 23: I worked with the same artist I had used for the previous Failure and Addendum releases and just gave him the task of representing the concept of 'Defiance' in a somewhat abstract way, which is how he came up with the design you see on the album.
Assemblage 23: It's just sort of a made up term to represent something that is destructive without any real awareness that what it is doing is destructive.
www.chaindlk.com /interviews/index.php?interview=Assemblage23   (1291 words)

 AssemblagePointShift || Gatherings & Training || Santa Rosa
The assemblage point is an electrical band of energy that can be shifted to activate the center of consciousness that lies latent deep in the chest.
When the assemblage point is centralized at the heart, one tangibly and directly realizes there is an eternal being in the body.
The Assemblage Point Shift is a process that realigns the Assemblage Point to its most beneficial place at the center of the Heart.
www.assemblagepointshift.com /santarosa.htm   (220 words)

 Shifting Assemblage Points
Psychic abilities are acquired by gaining control of the Assemblage Point location and by increasing the efficiency of the seven Chakras in the central core of the Energy Body.
The rear location must be found to shift the Assemblage Point (refer to Part II in Issue 16 of Positive Health).
Shifting the Assemblage Point by sliding it from one location to another is the easiest and most straight-forward method.
www.positivehealth.com /permit/Articles/Energy%20Medicine/whale17.htm   (2789 words)

 Assemblage Line 1
The Assemblage Line is the earliest way in which consciousness began to form in the human animal prior to the more advanced chakra system that developed up the spine and into the brain.
The Assemblage Line stretches from above the head to below the perineum, and is a thick cord of energy that runs through the center line of the physical and energetic bodies.
There are also secondary Assemblage Line patterns flowing through the legs and arms (utilizing the skeletal system), as well as tertiary patterns in the bones of the hands and the feet.
www.deanramsden.com /AssemblageLine1.htm   (1085 words)

 Assemblage Point Therapy experience
I was offered two choices: Moving the assemblage point by just using the large crystal or by using the advanced electronic gems.
He can sense where it is because the assemblage point radiates a strong energy to which he was trained to be sensitive.
I also think that the new position of the assemblage point can be seen when I look in the mirror: There is a very slight lightening of the skin at that position, but I'm not 100% sure.
www.newtreatments.org /doc.php/Energy%20Healing/184   (1067 words)

 Assemblage Point Association
The Assemblage Point Association "Association" has been formed to act as an international register of trained and qualified assemblage point location and correction practitioners.
To become registered as a practitioner with the Assemblage Point Association, a practitioner must hold an appropriate training certificate recognised by the Association, have and maintain appropriate practice insurance and must accept the terms and conditions relating to ethical practice as laid down on the application form.
It is hoped that anyone receiving assemblage point therapy from a practitioner registered with the Assemblage Point Association can expect a high standard of treatment and the Association would wish to hear from anyone dissatisfied with their treatment.
www.assemblagepointassociation.com   (399 words)

 An Assemblage 23 storm is coming :: ReGen Magazine :: Industrial, synthpop, electronic, alternative music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Dubbed the most complex Assemblage 23 release to date, Storm's upbeat and danceable vibe is sure to please all A23 fans and newcomers alike.
Exploring new sound compositions and elements, Storm remains true to the dance music that the name Assemblage 23 is synonymous with.
Assemblage 23's three previous albums have quickly made them the most successful American EBM act ever and Storm will again propel them above the rest.
www.regenmag.com /modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=716&mode=thread&order=0&thold=0&POSTNUKESID=954538dcccc91a4943a4258c7025ccaa   (291 words)

 Archaeology Wordsmith
Where the assemblage is frequently repeated and covers a reasonably full range of human activity, it is described as a culture; where it is repeated but limited in content, e.g.
When A Group of industries are found together in a single archaeological context, it is called an assemblage.
Assemblage examples are artifacts from a site or feature.
www.reference-wordsmith.com /cgi-bin/lookup.cgi?category=&where=headword&terms=assemblage   (216 words)

 The Assemblage Point Centre - Sparkling Energy
Briefly, for those readers who are not familiar with the concept of the assemblage point, it seems to be the major entry point of energy into the human body and should enter centrally at the back and front of the chest (see the Assemblage Point Map).
We were experiencing a situation whereby so-called assemblage point shifters were claiming to have moved people's assemblage points but, on checking, had not done so or - even worse - seemed to have shifted the assemblage point to an incorrect location which could have resulted in the ill-health of the patient.
Proper training in assemblage point locating and correction is very important in a new discipline, which needs practitioners who work to high standards and in whom the public can place their trust and confidence.
www.assemblagepointcentre.com /newdevels.htm   (881 words)

 Core Energy - Locating the Assemblage Point
Once we are familiar with our own Assemblage Point location and that of others, the idea that there is more to a human being than flesh and bone becomes an absolute certainty.
Working with the Energy Body is not a trivial affair, the Assemblage Point in particular, is a very personal matter, directly connected to the 'Life Force' or spirit of the individual.
Broadly speaking, a woman's vibrational rate, her behaviour, the way she feels and her view of the world is quite different to that of a man. Therefore, female and male locations tend to be different.
www.positivehealth.com /permit/Articles/Energy%20Medicine/whale16.htm   (2353 words)

 Joseph Giunta Canadian Artist Painter Abstract Collage Assemblage / Artiste Peintre ...
Giunta died in January 2001, just as he was preparing for a major exhibition at the Maison de la culture Frontenac in Montreal, Quebec-an event that sparked the interest of the artistic milieu and fostered the discovery of this little-appreciated collage / assemblage and construction 3D art work.
Dévasté, Giunta se réapproprie les objets de son quotidien afin d'exorciser sa souffrance et que de leur assemblage / collage / montage émerge un monde qui lui serait plus tolérable...
En plus de la peinture d'art moderne, il travailla les montages, les collages, les assemblages et les constructions sculptures 3D.
www.jgiunta.com /html/index.html   (1104 words)

 Projekt: darkwave - 'Defiance'
At first, Assemblage 23 was more of a hobby for Tom rather than a permanent project.
On a whim, Tom sent copies of Assemblage 23 and Nerve Filter to Peter Stone of Xorcist, who handed them over to Don Blanchard of the now defunct 21st Circuitry Records.
Defiance is sure to send Assemblage 23's status to legendary for not only does it keep with the sound fans have come to know and love but incorporates fresh new elements and structure as well.
www.projekt.com /projekt/product.asp?dept%5Fid=20&sku=MET00259   (594 words)

 Assemblage 23: album reviews and ratings
In November of 1996, A23 appeared on the 21st Circuitry Record comp, "Newer Wave" on which they covered the legendary A Flock of Seagull's "I Ran" in a harsh EBM style that must've sent Mike Score searching for the earplugs frantically...
Tom Shear's Assemblage 23 project is lauded for crossing boundaries between industrial and synthpop, using elements of both but belonging exclusively to neither.
It's not unknown for Assemblage 23 albums to end on a slow song, but this one at least tops King of Insects and Lullaby, the closing numbers from the previous two albums.
www.musicfolio.com /modernrock/assemblage23.html   (1202 words)

An assemblage is any number of "things" or pieces of "things" gathered into a single context.
Rather than conceive of the pieces of an assemblage as an organic whole, within which the specific elements are held in place by the organization of a unity, the process of "becoming-" serves to account for relationships between the "discrete" elements of the assemblage.
In "becoming-" one piece of the assemblage is drawn into the territory of another piece, changing its value as an element and bringing about a new unity.
www.rhizomes.net /issue5/poke/glossary.html   (1699 words)

 Splendid Magazine reviews Assemblage 23: Defiance
Assemblage 23 answers this question over the course of ten tracks by showing just how natural a combination this can be.
By virtue of his rich melodies and club-friendly beats, Assemblage 23, like many of the more accessible darkwave bands, invokes a distinct sense of '80s nostalgia.
The combination is particularly effective because it plays the smooth strings of the chorus against a dissonant, punchy verse -- a juxtaposition that gives the tune an extra dose of edgy energy.
www.splendidezine.com /review.html?reviewid=3248021404187273   (407 words)

 The Assemblage Point Centre - Treatments
Electronic gem therapy treatments and assemblage point location and shifting are offered by Dr Blaen at her treatment room in Devon, which is about half a mile from a railway station, ten miles from Exeter.
Once the assemblage point has been located and shifted, some time is allowed for it to settle and, at this point in the treatment, other symptoms can be given treatment with the electronic gem equipment if this is required and appropriate.
The most common result of having an assemblage point adjustment to centre is to feel as if we are somehow reunited with our "real" self, the person we used to be when younger or fitter and less battered by life's traumatic experiences or ill health.
www.assemblagepointcentre.com /treatments.htm   (1569 words)

 The Ediacaran Assemblage
Nevertheless, the assemblage acquired its name from a third and even later discovery, made by Reginald Sprigg in March 1946, at an abandoned copper/lead/zinc mine in the Ediacara Hills, Flinders Range, north of Adelaide in South Australia.
The oldest of the diverse Ediacaran assemblages yet described is that from Mistaken Point, eastern Newfoundland, where fossils are spectacularly preserved on large bedding surfaces along the sea-cliffs of the Avalon Peninsula.
The preservational characteristics of typical Ediacaran assemblages are undeniably unusual (‘characteristic’ might be a better word), and evidence for more widely spread and deeper bioturbation certainly does increase sharply at the base of the Cambrian.
www.peripatus.gen.nz /paleontology/Ediacara.html   (7472 words)

 assemblage art
Assemblage involves the transformation of non-art objects and materials into sculpture.
The artist constructs the assemblage through the use of combining or constructing techniques such as gluing, nailing or welding.
Assemblage incorporates the use of non-art elements such as found objects and junk to define the sculpture with an appealing rawness and mystical poetic qualities.
www.calstatela.edu /univ/ppa/newsrel/assembleart.htm   (159 words)

 Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, environmentek & happeningek - Elôszó
Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, environmentek and happeningek - Elôszó
Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, environmentek and happeningek, Artpool Füzetek, Artpool, Budapest, 1996
valamint: Allan Kaprow: Assemblage, environmentek and happeningek, Artpool - Balassi Kiadó - BAE Tartóshullám, Budapest, 1998 (Lektorálta: Beke László; Szerkesztette és az utószót írta: Szôke Annamária)
www.artpool.hu /Kaprow/HappEloszo.html   (339 words)

 Arts - Visual Arts - Assemblage Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-15)
Groups: AssemblageArt - For established or emerging assemblage artist or even interested in theoretical or art historical discussion of assemblage art.
Copeland, Dale - Assemblage art from New Zealand in the tradition of Joseph Cornell.
Assemblage using Roadkill - Rob Voice, Woodside artist, constructs 3D wall hannging assemblage from animal bones collected from roadkill.
www.netmation.org /www/i010426d.htm   (1089 words)

 Assemblage Artists Home Page
An assemblage is a three-dimensional artistic composition made of miscellaneous objects or found materials.
The French artist Jean Dubuffet first used the term assemblage to describe a method of turning found objects into three-dimensional structures.
Dubuffet referred to his butterfly works as assemblages, though art historians seem to prefer the term collage.
www.assemblageartists.com /index.html   (94 words)

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