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Topic: Astyages

A diplomatic marriage was arranged to celebrate the treaty: Aryenis, a sister of the Lydian king Croesus, was married to the Median crown prince Astyages.
Therefore, Astyages ordered his courtier Harpagus to kill the young boy, but Harpagus secretly gave it to a herdsman, who was to do the dreadful deed.
Astyages started to suspect what had happened when he interviewed the boy and noticed that his face resembled his own.
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  The Myth of the Birth of the Hero: II. The Circle of Myths: Cyrus
Astyages concealed the anger which he had aroused in him, and first told him what he had learned from the herder; then he mentioned that the boy was still living, and that everything had turned out all right.
Astyages made reply: "The boy is alive, and is here, and as he was staying in the country, the boys of the village elected him for their king.
In order to banish this dread, Astyages gave his daughter in marriage neither to a prominent man nor to a Mede, so that his grandson's mind might not be uplifted by the paternal estate besides the maternal; but he married her to Cambyses, a middle-class man from the then unknown people of the Persians.
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Astyages (in Persian: ایشتوویگو (Ishtovigu), spelled by Herodotos as Astyages; by Ctesias as Astyigas, by Diodorus as Aspadas; Akkadian: Ištumegu, Median: Rishti Vega Azhi Dahâk, Armenian: Azhdahak, Kurdish: Azh Dahâk), the last king of the Median Empire, r.
Astyages inherited a large empire, ruled in alliance with his two brothers-in-law, Croesus of Lydia and Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon, whose wife, Amytis, Astyages' sister, was the queen for whom Nebuchadnezzar was said to have built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
However, as Harpagus was Astyages' general at the battle of Pasargadae, as his family were granted high positions in Cyrus' empire after the war, and as Harpagus went on to become Cyrus II's most successful general, it is possible he had something to do with the mutiny against Astyages.
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Kurz nach der Eheschließung hatte Astyages erneut einen Traum, diesmal, dass aus Mandanes Schoß ein Weinstock wachsen würde, der ganz Asien überschatten würde.
Astyages soll den jugendlichen Kyros später persönlich beaufsichtigt haben, ihn dann jedoch nach Persien zurückgeschickt haben.
Astyages soll während seiner 35jährigen Regierungszeit geplant haben, gegen das babylonische Reich zu Felde zu ziehen, was den dortigen König Nabonid zu einem Bündnis mit den Persern bewog.
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 Cyrus the Great
Before Cyrus was born Astyages was told by an oracle that the son of his daughter would rule all of Media.
Astyages felt threatened by this, so he had his daughter married to the prince of a Persian vassal state with the feeling that any child born between them could be easily dealt with.
Astyages' daughter gave birth to a male child who was promptly handed to Harpagus, the chief councilor of Astyages with orders to kill the child.
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 Astyages - LoveToKnow 1911
In the inscriptions of Nabonidus the name is written Ishtuvegu (cylinder from Abu Habba V R 64, col.
From the inscriptions of Nabonidus we learn that Cyrus, king of Anshan (Susiana), began war against him in 553 B.C.; in 550, when Astyages marched against Cyrus, his troops rebelled, and he was taken prisoner.
This is evidently a mistake; the name ought to be Cyaxares (in the fragments of the Jewish history of Alexander Polyhistor, in Euseb.
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 The Urine and the Vine: Astyages' Dreams at Herodotus 1.107-8
A daughter was born to him, whom he called Mandane; and Astyages dreamed that she urinated so much that the urine filled his city, then went on to flood all of Asia.
Had this dream come first, an heirless Astyages might indeed have had nothing to fear, and could rejoice in the presaged glory of a grandson; the marriage to an outsider would in that case have been most inappropriate.
Admittedly, Croesus is concerned to preserve his heir, while Astyages decides to destroy his, but the distinction is less crucial than it seems: for it is precisely Astyages' halfheartedness, his reluctance to take the hardest measures against his daughter, which directs his actions.
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 Astyages - Definition, explanation
Astyages (so-called by Herodotos; called Astyigas by Ctesias, and Aspadas by Diodorus; Akkadian: Ishtumegu) (reigned 585 BCE-550 BCE) was the son of King Cyaxares, and the last king of the Median Empire.
Herodotus relates that the mutiny was instigated by one of Astyages' courtiers (and generals), named Harpagus, as revenge for the king forcing him to eat his own son.
Herodotos says that he was imprisoned for the rest of his life, while according to Ctesias, he was made a governor of a region of Parthia and was later murdered by a political opponent, Oebaras.
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 ASTYAGES - Online Information article about ASTYAGES
war against him in 553 B.C.; in 550, when Astyages marched against Cyrus, his troops rebelled, and he was taken prisoner.
ECBATANA (Agbatana in Aeschylus, Hangmatana in Old Persian, written Agamtanu by Nabonidos, and Agamatanu at Behistun, mod.
reason to invent an earlier king Astyages I., as some modem authors have done.
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 Astyages - International Standard Bible Encyclopedia
Astyages had given orders to expose the babe; but Harpagus, on whom the task had been imposed, gave the child to a herdsman, with instructions to kill him.
When Astyages marched against the Persians, the Medes, under the command of Harpagus, deserted their king, and sided with the disappointed Persians; and Cyrus was crowned king.
Astyages was the last of the kings of the Manda (Media).
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 Dept. of Classics at Mount Allison University --
Astyages, son of Cyaxares, was king of Sardis.
This was interpreted by the Magi that her son would grow up to be king and usurp Astyages of his throne.
As a result of this prophecy, Astyages sent Harpagus to murder the newly born child of Mandane.
www.mta.ca /faculty/humanities/classics/Course_Materials/CLAS3001/hdt1_95to200.php3   (0 words)

 Herodotus: Book 1: Clio: 120
And even before that time he had effected something: for Astyages being harsh towards the Medes, Harpagos communicated severally with the chief men of the Medes, and persuaded them that they must make Cyrus their leader and cause Astyages to cease from being king.
Then he unfolded the paper and reading from it said that Astyages appointed him commander of the Persians; "and now, O Persians," he continued, "I give you command to come to me each one with a reaping-hook." Cyrus then proclaimed this command.
So Astyages hearing this armed all the Medes, and blinded by divine providence he appointed Harpagos to be the leader of the army, forgetting what he had done to him.
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 The Baldwin Project: Stories of the East From Herodotus by Alfred J. Church
For Astyages was wont to deal cruelly with his people, and Harpagus had talked with certain of the chief men of the Medes, persuading them that they should rebel against Astyages and make Cyrus king in his stead.
And it shall happen as thou wouldst have it, whether I be set by Astyages to command the army that shall be sent against thee, or whether any other of the principal men among the Medes be so set.
Now it came to pass that when the battle was joined, some of the Medes fought with all their might against the Persians, knowing nothing of the counsels of Harpagus, and some deserted to the Persians, but the greater part turned their backs and fled.
www.mainlesson.com /display.php?author=church&book=storieseast&story=overthroweth   (0 words)

 Astyages - Encyclopedia.com
His rule was harsh, and he was unpopular.
His daughter is alleged to have married the elder Cambyses and was said to be the mother of Cyrus the Great, who rebelled against Astyages and overthrew him (c.550 BC), thus creating the Persian Empire.
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