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Topic: Audio engineer

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  Audio Engineer - Computer Games - Skillset
The size of the audio department depends on the company, but can consist of just one or two people who are sometimes required to work very long hours, particularly as launch dates approach.
The Audio Engineer will sometimes also audition and record any actors that are needed – in other languages if the game is being re-versioned – and this might involve lip synching to animation.
Audio Engineers need excellent communication and interpersonal skills to be able to understand what designers and producers want from them and to keep up with any changes.
www.skillset.org /games/careers/article_4723_1.asp   (831 words)

  Regional Bands Audition Requirements - Audio Engineer
Analyze, troubleshoot, and remedy common electrical and audio problems, ground loops, and equipment failures.
Correctly identify and assemble common electrical and audio connectors.
Assemble and solder common audio cables using appropriate connectors, wire, proper wiring protocol and technique.
www.af.mil /library/band/employ/audio.asp   (313 words)

  Careers in Audio Engineering
Engineers and their assistants must attend to every detail of the recording process, and decisions must be made at each step.
Engineers must have a thorough technical understanding of their equipment (including how to dismantle and repair it), as well as an aesthetic sensibility which allows them to achieve the musical goals of the artist and producer.
This engineer is responsible for taking the final mixes of recordings that have been sent by a studio, band or artist for finishing touches such as EQ (equalization), over all effects and possibly compression.
www.soundmaster.edu /program/careers.html   (1426 words)

  Audio engineering - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Audio engineering is a part of audio science dealing with the recording and reproduction of sound through mechanical and electronic means.
Audio engineers are generally familiar with the design, installation, and/or operation of sound recording, sound reinforcement, or sound broadcasting equipment.
Audio engineers operate mixing consoles, microphones, signal processors, tape machines, digital audio workstations, sequencing software and speaker systems.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Audio_engineer   (385 words)

 Audio mixing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Audio mixing is used for sound recording, audio editing and sound systems to balance the relative volume and frequency content of a number of sound sources.
At other times, audio mixing is done in studios as part of multitrack recording in order to produce digital or analog audio recordings, or as part of an album, film or television program.
An audio mixing console, or mixing desk, or mixing board, has numerous rotating controls (potentiometers) and sliding controls (faders which are also potentiometers) that are used to manipulate the volume, the addition of effects such as reverb, and frequency content (equalization) of audio signals.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Audio_mixing   (499 words)

 Audio engineer Info - Encyclopedia WikiWhat.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
An audio engineer (also known as a sound engineer) is the person responsible for the technical aspects of a sound recording, sound system, or sound broadcast.
In a recording studio the audio engineer generally has very little input into the creative process, this is left up to the record producer.
Audio engineering covers a wide range of disiplines including, acoustics and psychoacoustics, electronics, and music.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/a/au/audio_engineer.html   (149 words)

 Audio Engineers, Music & Film   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In this collaboration, the audio engineer is responsible for recording, editing, and mixing sound.
Audio engineers must know a great deal about both the equipment they work with and the art form they deal with.
Audio engineers who work in film or television sound may specialize in one of the three phases of production--recording, sound editing, or post-production.
www3.ccps.virginia.edu /career_prospects/briefs/A-D/AudioEngineers.shtml#specialization   (1390 words)

 rec.audio.pro FAQ (v 0.9)
Audio schools are great, you get trained on the gear that is used by top studios and costs millions of dollars, you get taught by pros in the field and you have job placement assistance after you graduate.
The simplest audio circuit uses a single wire to carry the signal; the return path, which is needed for current to flow in the wire, is provided through a ground connection, usually through a shield around the wire.
In digital audio we are concerned with the base-band - that is to say the signal components which extend from 0 to B. Therefore, to sample at the standard digital audio rate of 44.1 kHz requires the input signal to be band-limited to the range 0 Hz to 22.05 kHz.
www.faqs.org /faqs/AudioFAQ/pro-audio-faq   (16369 words)

 Broadcast and sound engineering technicians and radio operators
Audio and video equipment technicians set up and operate audio and video equipment, including microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors, recording equipment, connecting wires and cables, sound and mixing boards, and related electronic equipment for concerts, sports events, meetings and conventions, presentations, and news conferences.
Overall employment of broadcast and sound engineering technicians and radio operators is expected to grow about as fast as average for all occupations through the year 2014.
Employment of audio and video equipment technicians and sound engineering technicians is expected to grow faster than the average for all occupations.
www.bls.gov /oco/ocos109.htm   (2132 words)

 AES: Educational Directory: The Educated Audio Engineer: A Life-Long Learner by Roy Pritts
Publication of the only reviewed scholarly Journal dedicated to audio engineering and of preprints of presentations made at international conventions by the leaders of the industry has made the AES the first place that practitioners look for timely information on relevant topics to audio.
The audio engineer is similar in these attributes to a contractor, a conductor or engineer.
Confounding this educational process is the understanding that most engineers and technicians are also trained in or are accountable for the calibration and maintenance of the equipment that they use.
www.aes.org /education/pritts.html   (1249 words)

 Desktop Sound Engineer
Sound/audio engineers use sophisticated technology to manipulate sound in a variety of industries from TV to law enforcement.
For instance, the engineer might decide a certain sound is too muffled or low-pitched for a certain movie scene.
Audio engineering is usually considered a branch of electrical engineering, although some programs are associated with music schools.
www.utexas.edu /student/careercenter/careers/sound_engineer.html   (221 words)

 Jets - The Pre-Engineering Times
Audio engineering can be a 1 year, 2 year, undergraduate or graduate program.
Programs that teach the fundamentals of audio, music and technology as well as offer studio time, a chance to record live musicians and internship opportunities are the most comprehensive and the most valuable.
Engineers may design complex sound systems but technicians are also required to implement the design.
www.jets.org /newsletter/1104/feature.htm   (516 words)

 House Mixer Bob Hickey mixes live sound and audio recordings
I was Crew Chief and assistant to Engineer Sir Bobby Pritton for this super tour.
This was my first "big-time" job as an audio recording engineer at one of the early 24 track studios in Dallas, Texas.
I was the "set-up-kid" and second Engineer to Mr.
home.flash.net /~motodata   (2259 words)

 Sweetwater Press Digital Audio Explained: For the Audio Engineer | Sweetwater.com
Digital Audio Explained: For the Audio Engineer is written for all audio engineers at all levels.
No corner of digital audio is left unturned, from the basics of digital sampling and issues regarding Nyquist to the circuit design of A/D converters, word clock generators, and PLLs.
Nika Aldrich is known by engineers around the world for his clear and concise explanations that are widely available on the internet, in trade magazines and in books, and by thousands who have used him as an audio consultant.
www.sweetwater.com /store/detail/NikaBook   (536 words)

In hat way, the Audio Engineering course in SAE is giving me an in-depth knowledge in various aspects of sound and helps me in bringing out my true talent.
SAE Chennai in audio engineering course all the skills necessary for today's competitive world with an in- depth coverage of audio engineering priciples in both theory and practical subjects, with 24hrs access to studio and workstation to gain hands full experience on studio gears and Professional faculties who have real experience".
Even though I was exposed to a lot of practical aspects in the field of audio along with my father (L.Vaidyanathan), SAE took me along the path of Audio Engineering right down all the way from basics to mastering which has helped me to a great extent.
www.saeindia.net /students.html   (1744 words)

 CAE - Forensic Audio Methodology And Services - Audio Forensics   (Site not responding. Last check: )
For the forensic audio engineer, this requires a knowledge of the physics of sound, human auditory perception, phonetics, critical bands, as well as knowledge of the electronics and procedures of professional audio.
Strictly speaking, dialogue decoding is not within the realm of the forensic audio engineer.
However, during the activity of intelligibility enhancement opinions are formed and an experienced engineer's observations may be very astute, since no one has evaluated the recording more repetitively or critically than the engineer.
caeaudio.com /forensicmethod.html   (1216 words)

 Professional Audio prodution for DVD video for audio professionals
The answer to this dilemma is to learn not only the audio specifications for DVD-V, but also common authoring programs and their limitations, what the target authoring house has and how to find the person who handles the audio assets at the authoring house.
Threads abound on the Internet with audio engineers staunchly defending their right to break Dolby Digital — encoding rules and Dolby representatives countering that the encoding guidelines are there for well-tested reasons.
The challenge for audio engineers will be to know as much about audio codecs as they do about mixing audio, as it is clear that the complexity of these issues cannot be relegated to the exclusive domain of those who view audio encoding as a push-button afterthought to video.
mixonline.com /mag/audio_keeping_sonic_vision/index.html   (3222 words)

 audio engineer
Created by an accomplished musician, performer, and audio engineer, Peter Miller's comprehensive sound engineering home study course provides thorough training for getting a job as a music producer or sound engineer.
An audio engineer (also known as a sound engineer) is the person responsible for the technical aspects...
The terms "operator," "engineer," and "technician" often are used interchangeably to describe...
www.movies-again.com /articles/43/audio-engineer.html   (560 words)

 Wanted: Good HD audio engineer
As a regular Broadcast Engineering reader, you've probably seen photos and read the stories about some of the audio technology being installed in today's HD broadcast trucks.
Granted, today's audio feeds are a whole lot better than what we had two years ago.
The worst problem with today's HD audio feeds is inconsistent levels between the live feed and network or local station breaks.
broadcastengineering.com /mag/broadcasting_wanted_good_hd/index.html   (502 words)

 George Graham: Audio Producer, Engineer, A&R
Jazz guitarist is featured in a diverse set with two different trios taken from two different sessions: Bassist Ron McClure and drummer Billy Hart; and bassist Dominic Duval and drummer Jay Rosen, the latter recorded for the Homegrown Music Public Radio series produced by George Graham.
The debut release by a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist whose introspective songs are marked by pleasing tenor vocals and a little New Age influence in the mellow arrangements.
In 1976, I created and have been sole producer for a weekly series called Homegrown Music consisting of regional artists in recordings I produce and engineer in the station's multi-track recording studio.
georgegraham.com /producer.html   (1465 words)

 Transition to OS X - An Audio Engineer's Diary
That software was Cubase Audio Falcon (there was a version of Notator for the Falcon, but it was quickly abandoned).
Once I decided to move to the Mac, I quickly purchased the latest version of Cubase Audio (I think it was 4.0) and my files transferred over from the Atari with little incident, thanks to multiple dos-formatted Jaz drive cartridges.
But for my busy audio studio, the bleeding edge is not a place I want to spend a lot of time.
www.xlr8yourmac.com /audio/issue73.html   (1672 words)

 RHL Audio - Music Recording and Mixing Studio Engineer, Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland
The progress in digital audio over the last decade has brought some major changes to the music recording business.
After 18 years as a staff recording engineer at various studios in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland area, I bring a level of experience and knowledge to my sessions that few engineers can match.
My name is Chris Murphy, I have been an audio engineer for 30 years, and I specialize in recording real musicians playing real instruments.
www.rhlaudio.com   (460 words)

 Audio Engineer - SimpleSounds   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After spending 4 years studying Audio Engineering at Five Towns College in NY, I spent the next few years working in numerous recording studios and post production houses in and around the NY City area.
I also assisted and engineered many audio projects for professional and demo use using their on-site recording studios.
As part of the build team I was responsible for assisting in the design, integration and configuration all audio and audio sub-systems.
www.elance.com /c/fp/main/viewprofile.pl?type=seller&view_person=SimpleSounds&catid=14127   (793 words)

 AB Audio & Music
With a strong and diverse history in audio and music, a wide range of audio production services are available including: Live sound engineering (FOH or monitors), studio and live recording/mixing, digital audio editing and sound design.
Branching from his audio and music education at Music Tech, to his musical roots as a young child, this has been a passion of his that has grown throughout the years.
Engineering audio in the San Francisco Bay Area has provided the opportunity to work with musicians from all over the world, along with the great diversity in the music itself.
abaudioandmusic.com /services.html   (385 words)

 Audio Engineer training?
Bear in mind that boosting narrow bands of eq to full is not usually a recommended technique for processing audio; what this excersize does is to train your ear to hear what the different frequencies sound like.
You learn to "hear" 260 Hz as the bandwidth right around middle C, for instance, and also to hear it as a frequency with a distinct character in the low mids, that could alternately be described as "muddy" or "full" or "warm".
I know you want more than EQ, so taking acourse is good-if there are any more experienced engineers in your area that wouldn't mind you sitting in and going out for coffee that is a great learning experience-better than books.
forum.cakewalk.com /tm.asp?m=436325   (2520 words)

Professional audio engineer with over 15 years of experience recording music, and production sound for film and television.
Michael H. Jones is the Chief Audio Engineer of the internationally syndicated radio program "Afropop Worldwide" which airs weekly on Public Radio International and XM Radio.
For TV he was the location audio engineer for "The Well Seasoned Traveler" 2003 season for A&E, and "Hip Hop Candy" 2005 season for Keo Films and MTV Europe.
jonesaudio.com /index.html   (238 words)

 Television Production: Digital Audio for TV and Radio
This is possible because of the precise timing pulses associated with digital audio and the fact that digital signal is comprised of "0s"and"1s." These represent simple positive and negative voltages that are not close to each other in value (so as to get easily confused or muddled along the line).
Unlike analog audio, where exceeding the maximum level will result in signal distortion, in digital audio you might not notice mild clipping (the elimination of occasional audio peaks).
People working with digital audio should at least be aware of the potential problem, and before a video project is started, consult an engineer about the possible problems that could arise in the conversion process.
www.cybercollege.com /tvp042b.htm   (1338 words)

 Audio, Books, Shopping and Publications Roll @ LaunchBase.net (Launch Base)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Audio Books on Compact Disc - Audiobooks and spoken word recordings on CD format.
Hall Graphics - The Sherman Experience Tapes is an audiobook collection of first-hand accounts of British Sherman tank veterans from World War II.
Scholarly Audio - Bestselling nonfiction audiobooks by leading scholars and experts.
www.launchbase.net /dir/Shopping/Publications/Books/Audio   (308 words)

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