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Topic: Atmosphere (band)

  JD and The Evil's Dynamite Band - JD and The Evil's Dynamite Band, Music Downloads - Online
JD and The Evil's Dynamite Band FROM CONNECT - Music Downloads Powered by Sony.
This Album was released by JD and The Evil's Dynamite Band on 03/06/2001
Review: The mysterious and oddly named JD & the Evil's Dynamite Band offer a fresh new sound for the funk revival label Soul Fire, laying down a mind-bending psychedelic funk groove that -- unlike some of the label's other acts -- isn't immediately beholden to any one influence.
musicstore.connect.com /album/876/JD-and-The-Evil-s-Dynamite-Band/JD-and-The-Evil-s-Dynamite-Band/500000000000010334491.html   (170 words)

  Dave Matthews Band Tickets - Dave Matthews Band Concert Tour Schedule Show Tickets Broker
Background: Dave Matthews Band is an American jam band, originally formed in Charlottesville, Virginia in 1991 by bartender Dave Matthews, bassist Stefan Lessard, Leroi Moore, who plays a wide variety of instruments from the saxophone to the flute, violin player Boyd Tinsley and the drummer Carter Beauford, whom Dave all met in Charlottesville, Virginia.
After signing to RCA Records, Dave Matthews Band, under the direction of producer Steve Lillywhite, released Under the Table and Dreaming in 1994, a critical and popular smash that firmly established the band's style of pop-rock with improvisational leanings.
It's perhaps more accurate to state that the band's music and that of the many bands influenced by it is a breakaway sub-genre of jam band.
www.ticketspecialists.com /concert/dave_matthews_band_tickets.htm   (1750 words)

  Music Preview: Pittsburgh band tries to nail down its live sound on new album   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Taking time off for a trip to London also gave the band a chance to work a new song into shape, despite the fact that they already had too much material.
And there's no mistaking why that is. A melancholy dream-pop ballad fueled by Stuart's most impassioned vocal, it abruptly shifts gears midway through as the guitars come crashing in to greet the drummer, who's just kicked things into overdrive.
The other track being considered is "Wide Eyed," where the bass and drums are all forward momentum while the guitars and keyboard work the atmosphere like U2 on one of their better days.
www.post-gazette.com /pg/06341/744119-42.stm   (0 words)

  purevolume™ | Atmosphere
Atmosphere, a group built on Hip Hop principles influenced from the pioneering years of rap music, but with their own personal, honest and original mid-western contribution.
It was in the year 2000, that Atmosphere increased their travels with the twenty-date Ford One Tour that brought them to the East coast for the first time.
The year was now 2003, and Atmosphere released their third album in three years, making the conscious decision to remain independent by licensing the album through legendary punk label Epitaph.
www.purevolume.com /atmosphere   (1359 words)

 BBSNews File Photos Charts and Maps :: NASA Photos and Images selected via BBSNews :: 145757main_pia08030_516   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The view on the left is from data collected in a broad spectral band (wavelengths of 0.3 microns to 3 microns) for reflected sunlight.
This band was chosen to sense infrared radiation from the surface when the atmosphere is clear and from dust clouds when it is not.
In the current season on Mars, the atmosphere is relatively clear except for an equatorial belt of thin water-ice clouds present in the visible-and-near-infrared image, and so the 12-micron image is dominated by the infrared radiation from the surface on the relatively hot dayside (upper right).
bbsnews.net /bbsn_photos/NASA/145757main_pia08030_516   (717 words)

 Atmosphere (music group) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Atmosphere (formerly Urban Atmosphere) is an American hip hop group that was formed in 1994, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
After Atmosphere was formed in Minneapolis, Slug was a member of a loose group known as The Rhymesayers Collective.
Many of Atmosphere's recordings are considered to be "conscious rap" and "emo rap", although the latter term specifically has been criticised by Slug as a lazy shortcut to describing the band's music.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Atmosphere_(band)   (1321 words)

 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter: Multimedia
The view on the left is from data collected in a broad spectral band (wavelengths of 0.3 microns to 3 microns) for reflected sunlight.
This band was chosen to sense infrared radiation from the surface when the atmosphere is clear and from dust clouds when it is not.
In the current season on Mars, the atmosphere is relatively clear except for an equatorial belt of thin water-ice clouds present in the visible-and-near-infrared image, and so the 12-micron image is dominated by the infrared radiation from the surface on the relatively hot dayside (upper right).
mars.jpl.nasa.gov /mro/gallery/calibration/PIA08030-MCS-firstdata.html   (677 words)

 Metal Hordes - Extreme Metal Mp3s
The members of the band were in the beginning: Episkopos Night Sabadan Majesty Aaron ExĂș Its first demo promosional was recorded between the 1994 and 1995 and occurred him by I title "Viperus Katenes Malignus".
The band has styles dense, dark, depressive and melancholic in the guitar; a violent battery and interpretation low and a game of guttural, aggressive, melancolicas and depresivas voices that develop a very surrounding atmosphere.
The band has a series of musical infuencias of great bands but in spite of this, its musica does not classify in algun style in individual, they with its musica try to have an own sound.
www.metalhordes.com /bandprofiles.php?op=view&bid=647   (341 words)

 The Johns Hopkins News-Letter
That scene from the Hopkins Band's Nov. 14 concert at Shriver Hall says a lot about the group's attitude: although Band members are talented, hard-working musicians, they're anything but a bunch of stuffed shirts.
The concert band is made up of about 50 students, most of whom are undergraduates or graduates on the Homewood campus.
The Band is run by a student executive board, and Sherry, now in his fifth year as director, believes that accounts for the group's unique atmosphere.
www.jhu.edu /~newslett/11-18-99/Arts/3.html   (751 words)

 Appendix A. Technique Description
The four bands in the CO2 absorption band at 15 microns are used to differentiate cloud altitudes and the longwave infrared window band identifies the effective emissivity of the cloud in the HIRS FOV.
The band differences (11.1 - 8.3 micron for NOAA 10 and 12, or 11.1 - 12.0 micron for NOAA 11) were used to lower the threshold for clear-cloudy decisions in areas were water vapor affected the window band.
In the Arctic and Antarctic, the HIRS bands are inspected for the presence of surface temperature inversions.
www.ssec.wisc.edu /~donw/PAGE/PAPER1/gh4yrapa.htm   (1028 words)

 Mechanical Music Machines
Band organs have largely been replaced by taped music in the United States, but can still be found at traditional amusement parks such as Knoebels Grove in PA and their heritage is protected by several collector groups.
This particular Band Organ was built in Dyfed Wales, UK in 1984 by master organ builder Michael Savins.
The hand carved band master in front is mechanical and he moves his baton arm while the organ plays.
www.pinballhistory.com /music.html   (849 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - Marillion - the Band: pre 1988
The band were sharing a flat in Fulham (London) and, as is the way with cohabiting, enthusiastic young bands with a fresh record contract, there was much drinking, drugging, late night and early morning shenanigans.
The first single, 'Kayleigh', is the band's biggest hit to date and introduced a lot of people to their music, many of them perplexed by the album that followed, which had no breaks in the music (apart from that between sides one and two), recurring melodic themes and Fish's 'flowery' lyrics.
Fish approached the band to discuss John's disruptive influence: he felt that a manager should be reining in the excess, not partaking in it.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A164503   (1846 words)

 ESA Science & Technology: Nightglow in the Upper Atmosphere of Mars and Implications for Atmospheric Transport
Nightglow in the Upper Atmosphere of Mars and Implications for Atmospheric Transport
The SPICAM instrument on board Mars Express is a UV-infrared dual spectrometer dedicated primarily to the study of the atmosphere and ionosphere of Mars but also capable of providing important results on the surface albedo of Mars.
The most obvious spectral features are the H Lα emission, visible at all times, and a broad band emission in the region between 190 and 270 nm of variable intensity, only present when the MNP altitude is lower than ~80 km.
sci.esa.int /science-e/www/object/index.cfm?fobjectid=36424   (937 words)

 Pacific Union College
Fortunately, PUC’s wind ensemble and jazz band made a point of contributing an infectious dose of swing and jollity to the mix this spring.
With an easy-going atmosphere, big band tunes that keep listeners feeling amazingly cheery long after the concert’s over, and awe-inspiringly talented musicians, the Jazz Band is something no one wants to miss.
An acclaimed San Francisco musician, Fazio is an old classmate of band director Kenneth Narducci and is also the current saxophone teacher of Darren Wheeler, PUC student and Jazz Band saxophonist.
www.puc.edu /PUC/newsevents/news/2005/20050606_jazz_band.shtml   (214 words)

 ProgRock Records :: Products
The band has certainly matured since the EP days of 1997, and their performance here shows that the band is continuing to hone their skills, and that success and a monster disc are in the future for certain.
Everybody in the band is a virtuoso and shows his skills, but it's the band performance that counts, and they know it.
The band have some thing musical around "Dream Theatre", "Shadow Gallery", "Threshold" and other bands with the same musical genre, but inside the AtmOsfear the whole thing is perfect, with what seems to give to a real and new feel to Progressive Rock Metal music in the 21st century.
www.progrockrecords.com /shop/view.php?id=24   (871 words)

 Band Reviews
A super-casual atmosphere welcomes newbies and regulars alike as the friendly, inked-up serving staff of the Pontiac Grille brings an eclectic mix of patrons selections from the equally eclectic menu.
The atmosphere calms during an impressive version of Etta James's "At Last My Love Has Come Along." The dance floor is filled with swaying couples made misty by a combination of vodka tonics and the rich, soulful voice coming from a young lady who, up to now, has been playing auxiliary percussion.
The Diablo Sandwich Band is a chameleon of a group who adapts perfectly to the style of whatever genre they are playing in a given moment.
www.princetoninfo.com /200509/50914p01.html   (1096 words)

 Qwel and Maker Band Reviews
Get alerted when bands similar to Qwel and Maker perform.
Shows you should check out based on the bands you've rated.
Rate bands and venues to discover new music.
www.musicaustin.com /BandReviews/Qwel+and+Maker   (2023 words)

 Dave Edmunds Band Reviews
Their future efforts, including Lowes Labour of Lust, Edmunds Repeat When Necessary and the bands own Seconds of Pleasure would all bear the same hallmarks, but this first assemblage is the most vital.
Dave and his band (including sometime compatriots Billy Bremner on guitar and Geraint Watkins on keyboards, among others) blast thru these fifteen tracks like there was no tomorrow.
At the time of its release, very few bands were playing this music, a blend of rock, tex-mex, rockabily and country---remember, this is years before the Stray Cats or Uncle Tupelo, and decades before Wilco and Whiskeytown.
www.musicaustin.com /BandReviews/Dave+Edmunds   (6600 words)

 Keywords, LLC - Meta Tag Analyzer v1.8
atmospheric and oceanographic information processing system - 1
atmospheric aerosols and optics data library - 1
atmospheric and climate science directorate canada - 1
mail.queenb2b.com /cgi-bin/metatag_analyzer/meta.pl?url=http://acronyms.thefreedictionary.com/Atmospheri...   (442 words)

 Colorado Bluegrass Music Society Bands - High Atmosphere
This band is no longer a member of CBMS bands on call.
High Atmosphere is a group of friends with a common goal: to express faith and provide encouragement through bluegrass music.
He was instantly hooked and in his words, he's "been a song short ever since!" The band is glad, because he's now one of the finest banjo players around.
www.coloradobluegrass.org /bluegrass-bands-performers/former-4-comp-cds/highatmosphere.htm   (0 words)

 Salsaboston.com club reviews: Johnny D's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It appears that the band members should dance or something--especially the leader--maybe he should take a salsa lesson because he was getting me confused with his jumping around instead of staying with some consistent dance steps that follows the clave.
Band is decent, although it would be nice if they shortened their songs a bit so you didn't have to dance with the same person for 15 minutes.
The atmosphere is friendly and encouring to beginners as well, and there is a lesson that starts the whole evening (which I did not attend).
salsaboston.com /club_script/reviews/JohnnyDs.html   (2706 words)

 GOES-8 Sounder Profile Retrieval Information
The formulation for a discrete atmospheric layer is similar to that for the surface contribution except that the appropriate layer emissivity, Planck function at layer temperature, and vertical transmittance would be used.
This figure shows the GOES-8 sounder spectral bands together with depiction of the earth-emitted spectra; the carbon dioxide (CO2), moisture (H20), and ozone (O3) absorption bands are indicated.
Thus, as a spectral band is moved toward the center of the absorption band, the radiation brightness temperature decreases due to the decrease of temperature with altitude in the lower atmosphere.
cimss.ssec.wisc.edu /goes/sounder_tutorial/profinfo.html   (1272 words)

 Heaven's Edge
When the band debuted at the "Empire Rock Club" in Philadelphia that December, they immediately grabbed the attention of the city with the largest crowd ever packed in to a Hard Rock Show at the Empire.
The band teamed up with producer Neil Kernon and banged out a 12 song collection of what were their most popular songs chosen by their fans.
Behind the scenes however, political turmoil at the band's record company was causing some confusion in the direction taken by the band.
www.rathole.com /bands/heavensedge   (770 words)

 Solomon Dean - The Band
The highest aim of the band is to create powerful and passionate music, and to bring that music to others in the hopes that listeners will derive as much pleasure in the listening of the music as the band does in the making of it.
The band's original songs also reflect these influences, but with an undeniable innovative quality that can be described as nothing but original.
However, the band uses it more generally as an authoritative title, to imply discipline, control, and most of all, dedication to their music.
www.angelfire.com /band/solomondean/theband.html   (897 words)

 A band Comparison Table   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The nine most prominent he labeled with capital letters (from the red end) A. and K. The A band and B band are now known to be groups of telluric lines due to O
absorption in Earth's atmosphere, and C and F are respectively known as Hα and Hβ.
One of about a dozen of the strongest Fraunhofer lines seen in the Solar spectrum, the A band at 7600 angstoms is due to telluric lines of molecular oxygen in the Earth's atmosphere.
www.site.uottawa.ca:4321 /astronomy/Aband_table.html   (198 words)

 SoundClick artist: Architects of the Atmosphere - electronic, ambient, synthesizers, sequencers, Tangerine Dream, Eno, ...
Architects of the Atmosphere is the ambient/electronic project of David Rullo and Richard Reifenstein.
Architects of the Atmosphere was used in reference to a story on NPR.
The band began improvising live electronic ambient pieces but quickly evolved to their present state.
www.soundclick.com /pro/view/02/default.cfm?bandID=459486   (318 words)

 Payne's Gray - Satan Stole My Teddybear
As the story progresses, the atmosphere builds in intensity and the music escalates to carry it.
Intended as the band's third demo tape, Infinity has been re-released by the band as a means of putting older material into the hands of their fans.
The liner notes remark that the band has always thought of this as their first album.
www.ssmt-reviews.com /db/searchrev.php?artistID=879&showReview=true   (744 words)

 7th heaven band- official website - www.7thheavenband.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
We have a studio that we use for the band that we've invested in.
This band is a family type of atmosphere without a doubt...
Inside the club the band mounted the stage to begin with some original songs including "Gravity" "Kill the Cycle" and "Ethereal" from the "Silver" disc then it launched an assault into the modern rock cover songbook that included Rage Against the Machine and a Metallica medley.
www.7thheavenband.com /pages/interviews/westerncourier.html   (968 words)

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