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Topic: Attic calendar

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In the News (Wed 22 May 19)

  Attic calendar - Education - Information - Educational Resources - Encyclopedia - Music
The Attic calendar is the name of the calendar used in Ancient Athens.
It is a lunisolar calendar, combining elements of solar calendars and lunar calendars.
Each year began near the autumnal equinox, and was divided into 12 months, each beginning with the new moon.
www.music.us /education/A/Attic-calendar.htm   (481 words)

  Greek Calendars - Crystalinks
After Alexander's conquest of the Persian Empire, the Macedonian calendar came to be widely used by the Greeks in the East, though in Egypt it was supplanted by the Egyptian year at the end of the 3rd century BC.
In Egypt, however, the calendar year, marked with the summer rising of the Nile, begins with the rising of Sirius ("Sothis" in the Egyptian calendar).
Calendar systems are always part of the deepest embedded layers of culture, and Kerenyi remarks "The connecting link could only have been the Minoan culture", where the Greek archaeologist Spyridon Marinatos connected the orientation of Minoan palaces with the summer rising of Sirius.
www.crystalinks.com /calendarsgreece.html   (903 words)

 Attic calendar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Attic calendar was an exclusively local phenomenon, used to regulate the internal affairs of the Athenians and with little relevance to the outside world.
In the 5th century this calendar was sun-based using a year of 365 or 366 days and paying no attention at all to the phases of the moon.
One of the main roles of the civic calendar was to position the four assembly meetings that were to be held each prytany.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Attic_calendar   (3479 words)

 The Ancient Greek Calendar | polysyllabic
All the Greek calendars were lunisolar and shared the same basic features of the other lunisolar calendars we've examined so far: twelve months, with a periodic intercalation of a thirteenth.
The Athenian calendar is the best known and most intensively studied, and I shall therefore use it as a model.
Abundant epigraphical evidence demonstrates that in the civil calendar, while the archons inserted approximately the correct number of intercalary months over the long term, the specific corrections were somewhat arbitrary, as the archons saw fit.
www.polysyllabic.com /?q=calhistory/earlier/greek   (1189 words)

 Maddy's Treasure Chest - Ty Attic - Retired
Attic Treasures are a hit with collectors, because their faces, bodies, and clothes have so many interesting details that give unmistakable character to each special Attic Treasure.
Attic Treasures have been rising in value faster than Beanie Babies, particularly the retired characters because they become so difficult to find after they are retired.
The Attic Treasures are recommended for ages 3 to 100, and the Ty tag says that you should remove all tags and other accessories before giving to a child under the age of 3.
www.maddys-treasure.com /OnlineShop/ty_attic_retired_11.htm   (963 words)

 Attic Ventilation Design Strategies for Manufactured Homes   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
The literature reveals that ventilation of attic and cathedral ceiling air cavities have been recommended building practices for four reasons: moisture control, energy conservation, asphalt shingle durability, and ice dam prevention.
The practice of ventilating all attics is based on research conducted in cold climates.
A program of testing is proposed to evaluate various attic design strategies including an unvented attic constructed simply by eliminating the ventilation openings, a sealed attic constructed by intentionally sealing the roof cavity, an attic with insulation in the roof plane, and a conventionally constructed vented attic.
www.huduser.org /publications/destech/attic_ventilation.html   (223 words)

A helpful tip in controlling the wildlife that may inhabit your attic space is implementing the use of moth balls on a regular basis.
When you are done with this project you may want to mark your calendar on a quarterly basis to remind you when to toss a new box of moth balls around up there.
Understand that many of the boxes you have "stuffed" in your attic contain a conglomeration of items from other living areas that were cleaned.
www.123sortit.com /RO/attic.html   (1326 words)

 Lodi (California) Home and Garden Show 2004
• An under-ventilated attic (in combination with a poorly insulated attic) in the winter is a major cause of destructive ice dams and, hence, roof leaks.
Other types of ventilation (turbines, attic fans, gable vents and dormer vents) interfere with the dynamics of the ridge-soffit vent combination and must, therefore, be removed or sealed.
The size and quantity of attic fans needed is determined by the size of the attic.
www.lodinews.com /homeshow2004/10_attic_040205.php   (1497 words)

 CVS messages | drupal.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
- Made the calendar module accept a $date parameter such that you can jump directly to a certain date in the archives.
Also made the calendar link to itself such that it is self-contained.
- Replaced the Calendar class by one function "calendar_display": using a class (or class instance, or object) doesn't make sense in the archives' case.
drupal.org /cvs?file=/modules/Attic/calendar.module   (352 words)

 Rainbow Attic Stairs - Folding Attic Stairs, Attic Ladders, Loft Ladders, Folding Ladders, Attic Ladder   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
But… the attic is a better bet… Some houses have a small access hatch built into a closet ceiling… But it's not a very convenient or safe route in and out, especially if you are maneuvering boxes of stuff.
Whether you are looking for telescoping attic stairs or folding attic ladders, the Rainbow Attic Stair family of products, manufactured by SP Partners LLC, represents the highest quality solutions and most innovative metal stairs for attic and other space access available.
In addition to attic access stairs and ladders, special application stairs are also available, such as our WallAccess Stairs for vertical entry and Lofty loft ladder for loft or small space access.
www.rainbowatticstair.com   (393 words)

 attic - OneLook Dictionary Search
Attic, attic : The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language [home, info]
Phrases that include attic: russells attic, tympanic attic, expansion attic, a light in the attic, a voice from the attic, more...
Words similar to attic: loft, garret, bean, noggin, noodle, athenian, classical greek, greek, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=attic&ls=a   (358 words)

 Calendar Time
Above the calendar, place the laminated months of the year.
For calendar pieces, cut 29 (or more if you want to use it for other months) small hearts using three colors: pink, red, white.
Bry-Back Manor: The Attic Calendar pieces under "Newsletter Bonuses".
www.fastq.com /~jbpratt/education/theme/calendar.html   (635 words)

 Historical Society of Delaware - Grandma's Attic Kids Museum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Grandma's Attic provides a wholesome and educational play area for children where they can try on vintage clothes, play with historic games and toys or sit in an overstuffed lounge chair and read old books and magazines.
Attached to Grandma's Attic is a market and a 1940s kitchen, where children can pretend like they're running an old-fashioned corner store and take their purchases to the kitchen.
The discovery rooms are designed as a learn-and-play center for children 12 and younger that creates an environment where they will learn through play that history, reading, and culture are fun, fascinating and relevant to their lives today.
www.hsd.org /kidsdiscvr.htm   (174 words)

Insulate your attic to prevent heat gain in summer.
Adding attic insulation can save up to 30 percent of your heating and cooling costs, saving you money while increasing your comfort.
Insulate your attic to prevent heat loss in winter.
www.utilityrebates.com /EnergyReference/Body_calendar.html   (737 words)

Scrapbook attic carries thousands of choices in scrapbook supplies, materials, and tools.
With major brand names, styles, and new items, it can be a bit overwhelming even for the knowledgeable veteran.
The Attic would like to take the some of the work out of selecting by highlighting some new featured products found in the store.
www.scrapbookatticaz.com /products.html   (66 words)

 attic - Definitions from Dictionary.com
The term Attic order in classical architecture meant a small, square decorative column of the type often used in a low storey above a building's main facade, a feature associated with the region around Athens (see Attic).
The word then was applied to "a low decorative facade above the main story of a building" (1696), and it came to mean the space enclosed by such a structure.
"An attic is upright, a garret is in a sloping roof" [Weekley].
dictionary.reference.com /browse/attic   (549 words)

 Hellenic calendar - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hellenic calendar—or more properly, the Hellenic calendars, for there was no uniform calendar imposed upon all of Classical Greece—began soon after the June solstice, at the time when the star Sirius rose just after the moment of dawn, its heliacal rising.
According to Hipparchus, a Greek astronomer of the 2nd century BCE, Sirius rose with the sun at the latitude of Rhodes on July 19, about a month following the summer solstice.
As Karl Kerenyi points out (Kerenyi 1976, pp 29ff), the onset of the fiercest killing heat of summer is a counter-intuitive beginning point for the Greek calendar.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Hellenic_calendar   (277 words)

 City of Torrance - The ATTIC
THE ATTIC is a place for Torrance High School students to get away from their everyday routines; a place that is committed to their voice and needs.
The students must be a Torrance resident or attend a Torrance High School.
THE ATTIC is a direct reflection of students' input.
www.ci.torrance.ca.us /Parks/7452.htm   (136 words)

 Detail Page
the year of the boule of 500 may have begun in Skirophorion, while the civil calendar, which was controlled by the archons, began in Hekatombaion.
Archons were responsible for making adjustments to the civil calendar (inserting extra days or an extra month), and the civil calendar could be out of phase with the moon.
Festivals followed the civil calendar rather than the lunar calendar.
www.fofweb.com /Onfiles/Ancient/AncientDetail.asp?iPin=HLAG1353   (224 words)

 Attic calendar - Definition, explanation
The Attic calendar, the calendar used in Ancient Athens, was influential among the Hellenic calendars.
Thargelion (Greek Θαργήλιων) (overlaps May and June of the modern Gregorian Calendar)
Webster's 1913 Dictionary for the information about the basic structure of the calendar within each single year; the information about the numbering of years comes from the in the Spanish-language wikipedia.
www.calsky.com /lexikon/en/txt/a/at/attic_calendar.php   (380 words)

 The Attic - Upstairs of the Wonder Bar
The Attic, Casper's newest dance club upstairs in The World Famous Wonder Bar, offers some of the best beats that Casper has ever felt.
High-caliber regional and national acts are giving The attic a reputation of providing good quality entertainment that lends character and personality to the historic bar in Downtown Casper.
Parking is available directly behind The Wonder Bar after 5:30pm, or tickets will be validated for the City of Casper parking garage across the street.
www.thewonderbar.net /theattic.htm   (116 words)

 Phantom of the Attic Games Division | Events Calendar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Phantom of the Attic is a great place to find out about gaming events in the Pittsburgh Area.
If you would like to post your event with us or are looking for more information, please contact us today.
If you want to find out more about upcoming events at the Phantom of the Attic be sure to join the POTAlert newsletter by signing up below.
users.telerama.com /~phantom/event.html   (252 words)

 Fabulous 1901 Youth Companion Calendar - PG-1013
An Absolutely Fabulous 1901 (late-Victorian), Youth Companion Calendar made by the Perry Mason Printing Company of Boston, Mass.
The design shows a lovely lady dressed in the Colonial Revival style that was so popular at that time.
This is in very good condition with some wear to the inside creases where the calendar was originally folded to be sent.
www.rubylane.com /shops/avictorianattic/item/PG-1013   (89 words)

 Celtic Attic: Home Decor, Decorations, Switchplates, Calendars, Notepads, Shamrocks, Claddagh, Suncatcher
This large calendar measure 12 inches high by 12 inches wide.
Inexpensive refillable pages make each delicately detailed holder a 'keeper' (order forms for next year's calendar refill are included).
This small calendar measure 12 inches high by 6 inches wide.
www.celticattic.com /treasures/home_decor/home_decor.htm   (511 words)

 Attic calendar - Definitions from Dictionary.com
Any of various calendars used by the ancient Greek states.
Note: The Attic calendar divided the year into twelve months of 29 and 30 days, as follows: 1.
The Julian calendar, used in the Greek Church.
dictionary.reference.com /search?r=2&q=Attic%20calendar   (122 words)

 MySpace.com - The Attic - 97 - Female - Kettering, OHIO - www.myspace.com/theatticclub
MySpace.com - The Attic - 97 - Female - Kettering, OHIO - www.myspace.com/theatticclub
The Attic is a non-profit concert venue and teen club located in Kettering Ohio.
The Attic has a capacity of around 800 people and have had such huge turnouts that we have had several shows within one night.
www.myspace.com /theatticclub   (748 words)

 Attic Shoppe - Antiques and Collectibles
The Attic Shoppe also has vintage cook books, antique tools, and so much more.
We are always on the lookout for items to add to our shoppe.
Attic Shoppe - Lakeway, Texas 78734 - 512.917.9094
www.atticshoppe.com   (238 words)

 The Scrapbook Attic-Classes
You will make a creative calendar as a gift using scrapbooking supplies and techniques.
Once the calendar year is up, the calendar can be cut apart and placed into a scrapbook.
learn to make a hanging calendar for the year 2007 from tags.
www.scrapbookatticnh.com /classes.php?cal=4   (1541 words)

 Problem Attic. Calendar
For anyone interested, I’ve made available on the internets a calendar including travels, confirmed “Tragedy of the Commons” gigs, and other items I feel might be somewhat useful to people.
You’ll need to be running a compatible Calendaring program like iCal, Mozilla Calendar, or Sunbird.
Your calendar program should allow you to set a regular refresh (something sensible please - once a day should be plenty).
problemattic.net /blog/2005/03/16/calendar   (265 words)

 The Wine Attic. Fine wine shop. Paso Robles, California
The Wine Attic offers unique wines not readily available to the public.
We carry international wines with the same focus.
Don't forget to check the calendar for our Wine Region of the World tastings - once per month we taste a different wine region of the world.
www.thewineattic.com   (354 words)

 CVS commit messages for drupal.org
External SMTP library - added functionality to have Drupal not use the default PHP mail() function.
For more info see: http://www.drupal.org/node.php?id=44 Note: for this to work all modules that send mails should use the Drupal function to send mail: user_mail($mail, $subject, $message, $header); Calendar - added an archive page which users can use to find archives instead of the good old block.
Miscellaneous - fixed a andquot;randomandquot; offset bug on module.inc that occurred on Windows.
www.drupal.org /cvs?rss=true&commit=1305   (132 words)

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