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Topic: Atlantic Yards

  The Brooklyn Paper: Atlantic Yards
Atlantic Yards: The Atlantic Yards project is partly responsible for the sharp energy rate hikes requested last week by Con Edison, according to the company’s own officials — apparently contradicting a state’s assessment last year that the mega-development would have only an “insignificant” impact on the energy grid.
Atlantic Yards: Barclays Bank’s partnership with Bruce Ratner is under fire from the state Libertarian Party — not because of the bank’s slavery- and apartheid-linked past, but because the British banking behemoth’s participation in the Atlantic Yards project is a tacit endorsement of the state’s use of eminent domain, which Libertarians despise.
Atlantic Yards: A familiar cast of characters clashed in the first courtroom battle over the fate of Atlantic Yards — with opponents saying the project abuses state condemnation powers and a state lawyer retorting that plaintiffs are “naive” to the ways of the world.
www.brooklynpaper.com /sections/news/development/atlantic_yards   (3214 words)

 Atlantic Yards: Through The Looking Glass (Gotham Gazette. November, 2005)
The Atlantic Yards project was born two years ago when Forest City Ratner, one of the nation’s largest developers with a virtual monopoly on downtown expansion, proposed what now appears to be the largest-ever project in the borough.
The most troubling part of the Atlantic Yards project is that it seems to be part of a much bigger reversal in the public process set up to handle development proposals.
Atlantic Yards could be the place where the mirror gets shattered, the King is captured, and Tweedledee and Tweedledum have to walk away in shame.
www.gothamgazette.com /article/landuse/20051115/12/1654   (1649 words)

 Atlantic Yards - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Atlantic Yards is a term developed by Forest City Ratner to describe a 22 acre area in the residential brownstone neighborhood of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn in New York City.
However, when attorneys defending the Atlantic Yards residents go into court to make that motion, they better come prepared to show that they have done their homework: they better take the depositions and subpoena the documents implied by Justice Kennedy’s remarks.
Atlantic Yards Visualization in Google Earth, 3-D model of the Atlantic Yards plan in Google Earth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Atlantic_Yards   (3456 words)

 Atlantic Yards Home Page
Welcome to Atlantic Yards, the development dedicated to building a new vision for downtown Brooklyn and creating an exciting new home for Brooklyn’s very own NBA franchise: the Brooklyn Nets.
Atlantic Yards will be a dynamic mix of affordable, middle-income and market-rate housing, commercial offices, retail establishments and a boutique hotel surrounded by over seven acres of beautifully landscaped publicly accessible open space.
Atlantic Yards is a $4 billion investment in Brooklyn's future.
www.atlanticyards.com   (205 words)

 PlanNYC: Atlantic Yards Plan
For opponents of the Atlantic Yards, the coordination of city agencies to enact a change in city procedure without informing the public is consistent with the project’s alleged lack of transparency.
Atlantic Yards opponents are going to continue their legal battle, despite a recommendation from a federal magistrate that the lawsuit be dismissed.
Atlantic Yards may be able to hold onto to any tax-exemptions it would currently qualify for by beginning construction on the buildings before changes to the tax law go into effect in 2008.
www.planyc.org /modules.php?op=modload&name=Issues&file=index&catid=1&issueid=5   (8856 words)

 NYC (Brooklyn): New Gehry's Atlantic Yards design - Page 7 - SkyscraperPage Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The Atlantic Yards project, which includes a Frank Gehry-designed arena for the New Jersey Nets basketball team, more than 6,000 apartments, high-rise towers and a hotel on 22 acres near Downtown Brooklyn, has drawn a torrent of criticism as it nears the end of its public approval process.
The developer of the Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn said yesterday that the company would support changes proposed by the city planning commission earlier this week, including an 8 percent reduction in the project’s size, additional public space and changes to the designs of several buildings.
Atlantic Yards is planned for 8.7 million square feet near Downtown Brooklyn and would include housing, office and retail space and an arena for the Nets basketball team.
forum.skyscraperpage.com /showthread.php?p=2399279#post2399279   (7997 words)

 Atlantic Yards Overview
Atlantic Yards will be many things to many people.
Separate from the Atlantic Yards development, building heights as high as 600 feet have been approved by the City Council as part of the Downtown Brooklyn Plan.
Atlantic Yards is one of the most important developments in the history of Brooklyn.
www.atlanticyards.com /html/ay/atlanticyards.html   (400 words)

 atlantic yards - Gawker
Fortunately for people trying to dump their condos and brownstones near the site, there are still suckers out there willing to put up with the noise, dust, traffic, and garbage that'll come when construction starts, and who are still willing to pay upwards of $1 million for the privilege.
As the arena, the train yard and five other commercial and residential buildings get underway late next year, as many as 470 trucks will make deliveries each day during the peak period, in winter 2009, according to the final environmental-impact statement issued in November.
The Post's rah-rah article quotes ACORN executive director Bertha Lewis as saying that "The Atlantic Yards project represents a historic 50/50 comittment to affordable housing," -- uh, not quite.
www.gawker.com /news/atlantic-yards   (679 words)

 Aaron Naparstek
In light of the Atlantic Yards project and the all of the other major development taking place in and around Downtown Brooklyn these days, what policy, planning and design ideas should be considered to ensure that the neighborhoods around Atlantic Yards and the transportation network that serves the area remain functional and healthy?
Even if Atlantic Yards is built atop the city’s second largest transit hub, if lots of parking space is available, people will use their cars to get there and traffic congestion will increase.
The truth is that even if they built the Atlantic Yards project and implemented these seven ideas to their fullest, we could still have more automobile traffic coming in and out of the neighborhoods around the development, particularly during arena events.
www.naparstek.com /2005/12/seven-solutions-to-atlantic-yards.php   (2785 words)

 Abstract Dynamics: Atlantic Yards (What Would Jane Jacobs Do?)
K Jacobs' (no relation to J Jacobs) is to smart to outright claim what J Jacobs would think about Atlantic Yards, but in the beginning she confesses to have never actually read J Jacobs, and in the end she pretty much confesses to cherry picking her way through the book.
If the Atlantic Yards development was something that had stemmed from the demands and needs of the community, say the need for an extended port, or the need for an aqueduct, or a more extensive business center to meet growing needs, than yes J Jacobs might have been all for it.
The final argument for Atlantic Yards that once influenced me a bit was Steven Johnson's, that Brooklyn lacks a vibrant downtown and Atlantic Yards could provide it.
abstractdynamics.org /2006/08/atlantic_yards_what_would_jane.php   (1093 words)

 stevenberlinjohnson.com: Jane Jacobs And Atlantic Yards
The biggest drawback to Atlantic Yards, according to my reading of The Death and Life of Great American Cities, is that it will be constructed atop a rail yard that currently separates the neighborhoods of Fort Greene and Prospect Heights.
Atlantic Yards Report recently noted that the tallest building in Atlantic Yards ("Miss Brooklyn") is only 20% taller than the Clock Tower, but will be three-times the bulk, and that 10 of the 16 towers proposed in the project would be bulkier than the Clock Tower building.
The reality of the density and bulk of Ratner's Atlantic Yards proposal also supports Karrie Jacobs's argument that the project would "exacerbate the division" [between neighborhoods] by expanding the "border vacuum." Keep in mind that the current "border vaccum" is on the 8-acre railyard, the entire project extends well beyond those boundaries to 22 acres.
www.stevenberlinjohnson.com /2006/07/jane_jacobs_and.html   (1865 words)

 The New York Observer Real Estate: Atlantic Yards Archives   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Atlantic Yards opponents are trying to forget all the bad things they said about Hakeem Jeffries, the winner in the 57th Assembly race, like that he was a duplicitous panderer who wanted to have it both ways on the 22-acre arena-and-housing complex.
Hard to believe Atlantic Yards opponents would voluntarily zip their lips, but that is what Develop-Don't Destroy Brookyn is asking its followers to do for the "community forum" scheduled for election day.
Atlantic Yards opponents have as much as said that their suit to block the demolition of several buildings was in part a public relations move, to counter the notion that the project was a done deal.
therealestate.observer.com /atlantic_yards   (8598 words)

 Atlantic Yards Report
Atlantic Yards would be 292 apartments per acre--"extreme density" compared to Stuyvesant Town, Battery Park City, and even new projects like the New Domino and Queens West.
The paradox of unaffordable ($7313!) "rent-stabilized" Atlantic Yards housing
And the Atlantic Yards ombudsperson promised by the Empire State Development Corporation is not yet on the job, but expected soon.
atlanticyardsreport.blogspot.com   (7775 words)

 NETS: Atlantic Yards Development FAQ’s
The new Frank Gehry-designed arena will be located at the intersection of Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues, an area in close proximity to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the central branch of the Brooklyn Public Library, and the Brooklyn Museum.
Designed by world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, the design of the arena invites the outside in: the arena’s Atlantic and Flatbush Avenue façades will be expanses of glass, allowing patrons on the concourses inside to glimpse the vibrant life of downtown Brooklyn and flooding the inside with natural light during the day.
The $4 billion Atlantic Yards project will transform an area that is largely underutilized into a vibrant mixed-use community.
www.nba.com /nets/news/atlantic_yards_development_faq.html   (923 words)

 THE BROOKLYN RAIL - LOCAL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Atlantic Yards is a project of Bruce Ratner of Forest City Ratner Companies that proposes: a 20,000 seat sports arena; 17 skyscrapers rising to 62 stories; 5,500 market rate units of residential development; and 2.1 million square feet of commercial office space, including 300,000 square feet of retail space.
The Atlantic Yards Project combined with the Downtown Brooklyn Development Plan will generate an estimated 500 to 600 cars per hour in the already congested Atlantic corridor beginning at the Gowanus Expressway.
Request an independent economic study by the City Independent Budget Office of the arena and Atlantic Yards Project that includes an analysis of the value of the land owned by the MTA, and the value of surrounding private property, versus the total cost of this project to the City and State.
www.thebrooklynrail.org /local/sept04/atlanticyards.html   (926 words)

 Pratt Center: Brooklyn Atlantic Yards
The Pratt Center supports appropriate development for the Atlantic Yards site, specifically development that will improve the overall quality of life for all by providing housing for a wide range of incomes, living wage jobs with career ladders and public amenities.
We believe that large-scale development projects like the proposed Brooklyn Atlantic Yards Project that involve public subsidies, public land and discretionary actions should share the benefits of growth with all members of the community, particularly low- and moderate-income Brooklynites.
While we believe that the recent announcement by MTA to solicit bids for Brooklyn Atlantic Yards is better than engaging in private negotiations with a single private party, the highest price for the Yards should not be the sole end goal.
www.prattcenter.net /test-bay-update.php   (1073 words)

 No Land Grab
In the latest installment in his "Weeds of Brooklyn" series, Dope on the Slope identifies flora in the Atlantic Yards footprint, contemplates succession and its relationship to gentrification and concedes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, though Ratner's garden would need a helluva lot of fertilizer.
According to this week's NY Observer update on Atlantic Yards, the construction schedule released last year states that the P.C. Richard and Son and Modell's Sporting Goods stores were supposed to be vacated and demolished a month or two ago.
The team is looking to move to Atlantic Yards in Brooklyn for the start of the 2009 season but while the facility has been approved ground breaking is yet to have taken place due to lawsuits over the construction.
www.nolandgrab.org   (7683 words)

 Curbed: Atlantic Yards Trimmed, Propagandized
If what we see inside is to be believed, apparently the Atlantic Yards will make fathers reconnect with their sons, and young couples in love will frolic in grassy fields, taking camera-phone pictures of their creepy, gigantoid smiles.
The much-maligned Atlantic Yards project ought to be lauded for its creation of jobs, affordable housing, and a pleasant sense of place in an otherwise moribund sinkhole.
If the opponents of Atlantic Yards employed a little more critical thinking and challenged the pathetically contrived, contrarian rhetoric of the city's political entrepreneurs, perhaps then they could see Ratner's vision for Atlantic Yards for what it is: an opportunity to pave over the streets of this unstable necropolis, this cultural wasteland, in solid gold.
www.curbed.com /archives/2006/09/05/atlantic_yards_trimmed_propagandized.php   (1226 words)

 Kill Off Atlantic Yards by Nicole Gelinas
One letter-writer from Acorn, Greg Blankinship, blithely wrote that the Atlantic Yards project “is a very good idea for those who are lucky enough to receive an apartment.” Another supporter, Gabriel McQueen, said the project was a good idea because it would put “everyone on an equal playing field,.
The crux of Atlantic Yards’ purported public support, then, is this: Brooklyn residents who cannot afford brand-new, “luxury” style apartments want the government to step in and take the private property of others, in the hopes of having it redistributed to them.
Atlantic Yards can bypass all normal city and state development regulations, to which FC/Ratner’s competitors must adhere, because the project’s gatekeepers aren’t impartial government bodies but are the state-run Empire State Development Corporation, which has already approved the project, and the Public Authorities Control Board.
www.city-journal.org /html/eon2006-12-19ng.html   (1295 words)

 NY1: Top Stories
After hours of delays, the $4 billion Atlantic Yards project was finally given the go-ahead by a key state board Wednesday.
News that the Atlantic Yards project was approved by the state Public Authorities Control Board was greeted by cheers from the community group ACORN.
Ratner has already purchased most of the necessary land, but plans to take the rest through eminent domain, a law that allows privately-owned land to be seized by the state for public use.
www.ny1.com /ny1/content/index.jsp?stid=1&aid=65262   (637 words)

 Regional Initiatives, Industry Profiles, Salvage Yards | Mid-Atlantic Brownfields | US EPA
Salvage yards accept a wide variety of materials, depending on the type of salvage yard (i.e.
Salvage yards often contain a wide variety of materials and containers due to the nature of their business; however, automobile salvage is the most common.
These materials are usually received by the facility in compressed gas cylinders and small containers, but are occasionally obtained in larger quantities.
www.epa.gov /reg3hwmd/bfs/regional/industry/salvage.htm   (542 words)

 B'klyn Atlantic Yards plans unveiled - AM New York
Architect Frank Gehry unveiled a revised plan for a proposed Nets Arena complex in Brooklyn Thursday, one that the project's developer is touting as a friendlier, scaled-down version of the mini-city that also includes a hotel, office buildings, apartment towers and retail space.
The new proposal keeps the 18,000 seat sports arena, but reduces the maximum size of the Atlantic Yards project by more than 400,000 square feet, down to under 8.7 million feet.
Atlantic Yards plans (Photo by ForestCityRatner Co) (May 11, 2006)
www.amny.com /sports/am-sparen0512,0,2929320.story   (578 words)

 Brooklyn Record: Atlantic Yards Update: Housing Prices and Rallies
We're glad to see that Atlantic Yards Project is getting plenty of attention in the press and around the blogosphere.
According to the comprehensive play-by-play on the Atlantic Yards Report, a DDDB counter estimated that 3,200 people attended the rally, but there was a very small representation of minority groups in the crowd.
The race and class composition of the opposition remains an issue, since DDDB and invited speakers — most of whom were fl — have emphasized that this should be a unified fight.
www.brooklynrecord.com /archives/2006/07/atlantic_yards_1.html   (846 words)

Barwick said the Society assessed Atlantic Yards using five “design criteria”: does it “respect the existing neighborhoods”; does it “eliminate streets”; does it “create a real public park”; does it “promote lively streets”; and does it “choke” traffic.
Some community members complained that by evaluating Atlantic Yards at all, the Society was hoping to tailor it rather than kill it outright.
West said the first step towards “respecting the neighborhoods” would be for Ratner to redesign Atlantic Yards so its skyscrapers do not “block the clock” — the celebrated four-sided timepiece atop the landmark Williamsburgh Savings Bank building near the intersection of Flatbush and Fourth avenues.
www.brooklynpapers.com /html/issues/_vol29/29_24/29_24nets7.html   (883 words)

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