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In the News (Wed 23 May 18)

  The Hun
Atilla the Hun was born in approximately 406 AD to the ruling Hun family, his uncle being the king over the nomadic people that had already reached the out skirts of the Roman Empire in the late 4th century.
Atilla probably did find a sword of some dead warrior and believed it to be a sign that he was destined to rule the world.
It was believed that one of Atilla's wives killed and prepared the children, for an unapparent reason, and told Atilla the flesh was that of an animal.
www.hyperhistory.net /apwh/bios/b3atilla_p1dz.htm   (1426 words)

 Atilla, Can - Live - Groove Unlimited
Atilla's electronics and drumming are accompanied by Murat Yucel on electric and classic guitars.
There is little trace of Atilla's Turkish roots to be found in the music (it would have made for an interesting mixture if there had) but Atilla certainly wears his twin influences in the shape of Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream firmly on his sleeve.
The talent of the composer is appreciated both in the slow themes of a romantic mien, and in the fast ones, which appear to re-create transcendental life experiences and extreme situations.
www.groove.nl /cd/g/gr-083.html   (1642 words)

 Calypso Artists: Atilla the Hun
One of the greatest calypsonians of all times, Atilla the Hun (1892-1962) started his musical career as a chantwell (lead singer) for a Carnival masquerade band in Port of Spain, Trinidad.
Though Atilla composed calypsos on a wide range of topics, his specialty was politics, particularly the experience of working people in a colonial society.
While continuing to perform as a calypsonian, Atilla was elected to the Port of Spain City Council in 1946 and later became the Deputy Mayor.
www.calypsoworld.org /noflash/artists-19.htm   (258 words)

 Atilla, Can - Omni - Groove Unlimited
Atilla handles all the electronics and drum programming, but uses a string section (on ‘Leb-i Derya’) and a number of guest musicians on guitar, sax (on the TD-styled ballad ‘Madeline Hotel’) and electric violin.
Joining Atilla (who plays keyboards, samplers, electronics and drumming) on this recording are: Turay Dinleyen and Ebru Davran on electric violin, Metin Paksoy on alto sax, Selcuk Sami Cingi on acoustic guitar, Murat Yucel on rhythm guitar, Berat Tekin on darbuka, and the Turay Dinleyen String Ensemble.
Atilla’s style fuses contemporary electronics with a rollicking jubilation that is refreshing in a genre of over-serious approaches.
www.groove.nl /cd/g/gr-103.html   (1423 words)

 Atilla the ...... - Indymedia Ireland
Atilla the stockbroker, AFA gig at giros 1pm belfast, feb 1st.
Atilla the stockbroker gig is advertised on the AFA site, but not on the giros warzone site, why?.
Lets all hope that the atilla gig is the start of a new era, and that giros will regain its sense of direction, and stop pandering to spoilt skater wee kids, spaced out golden beach hippies, cock rock death metal oul lads and tuneless techno student ravers.
www.indymedia.ie /cgi-bin/newswire.cgi?id=25639&start=50   (1835 words)

 Electronics: Can Atilla, Stephen Parsick, Conrad Schnitzler, Robert Schroeder
Joining Atilla on this recording are: Mustafa Cihan Aslan on saxophone, Murat Yucel on guitar, Cagatay Akyol on recorders, and Katia Dzjbaicha, James Watkins, and Faria on vocals.
The most notable aspect of Atilla’s music, though, is his meticulous dedication to awe-inspiring riffs couched in enthralling melodies.
Atilla is pursuing a sound forged by Tangerine Dream during the Nineties, and frankly he is doing a far better job with it than they did.
www.soniccuriosity.com /sc224.htm   (978 words)

Atilla wurde mit einer Standing Ovation verabschiedet als er gegen Ende des Spiels ausgewechselt wurde.
Macht es doch gerade unsern Superstar Atilla auch wieder ein wenig menschlicher...
Atilla komm zurück, wo auch immer du bist, auf dem Platz warst du heute geistig nicht!
www.angelfire.com /ca/bounty1   (902 words)

 Attila the Hun - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Germanic epics in which he appears offer more nuanced depictions: he is both a noble and generous ally, as Etzel in the Nibelungenlied, and a cruel miser, as Atli in the Volsunga Saga and the Poetic Edda.
Some national histories, though, always portray him favorably; in Hungary and Turkey the names of Attila (sometimes as Atilla in Turkish), his last wife Ildikó and his brother Bleda remain popular to this day.
In a similar vein, the Hungarian author Géza Gárdonyi's novel A láthatatlan ember (published in English as Slave of the Huns, and largely based on Priscus) offered a sympathetic portrait of Attila as a wise and beloved leader.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Attila_the_Hun   (4252 words)

 Atilla Engin - Percussion
Atilla is one of the best-known Ethnic World-Jazz Fusion recording artists from Turkey.
For this big event (tour in Turkey, mostly involved with universities in Ankara, Istanbul and Izmir,) Atilla has specially arranged Turkish Folk Songs and adapted them to the Big Band style.
Atilla and his Atilla Engin Group were sent to Turkey by Danish State in conjunction with The European Music year 1985.
www.ethnifusion.com /new_website/atilla_engin.htm   (410 words)

 Atilla's Restaurant
Atilla's restaurant has been open more than 25 years.
"Atilla's Restaurant and carryout has long been a fixture on Columbia Pike.
The Doner Kebab is enough to bring honor to Atilla's"
www.atillasrestaurant.com   (91 words)

 Accommodation Selcuk Ephesus Selcuk Hostel Selcuk Guide Turkey - Ephesus Hostel Hotel Selcuk, Travel Ephesus, Selcuk - ...
If you’re looking to chill out, relax and get away from it all, then Atilla’s Getaway is the place for you.
Nestled in the mountains of Selcuk and located only walking distance from Ephesus, the Getaway is home away from home.
“Atilla, an extroverted Turkish Australian has created a little oasis with bungalows gathered around a gorgeous garden and swimming pool.” - “Backpackers who might have come to see Ephesus, often end up staying much longer,” - ”Great place to stay.” -- Lonely Planet, Turkey.
www.atillasgetaway.com   (540 words)

 Professor Attila   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
It was Atilla who inspired Sandow to take up body-building.
After a time, Atilla became Sandow's mentor when he saw how gifted and enthusiastic the boy was.
Later, as seen in the illustration, Atilla developed a physical culture course and mentions Sandow (now quite famous) as his greatest student.
www.sandowmuseum.com /page72.html   (93 words)

 Allakhazam's World of Warcraft Character Profiles
You, Atilla, will find a way to pass through the Halls of Ascension.
The most potent source of the plague is from the tainted flesh of the most recently infected.
All creatures, all cultures, are touched by the flame.
wow.allakhazam.com /profile.html?145765   (2793 words)

 atilla elci - ResearchIndex document query   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Khalid Idrissi, Guillaume Lavoue, Julien Ricard, Atilla Baskurt Liris, Fre 2672 Cnrs Insa Lyon/ucb Lyon
Atilla Kiraly for assisting with developing the gures
In Hartmut Ehrig, Berndt J. Kramer and Atilla Ertas, editors, Proc.
citeseer.ist.psu.edu /cis?q=Atilla+Elci   (376 words)

 Grand Atilla Hotel Alanya Hotel Grand Atilla Antalya Turkey
Grand Atilla Hotel room views; Mountain view, Garden view, Sea view.
Grand Atilla Hotel's concept is HB, FB; 2 Restaurants, Pool Bar, Breakfast Hall, Beach Bar, Lobby Bar, Vitamin Bar, Sea Food Cuisines, Turkish, Vegetarian, International.
Grand Atilla Hotel Alanya near the city center and on the beach, Private Beach.
www.icemtour.com /turkeyhotels/grand_atilla_hotel_alanya_turkey.html   (160 words)

 Atilla Ergun   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Mete Han amazonlara karsi (1969) (as Atilla Ergün)
Discuss this person with other users on IMDb message board for Atilla Ergun
Find where Atilla Ergun is credited alongside another name
www.imdb.com /name/nm0258899   (159 words)

 Urban Dictionary: atilla
one could also say atilla the hung as in hungover
check it kid i got mad wasted lastnight and when i woke up this morning i was atilla
Urban Dictionary is not appropriate for all audiences.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=atilla   (99 words)

 Atilla And The Huns Tabs: 27 Tabs Total @ 911Tabs - Tabs Search Engine
Atilla And The Huns Tabs: 27 Tabs Total @ 911Tabs - Tabs Search Engine
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www.911tabs.com /tabs/a/atilla_and_the_huns   (102 words)

 Atilla Turkey Travel Page - VirtualTourist.com
"Atilla's new Turkey page" a Turkey Travel Page by Atilla
Home » Middle East » Turkey » Atilla Turkey Travel Page
Turkey is one of the most sightfull country on the world.especialy for tourist who is curious about knowing different culture, history, friendly people and beautiful environment.I am sure that for tourist who believes to be a alternative tourist,Turkey is the country that must be seen.
members.virtualtourist.com /m/e7c6/bde   (185 words)

 Atilla Recurve
NOTE: You may order one extra string at $3.00 off regular price when you order your new bow.
If you already own an Atilla Recurve, please send us a review of the bow.
Reviews will be posted on the bottom of this page.
www.recurves.com /Atilla_One-Piece_Recurve.htm   (292 words)

where is atilla kis?sign our guest book if you have seen him
expage.com /yokelsithoverlordcharities   (140 words)

 Lithographsby Atilla Hejja
Enter your email address to receive special offers from Kennedy Space Center.
Special Edition Lithographs signed by artist Atilla Hejja.
Lithographs are sent unframed on quality bond paper ready for framing.
www.thespaceshop.com /noname5.html   (260 words)

 Atilla And The Huns Tabs: 3 Tabs Total @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Atilla And The Huns Tabs: 3 Tabs Total @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com
Put a link to Atilla And The Huns Tabs on your blog, MySpace page or other website.
Click here for an easy 2 steps guide!
www.ultimate-guitar.com /tabs/atilla_and_the_huns_tabs.htm   (117 words)

 ATTILA Canada's Premier Stage Hypnotist
In 2006 Attila Canada's Premier Stage Hypnotist presented his Hilarious Hypnosis show.
A veteran of 4,000 shows, Atilla's performance is honed to produce exceptional entertainment for all ages and family members at the Gala Night for the ACHE 21th Annual International Hypnotherapy Conference in the Hotel Hilton, Glendale California.
I have watched your show on the DVD and consider it excellent.
attilahypnotist.com   (531 words)

 atilla's Page on RateItAll.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Now In: RateItAll.com » atilla (0) Page on RateItAll.com
Reviews from atilla's Trusted Network - What's This?
Testimonials for atilla - Write a Testimonial about atilla
www.rateitall.com /atilla   (35 words)

 LinkedIn: Erinc Atilla
See who you and Erinc Atilla know in common
Create a public profile: Sign In or Join Now
Search for people you know from over 7 million professionals already on LinkedIn.
www.linkedin.com /pub/0/983/922   (31 words)

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