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Topic: Assyrians

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

  Assyrians - History for Kids!
By 1700 BC the Assyrians had been conquered by the Amorites, and later they were controlled by the Hurrians for a long time.
Assur-uballit and the Assyrians soon had to fight both the Hurrians and the Kassites in order to stay independent, but they won their wars and were able to establish themselves.
The Assyrian army, which was feared everywhere, started out pretty much every spring going south along the Tigris river, and then cross to the Euphrates and follow that upstream until it got home again to Assur, around the end of the summer.
www.historyforkids.org /learn/westasia/history/assyrians.htm   (628 words)

 History of Assyrians
Assyrian missionary enterprise, by the end of the twelfth century the Assyrian Church was larger than the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches combined, and it spanned the Asian continent, from Syria to Mongolia, Korea, China, Japan and the Philippines.
A large segment of the Assyrian population escaped the ravages of Timurlane by fleeing into the Hakkary mountains (present day eastern Turkey); the remaining Assyrians continued to live in their homelands (presently North Iraq and Syria), and Urmi.
Assyrians have suffered massive genocide, have lost control of their ancestral lands, and are in a struggle for survival.
www.aina.org /aol/peter/brief.htm   (2747 words)

  The Assyrians
The Assyrians were Semitic people living in the northern reaches of Mesopotamia; they have a long history in the area, but for most of that history they are subjugated to the more powerful kingdoms and peoples to the south.
It was the Assyrian monarch, Sargon II (721-705 BC), who first forcefully relocated Hebrews after the conquest of Israel, the northern kingdom of the Hebrews.
Among the great mathematical inventions of the Assyrians were the division of the circle into 360 degrees and were among the first to invent longitude and latitude in geographical navigation.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/History/Assyrians.html   (738 words)

Assyrian Ishshaku to assume the title of King was a certain Bel-bani, an inscription of whom, written in archaic Babylonian, was found by Father Scheil.
Assyrians as the land of that king who happened to be reigning when they were first brought into political relations with it, and we know that this king was Amri, for in 878, the year of Asshur-nasir-pal's expedition to Syria, he had been king over Israel for some nine years.
Assyrian monuments, would be the light of the complete submission of Syria and Palestine: while in the light of the Biblical narrative it would signify that Sennacherib, after his disastrous defeat, dared not attack Palestine again.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02007c.htm   (10347 words)

  Assyrian people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Assyrians trace their heritage to an ancient race of the same name, one of the few major factions which appeared after the collapse of the Akkadian Empire; the world's first Semitic empire created under Sargon I.
Assyrians were one of the first nations to adopt Christianity as their state religion almost two thousand years ago, and traditionally belong to the Assyrian Church of the East, the Chaldean Catholic Church or the Syriac Orthodox Church.
In Iran, the once thriving Assyrian community of around 200,000 is diminished at the close of the 20th century to a mere 5,000 while the total population in all of Iran hovers at around 15,000 to 20,000.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Assyrians   (3147 words)

 Encyclopedia: Assyrians
Tiglath-pileser was the first Assyrian king to come into contact with the Kingdom of Juda, and also the first Assyrian monarch to begin on a large scale the system of transplanting peoples from one country to another, with the object of breaking down their national spirit, unity, and independence.
Assyrian missionary enterprise, by the end of the twelfth century the Assyrian Church was larger than the Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches combined, and it spanned the Asian continent, from Syria to Mongolia, Korea, China, Japan and the Philippines.
Assyrians have suffered massive genocide, have lost control of their ancestral lands, and are in a struggle for survival.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Assyrians   (1293 words)

Having learned from the Hittites, the Assyrians were the first to outfit armies entirely with iron weapons.
Assyrian rulers even boasted of their brutal treatment of the peoples they conquered.
The Assyrians a) divided their empire into provinces, each administered by a governor responsible to the all-powerful king, and b) built military roads to move troops quickly to any part of the empire.
home.cfl.rr.com /crossland/AncientCivilizations/Middle_East_Civilizations/Assyrians/assyrians.html   (271 words)

 Assyria. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Assyrian greatness was to wait until the 9th cent., when Ashurnasirpal II came into power.
Assurbanipal’s reign saw the Assyrian capital of Nineveh reach the height of its splendor.
Assyrian culture owed much to earlier Babylonian civilization, and in religion Assyria seems to have taken much from its southern neighbor and subject (see Middle Eastern religions).
www.bartleby.com /65/as/Assyria.html   (719 words)

 Assyrians from the fall of Nineveh to Present
Two third of the Assyrian population was murdered or forced into Islam between 1914 to 1919 by the combined military forces of the Kurds, Turks, Persians in an all out attempt to wipe them out but they prevailed despite their relatively small number and being concentrated in a small geographic area.
For the last 2000 years Assyrians of the Church of the East, the Syrian Orthodox Church, later the Chaldean Church have observed the fast of Ninevites which is testimony to the survival of the Assyrians and their belief that they were descendants of the ancient Assyrians.
Assyrian writer Bar Saliba a decade or two before Ibn-Battuta identified the person buried in the site as patriarch Hannan Yeshua of the church of the East who was elected to that office during the caliphate of Abd 'ool-Melek ibn Merwan, cir.
christiansofiraq.com /facts.html   (4321 words)

 Holy war made in Germany   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Assyrians used to hold the British responsible for the destruction of their homelands in Turkey and Persia during WW I. This responsibility was always misplaced, however.
In many publications written by Assyrians these events are referred to as the Great Massacres, or ”The Year of the (Islamic) Sword.” But it was the massacre of Semile in the context of British post-war policy in the Middle East that became a key factor in shaping an Assyrian national movement.
The Assyrian writer Yusef Malik, who was a former assistant of the British Mandatory administration service in Iraq (and who therefore had access to confidential documents), published a well documented book in 1935 under the title, "The British Betrayal of the Assyrians," which is still used as a textbook for modern Assyrian history.
aanf.org /America/assyrians/holy_war.htm   (2716 words)

Assyrians in Chicago saw their numbers swell with refugees: from 1,422 in 1920 to 2,327 in 1924, according to community estimates.
To save and rebuild the lives of the refugees, Assyrians cooperated with Armenians in the Armenian Syrian Relief Committee and established village aid societies and ladies' sewing bees.
From the 1910s through the 1930s, Chicago's Assyrian community cultivated a rich social and cultural life, as its members advanced economically and moved northward into such neighborhoods as Lincoln Park and Lake View.
www.encyclopedia.chicagohistory.org /pages/86.html   (732 words)

 Iraqi Assyrians: Barometer of Pluralism - Middle East Quarterly
Iraqi Assyrians primarily belong to the Assyrian Church of the East (Nestorian) and to the Chaldean Church (Catholic), the latter the result of a 1551 church schism when a segment of the Nestorian Assyrians adopted Catholicism.
Although Assyrians had lived as a distinct Christian community for centuries and were the indigenous people of Iraq, it was not until the twentieth century that Assyrian intellectuals formulated a modern Assyrian nationalism.
Assyrians were thus forced to deny their identity as Assyrians and became, in the parlance of the regime, "Arab Christians." Speaking Assyrian in public became a crime, and Assyrian nationalism was harshly punished.
www.meforum.org /article/558   (4062 words)

 War in Iraq - justice or further suffering for the Assyrians?
For the Assyrians in northern Iraq are under threat from another quarter – their neighbours the Kurds.
[Assyrian groups are trying to counter] Kurdish attempts to declare much of the northern region their own, including the oil-rich towns of Kirkuk and Mosul, a land-grab they have tried to sweeten by offering the Assyrians and Turkomans representation at a Kurdish parliament-to-be.
Whether Assyrians claim a small diaspora or a large one, the important facts are the truthful ones.
www.martinrothonline.com /Christians&War/assyrians.htm   (705 words)

 Assyria - Crystalinks
Basic to the central region of Assyria was farming, fed by both the Tigris river and water from the Armenian mountains in the north, and the Zagros mountains in the east.
Among the great mathematical inventions of the Assyrians were the division of the circle into 360 degrees and were among the first to invent longitude and latitude in geographical navigation.
However, the Assyrian people have managed to keep their identity, and still exist as a distinct ethnic group, mainly in northern Iraq, where they are distinguished from their Arab, Kurdish, and Turkmen neighbors by their traditions, politics, Christian religion, and Aramaic dialect.
www.crystalinks.com /assyrian.html   (3662 words)

 f. The Neo-Assyrians and the Neo-Babylonians. 2001. The Encyclopedia of World History   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Urartu was again crushed in 714, and in 712 the Assyrians took Ashdod and annexed Philistia.
The first Assyrian invasion of Egypt (674–673) was unsuccessful, but Esarhaddon struck with full force in 671, routed the Pharaoh Taharka, and took Memphis (See 747–656).
His palace reliefs are among the finest examples of Assyrian art, and he gathered a great library of tablets, which remains one of our main sources for knowledge of Sumero-Akkadian literature.
www.bartleby.com /67/87.html   (1223 words)

 Losing Jesus' Language - Christian History
She has published extensively on the Assyrians, as well as the Afghans, Turkmens, Uighurs and Kurds, and has conducted NEH seminars for teachers at Harvard University and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst on religious and ethnic minorities in the Middle East.
Assyrians were in the region long before the British, the Ottomans, the Arabs, and the Kurds.
The Assyrians were subjected to poll taxes levied against non-Muslims and the oppressive feudal system prevalent in the Middle East, which combined to keep the Assyrians poor and starving.
www.christianitytoday.com /history/newsletter/2005/feb4.html   (1541 words)

 Who are the Assyrians
On behalf of the Assyrians living in the United State and throughout the world, we extend our thoughts and condolences to the families of the victims and to the American nation during the tragic acts of barbaric terrorism inflicted towards all of humanity.
Assyrians once again were not allowed to participate as Great Britian stood in their way, but again they were promised that their rights will be protected, worth mentioning that Agha Petros, General of the Assyrian Army, attended the opening ceremonies.
The Assyrian national question was taken to Geneva by the Assyrian Patriarch, His Holiness Mar Eshai Shimun XXIII again when he addressed the Permanent Mandate Commission meeting and urged the Council to fulfill its obligations toward the Assyrian Nation.
www.nineveh.com /whoarewe.htm   (3241 words)

 Israelites and the Assyrians – On the Margins of Empire
The Assyrian king Shalmaneser III (858-824) ruled his empire from the mighty city of Nimrud on the Tigris.
The pious fantasy was further embellished in in the 6th and 5th centuries, in the aftermath of Babylonian conquest of Judah and the "captivity" (597-539 BC).
It seems that the declining 7th century Assyrian conquerors of Egypt installed a vassal called Nekau (circa 655 BC) and this 'governor' in the delta was the grandfather of the future pharaoh Nekau II.
www.jesusneverexisted.com /assyria.htm   (2276 words)

 Assyrians Yearn for Regime Change in Iraq
Assyrians presently living in their homeland are either ignored or misidentified as “Christian Arabs,” “Christian Kurds,” or by various other religious denominations.
Assyrians contend that it is in the interest of the region and of the world for the continuous presence of Assyrians in that area.
Assyrian communities worldwide have and will continue to express their sincere gratitude for the tireless efforts in the defense of freedom by the United States of America, Australia, Britain and other Allied countries of the willing, to hold and defend the values of democracy and the universal cause of human rights.
www.yowusa.com /humanity/2003/humanity-2003-04a/1.shtml   (2480 words)

 Assyria (general introduction)
It seems that the Assyrians succeeded in consolidating their conquests, although in the west, forts were evacuated.
During the reign of Sennacherib's son and successor Esarhaddon (680-669), the Assyrian armies defeated the Cimmerians, who had threatened Anatolia, and advanced to Egypt, which was evacuated by the last pharaoh of the Kushite dynasty, Taharqa.
The end of the Assyrian occupation of Egypt was probably partly due to the fact that the viceroy of Babylonia, Aššurbanipal's older brother Šamaš-šuma-ukin, had revolted (ABC 15).
www.livius.org /as-at/assyria/assyria.html   (1767 words)

 Assyrian, Assyrians - ÇÔæÑííä¡ ÇÔæÑí   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Several Assyrian Christian families living in the predominately Assyrian District of Dora in Baghdad received yesterday Islamic letter threats of killing; if they don’t abandon their houses and leave the area.
The Assyrian Society of UK demonstration was to protest yet another injustice perpetrated against our people, this time in the Nineveh Plains, in which close to 150,000 of our people were unable to exercise their newly-found democratic voting right.
BBC News, Assyrians are descendants of the ancient empires of Assyria and Babylonia.
www.zyworld.com /Assyrian/Main.htm   (954 words)

 Egypt and the Assyrians
The Assyrians were known for their wide knowledge of warfare and organization, and they obtained extensive territories through military campaigns.
Before the invasion by the Assyrians, the first pharaoh of the twenty-fifth dynasty was Shebaka.
Although, one year after the death of Ashurbanipal in 627 B.C., Assyrians were severely beaten by the Babylonians, and their attempts to regain the lost land never succeeded.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/prehistory/egypt/othercultures/assyrians.html   (626 words)

 Christians for Saddam? by Glen Chancy
Many Assyrians converted to Christianity as early as the second century A.D. Assyrians define themselves as a broad category of Christian groups speaking Aramaic (the language of Jesus) that includes followers of the Chaldean Catholic Church (in communion with Rome), the Syrian Orthodox Church and the Church of the East, among others.
The Assyrians have lived under foreign domination since the fall of the Assyrian kingdom to Persian power in the seventh century B.C. Since then, the Assyrians have been subjected to Persian, Arab, and Ottoman domination.
This leads to a great fear among Assyrians in the north that when the unifying factor of a common enemy is removed, the traditional problems between the Kurds and the Assyrians will resurface with a vengeance.
www.lewrockwell.com /orig3/chancy1.html   (2610 words)

 FrontPage magazine.com :: The Quiet Tragedy of Iraq's Assyrians by Peter BetBasoo   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Assyrian Empire was overthrown in 612 B.C. by the ancestors of today’s Kurds, the Medes (with the help of others).
Assyrians have been the object of hate and discrimination since the coming of Islam, which treated them as Dhimmis, “people of the book,” recognized by the Koran yet treated as second-class citizens.
Assyrians have so frequently suffered both small- and large-scale genocides, the fear is deeply rooted in their subconscious.
www.frontpagemag.com /Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=16128   (1061 words)

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