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  Kanak Attak
Das Interventionsfeld von Kanak Attak reicht von der Kritik an politisch-ökonomischen Herrschaftsverhältnissen und kulturindustriellen Verwertungsmechanismen bis hin zu einer Auseinandersetzung mit Alltagsphänomenen in Almanya.
Kanak Attak grenzt sich bewußt gegen ein Politikverständnis ab, das glaubt, mit Veranstaltungen wie dem "Tag des ausländischen Mitbürgers", Folklore in Maxi-Versionen und humanistischen Kampagnen den Dialog und das friedliche Zusammenleben zwischen Kanaken und der Mehrheitsgesellschaft zu fördern.
Und weil Kanak Attak eine Frage der Haltung und nicht der Herkunft oder der Papiere ist, sind auch Nicht-Migranten und Deutsche der n2-Generation mit bei der Sache.
www.parapluie.de /archiv/generation/manifest   (1577 words)

 Uraniummusic.com // Album Reviews // KMFDM "Attak" // We are NOT related to FUSE TV   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
"Attak" is nothing short of an astonishing effort on the part of Sascha Konietzko, who remains a plethora of new and exciting ideas after 11 KMFDM albums over a span of 18 years.
"Attak" brings together a number of big names on the industrial scene, all of whom add their own personal flair to the mix.
There's no denying that "Attak" is an accessible album, in fact it may just be the gateway album that KMFDM has been looking to create.
www.uraniummusic.com /albums/album.php?id=42   (634 words)

 Ultra-red: PS/o7.b Play Kanak Attak
Founded in 1997, Kanak Attak is a German anti-racist network producing cultural and poltical actions that support the autonomous networking and organizing of migrants.
Kanak Attak is mostly comprised of immigrants with chapters in various cities such as Berlin, Cologne, Hamburg as well as Frankfurt.
Rather, Kanak Attak argues that migrants are political actors and subjects organizing social movements out of the everyday networks in the need for housing, work, community, companionship and safety.
www.ultrared.org /pso7b.html   (536 words)

 Kanak Attak
Kanak Attak pasaport ya da köken sormaz, pasaport ya da köken sorusuna karsi çikar.
Kanak Attak is not interested in questions about your passport or heritage, in fact it challenges such questions in the first place.
Kanak Attak challenges the conservative and liberal orthodoxy that good 'race relations' is simply a matter of tighter immigration control.
www.kanak-attak.de /ka/about.html   (269 words)

Unlike Boots, ATTAK proved to be what true KMFDM fans expected from the band's first release in 3 years.
ATTAK is without a doubt a refreshing, dark, gritty, and evolved Industrial/Electro infusion of pulse pounding beats and razor sharp lyrics...
ATTAK is by far worthy of being called one of the bands best releases to date.
www.negativepop.com /reviews/boots_attack.html   (908 words)

 REVIEW: KMFDM - "Attak"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Outside of the artists being given credit for the individual tracks laid out on this CD, it was daunting to find out who is actually in this band at present and what their roles are.
Nevertheless, Attak is simply a timely piece of work that enters the world market in the post traumatic World Trade Center disaster.
Overall, the CD simply delves into the angst of a generation who have realized our forebears have made a mockery of our planet and a scapegoat of anyone with so much as a penchant towards revolutionary change.
www.legendsmagazine.net /124/kmfdm.htm   (819 words)

 Hear/Say: America's College Music Magazine - Reviews - KMFDM: Attak   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
KMFDM's breakup with its touted "final" album Adios in 1999 and the band's subsequent incarnation as MDFMK seemed, even at the time, more like a elaborate ploy than a genuine farewell, perhaps to escape connection with the Columbine killers who quoted the band on their website.
Attak's tracks feel both heavier and more melodic than the band's previous work.
The band's sly sense of humor and the irresistible bounciness they could bring to a noisy industrial track are mostly missing, replaced by tracks like the hammering "Risen" and "Urban Monkey Warfare" with its denseness and its accusatory lyrics.
www.hearsay.cc /reviews/albums/05-09-05-02/KMFDM.html   (445 words)

 Attak: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
Roaring out of the gate like it was 1992 all over again, the savage production and vicious approach of their new lineup (Sascha Konietzko, Bill Rieflin, and Tim Skold) sounds fresher than anything the group has attempted in a long time.
After messing around with poppy electronics and generally sounding lost after the loss of En Esch [+], KMFDM [+] finally makes their triumphant return to style on Attak [+].
Roaring out of the gate like it was 1992 all over again, the savage production and vicious approach of their new lineup (Sascha Konietzko [+], Bill Rieflin [+], and Tim Skold [+]) sounds fresher than anything the group has attempted in a long time.
www.music.com /release/attak/1   (477 words)

 Conne Island - CEE IEH #53, Dokumentation: »Dieser Song gehört uns« Kanak Attack: Ein Manifest gegen ...
Kanak Attak: Ein Manifest gegen Mültükültüralizm, gegen demokratische und hybride Deutsche sowie konformistische Migranten
Das Interventionsfeld von Kanak Attak reicht von der Kritik an den politisch-ökonomischen Herrschaftsverhältnissen und den kulturindustriellen Verwertungsmechanismen bis hin zu einer Auseinandersetzung mit Alltagsphänomenen in Almanya.
Kanak Attak tritt gegen den Status „Ausländer“ an, der auch bei partieller Gewährung von Bürgerrechten alles andere als unseren Vorstellungen entspricht.
www.conne-island.de /nf/53/21.html   (1115 words)

 ToxicUniverse.com - KMFDM - 4/02 - Attak Music Review
If Attak sounds a little like Adios, which sounds a little like XTORT, which sounds a little like Angst, which sounds a little like (insert KMFDM album here,) then the fans who pay the band’s bills are most certainly going to come back for more.
If you’re a fan of the act, then odds are you’ll pick up Attak on principle, pick the track or three that you love the most and add yet another piece of Brute’s cover art to your fantastic collection.
If you’re familiar with the band but not one of the devout, Attak is a decent return album for a band that’s notorious for their very predictable industrial-strength bark and bite.
www.culturedose.net /review.php?rid=10003187   (803 words)

 Kmfdm - Attak | Best price for Music on CD Album
Now while I can't say "Attak" is better than "Nihil" or "Symbols", I definitely have to rank "Attak" next to those two albums as my favorite KMFDM album of all time.
After two and a half years of no KMFDM and an uncertian future for MDFMK and the formation of rival band Slick Idiot by former KMFDM crooner En Esch and guitarist Guenter Schulz, this is an Ultra Heavy Breath of fresh air for fans of UHB's and KMFDM in particular.
Attak is my all time favorite KMFDM cd.
www.shop0nline.com /b00005yw67.htm   (522 words)

 Moving Hands Music Magazine - KMFDM, Attak
I was totally excited to hear Attak and when I did I was left a little disappointed because nothing made me feel the way the Boots single did.
Most songs on Attak are average or slightly above average for KMFDM, but a few are great.
It makes sense since it is basically the same group of people but Attak is missing something and that is it's own idenity as a KMFDM album.
www.movinghands.net /reviews/detail.asp?id=301   (1044 words)

 Features for Yamaha 2006 Attak
This is a large contributing factor in the Attak’s razor-sharp throttle response.
The new second generation geometry on the front end of the Attak uses shorter spindles and revised A-arms and shock mount locations to enhance the sled’s stability in tight cornering and high-speed sweeper curves.
The design on the Attak is very efficient, often integrating many functions into one component.
www.giesonmotorsports.com /new_vehicle_features.asp?veh=19613&CatDesc=   (852 words)

 KMFDM - ATTAK - openingbands.com
ATTAK starts out great, and grabs your attention with "Attak/reload." The distorted robot-like female vocals in the background go great with the schizophrenic guitars.
Later on comes "Dirty," which features Sascha Konietzko's deep growly voice, and this is one of the songs on the album that might make most "old-skool" fans happy.
For ATTAK, It sounds like the band threw some songs together and called it an album, it doesn't sound like they really had a main goal they were working towards.
www.openingbands.com /printerfriendly.race?ID=23   (852 words)

 Super Attak - Leggi le Opinioni
I vantaggi rispetto agli altri modelli sono: 1) Più facile da applicare, senza pericolo d'incollarsi le dita, grazie appunto alle due membrane laterali che vanno premute fino a che serve.
Il problema non era quello di trovare il posto ai modellini, ma quello si saper usare giustamente la colla senza dover andare anche io in mostra perché rimasto incollato a qualche pezzo della chiglia...
Purtroppo riuscire a non toccarla è molto difficile perchè molto spesso bisogna incollare cose molto piccole arrivando a toccare...
www.ciao.it /Opinionisulprodotto/Super_Attak__177764   (898 words)

 Vac Attak
Chelation chemistry is what powers Vac Attak, making it far more effective than other cleaners.
The organic chlorine in Vac Attak expedites the breakdown of organic debris into water soluble matter.
In an evaluation by the leading independent research organization, 80% of evaluators stated that Vac Attak would replace the product that they currently use.
www.premusa.com /enews/2005_01_vacattak.asp   (307 words)

 Amazon.com: Attak: Music: KMFDM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
Clearly refreshed by his hiatus, not to mention his guitar-and-noise-driven side project MDFMK, founder Sascha Konietzko brings renewed vigor to the reactivated KMFDM in the form of Attak.
Arriving three years after their "farewell" album, Adios, Attak is in a more chaotic mood than the band's latter-day recordings.
But we had him in Symbols, Adios, MDFMK, and Attak it was just a bit much.
www.amazon.com /Attak-KMFDM/dp/B00005YW67   (1131 words)

 Tower Records - Attak - KMFDM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
After a short-lived retirement, KMFDM came roaring back with ATTAK, issued three years after what was supposed to be their final album, 1999's ADIOS.
Also of note--with the release of ATTAK, KMFDM split from their longtime label, Wax Trax (with whom they'd recorded steadily since their inception in 1986), and set up shop with a new label, Metropolis.
Favoring concise, fist-pumping slogans over the sophomoric soul-baring of the bastard sons of Nine Inch Nails, and peppered with flashes of dark humor (like interpolating the bass riff from a certain classic rock chestnut into "Risen"), the 50-minute ATTAK is executed with military precision, right down to noting beats-per-minute alongside titles' running times.
www.towerrecords.com /product.aspx?pfid=2640530&cc=USD   (471 words)

 Rock Links - ak 437: Kanaksprak
Trotz der rebellischen Selbstbezeichnung als "Kanaken" geht es Kanak Attak um eine antinationale Positionierung, die auch die Gefahr von Selbstethnisierung überwindet.
Und trotz aller Ablehnung von kategorisierenden Zuschreibungen: Gerade mit der Selbstbezeichnung als "Kanaken" bleibt Kanak Attak dem Identitätsdiskurs verhaftet und bezieht sich auch auf ihn.
Der beim ersten Hören erfrischend provokante Slogan "Kanak Attak ist Haltung" wirkt beim weiteren Zuhören schal.
www.rock-links.de /aki/ak437-kanaksprak.htm   (676 words)

 KMFDM's ATTAK gets 4.5 stars!
And what an Attak it is! This is vintage KMFDM from the harmonized assault of Attak/Reload to the Konietzko growl of Dirty to the familiar female-voiced Sleep there isn't a bad track on the album!
KMFDM's influences (as many as there are) are well represented here, so this never feels like a "Departure" or a "Nostalgic return to form" but more of a progression without pretension.
ATTAK Reviewed by J.C. Maçek III who is responsible for his own bad self!
www.worldsgreatestcritic.com /attakkmfdm.html   (1041 words)

 Toronto Gothic - KMFDM returns !!
The pioneer aggro electronic group KMFDM are about to return with their newest single Boots and brand new album Attak.
In support of the new album, KMFDM will hit the road with a vengeance, taking their legendary show shows across North America and throughout the world.
Seen as a continuation of past KMFDM projects, Attak exhibits KMFDM at its glorious best while breaking into new dimensions in the process.
www.toronto-goth.com /archives/2001-12-17.shtml   (240 words)

 Emily's Digimon Page
She uses it to frease the enemy in place to let the other digimon attak.
He not only uses it to attak other digimon but to send messeges.
Jedi gives him a map of one of the contenents in digiworld and a program to look up all the digimon and there attaks.
www.expage.com /bunniculamon   (387 words)

 Attak / KMFDM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-31)
"Attak" is the latest album by German industrial band KMFDM.
If a band can make this many good tunes in a number of different styles; power to them.
Die-hard KMFDM fans may be surprised at the more commercial "Save Me", (my favourite of the lot), but overall "Attak" hits the mark.
www.orcasound.com /cds/attak_kmfdm.html   (198 words)

 Rolling Stone : KMFDM Prepare to "Attak"
While the song is a departure for KMFDM, Konietzko says it was a natural progression for the pair.
There's a certain irony in KMFDM returning due to public demand, given the bad publicity the band received in the wake of Columbine.
The song "Back in the U.S.S.A." didn't make the final eleven tracks on Attak but can be found on the CD single "Boots," a cover of the old Nancy Sinatra staple.
www.rollingstone.com /news/story/5935081/kmfdm_prepare_to_attak   (579 words)

 Attak cds, vinyl records and cd singles
Buy rare Attak cds and out of print Attak records along with import cd singles, vinyl record albums, LPs and hard to find compact discs.
Below are our most popular Attak records, Attak cds, Attak albums and Attak music.
Let us help you find the out of print attak music you have been looking for.
www.musicstack.com /show.cgi?find=attak   (123 words)

 KMFDM - Attak: Music-Hills.com
But the songs slide together neatly, making for a forceful collection--harness this thing to a dynamo and you could power a small city.
Attak is KMFDM's first CD on aggressively indie industrial label Metropolis Records, and it seems as though the move to a new label has reawakened the group's core sensibilities.
It's a mature album (no one would mistake this for an early KMFDM recording), but it's also crisp, fresh, and razor sharp.
www.music-hills.com /Kmfdm/Attak-B00005YW67.htm   (376 words)

 SledMaine Discussion Forum - Picked up the Red Attak tonight.
She also knew exactly why I pushed her to get the attak and not a vector or rage.
My wifes puts on about the same amount of miles in a year, she loves the rev chassis, liked her GSX but she tried a gade last year and fell for it big time so that is how that one got snow checked
She will try the attak this year but I suspect the gade will be her favorite.
www.sledmaine.com /cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1135302587   (329 words)

 SledMaine Discussion Forum - Wife says her new Attak....
I'll get to ride the Attak when she isnt going, she doesnt mind.
Mine have chewed up on the RTX 2 times now, the Attak ones are fine.
RR RTX but woody said it was the same on the Attak cause we talked about it when they put the Attack together.
www.sledmaine.com /cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1136254374   (2394 words)

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