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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  Astronaut Scholarship Foundation: Scholarship Program
Astronauts, ASF Board Members, and Astronaut Scholars at the 2006 Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction weekend.
The Astronaut Scholarship is awarded only to students during their junior or senior year, or to Master's students.
The Astronaut Scholarship Foundation was created to ensure that the United States would maintain its leadership in science and technology in the future by supporting promising students in science and engineering.
www.astronautscholarship.org /scholarship.html   (370 words)

  Astronaut - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
On March 14, 1995 astronaut Norman Thagard became the first American to ride to space on board a Russian launch vehicle, arguably becoming the first American cosmonaut in the process.
As of 2005, the most spaceflights by an individual astronaut was seven, a record held by both Jerry L. Ross and Franklin Chang-Diaz.
The first astronauts, both in the U.S. and USSR, tended to be jet fighter pilots, often test pilots, from military backgrounds.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Astronaut   (1238 words)

 [No title]
An astronaut, cosmonaut or taikonaut is a person who travels into space, or who makes a career of doing so.
By convention, an astronaut employed by the Russian Aviation and Space Agency or its Soviet predecessor is called a cosmonaut.
In 1998 the European Space Agency formed a single astronaut corps of 18 by dissolving the former national corps of France, Germany and Italy.
wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/a/as/astronaut.html   (675 words)

 Astronaut (album) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Astronaut is an album by British band Duran Duran, first released on October 11, 2004 (see 2004 in music).
Astronaut debuted at #1 on the Internet album chart (that is, physical albums bought through Internet vendors), #3 in the UK album chart, and at #17 in the US Billboard 200 album chart, with similar Top Twenty debuts elsewhere in the world.
On 20 December 2005, Astronaut was released on the SACD format.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Astronaut_(album)   (1140 words)

 Astronaut [encyclopedia]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Astronauts (and cosmonauts) are people specially trained to work in space, spending weeks or months carrying out mission tasks and research in science on a space station or spacecraft.
The term "astronaut" derives from the Greek words meaning "space sailor," and refers to all who have been launched as crew members aboard NASA spacecraft bound for orbit and beyond.
Each astronaut carries an instrument to measure their exposure to this radiation, which limits the amount of time that astronauts can spend in orbit.
www.kosmoi.com /Space/Astronaut   (1123 words)

 Astronaut - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
However in the United States, the term "astronaut" is typically applied to the individual as soon as training begins, while in Russia, an individual is not labeled a cosmonaut until successful space flight.
The first non-governmental astronaut was Christa McAuliffe, who was killed during the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster on January 28, 1986.
The first astronauts, both in the USA and USSR, tended to be jet fighter pilots, often test pilots, from military backgrounds.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/a/s/t/Astronaut.html   (1120 words)

 So You Want To Be An Astronaut
Most astronauts to date, however, continued with career and/or education to the post-graduate levels and were able to substitute education for all or part of their work experience requirement.
Astronauts begin their salary in accordance with the US Government pay scale at GS-11 (approximately $39,000.) status and top off at GS-14 (approximately $78,000).
Most people would consider being a astronaut a high-risk occupation and with many astronauts going home to a spouse, children, or both, it would be reasonable to think that the fear and anxiety of those risks would constantly be on their minds.
liftoff.msfc.nasa.gov /academy/astronauts/wannabe.html   (1765 words)

 StarChild: Astronauts
A special pen had to be invented for astronauts to be able to write while in space.
In order to become an astronaut, a person must work well with people, be able to communicate well, be eager to do the job, have work experience, have good grades, and have a college degree.
Astronauts practice all of the jobs they will need to know during their space mission.
starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov /docs/StarChild/space_level1/astronaut.html   (234 words)

 StarChild: Astronauts
Future astronaut candidates must make a commitment early in their academic careers to gain the credentials necessary to apply to the astronaut program.
If the applicant's goal is to be a pilot/commander in the astronaut program, they must have logged at least 1000 hours of flight time in command of a jet aircraft before the selection board will consider them.
Astronauts are usually eligible for a flight assignment one year after completion of basic training.
starchild.gsfc.nasa.gov /docs/StarChild/space_level2/astronaut.html   (714 words)

 Career as Astronaut
Astronauts will spend at least three to four months growing plants, making crystals and performing other experiments in near-zero gravity.
Astronaut researchers (formerly called "mission specialists") conduct scientific experiments in space and perform spacewalks.
Astronauts also learn about most everything that could possibly go wrong -- such as engine and electrical failures or doors to space that become stuck.
www.engology.com /articleastronaut.htm   (1226 words)

 Astronaut Scholars Honor Society: 1999 Annual Meeting
Current and past recipients of the Astronaut Scholarship (formerly Mercury Seven Scholarship) attended and were able to meet and mingle with approximately 10 astronauts from the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, and Space Shuttle programs.
Astronaut Scholars were treated to a VIP tour of Kennedy Space Center and the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame.
At the U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame, the scholars were hosted on a guided tour, where many of the artifacts and features of the attraction were explained.
www.astronautscholars.org /meeting_1999.html   (428 words)

 The Astronaut Farmer (2006)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
A NASA astronaut (Thornton), forced to retire years earlier so he could save his family farm, has never give up his dream of space travel and looks to build his own rocket, despite the government's threats to stop him.
During the filming of The Astronaut Farmer in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico.
And a Big Movie Star appears as a former astronaut who tries to talk Thornton out of his dreams (sorry, you have to watch the movie to see who it is).
www.imdb.com /title/tt0469263   (464 words)

 Howstuffworks "How do I become an astronaut?"
But becoming an astronaut in the U.S. space program is not easy, and the process can take several years.
As an astronaut, you will continue classroom training on the various aspects of space shuttle operations that you started as an astronaut candidate.
Astronauts are expected to stay with NASA for at least five years after their selection.
people.howstuffworks.com /question534.htm   (747 words)

Summary: Discovery's astronauts were awakened this morning in preparation for their rendezvous and docking to the International Space Station after an extra hour of sleep to the sounds of "Girls Just Want To Have Fun", by Cyndi Lauper.
Discovery's astronauts prepared for a Monday landing after high crosswinds at Kennedy Space Center caused a delay of at least one day in their return to Earth and the end of their successful mission to expand the International Space Station and ready it for its first crew.
Summary: The STS-92 astronauts aboard Space Shuttle Discovery are preparing for their return to Earth with a planned touchdown on the 3-mile long Shuttle Landing Facility runway at the Kennedy Space Center at 1:14 p.m.
www.astronautix.com /astros/duffy.htm   (2547 words)

Astronauts come from a variety of fields, train for a year or two on the chance of being chosen as a member of a shuttle crew, and then return to their original jobs.
Other unusual skills astronauts learn include eating and drinking through straws, washing their entire bodies with a hand cloth, and sleeping in a noisy environment, buckled to a bed so they don't float around the craft uncontrollably.
Astronauts occasionally become celebrities due to their unusual status, and a few parlay their fame into media-supported careers.
www.princetonreview.com /cte/profiles/dayInLife.asp?careerID=14   (790 words)

 NASA - Astronaut Selection
Mission specialist astronauts, working with the commander and pilot, have overall responsibility for the coordination of Shuttle operations in the areas of crew activity planning, consumables usage, and experiment and payload operations.
The astronaut candidates will undergo a 1 to 2-year training and evaluation period during which time they will participate in the basic astronaut training program which is designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for formal mission training upon selection for a flight.
As part of the Astronaut Candidate training program, Astronaut Candidates are required to complete military water survival prior to beginning their flying syllabus, and become SCUBA qualified to prepare them for the extravehicular activity training.
www.nasajobs.nasa.gov /astronauts/content/broch00.htm   (1592 words)

 [411]B: Solar Exploration - Catherine Coleman, Astronaut   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Cady prepares to be part of the American team of astronauts that will one day represent America on the new International Space Station.
An astronaut is a highly-skilled individual trained to pilot and navigate spacecraft and participate in space flight experiments and exploration.
Astronauts must have knowledge of many different fields of science, and spend hundreds of hours training for space missions and science experiments that may be conducted in space.
www.realscience.org /student_home/series_astronaut.html   (299 words)

 What Is Astronaut Ice Cream?
Astronaut Ice Cream has proven to be one of our long-term best sellers.
We often get questions from teachers, event planners, kids, aspiring astronauts, hikers, campers, and others regarding our astronaut ice cream, so here are some quick answers.
Yes, our astronaut ice cream is kosher and the package bears the kosher symbol.
www.kopes.com /space/astronaut-ice-cream.htm   (278 words)

Astronauts are responsible for the execution of space shuttle missions, their rules and control directives, assessing problems and implementing deviations from flight plan, procedures or personnel assignments in the interest of safety or mission accomplishment.
The pilot assists the commander in controlling and operating the vehicle and may assist in the deployment and retrieval of satellites using the remote manipulator system (RMS), referred to as the robot arm or mechanical arm.
Mission specialist astronauts work with the commander and the pilot and have overall responsibility for coordinating shuttle operations in the following areas: Shuttle systems, crew activity planning, consumables usage, and experiment/payload operations.
www.afrotc.com /careers/jobsearch/category/space/13AX.htm   (293 words)

 ESA - Human Spaceflight and Exploration - Astronauts - EAC - home base of the European Astronaut Corps
The role of the EAC is to prepare and implement astronaut training programmes for a variety of missions, including those for the International Space Station.
EAC is responsible for the preparation, planning and scheduling of the European astronauts' tasks and flight assignments as well as coordinating astronaut activities with other countries.
This support, which includes support to the families of astronauts both at home or abroad, is especially important during extended stays by astronauts on space flight missions and at ESA's partner training centres.
www.esa.int /esaHS/ESAJIE0VMOC_astronauts_0.html   (209 words)

 Amazon.com: Astronaut: Music: Duran Duran   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
I do think that "Astronaut" is definitely a Top 5 Duran album, and I grieve for missing the abbreviated tour that came through here in 2003.
Astronaut is one of the best albums in the last ten years.
Astronaut recaptures the vitality and incredible synergy that propelled them to the top of the charts again and again 20+ years ago.
www.amazon.com /Astronaut-Duran/dp/B0002X591A   (2667 words)

 collectSPACE - news - "Astronaut Hall of Fame to honor five"
Astronauts' family members, friends and other VIPs joined hundreds of space enthusiasts at the ceremony, which took place beneath a 363-foot Saturn V rocket at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida.
Sullivan, as America's third female astronaut, made history as the United States' first woman to spacewalk during her 1984 inaugural Shuttle flight when she and David Leetsma floated into Challenger's open cargo bay to practice techniques for refueling out-of-gas orbiting satellites.
To be eligible for induction, an individual must be a U.S. citizen and a NASA astronaut and must have been out of the active astronaut corps at least five years.
www.collectspace.com /news/news-012004a.html   (1240 words)

 The Science Channel :: Astronaut Diaries
Dave Brown was many things: a medical doctor, a Navy pilot, a gymnast, a circus performer and, on Feb. 1, 2003, a first-time astronaut aboard the space shuttle Columbia.
Astronaut Diaries offers insight into the minds of those who willingly risk their lives for science and exploration.
To donate to the families of the Columbia 7 Astronauts and other NASA families in need, go to the NASA Family Assistance Fund or call 800-338-0755.
science.discovery.com /convergence/shuttle/astronautdiaries/tunein.html   (246 words)

Blasting on to the New York music scene in early 2003, astronaut, with its wistful melodies, strong vocals, and complementary rhythms, is making its mark locally and nationally with a growing fan base and critical acclaim for its songs.
Since astronaut sold out the Pianos on their debut last March, they continue to pack houses, performing at such NYC landmarks as Bowery Ballroom, Mercury Lounge, The Knitting Factory, CBGB, Galapagos, Luna Lounge and Northsix.
Amanda C. Dear Astronaut, I wrote you a poem.
www.myspace.com /astronaut   (680 words)

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