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Topic: Aster (flower)

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In the News (Sun 23 Jun 19)

  Plant Study of Showy Aster
The flowers are described as composite because hundreds of tiny ray and disk florets weave together with incredible geometric precision to create one unified field of flowers in each blossom of the plant.
The Aster is named for its star-like physical form, and indeed, it seems as though this Star of Self comes to play in one's destiny more actively, helping the individual to awaken to and attract relationships and levels of understanding that might have previously been dormant.
The Aster is one of the flower essences that seems particularly capable of stimulating the dream life, and the consciousness of the Self beyond physical form.
www.flowersociety.org /ShowyAsterStudy.htm   (1272 words)

  Aster spp.
Known alternatively as the Michaelmas daisy, starwort and frost flower, the aster usually blooms in late summer or fall, although the flower is commercially available year-round from various sources.
Asters are available in almost every shade except clear yellow and orange, although the white, blue, purple and violet shades predominate.
Asters are frequent additions to a variety of bouquets and floral arrangements due to their abundant flower clusters and wide range of hues.
www.flowerpossibilities.com /encyclopedia/2.html   (230 words)

 Aster,flowers,Aster,flower Pictures,Catalog,Encyclopedia
Asters reach their greatest complexity in the northeastern United States and adjacent Canada, where more than 65 species are found.
The tubular flowers are bisexual, having both a pistil and stamens; the ray flowers usually are sterile.
The asters are a striking, common component of the flora of late summer and fall.
www.4to40.com /earth/geography/htm/flowersindex.asp?counter=10   (338 words)

 CALLISTEPHUS . China-aster, Annual Flower Information
The principal types of China aster popular for the garden may be classified into two groups: The flat-rayed or "petal" Asters and the tubular or quilled Asters.
As a cut flower the China aster is highly popular and generally admired for its colors-rose-pink, white, violet, purple, red, light pink and lavender.
One of the worst pests of the flowers is the large fat-bodied, bluish-fl blister beetle.
www.backyardgardener.com /annual/annual11.html   (2524 words)

 Clip art and media designed to turn out to be used up to get growing plants Pre-Made Templates
Flowers Plants Almond Flowers Clip art is available
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Flowers Plants Bell Flower we have clip art.
logos.simpleplants.com /Plants-Flowers   (355 words)

 Aster Flower Seeds from around the world in Retail Packs
2" flowers with yellow center, heat resistant, strong stems.
A giant flowered Aster that has won more than 40 gold medals in Germany and other foreign exhibitions.
Tiger Paws produces large 2 3/4-3 1/4 inch flowers on a 2 1/2 foot tall plant, in a profusion of gorgeous colors: white, salmon rose, salmon red, deep rose, medium to deep blue, and yellow.
www.seedman.com /aster.htm   (346 words)

 Aster(China Aster), Callistephus Chinensis, Gardening
Native to Asia, this lovely flowering annual is worth the little extra effort it takes for growing.
Most species of Aster are perennial and generally bloom in August.
They do well in beds, borders or pots and are a favorite as cut flowers because of their longevity.
www.webindia123.com /garden/flowers/aster.htm   (395 words)

Image aster perennials is the reviews of large dar of project images raman which profile aster to novae with the tripolium of new wood.
Family causal it revealed for aster to adobe the flowers aster to the large scenes of sayfa.
Aster use inc cordifolius be cooperative as global distribution of this aster.
www.conceptart.org /dzl/flowers/aster.html   (243 words)

 Aster Flower Seeds from around the world in Retail Packs
A giant flowered Aster that has won more than 40 gold medals in Germany and other foreign exhibitions.
Dwarf, large flowered aster, good basal branching, early flowering for bedding or pots.
Tiger Paws produces large 2 3/4-3 1/4 inch flowers on a 2 1/2 foot tall plant, in a profusion of gorgeous colors: white, salmon rose, salmon red, deep rose, medium to deep blue, and yellow.
www.datasync.com /~seedman/aster.htm   (346 words)

 Aster - CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science
The genus Aster is considered a forb or herb made up of many similar flowers that are native to North America, and are often considered wildflowers and sometimes weeds.
Asters are separate from other species of flowers because of their unique compound flower structure.
Asters are used in gardening to add color to the garden and because they are easy to grow.
creationwiki.org /Aster   (458 words)

 My Web Garden.com - Description of the Bonnie Blue Dwarf Aster
Very hardy, tolerant to light frost, provides color late in the season when flower are scarce, pinch for best performance and to control height, a mound of flowers, very easy to grow, tolerates some light shade but prefers full sun which keeps it shorter and more compact.
In Denmark and Holland asters are grown as a potted plant and as cut flowers.
With their small daisy-like flowers in shades of purple, blue, white and pink, asters have become a popular crop in the European market.
www.mywebgarden.com /Aster/bonnie_blue_dwarf_aster.html   (541 words)

 Fort Wayne IN Florist Online Florist in Indiana Flowers, Flower Arrangements, FTD, Floral Bouquets & Gift Baskets : ...
Aster, Latin for "star," referred to the flower's star-like shape, while wort meant "root," which then applied to plants with healing properties.
Asters are the birth flower for September, and the herb of the goddess Venus.
Asters were laid on the graves of French soldiers to symbolize afterthought and the wish that things had turned out differently.
www.armstrongflower.com /language.html?which=aster   (190 words)

 Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Asters—Stars of the Show in Fall
Asters are available in a myriad of different shades: from the typical blues, pinks, and purples to whites and reds.
Many asters are prone to mildew and leaf diseases and can wind up, excuse the expression, "with bare bottoms." But 'Purple Dome' is so close to the ground that any damage it might sustain is unnoticeable.
The New York aster's long list of cultivars includes 'Mount Everest', which grows to 3 feet and is covered in lovely white flowers for a few weeks.
www.bbg.org /gar2/topics/wildflower/2001fa_aster.html   (1294 words)

 Varieties and Characteristics
Large, disc-shaped flowers carried atop long, fuzzy, leafless stems are hallmarks of the gerbera, a bloom native to South Africa and Asia, now cultivated by tissue culture.
Lilies are strong form flowers with equally strong lines, so even a few stems in a vase make a dramatic statement, and their look can range from country to English garden to avantgarde.
A highly versatile, spiky flower that comes from the Mediterranean area, the snapdragon belongs to the Scrophulariaceae family and rivals the carnation in its usefulness to the retail florist.
www.flowerpossibilities.com /varieties.html   (2603 words)

 Stokes Aster Information
Stokes aster (Stokesia laevis (J. Hill) Greene) is a herbaceous perennial that is used mainly as a landscape ornamental or a specialty cut flower.
Stokes aster is a versatile plant that thrives in a variety of climates and soil types.
Stokes aster forms a basal rosette with alternate leaves that are elliptic to lanceolate in shape and range from 10-30 cm long by 0.8-5.0 cm wide.
www4.ncsu.edu /~jlgaus   (604 words)

 Aster Children's Shoes
Aster is a family run company that has been manufacturing top quality children's shoes since 1913.
Aster's two factories, located in the southwest region of France, are in the villages of St. Astier and St. Germain du Salembre.
The name Aster comes from one of the villages St. Astier, which is surrounded by the Aster flower.
www.pocopattino.com /brands/Aster.html   (80 words)

 Aster flowers
The uniqueness of the aster flower family is that what first seems to be a single large flower is actually a combination of many smaller flowers.
The aster flower comes in many varieties with colors ranging from yellow and purple to accents of leaves and petals of red and gold.
Technically and generally the aster flower is a composite with ray and disc florets.
www.exquisite-gardens.com /aster.htm   (778 words)

 Asteraceae: Wildflowers of the Aster/Sunflower Family (Composite/Compositae). Pictures and help with wildflower ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The uniqueness of the Aster or Sunflower family is that what first seems to be a single large flower is actually a composite of many smaller flowers.
Look closely at the big "petals" that ring the outside of the flower head, and you will see that each petal is also a flower, called a "ray flower", with it's petals fused together and hanging to one side.
The Asters are the largest family of flowering plants in the northern latitudes, with 920 genera and 19,000 species found worldwide, including 346 genera and 2,687 species in the U.S. and Canada.
www.wildflowers-and-weeds.com /Plant_Families/Asteraceae.htm   (1323 words)

 Andy's northern Ontario wildflowers - native meadow wildflowers
Flower: Pale blue to purple with yellow disc at centre; disk turns reddish brown with age; daisy-like; 9-20 ray flowers that are up to 15 mm long; July - August.
Flower: Deep blue-violet with a yellow centre; mostly single at ends of branchlets; central "disc" flowers are usually a bright yellow; 15-25 ray flowers; flower head 2-3 cm across; August - September.
Flower: Purple; tubular in shape with an upper and lower lip; in crowded spike; typical are the 4-protruding stamens; bracts are purplish in colour; flowers occur in whorls around the stem; July - September.
www.ontariowildflower.com /wildflower_meadow.htm   (3440 words)

 Aster Family
In sunflowers, for example, the disc flowers are clustered together in a round "disc," in the center of the flowering head.
The flowering head, to which the ray and disc flowers are attached, is called a receptacle.
Near the upper surface of the ovary emerge the bristles of the pappus.
www.voyageur.drake.edu /Wacha/aster_family.html   (533 words)

 Garden Aster - Annual Flower For Your Garden
The China aster may also be seeded into seed flats in the hot bed or greenhouse, transplanted into flats and then set into the garden after the last frost date.
Subject to wilt, the annual aster should not be planted in the same spot two years in a row.
The Garden Aster will be a good addition to your flower annual flower garden, producing cut flowers in a variety of colors and shapes for your fresh table bouquet.
www.gardensandnature.com /annualflowers/astergarden.html   (351 words)

 Aster or Starwort - English Garden
This flower would be placed on the grave of a French soldier, as a tribute to his bravery and valor.
Aster flowers grow up to 2' tall and bloom from late summer through autumn to the first frosts.
Aster novi-belgi (zones 4-8)- Orlando is smaller, growing to 36 inches also with pink flowers with yellow centres.
www.bellaonline.com /articles/art13977.asp   (407 words)

 New England Aster Aster Novae-angliae seed plants Symphyotrichum
Flowers are 1 to 2 inches in diameter and bloom in September and October.
New England aster is a native perennial forb which grows from 2 ½ to 6.0 feet tall with hairy stems and leaves.
New England Aster with it's pink and purple masses are found growing wild in wet meadows, prairies, and along streams from Quebec to Alberta, south to North Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico.
www.easywildflowers.com /quality/ast.nov.htm   (890 words)

 Aster Flower - Flower Society Provides information of different flowers types   (Site not responding. Last check: )
While this might not be as applicable today, perhaps its connotation is still relevant: Giving asters means, "I am not sure whether you have been faithful to me".
Includes explanations on meanings of flowers, types of flowers, birth flowers by month, significance of flower colors, state flowers and flower names.
FlowerSociety's flower guide has an extensive selection of flower images and flower pictures on all flower types and flower meanings.
www.flowersociety.com /flower-type-aster.html   (128 words)

 Jim's Favorite Flower Garden Seed Selections
Flowers are so profuse, they hide the lush, medium green, heart shaped leaves.
Tall stems of single pastel flowers in a range of colors of lilac-mauve to soft pink are ideal for cutting.
An annual plant growing 20-30 inches tall with a mix of large trumpet shaped flowers that are bright white, red, blue, brown, yellow or violet with contrasting veining and a velvety texture in the flower, giving it a "tongue" texture look.
www.datasync.com /sbe/Flowera.htm   (2505 words)

 Flower Seeds | Vegetable Seeds | Herb Seeds from 2B Seeds
Attractive picotee flower with white center and magenta red and carmine rose edge.
Produces peppers that are great to use in Asian dishes or dry for red pepper flakes.
Our family-owned company is committed to bringing you the highest quality, top-performing annual flower seeds, perennial flower seeds, vegetable seeds, and herb seeds.
www.2bseeds.com   (393 words)

 SASI Garden Plant List
Follow the links to see what insects have stopped by to dine on our offerings of foliage and nectar.
* Plants which are flowering 18 March 1999
Gardens are irrigated by sprinkler to minimize accumulation of salts and to deter javalinas from soggy spots that result in drip irrigation.
www.sasionline.org /butgard/plants.html   (129 words)

 Flower Structure   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Disc flowers have 5 petals fused together to form a tube (blue).
The stamens, or male parts of the flower, are contained within the tube of petals.
Flowering head showing 3 disc flowers, 2 ray flowers, receptacle (red cup-like structure), involucral bracts (fl tents) on outer surface of receptacle, and stem or peduncle(red rectangle).
www.voyageur.drake.edu /Wacha/flower_diagrams.html   (174 words)

 Aster Cut Flower Delivery
The genus Aster includes some 600 species of widely distributed flowering plants in the family Asteraceae.
Aster comes from Greek word for star, and refers to the shape of the flower head.
Asters are dainty, daisy-like flowers with yellow centers distributed over airy sprays.
www.justroses.net /cut-flowers/aster.htm   (68 words)

 Flat-topped White Aster (Doellingeria umbellata)
Flat-topped white aster flower clusters are usually, but not always, flat -- occasionally the plant has a dome-shaped flower cluster.
The disk flowers turn gray with age, and the grayish flowerheads persist late into fall.
Cornel-leaf aster looks similar, but it has broader leaves, and it tends to have very few flowerheads.
www.ct-botanical-society.org /galleries/doellingeriaumbe.html   (78 words)

 The Flower Expert - Flowers Encyclopedia lists most popular pages on aster   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Asters are beautiful perennials that are found wild in North America and southern Europe.
Alpine aster is a delightful and well behaved aster for the home rockery or front of a border.
Tropical flowers hold a special place in the hearts of flower lovers due to their breathtaking fragrance and exquisite beauty.
www.theflowerexpert.com /popular/aster   (562 words)

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