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Topic: Atari TOS

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In the News (Mon 18 Mar 19)

  tos, tos tos, tos
terms of service (often abbreviated as "tos") are rules by which one must agree to abide by in order to use a service.
in internet slang, "to tos" someone is to report them for a violation of a service's terms of...
v 53 rca l 24xrca jack to one of the 3 rca devices input (3x3 tos giris) 1 veya 2 cihazdan girise gore secileblir.
www.proxies2go.com /tos.html   (375 words)

  Atari - US - TOS
Atari’s longstanding company policy does not allow it to accept or to consider creative ideas, suggestions, or materials other than those it has specifically requested.
Atari may edit, copy, publish, distribute, translate, and otherwise use in any medium any Comments that you forward to Atari and will own exclusively all such rights, title, and interest and will not be limited in any way in its use, commercial or otherwise, of the Comments.
Atari will not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage of any sort incurred as the result of any such dealings or as the result of the presence of such merchants on the Service.
www.atari.com /us/tos   (2815 words)

 AEX - TT Design Overview
Atari had obviously put a lot of time and money into the TT, it had been the culmination of over 4 years work by Atari engineers.
The name of the Atari ST derives from the nature of its microprocessor, the 68000 -- a so-called "sixteen/thirty-two bit" processor (hence "ST"), by virtue of its 16-bit-wide data bus and 32-bit-wide internal registers.
As time went on, however, Atari realized that the 68020 was not an ideal stopping-point for the TT technology it was developing.
www.atari-explorer.com /16bit/TT-design.html   (449 words)

 What is TOS?
TOS itself originated from the landmark CP/M operating system -- created by Gary Kildall who would later form Digital Research -- by modifying CP/M68, a version for the Motorola 68000 processor which Atari was to use in its new 16-bit computer.
Atari's use of GEM, however, was not restricted by these early legal wranglings.
Atari's high-end workstation, the TT, first released in 1990 utilizing the Motorola 68030 processor found in the most expensive Macs of the time.
www.vanc.igs.net /~roughley/tos_main.htm   (951 words)

 Atari TOS - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Operating System (TOS) was the operating system of the Atari ST range of computers.
The Atari GEMDOS comprise the highest level in TOS, while low level tasks are handed over to the BIOS as well as the XBIOS.
TOS was a single tasking operating system, in essence limiting the user to run only one application at a time.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Atari_TOS   (1199 words)

 Atari TOS 1.0
TOS is the operating system designed for the Atari ST and TT series of computers.
The Atari ST and TT use a Motorola 68k based CPU (The same CPU used by early Macintoshes) and was first manufactured in 1985.
None of the versions of GEM for Atari TOS were affected by the Apple lawsuit so all of the Atari versions retained these features.
toastytech.com /guis/tos.html   (409 words)

 Atari 520ST computer
The Atari 520ST was introduced at the Winter CES in January of 1985, 6 months before the Commodore Amiga.
Atari did take some shortcuts, though, as the Operating System did not yet exist in ROM, and had to be loaded from floppy-disk when powered on (but then again, so did the Amiga).
There was a huge rivalry between Amiga and Atari users, each positive that their computer system was superior, or at least hoping it was.
oldcomputers.net /atari520st.html   (624 words)

The Atari Falcon 030 is the successor of the Atari 520 STe and the Atari TT 30.
It is the old Atari ST TOS with new functions to handle the DSP and the new graphic modes.
Atari planned first to put it in ROM, but it was not finished and was shipped on disks.
www.old-computers.com /museum/computer.asp?c=125   (379 words)

 History of Atari TOS - Atari Forum Wiki
Atari logo display at boot-up; automatic cold boot memory test.
TT TOS 3.0x was released (for the 68030-based TT) before 2.0x; TOS 2 was essentially a version of TOS 3 for older hardware.
Early single-tasking TOS replacement, originally based on a large and complex patch set for Atari TOS 1.4.
www.atari-forum.com /wiki/index.php/History_of_Atari_TOS   (572 words)

 [No title]
TOS 1.2 (1.02) came on 6 chips, TOS 1.4 (1.04) came on either 6 or 2 chips.
TOS 2.06 is the latest version that can be used in an ST(e/f/fm).
Upgrading TOS from a 2 chip version to a newer 2 chip one is quite simple, provided you change two jumpers on the motherboard (W102 and W104).
www.chebucto.ns.ca /Technology/CUGNS/info/faq/stfaq_2.htm   (788 words)

 Atari St
Atari showed an 260ST with 256K of RAM and a built-in floppy disk which never shipped.
Atari ST with built in floppy and one megabyte of RAM.
TOS 2.00 featured the new desktop which was introduced with the TT.
members.tripod.com /pignol_g/Pages/atari.htm   (618 words)

 New Page 1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
TOS 3.0x was released (for the 68030-based TT) before 2.0x; TOS 2 was essentially a version of TOS 3 for older hardware.
Incorporated many features from TOS 2.x, including icons on the desktop, drag and drop to desktop icons, configurable command lines for apps requiring switches etc. Included its own file viewer for viewing text files in windows (vast improvement over TOS file viewer).
Gemini's main contribution to Atari GEM development is the AV protocol (Adonis/Venus), a de facto standard for interapplication communication.
members.aol.com /liamproven/reference/tos_hist.htm   (1213 words)

 Nurmix Web Central: Atari Computers: Info 2
While I certainly don't claim to be an Atari historian by any means, I have used Atari computers since the early eighties, and while not an expert, I am familiar with most of the models Atari produced, and have a great deal of personal experience with many of them as well.
The Atari ST became almost synonymous with MIDI and could be found in many major recording studios and on stages around the world.
Atari's final computer was released around 1993, and it was quite a bit different than it's predecessors.
www.nurmix.com /a2_info.htm   (2100 words)

 STEem Engine
Atari Emulator for PC after lines shorter than 040 chars.
Many composers/programmers previously done on the Atari platform are now repackaging their programs which includes Steem.
Also unzip the TOS image you will be using for Steem in the same directory.
tamw.atari-users.net /steem.htm   (1199 words)

 What did someone do to my 520ST - AtariAge Forums
KAOS 1,2 logical-proves displaced by TOS 1,04 and KAOS 1.4.2 of TOS 1,6, whereby one for the latter, since largely, in the ST an adapter plate needed 256 KB.
TOS on disk are just boot disks with a loader and a RAM based TOS image.
I figured it was the disk-boot TOS but I'll open it up sometime soon to take a peek at the hardware, just out of curiosity.
www.atariage.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=88000   (2721 words)

I also recived an infraction for posting a new thread as a poll for people to express their opinions of me as a good person not a monster as you guys have made me out to be.
It may have been against tos policy and code of conduct but it was never illegal for i never acctually hacked your servers i only manipulated what the servers read with a packet editor.
What this really comes down to is respect not only for rules and TOS, and showing respect for others as well as the "others" that take time out from their lives to help make this place a nicer bolt hole on the net.
www.ataricommunity.com /forums/showthread.php?p=8071367   (4463 words)

 Atari Falcon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Falcon's performance was not as great as it could have been, mostly due to Atari's decision to put the 32-bit 68030 microprocessor on a 16-bit data bus.
Apple Computer was widely criticised for making the same kind of decision with their Macintosh LC computer, although this was done to prevent sales of this low-end computer from cutting into the sales of the more expensive Macs.
Apparently, Atari created a number of prototypes of the Falcon040 (based on the more capable deep-pipeline, FPU-including, Motorola 68040, and using a "microbox" case), but cancelled it in order to focus developers on the Atari Jaguar.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Atari_Falcon   (431 words)

 Atari Users Network :: Your Atari News - From Atari Users
I ported this with FreeMiNT in mind, but it seems to work in TOS and should work in MagiC too, except for some minor glitches.
Djordje Vukovic reports on usenet that version 3.93 of TeraDesk open-source desktop for the 16-bit and 32-bit lines of Atari computers is available at:
Martin Tarenskeen reports on the MiNT mailing list that he has ported Mup-5.4 Music Publisher for Atari FreeMiNT and made it available as a SpareMiNT RPM package.
www.atari-users.net   (988 words)

 Tosbox   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
Several high-resolution video modes that were not native to the Atari hardware are implemented, along with the standard ST modes which are included for compatibility.
Before you can run Tosbox, you need to have an Atari TOS operating system image, which is typically a 192k or 256k file copied from the original Atari ROMs.
The emulator package comes with a utility that helps you create such an image on a floppy if you already own an Atari ST. Images are also available widely (and I think illegally) around the 'net, but I'll leave it up to you to hunt those down if you want to do that.
www.geocities.com /tosbox   (226 words)

 MyAtari magazine: ARAnyM: Atari Running on Any Machine
Later, after realizing that Ctirad was right and that ARAnyM is The Way of TOS compatibles in future I have been working on it to give all remaining TOS users a possibility of upgrading their ageing machines.
That the future of TOS platform is not in developing small series of over-priced accelerators or completely new hardware that often has nearly nothing in common with the original TOS machines from Atari.
Then there are hard-core Atari users and demo-makers that spend money for accelerators and other add-ons to their Falcons but in the end, for regular daily work they often use PC with Windows.
www.myatari.net /issues/dec2002/aranym.htm   (4457 words)

 The Linux Game Tome
The Atari ST was a 16/32 bit computer system which was first released by Atari in 1985.
Unlike many other Atari ST emulators which try to give you a good environment for running GEM applications, Hatari tries to emulate the hardware of a ST as close as possible so that it is able to run most of the old ST games and demos.
Many older games are very picky about the TOS version with which they work, so there are only a few games and demos which work with EmuTOS, but for people who don't have an old Atari in their closets, at least something works with it.
happypenguin.org /show?Hatari   (473 words)

 Emulators Online - Atari ST Emulation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
One or more sets of Atari ST or STE TOS ROM chips and/or Apple Macintosh Plus ROM chips must be plugged in to the card to operate, since it is these ROMs that contain the boot code to an Atari or Macintosh operating system.
Up to four 2-chip sets of TOS ROMs may be plugged in to one Gemulator card, or a combination of one 2-chip and one 6-chip set of ROMS as shown in the picture.
TOS 2.06 is the latest, fastest, and least buggy version of Atari ST and STE TOS produced by Atari.
www.emulators.com /gemul8r.htm   (6519 words)

 myatari.net : The Age of Emulation
Whilst some users have kept their Atari machines, many others have not been so fortunate due to lack of funds - or more importantly - desk space.
Atari employed the use of ROM chips on the ST and Falcon030's to store TOS (The Operating System), so without a copy, your emulation software is quite useless.
The final setup stage is to define the properties of the Atari you wish GEMulator to emulate.
www.myatari.net /issues/nov2000/emulate.htm   (815 words)

 Atari ST Tos Roms
A TOS ROM Image is necessary in order to be able to use an Atari ST emulator on a PC.
Tos 104 - Tos 106 - Tos 162 -
Tos 100 - Tos 102 - Tos 104 -
www.fortunecity.com /tattooine/canaveral/157   (116 words)

 DDTSS (nl): Reviewing atari-bootstrap
The Atari bootstrap is needed to boot Linux/m68k kernels on Atari machines.
De Atari bootstrap is nodig om Linux/m68k kernels to booten op Atari computers.
Furthermore it provides boot floppy images that formerly were included in the syslinux package, and a tool rawwrite.ttp to write disk images under TOS.
svana.org /kleptog/temp/atari-bootstrap.html   (206 words)

 Computers: Atari / TOS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
In fact, one Atari or other has always been the only computer in the house.
Beside being quite useful at times to do some serious work, meddling with Ataris was, and still is, a nice hobby- something like driving an oldtimer car.
LaceScan board :   An implementation of Ulf Ronald Andersson's LaceScan (c), a two-chip hardware hack which increases screen resolution of Atari ST and MegaST computers up to about 750x490 on an appropriate monitor (maximum of about 688x480 possible on a well-adjusted SM-124).
solair.eunet.yu /~vdjole/atari.htm   (315 words)

 The Atari WebRing
A site where the 10 years that ST News happened to be active in the Atari scene are remembered and extolled :-) With multiple (and some pretty crazy) links to other places on the Web and a lot of nostalgia for those sensitive to it.
Atari ST & Falcon 030 are happy computers because the great 3 logitron games are now available for free download.
Atari8.com is a group of Atari 8-bit computer enthusiasts from the 'old daze' that refuse to give up their love of these wonderful machines.
b.webring.com /hub?ring=atari   (1294 words)

 ST Atari Systems Computers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-24)
Back in the 70s, Adidas were $25 and the new Atari was $60.
In the late 80s Atari introduced the home-based gaming system, calling it a...
few offers but went with Psygnosis as they were the closest to me - still 250 miles away - and were focusing only on 16-bit Amiga and Atari ST [development] at...
www.iaswww.com /ODP/Computers/Systems/Atari/ST   (324 words)

 The Atari/TOS Clone (Clone<>emulator) Directory (6/18/2000)
A TOS clone is hardware made to run TOS, with the intention of being a TOS machine.
The only difference between a real Atari and an Atari/TOS clone, is that Atari built the real ones, third parties built the clones.
The Hades was the first Atari clone that could use a 68060 CPU and had 4 PCI slots, 3 ISA slots and a VME slot (as found in the TT).
assemsoft.atari.org /clonedir   (1014 words)

 ATARI.ORG / The Definitive Atari Resource on the Internet
We also want to remind you of this year's Nordic Atari Show that will be held on the last weekend of June.
to, the Atari community, all that I've gotten from it.
Vendors, clubs, and collectors will be displaying and selling their retrogaming and retrocomputing goods, from Pong and Atari to Nintendo, Apple and IBM to Commodore and everything in between with many set up for you to play with and explore.
www.atari.org /news   (1942 words)

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