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Topic: Atrium (architecture)

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  General Info | History and Architecture
A large atrium, central to the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, culminates in an articulated skylight 22 feet high.
Sharing Saarinen's affection for expressive forms, Birkerts is noted for architectural designs that are highly evocative and that emphasize the dynamic flow and illumination of space.
He is a fellow of the American Institute of Architects and has received the Brunner Memorial Prize in Architecture, given by the American Academy and Institute of Arts and Letters.
www.kemperart.org /general/history.asp   (764 words)

 Atrium (architecture) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In architecture, an atrium (plural atria) is a large open space, often several stories high and having a glazed roof and/or large windows, often situated within an office building and usually located immediately beyond the main entrance doors.
The atrium originally was the bedroom of the mother of the family in an old Latin household.
In early houses the hearth, which all its symbolisms of homeliness, was situated in the atrium the centre of the house and domestic life.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Atrium_(architecture)   (486 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Byzantine Architecture
Then the domical church is developed to the form of a long rectangle by means of two side aisles, which, however, are deprived of their significance by the intrusion of massive piers.
Nothing, however, seems to betray the essentially Oriental character of Byzantine architecture so much as the absence of work in the higher forms of sculpture, and the transformation of high into low decoration by means of interwoven traceries, in which the chiselled ornaments became flatter, more linear, and lacelike.
The real architectural ornaments are forced into the background by the frescoes which take the place of the costly mosaics and which practically cover all available wall surface.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03094a.htm   (1481 words)

 New York Architecture Images- Ford Foundation Building
Offices are located around this central court with a view into the atrium garden which also serves as a public space.
The building was recognized by the Architectural Record in 1968 as 'a new kind of urban space'.
Architecturally it's five minutes walk away from the United Nations building, the Chrysler building and the beautifully restored Grand Central Station.
www.nyc-architecture.com /MID/MID004.htm   (393 words)

 The Atrium
The "Atrium Ecosystem" is in keeping with the look of the gardens surrounding the building, Donald Gammon Associates designed the indoor garden to look like a naturalized New England landscape with ferns, grasses and blooming plants.
The Atrium is planted in a panoramic vista to make the viewer "work to see the design".
The atrium curtain wall glass is Type One Viacon Glass; the glass is glazed to reduce the transmittance of infra red and ultra violet light.
www.piam.com /mms_garden/atrium1.html   (248 words)

 304. The Roman Atrium (Bowdoin, Classics Department)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The atrium was an important part of the daily ritual; it was the center of the owners social, political and business activites.
Tetrastyle atriums are very similar in construction to the Tuscan atriums with the exception of four columns which support the corners of the compluvium.
The Testundinate atriums are used in house constructions where space is limited or where the atrium is being build on the upper story.
academic.bowdoin.edu /classics/research/wangwright/index.shtml   (761 words)

In the center of the atrium was a fountain or well, where the worshippers washed their hands before entering the church.
The atrium existed in some of the largest of the early Christian churches such as old St. Peter's at Rome in the fourth century, and Sancta Sophia at Constantinople, in the sixth.
In secular architecture the atrium was the principal entrance-hall and apartment in a Roman house, and formed the reception-room.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/02059b.htm   (352 words)

 Johnson School at Cornell University - Facilities and Services - Atrium
The atrium was created by covering the original open courtyard with a glass roof.
Babcock's design was likely influenced by Victorian era thought, which recommended light and space for "young ladies." The emphasis on natural light continued with the redesign, which includes a glass block floor in the atrium that sends natural light down to the classroom level—excavated space under the original building.
The architecture, described as polychromed Victorian Gothic, is exemplified by the multicolored brick and finish work.
www.johnson.cornell.edu /facilities/atrium.html   (181 words)

 A Roman House
The atrium was also high ceilinged and often consisted of sparse furnishings to give the effect of a lot of space.
In modern architecture, an atrium is often used as a greeting center with a fountain in the middle just the same as it was during the Roman Empire.
Surrounding the atrium were arranged the the master's families main rooms, the cubiculums or bedrooms, the tablinum or study, and the triclinium or dining-room lined the atrium.
library.thinkquest.org /10098/romanhouse.htm   (576 words)

 AllRefer.com - atrium (Architecture) - Encyclopedia
B.C., when the hearth was placed elsewhere, the center of the atrium held a tank (impluvium) to receive rainwater falling through the opening, which also furnished light to the surrounding rooms.
In more luxurious and complex Roman dwellings, the private apartments had a court of their own, called the peristyle, and the atrium served merely as a semipublic reception hall.
In early Christian churches, the atrium was a large arcaded or colonnaded open court, serving as a general meeting place, in front of the church itself, with a fountain used for ablutions in its center.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/A/atrium.html   (331 words)

 Atrium   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
This is the ATRIUM, w/ a fountain in the middle
The atrium of a early Christian basilica seems to be
Typical of the atrium of a Roman villa (or country house)
www.academic.marist.edu /mainzer/notes06/atrium.htm   (120 words)

 Foxwood Springs-Alzheimer's Care
In the Intergenerational Courtyard just outside the Atrium, people of all ages are oblivious to their differences as they join in the common pursuit of having fun.
Atrium residents benefit from a plan of care designed to identify and build upon their individual interests and capabilities.
The Atrium’s lofty architecture, open spaces, overlapped lighting and soothing decor filter out environmental factors that confuse or distract Alzheimer’s residents.
www.foxwoodsprings.org /alz.htm   (548 words)

 NetherCraft // Architecture / Hadrianic Atrium Model with Fountain of Minerva, Neptune, and Naiad   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
This atrium and fountain were designed as part of a proposal for Renaissance Festival public space.
The Hadrianic Atrium was inspired by the classical architecture of Villa Adriana, the complex constructed in the second century AD by Roman Emperor Hadrian.
The larger-than-life sized fountain adjacent to the column ring was inspired by the public fountains of Renaissance Italy, and depicts the Roman deities Minerva and Neptune along with a Nereid.
www.nethercraft.com /hadrianic_atrium_model.html   (145 words)

The prayer-meetings were held in the tablinum (A) or reception room of the house, which, as shown in the accompanying plan, opened on the atrium or court (B), and this was surrounded by a portico or peristyle (C).
In the early days of the gospel the tablinum could easily accommodate the small congregation of converts; but, as this increased in numbers and the space became inadequate, the faithful were compelled to occupy that section of the portico which was in front of the meeting hall.
The open architecture of ancient Christian houses, unlike modern houses, had large entryways which invited anyone who passed by into their spacious and semi-public courtyards.
gbgm-umc.org /umw/corinthians/housechurches.html   (2206 words)

 Eichler | The Atrium
This is the view from the front door, looking into the atrium.
Originally the atrium was about 90% concrete patio, with some small planting areas around the edges.
We are very pleased with their effect and feel they harmonize nicely with the beams.
www.totheweb.com /eichler/atrium/finished.html   (98 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Atrium, spacious and inviting, sounds the first notes of light, life, and welcome which are characteristic of the building.
The Atrium is the central court of the Temple, where visitors are welcomed and given their first view of the majesty of the Temple's design and architecture.
The Atrium is paved with Tavernelle marble, centered and bordered with verd antique marble.
www.srmason-sj.org /council/temple/Templetour/atrium.html   (119 words)

 Architecture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The prevailing style of English architecture during the reigns of George I, II, and III (1714- 1820), based on the principles of the Italian Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio.
A term applied to the three styles of Greek architecture, the Dorian, Corinthian, and Ionic, referring to the style of columns and their entablatures; it also refers to the Composite and the Tuscan, developed from the original three orders.
A style of English architecture prevalent during the reigns of the Tudors (1485- 1558), transitional between Gothic and Palladian, with emphasis on privacy and interiors.
www.webref.org /architecture.htm   (1509 words)

 Los Angeles Public Library | Central Library | Art & Architecture in Central Library
A quick look at some of the notable art and architecture to be found in the Central Library.
Created by Therman Statom the three chandeliers hanging in the Bradley Wing atrium echo the magnificent 2,000 pound cast-bronze chandelier in the historic Lodwrick M. Cook Rotunda.
The shape of an upside-down human profile is repeated in the form of 24 radiating vanes on the upper portion of each lantern.
www.lapl.org /central/art_architecture.html   (1620 words)

 thecoolhunter.net - architecture
De Rijke Marsh Morgan Architects (dRMM) are adding the final touches to their overhaul of Kingsdale School in south east London to dazzling effect.
Rather than the standard dreary courtyard favoured by modernist architects of the 1950s — a giant atrium now sits under the worlds largest EFTE variable roof — which has the ability to be cooled and heated to insulate in winter and cool in summer.
Le Corbusier described buildings as “machines for living”, and architecture was bent to supply the petite bourgeoisie’s need for leisure and relaxation.
www.thecoolhunter.net /architecture   (4880 words)

 Tokyo International Forum -- Tokyo Meltdown Architecture Review
The main elements of the TIF are a 60-meter-high hull-shaped glass and steel atrium on the west end of the site and a cluster of block like buildings which runs along the east end of the site.
The height of both the glass atrium and the hulking complex opposite it dwarf the plaza and create a space which is as cavernous and inhospitable as it is impressive.
From the plaza, one proceeds into the Atrium, which is the main entrance for the exhibition areas and theaters, as well as the most impressive visual element of the complex.
www.bento.com /arch/tif.html   (996 words)

 Interior Designers Delhi,Interior Decorator Delhi,Interior Designers India,Interior Decorator India   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Atrium is the most reputed interior designers and architects in delhi,India.
At Atrium it is our belief that every design brief demands a design solution that is specific to the nature and context of that particular project.
As architectural consultants of India, we take special pride in the fact that our design attitude results in the creation of extremely unique and varying design solutions for a host of design projects.
www.indiamart.com /atrium   (422 words)

 Architecture (Visit the Getty)
Meier chose stone for this project because it is often associated with public architecture and expresses qualities the Getty Center celebrates: permanence, solidity, simplicity, warmth, and craftsmanship.
Architectural consultant Norman Neuerburg worked closely with J. Paul Getty to develop the interior and exterior details.
Therefore, Neuerburg based many of the Museum's architectural and landscaping details on elements from other ancient Roman houses in the towns of Pompeii, Herculaneum, and Stabiae—from bronze lanterns like those carried along the streets of Pompeii to herbs and shrubs grown by the Romans for food and ceremony.
www.getty.edu /visit/see_do/architecture.html   (1155 words)

 Cincinnati CityBeat : 11/15/2006 : Multidimensional Design
This is an open, light-filled atrium -- a cathedral to UC sports -- that unifies and brings together the athletes, coaches and administrators as they move from one activity to another within the building.
In addition, Tschumi's atrium architecture is overlaid with graphic material designed by Eva Maddox, which presents (through photographs, timelines and film) the history of UC sports.
I know that most of the athletes do not and will not know that their everyday space was designed by a highly regarded architect, but I'm certain that by being in his space day in and day out they will develop an affinity for what is a well-designed space.
www.citybeat.com /2006-11-15/art.shtml   (1015 words)

 Architecture Program :: CoA :: GaTech
The Architecture Program seeks applications for the position of Lecturer in assistance to Professor Lars Spuybroek, the newly appointed Thomas W. Ventulett III Distinguished Chair in Architectural Design.
Architecture Program Director and Associate Professor Ellen Dunham-Jones is on reduced time this academic year, serving as a Guest Professor at Lund University in Sweden and working on a book with June Williamson on retrofitting suburbs.
The schematic design of Georgia Tech's Solar Decathlon House is on exhibit in the College of Architecture Atrium, August 21-September 15, 2006.
www.coa.gatech.edu /arch   (784 words)

 CoFA 2003: Connecting to Florida Architecture
Through a series of architecture workshops, high school students can experience freehand drawing, digital media, and design studio workshops.
In contrast to our previous architecture camps, college credit and housing will not be provided.
The completed application and activity fee must be received by the FAMU School of Architecture by May 15.
www.famusoa.net /cofa   (365 words)

 The USC ATRIUM Laboratory Home Page
The ATRIUM laboratory is designed as an Advanced Technology Resource for Investigating and Understanding Management and managed processes.
The ATRIUM laboratory space is designed as a rapidly reconfigurable workspace populated with a local-area network of Unix workstations and Windows-based PCs.
As every large corporation or business is increasingly dependent on the development, use, and upkeep of information systems which support business processesin their daily operations, then such a laboratory is aimed at examining topics of concern to a substantial audience.
www.usc.edu /dept/ATRIUM   (5319 words)

 Terms, Techniques, and Structural Elements
In Roman domestic architecture, the atrium was the first (closesst to the street) and most public room of the house, centered on the impluvium which caught rain water.
This transitional character is maintained in Roman secular and Christian religious buildings, where the atrium was often used to prepare to enter the building proper; early Christian pilgrims would "rest up" and refresh themselves at fountains in the atria to churches.
In Moslem architecture in southern Spain and then during the Gothic period, particularly in England and where architecture was influenced by English work (opera Anglorum).
www.uky.edu /Classes/A-H/323/restricted/terms.htm   (3397 words)

 Seattle Architecture Foundation
The Foundation is located inside the Atrium of Rainier Square on the third level.
The Atrium is located between Union and University, 4th and 5th Avenues.
You may enter the Atrium from either 4th or 5th and take the stairs or elevator to the Foundation.
www.seattlearchitecture.org /map.cfm   (53 words)

 Welcome to The Atrium Cafe   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The Atrium Café is a student laboratory providing experiences for students in restaurant hotel and tourism, dietetics, nutrition with science, retail merchandising, and interior architecture.
In the lab, students are required to work twice a week preparing the food served in the Atrium Café.
Also, the students are involved with the catering process in the Café by preparing food and sometimes working as staff for the events.
www.ohiou.edu /atrium/learn.htm   (261 words)

 The Architecture
This narrative is intended to explain the basis for the selection of the design elements and for the architectural decisions that resulted in the new building headquarters for the Massachusetts Medical Society.
An example of a conscious element is the architectural design of a building that it “timeless”, as opposed to one that is frozen in time such as the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.
Others elements of the building design that relate to the nature theme are: (1) an atrium that faces east allowing the panoramic viewing of large natural vistas in the foreground and mid-ground with the Boston skyline in the far background.
www.piam.com /mms_garden/architecture.html   (1539 words)

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