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Topic: Attack submarine

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In the News (Sun 26 May 19)

And second, the Navy claims that the construction of SSN-23 is necessary to preserve the industrial base in nuclear submarine construction until the next class of attack submarines (the NSSNs) commences in FY98.
SSN-23 is not needed to preserve the nuclear submarine industrial base until the next class of nuclear submarines can be built for several reasons.
And third, it is not true that most of the skills needed for nuclear submarine construction would "wither away" and have to be reconstituted if no more subs were produced until construction on the NSSN begins.
www.cdi.org /issues/naval/seawolf.html   (1599 words)

  Submarine - MSN Encarta
Submarines of the 1700s and early 1800s were larger in size than their predecessors, but were still primitive hand-powered ships, with rudimentary and often ineffective explosive weapons.
Submarines are valued for their ability to roam undetected in the ocean, and many navies operate submarine fleets.
Because of their mission to deter attack on their respective countries, ballistic missile submarines are designed to operate with extreme quiet in deep ocean patrol and evade detection during their patrols, which last from a few weeks to as many as 70 days at sea.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761567260/Submarine.html   (900 words)

 Submarine Frequently Asked Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Attack submarines (designated SSN and commonly called fast attacks) are designed to pursue and attack enemy submarines and surface ships using torpedoes.
To drive to the surface, the submarine simply positions its planes (i.e., stubby "wings" at the stern and on the superstructure or bow of the submarine) to rise and the submarine ascends to the surface.
Submarines are always deployed in the oceans around the world, and with their nuclear reactors and great speed are often the first ships on station when a crisis develops.
www.chinfo.navy.mil /navpalib/cno/n87/faq.html   (5933 words)

  NU NROTC - Submarines - What will you do?
Submarines, their officers and crew are heavily relied upon for anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, land attack, strategic deterrence and landing Special Operations forces.
During a sea tour, submarine officers may be in charge of any number of tasks, including the safe operation of the nuclear reactor, maintaining the ship's torpedoes, cruise missiles, ballistic missiles and sonar, charting the ship's position and operating communications and intelligence equipment.
As a submarine officer, you will be specially trained in the nuclear field and assigned on a nuclear-powered attack submarine or a nuclear-powered fleet ballistic missile submarine.
www.northwestern.edu /nrotc/b_car_sub.htm   (458 words)

Modern attack submarines are known as fast attack subs and generally operate in the Hunter-killer role.
Submarines did not have a major impact on the outcome of the war, but did portend their coming importance to naval warfare and increased interest in their use in naval warfare.
Submarines are popular subjects for films due to the danger, drama and claustrophobia of being on a submarine, and the suspense of the cat-and-mouse game of submarine or anti-submarine warfare.
www.ufaqs.com /wiki/en/su/Submarine.htm   (6460 words)

 Submarine Attack Course Finder Mark I Model 3 Manual
The device on the obverse side is a form of the well known "Is-Was", or submarine attack course finder devised by Captain Nasmith, ??.N. That on the reverse side is a form of circular slide rule or speed omnimeter arranged to solve for enemy speed with data secured during the approach.
If the other vessel has drawn ahead, actual intercepting by the submarine will not be possible, but it might prove possible to reach a position within torpedo range as the enemy crosses ahead, in which case the intercepting submarine should maintain the course and steams at highest speed.
An experienced submarine commander noting the rate of change of bearing, the angle on the bow of the other vessel, and the range, will know whether or not it worth while to continue with the approach under these conditions.
www.hnsa.org /doc/attackfinder   (2719 words)

Using their inherent stealth, the modern attack submarine is the only effective ASW platform.
Submarines, ours and theirs, use the environment to their best advantage, and only a platform operating in the same environment stands a chance of finding a modern submarine.
Most submarines are capable of firing the tube launched variant of the Tomahawk, but the latest Los Angeles class submarines are equipped with 12 vertical launch missiles.
www.usna.edu /Submarines/ssn.html   (745 words)

 SSN688 - Los Angeles Class Fast Attack Submarine
Attack submarines are designed to seek and destroy enemy submarines and surface ships.
Nearing the end of their 30-year lives, the Los Angeles class submarines are slowly being replaced by the Improved Los Angeles (San Juan SSN751), the Seawolf (SSN21) and ultimately by the Virginia class (SSN774).
It is the first U.S. submarine to be designed for battlespace dominance across a broad spectrum of regional and littoral missions as well as open-ocean, "blue water" missions.
tech.military.com /equipment/view/89211/ssn688---los-angeles-class-fast-attack-submarine.html   (522 words)

 News | Telegraph
THE submarine, which reaches a century of service with the Navy this week, will be replaced by a new generation of underwater weapons as part of a radical shake-up of sea warfare planned by defence chiefs.
Manned submarines are expected to be used for command and transport roles rather than fighting sea battles, according to Ministry of Defence plans for the future of the Navy in the 21st century.
Submarines were to become one of the most feared and potent military tools of their age, however, and a total of 14 submariners have been awarded the Victoria Cross, more than any other arm of the Navy.
www.telegraph.co.uk /news/main.jhtml?xml=/news/2001/05/20/nsub20.xml   (798 words)

 Submarine: Officer: Careers & Jobs: Navy
Submarine Officers have the immense task of ensuring that all systems run smoothly, from atmosphere control and nuclear propulsion systems to fire control and weapons systems.
Submarines, their Officers, and their crews are heavily relied upon for antisubmarine warfare, antisurface warfare, land attack, strategic deterrence, and landing Special Warfare forces, to name but a few of the many exciting missions.
As a Submarine Officer, you will be specially trained in the nuclear field and assigned to a nuclear-powered attack submarine, fleet ballistic missile submarine, or guided missile submarine.
www.navy.com /officer/submarine   (932 words)

 Nuclear submarine collides with an underwater mountain   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The nuclear attack submarine USS San Francisco which was on its routine route for a port visit in Brisbane, Australia has dashed on an unknown underwater mountain in its way.
The mountain that surfaced in the vessels way was no where on the submarine’s navigational chart and it appears that the vessel had not strayed away from its path.
Submarines don’t use active sonar to navigate their way as doing so can easily let enemy forces track the position of submarines.
www.earthtimes.org /mobile/1179.xhtml   (403 words)

 New Sovietskiy Pantera class Fast Attack Submarine
To protect the submarine, a single "killer dart" torpedo interceptor is mounted under the bow of the submarine in a retractable mount.
Soviet submarines normally carry a number of interceptor torpedoes which the standard Soviet tactic is to fire an interceptor torpedo down the path of a torpedo fired at the submarine.
The submarine is -30% to detect when traveling at less that 10 knots and is at -15% to detect when traveling at greater than that speed.
www.kitsune.addr.com /Rifts/Rifts-Pre-Rifts-Vehicles/Soviet/NS_Pantera_Attack_Submarine.htm   (2064 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: 627   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Project 627 began with a 25 November 1952 requirement to develop a strategic attack submarine for firing a large nuclear tipped torpedo at coastal American cities.
With the success of strategic missile programs, including submarine launched cruise missiles, Project 627 was re-oriented as an attack submarine.
The remaining Project 627 and 627A class submarines were decommissioned between 1988 and 1992.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/627   (259 words)

 Submarine History 1914-1945: A Timeline of Development
However, if the submarine came to the surface to give fair warning, she herself became vulnerable to attack (by ramming, by concealed guns, by warships rushing to the rescue).
Submarines themselves employed more natural schemes of camouflage, typically to blend in with operating conditions: white for arctic waters, different shades of gray for different parts of the world.
Submarine pioneer Admiral Chester Nimitz assumed command of the U. Pacific Fleet on December 31, 1941 — on board the only available undamaged warship, the submarine "Grayling." The aircraft carriers were at sea.
www.submarine-history.com /NOVAthree.htm   (5062 words)

 Equipment Matchups: Submarine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Submarines have historically been the most secretive and controversial of weapon systems, and the most protected when it comes to exports.
It is based on the Romeo class submarine and has been improved over the years with variants capable of launching anti-ship missiles utilizing different release methods.
With two new submarines in service, these aging vessels have been relegated to training duties, and are expected to retire soon.
www.emeraldesigns.com /matchup/sub.htm   (737 words)

 50 Subs Not Enough For Navy Security Mission : LexingtonInstitute.org
One in particular is the Navy's fleet of nuclear attack submarines, whose future depends upon the Virginia-class New Attack Submarine, or NSSN in Navy parlance, set to debut early in the next decade.
The Navy's current plan calls for one New Attack Submarine to be built in FY1998-the USS Virginia--one in FY1999; none in FY2000; one in FY2001; one in FY2003; one in FY2004; and one in FY2005.
The New Attack Submarine is shaping up to be the most cost-effective means to deliver multi-mission capability and state-of-the-art technology on call and ready to meet changing threats.
www.lexingtoninstitute.org /235.shtml   (985 words)

 Astute attack submarine
During World War II the submarine service came into its own and since that time boats have become increasingly larger and faster and now the latest name in the long line of famous classes is Astute.
Attack submarines originate from early studies of nuclear-powered vessels in the UK during 1946, long before other nations had considered such a propulsion system.
HMS Dreadnought was a fully operational attack submarine and served for 20 years from 1963 before being decommissioned in 1983 and placed in store.
www.global-defence.com /2003/astute_03.htm   (1519 words)

 Printer-Friendly Version   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Rickover, whose name was memorialized with the attack submarine, as well as Rickover Hall at the U.S. Naval Academy, retired from the United States Navy on January 31, 1982, after 63 years of service to his country and to 13 different presidents.
During deployment the crew demonstrated the flexibility of the fast-attack submarine by conducting stealth endurance and agility operations in support of the global war on terrorism and maritime security operations.
With stealth, persistence, agility and firepower, fast-attack submarines like Rickover are multi-mission capable -— able to deploy and support special forces operations, disrupt and destroy an adversary’s military and economic operations at sea, provide early strike from close proximity, and ensure undersea superiority.
www.military.com /Content/Printer_Friendly_Version/1,11491,,00.html?passfile=&page_url=%2Ffeatures%2F0%2C15240%2C120652%2C00%2Ehtml&passdirectory_file=%2Fnewsfiles%2F120652%2Ehtm   (424 words)

 Naval Technology - SSN Seawolf Class - Attack Submarine
With the end of the Cold War and the change of emphasis to littoral operations, the cost of the Seawolf submarines was judged prohibitive and the programme was curtailed in favour of the smaller and cheaper Virginia Class New Attack submarines.
The submarine is armed with both the land-attack and anti-ship version of the Tomahawk missile from Raytheon.
The submarine's sonar suite is the BQQ 5D with bow-mounted active/passive arrays and wide aperture passive flank arrays.
www.naval-technology.com /projects/seawolf   (816 words)

 Type 091 Han Class Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine - SinoDefence.com
The PLA Navy also drafted a two-phase nuclear submarine development plan, with the first phase aiming to develop a nuclear-powered attack submarine, and upon its success to develop a nuclear-powered missile submarine in the second phase.
For many years it was speculated that the last three boats of the Type 091 attack submarine (403, 404, and 405) have their hulls stretched by 8m after the sail to be fitted with the submarine-launched version of the YJ-8 (C-801) anti-ship missile and its associated fire-control system.
The Type 091 attack submarine is fitted with a multi-purpose combat data and command system which provides information for submarine control and torpedo (and missile?) firing.
www.sinodefence.com /navy/sub/type091han.asp   (961 words)

 Russian Submariners Trapped Beneath the Arctic Sea -- 08/14/2000
Bellona, a Norwegian environmental organization specializing in Russian nuclear issues, said the submarine apparently sank after water penetrated the forward torpedo compartment, at the end of an extensive four-day exercise involving some 30 surface vessels and submarines as well as aircraft.
An American researcher into submarine accidents, Greg Stitz, said Monday the accident was "almost inevitable, and certainly unsurprising to me, given the overall condition of the Russian Navy.
Oscar-class submarines have a rescue hatch in the after section of the submarine that is normal for a modern nuclear-powered submarine.
www.cnsnews.com /ViewPrint.asp?Page=/ForeignBureaus/archive/For20000814d.html   (1092 words)

 Submarine Warfare - Navy Ships
The JCS Submarine Force Structure Study, completed in November 1999, concluded that the optimal force structure would be 68 attack submarines by 2015 and 76 by 2025, with the minimum being at least 55 by 2015 and 62 by 2025.
Attacks against enemy surface ships or submarines can be part of a war of attrition, where the object is to destroy as much of the opposing naval fleet or merchant shipping as possible, or such attacks can be directed against specific targets.
Submarine antennas, as compared to surface ship antennas, are unique in design, shape, materials, and performance due to a submarine’s space and weight limitations, extreme environmental conditions, and stealth considerations.
www.fas.org /man/dod-101/sys/ship/submarine.htm   (2938 words)

 CNN.com - Russian nuclear sub fire kills 2 - Sep 7, 2006
The incident occurred late Wednesday as the submarine was anchored about 50 kilometers (30 miles) north of Murmansk, near the Finnish border in the Barents Sea.
According to the Defense Ministry, rescue officials are on the scene and are towing the submarine back to the naval base at the port of Vedyayevo.
The submarine, the St Daniel of Moscow, was a Viktor class attack submarine which was likely carrying torpedoes but not nuclear weapons, defense experts told Reuters.
www.cnn.com /2006/WORLD/europe/09/07/russia.submarine/index.html?section=cnn_topstories   (299 words)

 Naval Technology - NSSN Virginia Class - Attack Submarine
The Virginia Class new attack submarine is an advanced stealth multi-mission nuclear-powered submarine for deep ocean anti-submarine warfare and littoral (shallow water) operations.
Although the Seawolf submarine was developed to provide an eventual replacement for the US Navy Los Angeles Class submarines in combating the Soviet forces, the prohibitive unit cost and changing strategic requirements led to the US Navy defining a smaller new-generation attack submarine.
The submarine is fitted with modular isolated deck structures, for example the submarine's command centre will be installed as one single unit resting on cushioned mounting points.
www.naval-technology.com /projects/nssn   (1118 words)

 Kaiten Suicide Submarines
Thus, with the invasion of the Phillipines, the Japanese first formulated and implemented 'Special Attack' tactics in the form of suicide aircraft attacks: the kamikazes.
The 'normal' attack method (if one can call it that) was for a mother sub carrying from 4-6 kaitens to approach the target area, locate the target vessels, and then release her kaitens to attack at a range of between 6-7000 meters.
On the whole, though, they were a miserable failure, and their war record certainly did not justify the expenditure of over a hundred kaiten pilot's lives during the last months of the war.
www.combinedfleet.com /kaiten.htm   (1353 words)

 The Navy Needs to Close the Projected Gap in the Attack Submarine Fleet
Last year, the Bush Administration and Congress missed an opportunity to strengthen the Navy's attack submarine fleet when they failed to appropriate funds that had been authorized for the long lead-time items necessary to start procuring the Virginia-class attack submarine at the rate of two per year in fiscal year 2009.
Attack submarines provide invaluable capabilities to the Navy and the nation.
Congress and the Navy have several options for narrowing the forecasted shortfall in attack submarines, though not all would be equally effective.
www.heritage.org /Research/NationalSecurity/wm1432.cfm   (1333 words)

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