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  Home - Assistive Technology Industry Association
The mission of ATIA is to serve as the collective voice of the Assistive Technology industry so that the best products and services are delivered to people with disabilities.
ATIA represents the interests of its members to business, government, education, and the many agencies that serve people with disabilities.
ATIA Headquarters, 401 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611-4267 USA
www.atia.org   (78 words)

  Atia at AllExperts
Atia Balba is the name of Julia (the beloved niece of Julius Caesar) and Marcus Atius Balbus' three daughters, one of which was the mother of Caesar Augustus.
Atia Balba Prima was the mother of Quintus Pedius, the suffect consul of 43 BC.
Atia too, before she gave him birth, dreamed that her vitals were borne up to the stars and spread over the whole extent of land and sea, while Octavius dreamed that the sun rose from Atia's womb.
en.allexperts.com /e/a/at/atia.htm   (576 words)

 Alaska Travel Industry Association -
ATIA is a non-profit, membership-based, trade and marketing association organized in 2001 through a merger with the Alaska Visitors Association.
ATIA’S MISSION: ATIA’s mission is to promote travel to and within the state, develop a statewide marketing plan, increase overall awareness of the economic importance of the visitor industry and work cooperatively with the state on tourism development and long-range planning.
ATIA actively participates with travel agents and tour operators to educate, identify and build alliances with groups that actively promote or provide tour opportunities within the state.
www.alaskatia.org /govtrelations/tma/ATIAWhatIs.htm   (697 words)

 East Africa Mourns the Death of Veteran Musician Atia Jo
Atia is fondly remembered for his active role in popular music, as a composer, trainer, coach and recording artist.
Born as Mulunguluke Mwanza, Atia hailed from the Emba tribe- 60 kilometers north of Lubumbashi town in the DRC.
Atia died at the time he was preparing the group to record new songs.
voanews.com /english/Africa/2007-01-02-voa67.cfm?textmode=0   (699 words)

 Atia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He died in AD Atia Balba Caesonia (85 BC-43 BC) married the Macedonian governor and senator Gaius Octavius, and by him became the mother of Octavia-Octavius' second daughter of that name, and the wife of Mark Antony-and Octavian, later Caesar Augustus.
In 59 BC, Octavius died on his way to Rome to stand for the Consulship, and Atia married Lucius Marcius Philippus, the consul of 56 BC and a supporter of Julius Caesar.
Atia Balba Tertia, called Julia, was the mother of Lucius Pinarius.
www.ufaqs.com /wiki/en/at/Atia.htm   (238 words)

 Cyrino: Domina in a Blue Dress: The Sexual Authority of Atia of the Julii
The maternal bond with her daughter, Octavia, is more complicated, in that Atia attempts to incite the prim Octavia to a more robust sexuality, but is devastated to learn of Octavia’s erotic affair with her rival, Servilia.
Yet Atia is motivated by the most “masculine,” even characteristically Julian, of all goals – to secure the growing power of her family and establish a dynastic succession for her son.
In effecting her goals, Atia is certainly ruthless and even vicious, but she also exhibits the highest degree of purpose, integrity and loyalty to her family.
www.camws.org /southernsection/meeting2006/abstracts/cyrino.html   (666 words)

 Doing More With Less   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The chief geostationary satellite salesman for Orbital Sciences Corp. is charged with convincing operators to use his company’s relatively small spacecraft rather than the larger, more capable satellites that began dominating the market in the 1990s.
Atia has had some success in this regard, and industry analysts have credited that success with helping to turn around Orbital Sciences’ financial condition, which just a few years ago was bleak enough to raise questions about the company’s viability.
Atia began his career working on early Intelsat satellites at Comsat Laboratories, where he earned several patents for techniques to reduce the size of filters used on satellite payloads.
www.space.com /spacenews/archive03/atiaproarch_051503.html   (857 words)

 [No title]
In May 2001, a coordination draft of an overview document, What it Means to be ATIA Compliant, was issued for the sole purpose of stimulating discussion on the factors that should be considered for ATIA compliance.
Its use is mandated for ATIA compliance in order to maintain the integrity of the ATIA Enterprise Database and the contributing federation of proponent databases.
ATIA Coding Standards ATIA JAVA coding standards are based on the J2EE, DII COE, and JTA-A. The guidance for ATIA JAVA Coding Standards is outlined in ANNEX B and C (Paragraph 9 and 10) of this document.
www.atsc.army.mil /atimp/documents/policiesandprocedures/ATIA_Compliance_v31April2002.doc   (11631 words)

 News | Gainesville.com | The Gainesville Sun | Gainesville, Fla.   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Atia Balba Caesonia (85 BC-43 BC) married the Macedonian governor and senator Gaius Octavius.
In 59 BC, Gaius Octavius died on his way to Rome to stand for the consulship, and Atia married Lucius Marcius Philippus, the consul of 56 BC and a supporter of Julius Caesar.
Atia Balba Tertia was the mother of Lucius Pinarius.
www.gainesville.com /apps/pbcs.dll/section?category=NEWS&template=wiki&text=Atia   (304 words)

The ATIA Conference is one of the nation’s leading forums for the assistive technology community to participate in presentations and discussions of new technology, practical applications and services.
Included in MAGic 9.2 demonstrations at the ATIA Conference will be a new feature that allows users to view a magnified area using nine incremental levels between 1x and 2x magnification.
The 2005 ATIA Conference promises to be a must-attend event.”
www.freedomscientific.com /fs_news/PressRoom/en/2005/nr_JAWS-ATIA_1-11-2005.asp   (777 words)

 HBO: Rome: Cast and Crew: Character Bio: Atia of the Julii
Atia of the Julii is snobbish, willful, and cunning.
In a culture in which woman lack formal power, and men leave for months and years on military campaigns, the wives, daughters, and mothers have built powerful networks an alliances completely independent of the men's worlds.
Atia is among the women who serve as the shadow rulers of Rome.
www.hbo.com /rome/cast/character/atia.html   (123 words)

 ATIA Webcast
ATIA 2004 serves as a leading forum for the Assistive Technology community to participate in presentations and discussions about new technology, practical applications, and services.
ATIA 2004 is for ANYONE in the Assistive Technology Community:
As a leading streaming video applications service provider, TVWorldwide.com is developing a network of video channels that is an affiliation of community-based Internet television stations, each underwritten by a strategic partner, "aimcastingsm" to targeted B2B and special interest demographic audiences worldwide.
www.tvworldwide.com /events/atia/040114   (288 words)

 Alaska Travel Industry Association
Booth share and brochure distribution registration are available now - For detailed information regarding booth share and brochure distribution at specific Consumer Shows, visit the Consumer Show Page.
The Alaska Travel Industry Association (ATIA) is soliciting proposals for Consumer Show Representation and Coordination Services.
To receive a copy of the RFP, contact ATIA at 2600 Cordova Street, #201, Anchorage, AK Phone: (907) 929-2842, or you can e-mail Christie Johansen.
www.alaskatia.org   (254 words)

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